the forest warm suit guide

The Forest Warm Suit Guide

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The Forest is an evolutionary survival horror game that has an open-world setting in a desolate peninsula where you’ll need to fend yourself from the native mutated cannibal tribes in a variety of testing environments. Each environment in The Forest will have you busy with trying to cope with trying circumstances, which include your hunger, thirst, sanity, and health.

But even though each environment in The Forest has its own difficulties for a stranded father trying to find his lost son after a mysterious plane crash, none are more difficult than the snowy mountains to the north of the peninsula. However, through The Forest’s narrative, no hardship comes without an element, or a dynamic to make things a bit easier. The most advantageous element, in this case, is the Warmsuit.

To no surprise, the snowy mountains region in The Forest is a very cold environment, which continually tests your ability to maintain your warmth. You see, the cold in The Forest will continually drain your energy and with time, your energy drain rate will start to go up, especially, if you’re hungry. You’ll notice it when you begin to shiver.

One way to instantly counter the cold is by having a lit torch at hand, or by staying close to a campfire, but that’s not very practical, considering that you’ll need to defend yourself at any moment. This is where the Warmsuit comes in handy. It will keep you warm throughout your stay in the snowy mountains.

Although, don’t count on it to be easy to acquire. It’s quite the hassle to get it and will take some on-point directions and more than a little bit of patience. This is why we wanted to provide you with a fully dedicated guide to it. So, without any further anticipation, this is our The Forest warm suit guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Warmsuit is the only armor that grants you full protection from the cold in The Forest. In essence, it helps you keep your stamina limit and drain rate normal so that you keep your full mobility in the snow and cold weather in general.

Even though it won’t be the most necessary item to craft when you first spawn in the treacherous peninsula, you should still work around getting its components early on because they can’t be gathered on short notice. However, you should know that it replaces normal armor when worn. Therefore, you must be able to switch between the Warmsuit and any other type of armor in a timely manner.

What Is the Warmsuit In The Forest?

The Warmsuit is a clothing item, which protects you from the cold in The Forest. It identifies as armor and covers your whole body. Therefore, once you equip it, it will replace every piece of armor that you were wearing beforehand. It’s also not upgradable. The Warmsuit’s stats will always remain the same.

The Warmsuit can only be crafted in The Forest. You cannot find it ready to be equipped in any location in the game. To craft it, you will have to combine several items in your inventory, most of which are animal skins, which you can only obtain after hunting the animals they belong to.

I advise you not to establish a base in the snowy regions to the north in The Forest without at least having the Warmsuit in your inventory. It is very crucial for your survival up there because getting warm will be your number one priority if you choose to build, or explore in the snow.

The Warmsuit Statistics

Image from Fandom

The Warmsuit has a Cold Armor stat of 100 in The Forest, making it the sole item in the game to fully protect you from the cold. It will even protect you from the cold when you’re in the water. However, when equipped, it takes the armor slot, which means you can’t wear it at the same time you’re wearing any other sort of armor.

Fortunately, you can unequip the Warmsuit whenever you like so that you can wear the other armor stored in your inventory, or on your Armor Racks for damage protection. You should also note that the Warmsuit cannot be upgraded.

The Warmsuit’s statistics and properties in The Forest are as follows:

  • Clothing item added to the game in v1.0.
  • Can be equipped.
  •  Cannot be upgraded.
  • Cannot be thrown.
  • Cannot be held by hand.
  • Adds a full 100 Cold Armor
  • Maximum Stack: 1.

What Does the Warmsuit Look Like In The Forest?

The Forest - Warmsuit Design

In The Forest, the Warmsuit is a furry tunic made out of animal skins. The core is deerskin with the animal’s head hanging from the left shoulder to the chest.

The pants and limbs are covered with boar skin with a couple of deerskin patches over the knees. 

To finish it up, you can also craft Rabbit Fur Boots to dress appropriately for the weather. It’s fair to note that they add up just a bit to the stats that protect you from the cold weather in the game.

The Forest Warm Suit Quests

First of all, The Forest doesn’t really have a questline in the traditional sense. It gives you a “To Do List,” which you can access by opening your Survival Guide. When you first wake up inside the crashed plane and gather your initial supplies and food, you’ll find a couple of basic things to do on your list.

Find Timmy, set up camp, find and cook food, and so on. When you start to get the gist of your surroundings and how you should perceive and make use of them, your “To Do List” will have already begun to expand with more exploration and retrieval tasks. 

But one thing has been left out. You might think of it as absurd, or a genius dynamic planned out by Endnight Games. That one thing is to find the plane’s missing cockpit.

Further down the line, after you’ve established a standing base and obtained a couple of handy tools and weapons for yourself, you may head out on an expedition, or it could just happen as you’re roaming about to find some supplies.

One way, or another, you’re going to happen about that missing cockpit. The tricky part of it is that the cockpit is located to the far northeast of the peninsula. That’s basically as cold as it’s going to get.

And that’s where you’ll find having a Warmsuit is going to be quite useful. I, myself seldom find my way to the cockpit straight away. It usually takes up to a good 15 minutes from any spawn location in The Forest for a player with a sense of direction to find the cockpit. However, I don’t have that sense of direction in survival games.

It is dumb, but I have never thought of it as a flaw. I just like getting lost in the scenery and exploring to find hidden details. Plus, I always stray from the objective to spear a deer. And I expect that there are many open-world gamers out there like me. The only way, however, that you’ll be allowed the luxury of losing yourself out there in the cold is by equipping the Warmsuit. 

Once you get to the cockpit, you’ll obtain a Flare Gun, an Outfit, and a Magazine for your collection of documents. Near it, you’ll stumble upon a couple of suitcases lying around and one of the co-pilots thrown right outside the front window.

Other Key Moments For The Warmsuit

In addition to getting to the Cockpit in The Forest, the Warmsuit is the most vital advantage you’ll have out there in the snowy mountains if you plan on sticking around. 

Whether you plan on embarking on prolonged expeditions, or you chose it for your base location, out there in the snow, the cold is going to be lethal for you. It will only distract you and slow you down at first, but eventually, you either get the Warmsuit, or you struggle and die.

Expeditions are BRUTAL in The Forest. They usually take up a lot of resources and food. Plus, it’s only a matter of time before you stumble upon a group of Cannibals. And once you do, you better be prepared or it won’t be a happy ending for you out there. Much less if you plan on scavenging, exploring, or hunting in the snow. The cold will be a whole other dynamic that makes your life miserable out there.

However, if you do plan on sticking around in the snowy mountains, all of the above applies to your situation. Which means -YES- you. Will. Have. To. Get. The. Warmsuit! It will be the difference between making your stay there a living hell and thriving in the cold, hardened environment.

You’ll also notice that resources are more scarce out there, which means even if you’ve already built a roof over your head, upgrading your base and setting up your defenses will be a time-consuming hassle.

How to Get the Warmsuit In The Forest

How to Get Warmsuit The Forest

As I’ve said early on in the guide, you can’t just find the Warmsuit in The Forest. You need to craft it yourself. It’s only fitting to go do the extra effort for something that would give you such an advantage throughout your stay in this “hospitable” peninsula.

To craft the Warmsuit, you will need to acquire the following materials:

  • Cloth (x2)
  • Rope (x2)
  • Rabbit Fur (x1)
  • Deer Skin (x6)
  • Raccoon Skin (x1)
  • Boar Skin (x4)

Some of these materials are easier to scavenge since they’re usually just found laying around local camps or inside suitcases. The rest, however, are not as accessible. Raccoons, for instance, can only be found in very specific areas in The Forest, and even there, you’ll find them very scarce. At least that’s how it is in my case.

Don’t worry, though, I’ll be giving you just enough tips and directions to get each one of the required materials to craft the Warmsuit. By the end of this guide, you’ll be casually stocking up on all of the above. 

One more thing before we begin, if you intend on getting them all in one expedition, you’ll need to gear up and stock up on food and water.


forest warm suit cloth

Cloth is one of the most in-demand materials for Crafting in The Forest. it also gets consumed very quickly because of the quantity required to craft certain things in the game with it. Luckily, though, there are many ways to find Cloth in The Forest:

  • It can be found in suitcases lying around camps, caves, and beaches.
  • It can also be found on the ground inside caves and near the campfires of the Cannibal Villages.
  • Taking down an effigy built by Cannibals will almost always drop a piece of Cloth for you.


warm suit rope the forest

Rope is not only essential for Crafting in The Forest, but also for Building. It’s a bit rarer to find Rope in the game, but there are two ways that you can certainly guarantee some Rope for yourself.

  • The dinghies, which you will find at the beaches and the bigger ponds will definitely have a piece of Rope, or two inside.
  • To save yourself some time, you can craft Rope by combining cloth (x7)

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit Fur Warm Suit Forest

You will find that Rabbits will always be hopping around almost anywhere in The Forest, except for inside the caves. They are a bit fast to hunt using a melee weapon, though.

So, the easiest way to hunt them is by using a ranged weapon such as a bow or the Slingshot and keeping your distance so that you don’t startle the little cretins.

Deer Skin

Deer Skin The Forest

Deers are as easy as Rabbits to find. They could be anywhere out in the wilderness. They’re also almost as fast as Rabbits if you chase them. But there is one bug in the game that you can make use of to hunt them. 

  • Grab a spear and stealthily sneak up on one close enough before you frighten it.
  • Then, run directly towards it to save some time and stamina.
  • If you surprise it and use the Spear on it, you’ll find that it will stand in place and won’t be able to flee.

Raccoon Skin

Raccoon Skin The Forest

The toughest thing about Raccoons in The Forest is definitely finding them. I, personally, tend to get lost very often while searching for them. Even when I find them, I don’t get to see more than a couple of them in the same area.

I have one direction for you when you’re looking for Raccoons. Head east of the peninsula. I’ve always found them there. They will mostly be running around the hills near the edge of the map.

Once, you do, you can kill them however you like. They are small and slow animals.

Boar Skin


Boar Skin the forest The last material of this set is actually not as hard to find as the latter. Boars will always be roaming around the western side of the peninsula. You can even max up on how many Boars you can carry in one in-game day.

Be careful, though, Boars are very aggressive in The Forest and will always attack you if provoked. Therefore, it is wise to use a Bow, or a lengthy melee weapon such as a Spear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can The Warmsuit Break In The Forest?

Answer: In short, no. The Warmsuit will not be broken in The Forest. Even though it replaces normal armor when worn, it does not take hit damage and has no durability status.

Question: Can We Put The Warmsuit On The Armor Rack In The Forest?

Answer: Unfortunately, the Warmsuit cannot be placed on the Armor Rack in The Forest. I’ve personally tried several ways around it but I couldn’t. Maybe, it would work with a mod, though.

Question: Can The Warmsuit Make You Hot When Worn In Warm Areas In The Forest?

Answer: In this case, a status notification does pop up to inform you that you’re warmer than you should be in the game. So, it’s safe to say that you should switch to protective armor for good measure when in warm regions in The Forest. However, it’s safe to note that it doesn’t affect you to the same lengths that it does when protecting you from the cold.


The Warmsuit is an armor that helps you keep yourself warm and mobile in cold areas in The Forest. However, it’s not necessary to craft on your first day since most locations that you’ll spawn at will be really far from where you need the Warmsuit, but it should be a priority among your plans further down the line.

Especially, when you first start to head on long exploration expeditions. It will shelter you from the cold and stop it from draining your energy in the game. However, you should often strategically switch between the Warmsuit and the armor that protects you from hit damage.

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