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Do you know what we love about survival games? We love the fact that there is no wrong way to play. These games are survival sandboxes and each day you survive in the hostile environment you find yourself in, you more you learn and the easier it becomes. However, for some keen survival gaming enthusiasts out there, this slow learning process is just a little too slow, and that’s ok. Usually there is an optimal way to use the survival mechanics and a clear path to uncovering the secrets of each world. So we want to help you survive and thrive in rapid time.

Below, we have a series of survival gaming guides, covering some of the most popular games within the genre. These will allow you to get a grasp on those complex mechanics, work out how to progress through difficult areas and perhaps show you where to find items that will become invaluable on your adventure. So check out our selection below and speed up your path to success.

Also, be sure to bookmark this page and check in every now and again. We intend to cover all the biggest games within the space, so if you don’t want to miss anything, don’t be a stranger.

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