Best Valheim Mods

Best Valheim Mods – From Purgatory to Valhalla

The best Valheim mods can improve gameplay and make the game appeal to a broader audience. Everyone has different wants regarding mods, but I like to keep my options open.

I’ve spent a couple of hundred hours playing Valheim and have enjoyed every minute of it. But I didn’t last long playing vanilla because I love adding at least a mod or two to make the game more user-friendly.

valheim mods

Top Picks at a Glance

Mod Name Download Link Game Change Scale Game Improvement Scale Why I Love It
Valheim Plus Link 4/5 5/5 It adds so much without comprising the game’s values 
Epic Loot Link 5/5 3/5 Biggest game changer
Pull From Containers Link 3/5 4/5 Don’t have to sweat to craft weapons
OdinArchitect Link 2/5 3/5 Makes my home look smashing
Creature Level And Loot Control Link 4/5 4/5 Gives server owners appropriate power

How Do I Choose Mods for Valheim?

When I play a group game, I go through three stages of mods. The first stage is to get rid of any in-game bugs that exist and to add quality-of-life improvements. The second is to add a little something extra to the game. Then lastly, I like to go a little crazy before I move on to something else.


If a mod has too many bugs, then it’s not worth it to me. Some also interfere with other mods, and that’s something I won’t deal with unless there’s a third mod that fixes this problem.


This may be the most obvious criterion. If it doesn’t improve the gameplay, then there’s no point in the mod. Sure, graphic improvements are great, but I still prefer when they add something else too.


Of course, I had to add this point. Mods should make the game more fun. Sometimes, the mod that makes the game more fun improves the UI and other times, it makes the bosses Thomas the Tank Engine.

Best Game-Improving Mods in Valheim

Game-improving mods are my favorite. They make the game more user-friendly, focusing on the quality of life so you can focus on playing the game. Most people may not even notice if these are installed.

Note: I have personally tested and enjoyed all of these mods.

Valheim Plus

valheim plus

  • Creator: Valheim Plus Team
  • Downloads: 790,000+
  • Endorsements: 10,000+

Valheim Plus is no doubt the most popular Valheim mod. The mod modifies gameplay, camera options, and the hud. It’s insane how much Valheim Plus does to the game, but in my opinion, it’s everything that should already be in the game.

If you download Valheim Plus, it takes the place of so many other mods. You don’t need shared map mods, furnace/kiln adjusters, and so many other mods that will just take up space. In short, if you only download one mod, then let it be this one.

Bigger Item Stacks

bigger item stacks

  • Creator: Sixefyle
  • Downloads: 82,000+
  • Endorsements: 1,700+

Bigger Item Stacks is such a simple mod, but I love it so much. It’s a straightforward mod that does what it says – grants the ability to increase the max item stack and weight for all items.

This means that you can get more than 30 metal at a time, and you can increase the amount of wood from 50. This even includes coins, which you can normally only carry 999 of.

Configuration Manager

configuration manager

  • Creator: aedenthorn
  • Downloads: 108,000+
  • Endorsements: 2,500+

This is an amazing mod for some players, while others will never utilize it. Configuration Manager allows you to modify your BepInEx mods in-game. This will (most likely) include 90% of the mods you download.

The mod isn’t straightforward if you’re not accustomed to adjusting rates and such. But once you’re in the game, you can open the manager to change each mod’s settings individually, which can even be adjusted separately for each player.

Equipment and Quick Slots

equipment and quick slots

  • Creator: RandyKnapp
  • Downloads: 450,000+
  • Endorsements: 8,800+

This is something that devs should 100% add to the game. Equipment and Quick Slots adds dedicated slots for your equipped equipment. So they don’t take up five extra slots; they have their own.

The mod also adds three more inventory slots, but that’s just icing on the cake. The equipment slots are the real MVP. Weapons are stills stored in the inventory, but that makes sense because they need to be on the hot bar.

Plant Everything

plant everything

  • Creator: Advize
  • Downloads: 224,000+
  • Endorsements: 3,800+

Plant Everything is a favorite of mine because I love gardening in survival games. The mod allows you to plant anything that you can pick (ex. berries and mushrooms). It also adds the ability to plant additional trees.

Another thing that you may or may not like is that you can plant in any biome with this mod. You can also remove other restrictions, but I enjoy restrictions as it feels more immersive that way.



  • Creator: Smoothbrain
  • Downloads: 189,000+
  • Endorsements: Unknown

This mod used to be on Nexus Mods, but the creator switched to Thunder Store when Nexus changed its Terms of Service. The mod allows you to change the maximum creature levels and such.

Creatures (even bosses) up to five stars will spawn; they can be adjusted to include different sizes of creatures and so much more. The server owner will be the one to control this mod and can have so much fun with it.

Spawn That

spawn that

  • Creator: ASharpPen
  • Downloads: 140,000+
  • Endorsements: Unknown

Spawn That is another Thunderstore gem. It is a great accompanying mod to CreatureLevelAndLootControl. It makes it easier to control which creatures spawn and at what rate.

The mod is straightforward, so there’s not much to say about it, but what I have found fun is adjusting the creature mobs based on player level. Start out with more Greydwarves and eventually raid the world with goblins.

Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull from Containers

craft build smelt cook fuel pull from containers

  • Creator: Aedenthorn
  • Downloads: 268,000+
  • Endorsements: 5,700+

This simple mod is so useful. It allows you to pull items from other containers to craft stuff. So you can place boxes near the workstations and then craft the stuff you need without having it in your inventory.

This concept no doubt came from other survival games with the same concept. I don’t think it makes the game any “easier,” which is a good thing, in my opinion, but it does make it more convenient.


better ui

  • Creator: Masa
  • Downloads: 199,000+
  • Endorsements: 4,700+

This is a simple mod with big improvements for the game. It doesn’t stay updated, but I still think it’s worth it as long as it functions. Last I checked, it works well, so I still recommend it.

In short, the BetterUI mod just makes the game’s interface easier to understand. It shows how much time meat has left to cook, how many slots are left in boxes, and even shows what stats will increase whenever you upgrade items. My favorite part is that it shows enemy health by the number.

Jotunn the Valheim Library

jotunn the valheim library

  • Creator: Valheim Modding
  • Downloads: 285,000+
  • Endorsements: 3,400+

This mod is a good one to have if you add many mods to your game. It makes mods easier to use and more compatible with the vanilla version of the game. The mod stays updated, so I expect great things from these creators in the future.

Fight Club

fight club

  • Creator: Pfhoenix0
  • Downloads: 1,400+
  • Endorsements: 43

Fight Club is a simple mod that makes it easier to utilize friendly fire. Normally, whenever you kill someone, their stats are lowered. This mod allows players to challenge each other to fight without losing anything.

There’s even a setting that doesn’t let anyone die. Instead, the players must defeat their opponent by lowering the opponent’s health to 1. This is a good addition if you don’t want to walk back to your body after every death.

Best Game-Changing Mods in Valheim

Game-changing mods make Valheim feel like a different game. I would run these by the entire group before adding them because those who like to play raw, vanilla games may be completely against these mods.

Note: I have personally tested and enjoyed all of these mods.



  • Creator: Raelaziel
  • Downloads: 48,000+
  • Endorsements: 810+

I love this construction mod. As someone who gets carried away with survival game base builds, I am always on the lookout for new construction mods. This one is a winner, in my opinion, because it takes advantage of Valheim’s theme.

There may be better mods than this one for building cool bases, but this one adds just enough that it still feels like I’m playing Valheim. I don’t want to modernize the game; I want a nice Viking home.

Magic Overhaul (or Alternative)

magic overhaul

  • Creator: KGvalheim
  • Downloads: 75,000+
  • Endorsements: Unknown

I say that you may want to use an alternative because this one is outdated. The reason I mention Magic Overhaul is that I’ve actually tried it and enjoyed it, though it does change the game a lot.

If you want to download a mod like this that has classes, giving it a D&D feel, I suggest Valheim Legends because it stays up-to-date. The mods are essentially the same.



  • Creator: DefendYourBase
  • Downloads: 55,000+
  • Endorsements: 550+

MonsterLabz changes the game just enough that I’m adding it to the game-changing category. The mod allows moderators to spawn unique creatures on their server along with changing settings for the monsters already in the game.

RRR Mods

rrr mods

  • Creator: neurodr0me
  • Downloads: 50,000 to 120,000+ (depending on mod)
  • Endorsements: Unknown

I’ve had all of these mods before, and I enjoy them. To have any of them, you must first download RRRCore. Then you can download their other mods. They don’t stay updated, but I still think they work well.

RRRMonsters adds new monsters to the game, and RRRnpcs adds NPCs to the game. You can customize the NPCs to your liking, adding a lot of new roleplay elements to the game.

Forgotten Biomes

forgotten biomes

  • Creator: Alree
  • Downloads: 29,000+
  • Endorsements: 450+

I believe that Forgotten Biomes is a peek at the future of Valheim. The mod adds content for the Ashlands and DeepNorth. Because devs don’t seem to be modifying these areas anytime soon, this mod can hold you off until they do.



  • Creator: sweetgiorni
  • Downloads: 99,000+
  • Endorsements: 2,600+

I’m embarrassed by how many times I’ve messed up with a portal name and got myself stuck somewhere. That’s where this mod comes in. it allows any portal to teleport to any other portal.

If you want the challenge of portal naming kept in the game, then don’t get this mod; it will change everything. But I think it’s a good addition, especially whenever your tribe has spread out over the map.

Beasts of Burden

beasts of burden

  • Creator: Clevel
  • Downloads: 24,000+
  • Endorsements: 630+

This isn’t exactly game-changing, but it changes things enough that I wanted to put it here. With this mod, you can attach carts to animals. You can also command those animals while they are attached to the cart.

So, it’s a small change, but if anyone has ever tried to run through the Black Forest with a cart full of metal, they know that having an animal pull that cart just might be game-changing.

Epic Loot

epic loot

  • Creator: RandyKnapp
  • Downloads: 330,000+
  • Endorsements: 5,600+

This mod is so game-changing that I even consider it game-breaking. The mod adds new loot and magic items that are overpowered. The items work in a tier system, with each color representing a different rarity.

Late game, I really love this mod (especially when I start getting bored), but early game, it’s far too powerful. No one needs a legendary club to drop from a Greydwarf when they can’t even craft an antler pickaxe.

Unrestricted Portals

unrestricted portals

  • Creator: JNiena
  • Downloads: 229,000+
  • Endorsements: 4,500+

This can also break the game if inconvenience is the game to you. No more taking heaps of metal across the entire map so that you can get it back to your base. With this mod, you can take anything through a portal.

However, this is a highly-customizable mod, so you don’t have to go ham with it. You can adjust things so that only certain items can teleport or no items can teleport (if you’re feeling crazy.)

Valheim Mods I Want to Try

There are still plenty of mods I haven’t gotten around to adding to my server. I will try these in the future, but I cannot currently verify if they run smoothly or if they are worth the download.



  • Creator: Sarcen
  • Downloads: 59,000+
  • Endorsements: 814+

This is a mod I didn’t know existed until recently, but I really want to try it. If you’ve played Raft or Atlas, you’re familiar with houseboats, and that’s the concept behind this mod.

Item Drawers

item drawers

  • Creator: makzimus
  • Downloads: 33,000+
  • Endorsements: 690+

All this mod does is make mass storing a lot simpler. It sorts your stuff and lets you know how much of each item you have in an OCD’s dream storage cabinet. The best part is it only takes ten pieces of fine wood to craft.

Better Archery

better archery

  • Creator: Ishid4
  • Downloads: 176,000+
  • Endorsements: 3,500+

The bow is my favorite weapon in the game. Better Archery adds a quiver, retrievable arrows, and aiming improvements to the game. It also makes it so you can zoom while aiming.

If you don’t use your bow much, then I’d skip this one. But if you always have that thing on your back, this will make the game more enjoyable for you. I know it’s the next one on my list to try.

Discard Inventory Items

discard inventory items

  • Creator: aedenthorn
  • Downloads: 58,000+
  • Endorsements: 1,500+

If you’ve played much Valheim, then you probably already know why this is such a great mod. Normally, you can’t get rid of items. You either throw them on the ground or in a box.

With this mod, you can assign a hotkey to discard items, making them disappear forever. There’s even a setting that allows you to “uncraft’ an item, destroying it and returning the crafting materials to you.


Question: What is the Best Valheim Mod?

Answer: While everyone has a different favorite, the objectively best mod is Valheim Plus. It adds so many quality-of-life improvements without taking away from the integrity of the game.

Question: Where Do I Get Valheim Mods?

Answer: Nexus Mods is my go-to place for mods, but Thunderstore is a great option too. You can manually add them to the plugins folder or get Vortex Mod Manager to simplify things.

Question: Are Mods Against Terms of Service in Valheim?

Answer: No. In most games, as long as the mods are not used for PvP, there isn’t anything against them. Valheim mods are legal, but I recommend getting the greenlight from your group.

Best Valheim Mods for You

Every group has different playstyles, so don’t be surprised if your group has a completely different set than I do. Keep an eye on the Nexus Mods home page to find new mods or old favorites on the home page.

Remember that any mod that you enjoy is a good mod. Valheim is meant to be fun. I don’t believe that the Valheim developers are the masochists that ARK devs are, so make the most of your time in purgatory and use the mods that make you happy.

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