Dead by Daylight Merch Guide

Dead by Daylight Merch Guide

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Introduction: DBD Offers Abundant Merchandise

Dead By Daylight is a survival horror indie multiplayer game from Behaviour Inc. that has exploded in popularity since its debut in 2016. It has captured the hearts and imaginations of horror lovers from both the classic and modern genres.

Four survivors take on a ruthless killer in an attempt to complete all generators and escape. It has proven to be particularly addicting and now has a massive cult following. Memes are very popular with Dead By Daylight, and that’s reflected in their products.

Merchandise has exploded with chilling possibilities, and I visit the store at least once a month to see what’s new. For instance, I was browsing a Dead By Daylight tie that would look exquisite in my upcoming killer interrogation.

All jokes aside, there are abundant opportunities to enhance your gameplay with virtual products. Additionally, you can express your love for the game to others in public, so you have an instant connection. Almost anything you can think of is available when browsing through the seemingly endless collection of old or new items.

Behaviour Inc. keeps up with the demand while giving fans epic merch to enjoy. I am especially fond of the realistic Halloween masks that are fun to display as if the Killer was in the room. Dead By Daylight is a game that inspires creativity, and not all the products are frightening as you might expect. You can opt for just the logo or a more comical approach to expressing yourself.

The items available represent the depths of Dead By Daylight lore and cater to the entire player base. You will enjoy the variety of products which have their charm. There are charms in the game you can equip to hooks, so that might be a future possibility! I’m pleased to Dead by Daylight Merch guide you through the various products available, and I know you’ll be stoked to get your hands on them!

Bottom Line Up Front

Dead By Daylight has merchandise to purchase in-game or on the official online shop. There are unique survivor and killer skins to spice up gameplay and new characters available with each developing chapter. There is a wide range of accessories, apparel, designs, and fan-made items. New products are released regularly, and you might see your favorite survivor or Killer featured.

The bottom line is you can purchase Dead By Daylight merch online with great flexibility while expressing your individuality. You can also get free merch through being an Amazon Prime member with monthly unlocks. Behaviour is generous to its player base with events that give you free skins and Iridescent shards.

Examining the In-game Merch

Survivor & Killer Skins 

Since Dead By Daylight hit the gaming scene 6 years ago, there have been a plethora of skins released for both survivor and killer classes. Some of these you’ll obtain through natural progression by obtaining Iridsecent shards after completing challenges. Others are only available through Auric Cells or a mix between the two. I’ll admit that I’ve spent more on skins than the game’s base price, and it was worth every penny to enhance matches and enjoy it fully.

Survivor skins come in three categories: head, torso, and legs. You can also equip charms that show on the side of a player’s pants in a match as a symbol of skill or just for expressing yourself. Killer skins carry the same principle, but some are special unlocks like Leatherface and his different survivor masks. I’ll be honest, some of the costumes are ridiculous in a good way. It keeps the gameplay fresh and vibrant instead of just dreary, which many horror games overdo.

For instance, you may run into a comical elephant or cute bunny rabbit killer at some point, and you won’t be able to resist smiling as I did. My opinion is that Dead By Daylight’s microtransactions are worth the investment if you play regularly. It’s fun to express your sense of style in the private lobbies and switch between costumes according to your mood or season.

Auric Cell Packs For Unlocking Characters

Auric cells are the main currency for unlocking new characters in Dead By Daylight. You might get tired of playing the same characters, and that’s where the DLC keeps things lively. It’s 500 auric cells to purchase a new survivor or Killer, which translates to five dollars. A special package will give you the entire chapter with both of them at a discounted price. The higher the number of auric cells you purchase, the more of a bonus percentage you’ll receive.

Auric cells allow you to buy different skins. I always have at least 1000 auric cells ready to spend at any moment because part of enjoying the game is playing new killers and survivors. However, this doesn’t mean you have to purchase every chapter, and the original killers are highly entertaining. I recently purchased a new chapter, which features Samara from The Ring, and it was worth it. We all have our favorites, and auric cells are the key to unlocking them. My preference is to experiment with different skin combinations to look unique. Note that darker colors or camouflage are ideal for optimal gameplay in Dead By Daylight, so the Killer can’t spot you easily.

The Tomes Reward Hard Work & Dedication

The tomes are a refreshing addition to the franchise, and they’re an opportunity to get some massive rewards! Perhaps the most notable gains are adding auric cells, which pay for the tome itself if you complete it entirely. There are 70 levels in each tome, and each one rewards you. Specific benchmarks unlock cosmetics, and they get increasingly rare as you progress. The Tomes are an excellent way to play Dead By Daylight with more purpose. They are motivating because you can unlock more lore with engaging backstories of various characters.

I have completed all tomes, and my costume collection is out of this world! You can gain many of the same items through diligence and perseverance through the different challenges. The rewards of in-game merch are worth it because it’s a continual flow of freebies.

There are survivor and killer challenges with some ultra-rare charms at the end of each tome to show off to your friends. Tomes will help you save some money on skins because you can play to unlock them. It takes a lot of gameplay to reach level 70, so I suggest you start sowing while the Daylight shines!

The Shrine Of Secrets

There is a feature in Dead by Daylight that’s easy to overlook even if you know about it. I can’t tell you how often I’ve missed out on the offers here. The Shrine of Secrets allows you to purchase a teachable perk from the featured survivor or Killer to later appear in the blood web.

You don’t have to level a character to 30 before unlocking their teachable perks. You don’t need auric cells to unlock these, only iridescent shards where the cost is 2000. It is updated regularly with four new perks to obtain for almost immediate use.

Another exciting feature of the Shrine of Secrets is you can purchase perks you’ve already unlocked in the past. This time, you’ll get more blood points if you’re running low. Remember that future patches might change the number of shards or blood points you receive.

It’s an epic opportunity to get ahead quicker if you’re new to Dead By Daylight. They are always giving out free shards which can go towards the shrine of secrets. My advice is to go for imperative and widely used perks like Claudette’s self-care. After, you won’t have to solely play as her or level her up to 30 to attain it with other survivors.

Dead By Daylight Merchandise

Versatile Accessories in the online store

The online shop has you covered when it comes to Dead By Daylight accessories. Drinkware is very popular and can enrich your morning coffee or nightly alcohol consumption when playing Drunk By Daylight.

That’s a popular term for players who drink alcohol while playing during live streams. Bottle openers, survivor & Killer shot glasses, logo mugs, water bottles, and thermoses are available to quench your thirst. Hats are simplistic, with two options available to represent yourself as a survivor or a killer.

Magnets & Stickers are also available with the Dead By Daylight logo or inviting animated characters from the game in cartoon style. I like the pins and keychains because you can get some classic perks and take them with you for other fans to enjoy. Some are embossed and have a unique style, such as the Dead Dawg Saloon keychain.

If you’re going to school, you should consider a Dead By Daylight bag that will look great! They are available in the classic drawstring design or a more serious gamer bag to carry high-tech accessories. The med-kit lunch box is one of the most appealing items! It makes you feel like an actual survivor ready to restore health with a delicious lunch.

Finally, the archives compendium journal is a practical option for doing homework or writing in style! Dead By Daylight accessories help you look stylish and express yourself outside the game. They serve a similar function to charms in the virtual experience. I enjoy them because they are a rewarding reminder of one of my favorite games!

There’s something about seeing the characters outside the game that makes it unique for all fans. You can express your individuality and represent your famous killers or survivors. At the very least, a survivor should purchase the generator pin that’s available now. It shows that you take the game seriously and have a passion for completing the objective!

Stylish Apparel For Any Season

There are T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and tank tops on sale with Dead By Daylight themes that will draw attention and help you connect with fellow players. A notable shirt is a 6th-anniversary print that celebrates years of fun for all players. These options include a distinctive logo or feature-specific perks.

I particularly like the glow-in-the-dark “Pop Goes The Weasel” shirt because it pops as the name implies. Outerwear apparel includes hoodies, windbreakers, sweaters, bomber jackets, and sweatshirts for the colder months. The retro Huntress hoodie is detailed nicely and will keep you warm and comforted with her sultry lullaby.

Dead By Daylight sweaters are a fun addition to any wardrobe because they don’t look ugly like many holiday sweaters. The style is modern and colorful, with captivating designs for any gender. If you’re athletic and enjoy outdoor activities, the windbreakers come in black and red for an active survivor lifestyle.

The sweatshirts have some quirky and entertaining art relevant to the character stories. This is an excellent place to start if you’re an animal lover. My favorite is the Death’s head sweater with an incredibly vivid skull design. I have confidence you’ll find some stylish apparel in the shop for any season!

Fan-designed Items Created With Passion

There’s something special about buying art inspired by actual Dead By Daylight fans. I like them because they reflect a true passion for the game. You can purchase fan art with a few professional prints. Some t-shirts exclusively feature the women from Dead By Daylight.

The female survivors are also featured in a tote bag with sufficient storage space. One of my favorite items designed by a fan is the “Ace in the Hole” deck of cards.

It’s heartwarming to witness such ingenuity and consideration from fans seeking to give others an excellent product. Some unique wall art can bring a room together and generate a much-needed smile each day.

My favorite survivor is Feng Min, and there is a fan-made notebook with an eye-catching design with a totem and the Legion killer behind her. It’s products like this that make the Dead By Daylight community unique and immersive when it comes to fan-designed merch. The design is also available as a t-shirt!

Highly Detailed Dead By Daylight Masks

Dead By Daylight has inspired the creation of some professionally sculpted masks, and they are worth the money for die-hard fans. If you’re an active player and share the same passion for the game as me, then these masks will bring you great joy! First, you have the Trapper mask, sculpted to bring his essence to life.

The Trapper is the poster boy of Dead By Daylight, and the mask has an ominous sense of terror that will trap your emotions in fear. Secondly, the otherworldly Doctor mask is another potent representative of the successful franchise. Dr. Herman Carter, otherwise known as “The Doctor,” is one of the most terrifying and unique killers in the entire game.

This mask is a piece of merchandise that any serious fan should consider for Halloween or display to enjoy daily. The realism and attention to detail are apparent with empty eyes of malice that glare back at you with the discontent you’re breathing. This haunting mask from Behaviour and the artist Erich Lubatti brings Herman Carter to life, and all that’s missing is his iconic maniacal laughter.

Nothing is stopping you from bringing it up on your phone while wearing it. His electrically burned and stretched flesh is sculpted with lore accuracy. These are the official Dead By Daylight masks I suggest for Halloween to strike fear into your survivor friends!

Discover and Buy New Merch at the Official DBD Shop!

Dead By Daylight is constantly changing, with new characters and merchandise added regularly. The best spot to keep up with these changes is through the official shop, where you can access everything conveniently. If you’re an artist, you can also make suggestions to put a custom design on sale potentially.

There are many possibilities when accessorizing the shop, and buying multiple Dead By Daylight trinkets gives continuity to your outfit. Whether you’re a survivor, Killer, or both, you’ll want to check out their versatile selection.

An honorable mention is a totem light-up display that you can put anywhere with a glowing 3D effect. If you buy a bag, an ideal way to accessorize is to purchase a few pins to go with it for a fluid match. Another Item I recommend is the Doctor Sublimated mask. You can look like the Doctor wherever you go with this haunting face mask.

It captures the character’s sheer horror, and you’ll get some funny reactions from the general public. If you run into a survivor, they might start running away to loop the Killer in real life. These items at the shop are perfect conversation starters and make excellent gifts for avid Dead By Daylight fans, of which there are millions!

Product Recommendations

Here are some of the products I recommend to get you started, and countless other options are available. From character packs to professional sculptures, the game and its accompanying store have much to offer you! In my opinion, the best product you can buy to enjoy is Dead By Daylight itself.

Playing is what helps you develop a genuine appreciation for these items. I like the versatility of their shops with continued updates and something to fit every gaming personality! It’s impossible to play Dead By daylight and not recognize some iconic characters. You will enjoy equipping yourself with the latest rewarding products online and offline!

Merch Categories in the Dead By Daylight Shop


  • Hats
  • Drinkware
  • Stickers & Magnets
  • Packs & Backpacks
  • Keychains & Pins


  • Long-sleeve Tshirts
  • Standard Shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Sweater & Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts & Windbreakers
  • Bomber Jackets

Fan-designed Items

  • Fan art highlights
  • Wall Posters
  • Playing Cards
  • Notebooks
  • Mousepads
  • Artistic Tshirts


Question: Where can I buy Dead By Daylight Merch?

Answer: The best place to purchase Dead By Daylight Merchandise is at their official shop at You can find items in shops like Amazon and others. Their website is comprehensive and organizes the items into categories based on your preferences. New merch is released so that you can stay fresh from the Fog with inspiring designs!

Question: Is Dead By Daylight Merch Expensive?

Answer: Overall, the prices are reasonable, but some items might seem rather expensive for what you get. If you keep up with the chapters and continually buy skins or characters, you’ll be spending more. Newer items tend to be more expensive, and there are items on sale for a reduced percentage. This is the same principle regarding the in-game store with regular discounts on merchandise. The masks will be more expensive because a professional artist sculpts them. Generally, you can buy many smaller items for a low price, including buttons, magnets, and stickers.

Question: Can I Get My Favorite Perk or Character?

Answer: Not every perk or character will be available because that wouldn’t be feasible for them since there are hundreds of perks. Most of the staple killers, survivors, and perks are featured. There are items like the survivor med-kit as an innovative lunchbox.

Question: Are there Unisex options for DBD clothing?

Answer: Yes, there is Unisex apparel available with some great designs. Fittings also include options for men and women. The shop is well-balanced for all walks of life. Be on the lookout for special features like glow-in-the-dark tees or windbreaker fabrics for active lifestyles.

Question: Where can you get Dead By Daylight Masks?

Answer: These are lesser-known Dead By Daylight products crafted by a professional artist name Erich Lubatti. You can get them online at shops like Amazon also has some Dead By Daylight masks, including the Clown, Legion, Huntress, Trapper, and Ghostface. You can also obtain another Trapper mask at the official merch store, and it’s currently on sale!

Conclusion: Dead By Daylight Merch Is Incredible!

In summary, the variety of Dead By Daylight Merch is satisfying and diverse for all fans. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from the more serious designs to light-hearted lore references. They have done a great job at exceeding expectations with art that leaves a lasting impression.

The physical merchandise is worth it with in-game DLC and other purchases to enrich your game. In my experience, the best way to shop for merch is in bulk because there are consistent deals to jump on. This principle applies to online and tangible products such as the Cats and Dogs shirt bundle available in the sale section.

Dead By Daylight enthralls the horror community with recognizable characters and new killers that result in thrilling chases. The products they sell are just as satisfying for you to use daily. There is a good balance of serious and comical appeal. T

he classic logo is featured everywhere and is enough to turn some heads and generate some smiles. Other shops like Amazon carry other unique products like colorful posters, floor rugs, and more on the official site.

Dead By Daylight is engrained in horror culture and continues to push the limits with heart-pounding gameplay and satisfying products. Now you know what is available, and you’ll be well-equipped while venturing through the Fog. I look forward to seeing you there!

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