Dying Light Expcalibur Guide

Dying Light Expcalibur Guide

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The undead have risen from the ground, their rotting frames shambling through streets and forcing their way into homes. You have the opportunity to make an escape, but can bring only one weapon with you. Which do you choose? 

We’ve all contemplated the zombie apocalypse scenario before, forcing ourselves to develop a plan of action in the event that flesh-hungry corpses swarm our neighborhoods. A core part of these plans is the weapon that will help you safely navigate a sea of gnashing jaws.

Many would mistakenly choose a firearm, its limited supply of bullets likely to slim their chances of survival. Melee may be the way to go, but should you travel with a blunt object or a sharpened blade? If you were in the world of Techland’s Dying Light, fending off zombies in claustrophobic buildings and city streets, there would be at least one right answer – EXPCalibur. 

This brutal sword is a legend of Harran, and if zombies could feel fear, they would every time this unique blade were near. But finding the sword and knowing best how to use it is a task reserved for only the most adventurous survivors willing to do a little exploring. 

If you feel you have what it takes to pull this powerful sword from its resting place, I’ve compiled this Dying Light Expcalibur guide to lay out why you want to find EXPCalibur and where it exists in the expansive Dying Light map. There may be a few zombies in your way, so don’t embark empty-handed and prepare to have to make a few sacrifices as you seek out the undead-slaying, experience-earning EXPCalibur.

EXPCalibur’s Key Information

  • Type: Melee (Sharp)
  • Location: Fisherman’s Village island
  • Cost:  
    • When built from blueprint:
      • 10 x Metal Parts
      • 10 x Plastic
      • 10 x Alcohol
      • 10 x Tin Can
      • 5 x Electronics
      • 1 x Bolter Tissue
  • Stats:
    • Damage: 326
    • Durability: 7/7
    • Handling: 56
    • Speed: 102
    • Value: $14,444
  • Repair Cost: N/A
  • Rarity: Legendary

What is EXPCalibur?

Dying Light Expcalibur
Dying Light Wiki – Fandom

In games like Dying Light, there’s always at least one coveted weapon that enhances the player’s ability to navigate the dangers of the world around them. In this zombie adventure, EXPCalibur is one of those weapons. 

Though the Legendary blade may not look like much, its name play on King Arthur’s Excalibur should indicate that there’s something special to it. Are there better weapons scattered around Harran? Sure. EXPCalibur’s damage isn’t incredibly impressive, but it certainly gets the job done and dices up zombies pretty well. 

However, just looking at the base attack means overlooking the blade’s most devastating feature and the real reason why you want it.

Why Do You Want It?

Swords are good for dismembering zombies, and EXPCalibur can slice ‘n dice as good as the next sharpened blade. What it does quite a bit better, though, is send zombies flying across the map. And it isn’t a glitch, either. 

The Legendary weapon has a charged attack that, when released, effectively turns the sword into a high-powered baseball bat. Any zombie hit by the forceful swing will be sent soaring away, limbs separating on the ride. On top of being an effective room clearer, EXPCalibur’s charged attack is hilarious to watch.

It’s not as effective against heavy zombies and Volatiles, but you can still count on the relatively high damage output to work its magic on those. Unfortunately, a weapon as grandiose as EXPCalibur is going to have its pitfalls, and this blade has one very big problem. 

EXPCalibur’s Biggest Pitfall

Blueprint EXPCalibur

When you find a weapon as good as EXPCalibur, you want to take it to the endgame. With this Legendary sword, though, that seems highly unlikely. Why? Because the game’s development team, Techland, wanted to torture players and only give the weapon a durability of seven. That means it takes only seven successful blows for the weapon to break. You can still use the broken blade’s charge attack to send enemies flying, but it’s a gamble to hold a mostly unusable weapon when approaching enemies.

EXPCalibur’s low durability means you have to be careful how you use it, especially since there’s no way to repair it. Don’t waste it on shamblers and other zombies you can easily take out by hand. Keep it on reserve for those heavy-hitters. 

You can find a blueprint for the weapon, which can help prolong your time with it. But the cost to build is high, and if you’re low on supplies, it may be difficult justifying spending it all on a weapon that exists for such a limited time. There’s also the issue that the weapon loses its Legendary status when built from the blueprint, and loses a bit of its luster. However, a crafted EXPCalibur does boast an electrical effect when used against the undead.

EXPCalibur is a novelty, and chances are you’ll use it, break it, and maybe never think of it again. But those seven blows are going to be some of the most memorable kills during your time slapping about zombies in Dying Light

What is Legendary Rarity?

In Dying Light, there are five core Rarities assigned to weapons and blueprints, starting with the base Common (depicted in grey). With each level, a weapon’s stats get better, with Uncomon (green), Rare (blue), and Exceptional (purple) offering improved stats at the cost of increased rarity. The highest of the core rarities is Legendary (orange), which increases damage, durability, and value while remaining considerably difficult to get.

For most blueprints, weapons, and weapon mods, Legendary is the highest rarity level they can achieve.

Are There More Powerful Weapon Types in Dying Light?

Legendary may sound like the highest weapon class, but there is still another level of Rarity with its own selection of special weapons. Gold-tier weapons are as good as it gets, providing the biggest bang for your buck. These strong weapons are broken up into three types – Fantasy, Developer, and Normal.

Securing Fantasy Weapons

Securing Fantasy Weapons

When it comes to Fantasy Gold-tier weapons, you’re looking at Gonunaba, a golden blade; the Blade of Order; Loco the baseball bat; Skullmace; the Battle Axe of Titans; the Smackhammer; the Rune Hammer; and the Tribal Knife.

To obtain Fantasy weapons, you either need to participate in the free Prison Heist timed trial or by playing the “Be the Zombie” mode as a human. With Prison Heist, players must race against the clock, looting items and leaving behind piles of zombie bodies as they rush to the finish line.

Prison Heist is a co-op multiplayer mode, in which all players must escape for everyone else to keep their rewards. Gold-tier weapons are rewarded to the players with the fastest times.

Earning Gold-tier weapons in “Be the Zombie,” players need to rank as an Underdog, which means playing your best against the Hunters. Anyone that ranks as Underdog has approximately a 50 percent chance of earning a Gold-tier Fantasy weapon.

Gold-tier Developer Weapons

Gold-tier Developer Weapons
Dying Light Wiki – Fandom

There is only one Gold-tier developer weapon available in Dying Light, and it’s the Twilight Phantom master sword. For this blueprint, you need to download Dying Light: The Following DLC, complete the Tolga and Fatin side quests, secure a hacking device, and locate a chest in the waters just off The Countryside. 

Keep in mind that Twilight Phantom is not available on Nightmare Difficulty.

Normal Gold-tier Weapons

There are four ways to locate Normal Gold-tier weapons. These include:

  • Community event Dockets
  • Premium Docket codes
  • Earning Bozak Dockets in Bozak’s stadium
  • Achieve Guru reward level in Prison Heist 

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding EXPCalibur

Securing EXPCalibur is relatively simple, as all you need to do is go for a walk. To find this Legendary item:

  1. Travel to the Slums in the southeast corner of the map
  2. Find the Fisherman’s Village along the southeast coast
    • You can see it from the coast, about halfway between you and the background
  3. Swim out to an isolated rocky island
  4. Locate a body on the far side of the small island
    • EXPCalibur is the weapon impaling the body
  5. Interact with EXPCalibur and the body, holding the assigned Action Button down for approximately 3 minutes
    • If you release the button, the progress bar will reset

After about three minutes, EXPCalibur will be yours. However, don’t stay on the rock island. When you pull the sword from the body, the body will start to burn and can kill you if you’re not careful. 

Be sure to return to the island once the fire is extinguished to find the blueprint for EXPCalibur. You won’t want to forget this as building a new one is the only way to extend the lifespan of the Legendary blade.


Question: Can EXPCalibur Be Duplicated?

Answer: In earlier builds of Dying Light, players used to be able to duplicate items and weapons through a simple glitch. However, Techland has since fixed this. There is still a way to duplicate items, though they must be available via merchants. Therefore, there isn’t currently a way to duplicate EXPCalibur, so you’ll have to spend some supplies to keep one in your inventory. 

Question: Is There an Unbreakable Weapon in Dying Light?

Answer: EXPCalibur may be a very fragile weapon, but is there something on the opposite end of the spectrum that doesn’t break? As it turns out, no. Every weapon in Dying Light is prone to breaking. Unlike EXPCalibur, though, other weapons can be repaired, meaning you can use them for the full length of the game if you’re attentive to their durability and have the right supplies on hand.

Question: What is the Strongest Melee Weapon in Dying Light?

Answer: During a zombie apocalypse, you can’t go wrong with a machete. The same can be said about Dying Light. Without mods or hacks, the most powerful melee weapon in Harran is the Military Machete, which can output upwards of 5,290 damage. This machete is available via dockets for level 25 players, in the Bozark Horde mode, or as random drops.

A Legendary Slice ‘n Dice

EXPCalibur may be far from the best weapon in Dying Light, but it’s definitely worth the minor effort of holding down a button for a few minutes. The blueprint itself is the most valuable find as it allows you to keep making use of EXPCalibur’s electrifying attack. Few things are more valuable in Dying Light than being able to electrify a horde of zombies and give yourself a small window to put some distance between you and their gnashing teeth.

Completionists will definitely want to explore the Fisherman’s Village for their shot at pulling EXPCalibur from the corpse. Though it’s worth noting that there is no achievement attached to finding EXPCalibur, which I thought would have been a nice bonus for the effort. Especially since finding the Legendary sword isn’t really anything game-changing. 

If you are going to go after EXPCalibur, just remember to carefully plan when to use it. Its low durability and high crafting cost may make it something you break and toss aside for something less powerful, but far more convenient. And when you find yourself in a bind, you’ll wish you had that room-clearing charge attack.

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