Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Charms

Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Charms for Your Attaché Case

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With the new Resident Evil 4 remake hitting the digital shelves recently, gamers around the world have just endured days of poor personal hygiene and a lack of any food that doesn’t come out of a takeout container. 

Most of us have now come out the other side, having experienced the mammoth update in its entirety, possibly more than once, sticking around for some of that sweet Professional mode unlock.

I loved every updated minute of this game; everything I loved from the original was cranked up a couple of notches, and the new editions to the title felt smooth like butter. Transforming the game into a true horror survival experience. If you would like to check out my full review of the game, click here!

One of the biggest changes to the OG game in terms of overall replayability and character customization has to be the addition of charms to Leon Kennedy’s world. These charms, while being the subject of this Resident Evil 4 Remake Best charms guide and a great supplement to the base games mechanics, also look amazing, dangling off of the side of your attaché case.

Charms are an entirely new concept to the world of Resident Evil 4, and each item has its own buffs that the player can enjoy; therefore, in this list, we are going to rank the best of the best to help your version of Leon fight through the villages and castles of Spain. Let’s go!

How to Get Charms

As mentioned, the charms system in Resi 4 is entirely new. Therefore, the methods of acquiring these new pieces of joy are also new. While players of the original game will be entirely familiar with the Merchant and the Shooting Range, these two elements have been tweaked slightly to bring in these charms. 

In the OG game, the player used the shooting range as a simple area to test out some cool new weapons. However, in this game, the player has some added challenges to complete in this area.

First becoming available via the Merchant in Chapter 3 and then coming up time and time again throughout, the shooting range will come with three new challenges per cycle.

These challenges require the player to shoot some targets in order to earn a score. Your score will then reward you with either a silver or gold token depending on your proficiency.

With these tokens in hand, the player can leave the shooting gallery and head back toward the elevator. Here, at the entrance to the elevator, will be the charms token machine.

Enter three tokens to receive a randomized charm; the number of gold tokens you enter into the machine will greatly increase your likelihood of getting a good charm. 

Essentially, charms come in tiers, and the more gold tokens you enter into the machine, the higher the chance that you get one of the elusive charms. 

Equipping these Charms

resident evil 4 remake charms

After you receive these charms from the machine, they will automatically enter your inventory, allowing the player to either attach them or sell them to the Merchant if undesired. To attach or equip these charms, the player will need to visit a typewriter. 

At the typewriter (something you can usually find near the Merchant or at the end of a chapter), you can choose to equip these charms onto your attaché case. There are only three slots, limiting the player to the passive effects these charms can give Leon throughout the game. 

Selection Criteria

There are over 30 potential charms that Leon can strap onto his attaché case in the new version of Resi 4. Therefore, to properly detail each one, this article would be a great deal longer than it needs to be.

So, in the interest of saving some of your valuable time, I have decided to rank these charms, only including the top 15 on offer; any charms below this number are essentially useless for almost every player or are simply lesser versions of charms included here. 

With this in mind, I had to put some rules in place to ensure only the best charms get recommended to you here today. Let’s take a look at these rules:

  • Each charm must give the best effect buff in the game. Therefore, charms that offer lesser bonuses were not considered.
  • Charms must appeal to a wide range of players and their playstyles. 
  • These charms are ranked depending on how effective I found them during my playthrough of Resi 4. 

Now that we have this boring admin aspect out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff and rank some charms.

15 – Don Pedro (Common)

  • Effect: 40% Health boost from Vipers
  • When to Use: Early game, especially the Quarry area.

This common charm helps the player by giving a 40% increase in health recovery after consuming a Viper. 

While these snakes do not come around often in the game, especially in the later stages, this charm can be incredibly helpful when making your way through the opening stages of the game.

14 – Dr. Salvador (Common)

resident evil 4 remake dr. salvador charm

  • Effect: 20% bonus to rifle ammo crafting
  • When to use: Mid and Late game 

As you get deeper and deeper into the game, your pistol will simply not do for some of the regular enemies that the player will come up against, especially ranged enemies such as the crossbowmen in the castle area. 

This is why an extra 20% bonus to rifle ammo crafting can be incredibly helpful in the mid to later stages of the game.

13 – Zealot with Bowgun (Common)

  • Effect: 20% bonus to bolt crafting 
  • When to Use: Early Game

One of the new weapons added to this remake is the silent Bowgun, perfect for players who prefer a stealthy and slower-paced gameplay experience. With this new gun comes new ammo in the form of bolts which the player can also attach to exploding mines if desired. 

Personally, I prefer a loud and brash approach to horror survival games, so I did not use the Bowgun much, but when I did, I constantly lost these retrievable bolts, so this charm came in very handy by adding a 20% bonus to all bolts I crafted.

12 – Zealot With Scythe (Common)

  • Effect: 20% bonus to submachine gun ammo crafting 
  • When to Use: Mid Game 

One of the best weapon platforms in Resi 4 has to be the submachine gun. These weapons combine the rapid fire of higher-octane rifles with the plentiful ammo sources of handguns. This makes a submachine gun perfect for moments when lesser enemies group together into hordes in open spaces. 

While the submachine gun ammo crafting does yield a great number of bullets, there will always be the need for more with such a rapid-firing platform. Therefore, a 20% bonus to ammo creation is essential in the mid-game.

11 – Dr. Salvador (Common)

  • Effect: 20% bonus to rifle ammo crafting 
  • When to Use: Mid to late game 

The need for a really good rifle and a great deal of bullets for said rifle steadily increases as you progress through the game and unlock new areas with harder and more intelligent enemies.

As you progress, your trusty pistol will not always work on your enemies as they begin to operate from a distance and pick you off from range. A rifle, combined with a scope from the Merchant, is therefore crucial. 

As you progress in the game and start coming up against Guadana (tentacle-headed villagers), the need for flash grenades will greatly increase, tying up a great deal of your L resource packs that you would normally use for rifle ammo crafting.

Therefore, when you do get to craft some rifle ammo, having this charm equipped to your attaché case is pivotal to ensure the sacrifice is worthwhile.

10 – Zealot with Shield (Common)

resident evil 4 remake zealot with shield charm

  • Effect: 20%bonus to shotgun ammo crafting 
  • When to Use: Mid to late game 

One thing I found during my playthrough of this excellent horror survival game was that I always lacked just enough resources to craft some shotgun shells. Most of the time, my resource packs were going towards copious amounts of handgun bullets, leaving little gunpowder for these shells. 

However, as you progress through the game and hit the midpoint, beginning to be confronted time and time again by boss-level enemies such as Dr. Salvador and enemies carrying shields, the need for a little shotgun blast here and there increases exponentially.

Therefore, if you like a little widespread fire every now and then, attach this charm to increase the return on shotgun ammo crafting by 20%. 

9 – Ada Wong (Rare)

  • Effect: Body armor repairs cost 30% less at the Merchant 
  • When to Use: Chapter 8 onwards

Leon is one of the toughest guys out there, casually shrugging off hatchets and crossbow bolts like they were nothing. However, all this fighting does take a toll on him as he progresses through the Spanish countryside in Resi 4.

This is why the Merchant decides that you could do with some extra help in the form of Body Armor at the start of Chapter 8. Of course, we could have done this a lot sooner, but beggars can’t be choosers. 

There is only one drawback to this amazing piece of armor – it takes damage and costs money to repair with the Merchant. This soon creates a dynamic wherein the player not only repairs their knife with the Merchant each chance they get but their body armor also. 

Continually doing this will cost the player a good deal of money over time; therefore, equipping the Ada Wong charm from Chapter 8 onwards will help you reduce these costs by 30%, saving you thousands of Pesetas over time.

8 – Luis Sera (Rare)

  • Effect: 20% bonus to weapon resale value 
  • When to Use: Equip only dealing with the Merchant – change out again when finished. 

One of the best changes made for the Resi 4 remake was the weapon upgrade and exchange system. Previously, when you upgraded a weapon, all of the money spent on upgrades would be lost when you sold the weapon back to the Merchant to help fund your next upgrade.

However, in this game, weapon upgrades and the cost associated with that are accounted for in the price that the Merchant offers you for your old weapons, making the whole process of weapon upgrades more economical in the game overall. 

This charm adds an additional 20% bonus to the exchange prices offered by the Merchant when reselling these weapons, helping to boost your income even more. However, I would only recommend using this charm when dealing with the Merchant.

Therefore, before engaging the Merchant, use the nearby typewriter to attach Luis, make your sale, and take him off again. This will gain you good returns but will not hinder your performance in the rest of the game by taking up a vital slot.

7 – Leon with Handgun (Rare)

resident evil 4 remake leon with handgun

  • Effect: 20% off knife repair costs
  • When to Use: Equip when dealing with the Merchant – change out again after 

Much like the Ada Wong charm, this little trinket will help the player shave off some of the costs associated with keeping Leon’s gear in tip-top condition. This time, we are worrying about the condition of his ever-breaking knife. 

One of the most important weapons Leon has in his arsenal is his knife. After all, it is the only weapon to use in close combat, according to Jack Krauser.

The knife has had a major upgrade in this remake, becoming much more like another weapon for Leon instead of some quick-time event provider. The player can also use it to finish off downed enemies before they can mutate into something much more deadly such as Guadana. 

With all of these uses in mind, your knife will come under a lot of stress, needing repair every time you come across the Merchant. Therefore, if you equip this charm each time, the player will save 20% of this cost. Multiply this saving across 18 chapters and myriad Merchant visits; you will save a great deal of Pesetas.

6 – Ashley Graham (Epic)

  • Effect: Green herbs increase recovery by an extra 50%
  • When to Use: Throughout the game 

There are a couple of things the player must manage in any horror survival game – your ammo reserves, your money, and your health bar. This last item is the domain of the Ashle Graham charm.

Throughout the game, the player will come across green herbs that heal the player when consumed, either by themselves or combined with other herbs. 

With the Ashley Graham charm equipped, the rather small increase in health you receive from a green herb will be increased by 50%, something very crucial in the harder sections of the game, especially boss fights.

5 – Merchant (Epic)

  • Effect: 5% off all weapon upgrades 
  • When to Use: When dealing with the Merchant 

As you might have already learned through this list, Resi 4 just keeps throwing enemies at you left, right, and center. The only thing you can do, as Leon Kennedy, is continually upgrade your gear to keep up with the steadily increasing difficulty levels of your enemies. 

One of the best ways to keep up with the skill curve is by increasing the effectiveness of your weapons via weapon upgrades from the Merchant. However, these upgrades can be incredibly costly, especially in the early game.

To lessen the load on the player, the game allows you to earn the Merchant charm, reducing the price of these upgrades by 5% across the board. 

Despite the usefulness of this charm, it will only help the player during transactions with the Merchant; therefore, only equip this charm when about to speak with the trader. 

4 – Handgun Ammo (DLC Charm)

  • Effect: Increases ammo craft bonus by 30%
  • When to Use: Throughout the game 

There will be no weapon that you’ll use more than your handgun in Resi 4. This weapon is perfect for close combat altercations and medium-range assaults. Because of this utility, you are going to be going through a lot of handgun ammo, requiring a lot of resources and gunpowder. 

To cut down on your need for such resources, attach this charm to increase handgun crafting by 30%. This slight increase in returns from ammo creation will serve you will many times throughout the game.

3 – Chicken (Rare)

  • Effect: Increases health recovery from eggs by 100%
  • When to Use: Early game

As you progress through the opening stages of the game, you will come across some chickens and many chicken eggs that you can either sell to the Merchant or consume for some health benefits. 

While the amount of eggs scattered around the map decreases as you work your way through the chapters, these eggs can be incredibly helpful in the early stages of the game. Therefore, equipping this charm which doubles the health returns from eggs, can be incredibly helpful. 

2 – Cute Bear (Legendary)

resident evil 4 remake cute bear legendary

  • Effect: Reduces one gunpowder use per craft 
  • When to Use: Throughout the game

One of the most important resources you will find when scouring the Spanish countryside is gunpowder. This resource is used when crafting every type of ammo and throwable weapon; thus, Leon needs a great deal of it if he hopes to survive long enough to save Ashley. 

With this charm, however, this need will slightly decrease, allowing the player to craft every type of ammo or throwable with one less gunpowder required. In the long run, this will amount to countless more bullets and grenades in your pockets. 

1 – Striker (Legendary)

  • Effect: Increases your run speed by 8%
  • When to Use: Throughout the game 

By increasing Leon’s run speed by 8%, you will notice a lot of things will simply become easier and less intense. You will be able to back away from overwhelming enemies quicker while also being able to make it over to resource containers for extra ammo when in the middle of boss fights with reduced risk.

Essentially, this charm is essential for Leon to operate optimally throughout the game, giving you more space and time to line up those shots perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Old is Ashley in the Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Answer: Ashley Graham is twenty years old in both the original game and the remake. However, in this edition of the game, Ashley has been updated to appear more like her age, unlike the teenage depiction in the OG game.

Question: How Many Years is RE4 Set after RE2?

Answer: Leon Kennedy comes back into the franchise in Resi 4, 6 years after the events of Racoon City, which occurred in Resi 2.

Question: How many Endings Does the Resident Evil 4 Remake Have?

Answer: There is only one pre-determined ending for Resi 4, and this cannot be changed in any way. 


In this remake, many great changes have been made to the OG game to help propel Leon Kennedy and his Spanish adventure into the modern era of gaming. One big change is the charms that we have discussed today. With these little beauties, the player can truly change their gameplay experience.

I hope that, from this list, you have gotten a better understanding of the charms in this Resi remake and will try out some new combinations for yourself. With that being said, I wish you good luck and hope to see you again soon.

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