The Forest Crafting Guide

The Forest Crafting Guide

The Forest is a wonderful game, and if my opinion has any sort of sway, one of the best traditional survival games to ever grace our screens. This game takes a rather generic, trapped on a deserted island format and then offers lots of unique aspects, a compelling narrative told through environmental cues and exploration, and rich survival mechanics that make the game infinitely re-playable, even after you rescue Timmy.

It’s a game that does a lot to set itself apart from other games within the genre and absolutely nails the survival horror approach, which few games can truly say they have achieved. However, today we want to talk about something that this game does brilliantly while not re-inventing the wheel. This is, of course, the crafting system.

In The Forest, players will begin proceedings with nothing more than what they can scavenge from the site of the plane crash. However, as the game goes on, the player will be able to use the land and the bits and pieces they find on the island to conjure up new items, upgrade the items they create, and truly become the Mcgiver of this cannibal and mutant invested island. Through cunning and innovation, you can make survival look like child’s play.

However, you may be wondering how the crafting system works within this stellar survival title. You may be wondering what items one can craft, and you may be wondering how hard it is to get your hands on the respective parts to create these items. Well, we aim to reveal all and make your time in The Forest go as smoothly as possible. So without further delay, here is our The Forest Crafting Guide.

What is Crafting in the Forest?

Crafting in The Forest is exactly what you would imagine it is. If you have played any traditional survival games, you will know that the games tend to drop you into a world with just the clothes on your back, or in some cases, not even that.

So, it is up to you to gather resources, make tools and fight for survival. The Forest is no different, and in this game, players will have to seek out raw resources, which while useless on their own, when combined with other items, can make some incredible stuff.

How Crafting Works in The Forest

Crafting in The Forest from a UI perspective is really clever. In most games, you will be presented with clunky menus and recipes where you simply have to gather a certain amount and then tap ‘craft.’ However, in The Forest, when the player enters the crafting screen, you are presented with a top-down view of all the items you have laid out on a tarp.

Then your goal when crafting is to select two or more items and combine them together to create something new. It’s a fun and interactive way to feel like you are part of the crafting process, rather than doing some dull menuing.

When you select an item, it will enter the middle of the screen, and a cogwheel with appear. If the player hovers over this cogwheel, they will be presented with potential recipes that they can make, provided they have the materials.

So if you place a stick in the middle, for example, the cog will showcase a recipe that reads Stick + Stick = Weak Spear. Then once the player has a full recipe, they click the cogwheel, and the new item appears on the tarp, simple as that.

What Items Can You Craft in the Forest?

There are a wealth of items that the player can craft within this game. It can get a little overwhelming if you aren’t on top of things to tell you the truth. However, we aren’t about to let that happen to you.

Below we have listed all the items that one can craft in The Forest. So if you have your eye on something, just take the recipe, gather the parts and get crafting. Check it out:


Lizard Armor

  • Players Need: 1x Lizard Skin

This is the most basic armor within the game. To get Lizard Skin, you need to kill a lizard and skin the animal. The best way to do this is with a spear or a ranged weapon.

Stealth Armor

Player Needs: 1x Lizard Skin, 15x Leaves

This armor has the same defensive qualities as the entry above. However, thanks to the added camouflage, this armor allows you to remain undetected when sneaking more consistently, and if you hide in bushes, you are practically undetectable.

Bone Armor

  • Player Needs: 3x Cloth, 6x Bones

This is the second-best armor in the game and something that players should strive to wear as much of as they can. To do this, you need to acquire bones.

The most consistent and easy way to do this is by killing and then burning the corpse of cannibals. Cloth is easy to find in suitcases, caves, camps, and many other areas.

Creepy Armor

Players Need: 1x Mutant Flesh

This armor is twice as effective as the Bone Armor, but you’ll have to kill and skin an Armsy, Virginia, or Cowman mutant to get your hands on some. However, we have to say; it’s usually worth it.



  • Player Requires: 1x Stick, 1x Cloth, 1x Electrical Tape

Firstly we have the Slingshot. This is an item that is great for dealing a modest amount of damage from range. However, this is best used to aggro enemies and deal with them one at a time.

Crafted Bow

  • Player Requires: 1x Stick, 1x Cloth, 1x Rope

This is the most basic bow in the game. This allows players to fire arrows and kill enemies from range. This is a great item to craft if you want to hunt animals for their respective skins and furs.

Weak Spear

  • Player Requires: Stick x2

Next, we have the weak spear. This is a whittled spear made of two sticks. It’s about as basic as it gets, but it can be very effective in combat against single enemies. It can also be used as a ranged weapon when thrown, and it’s ideal for spearing fish which is a great food source.

Upgraded Spear

  • Player Requires: Weak Spear, 3x Cloth, 3x Bones

The upgraded spear is a better option when it comes to hunting animals and taking them down in one quick throw or stab. It does more damage and is generally more durable.


  • Player Requires: 1x Stick, 5x Feathers

Arrows are essential if you want to be a skilled hunter, so you’ll need to gather feathers to make these. You can get these by killing birds or by building a birdhouse and collecting the left behind feathers.

Bone Arrows

  • Player Requires: 1x Stick, 5x Feathers, 5x Bones

If you want arrows that pack more of a punch, then you’ll want to make some Bone Arrows. That means gathering feathers, as mentioned above, and also some bones by burning Cannibal corpses.

Poison Arrows

  • Player Requires: 5x Arrows, 5x Poison flowers (Amanita Mushroom, Snow Berries, Twin Berries, Jack Mushroom)

Then lastly, in terms of arrows, you have Poison Arrows. These are arrows that deal as much base damage as standard arrows but then deal consistent damage after the point of contact.

Molotov Cocktail

  • Player Requires: Cloth, Booze

Fire can be an ally in the world of survival gaming, not just by keeping you warm at night and cooking your food, but it can also be weaponized. If you want to set your foes on fire, Molotov Cocktails are the way to go.


  • Player Requires: Booze, Circuit Board, Coins, Wrist Watch, Electrical Tape

A bomb is a very powerful item within The Forest, as you might have guessed considering the number of rare items you need. Booze and Tape are pretty easy to find. However, the other items can be tricky to find.

So, if you want to gather these items, we would suggest that you head to the Businessman Cave. Here you will find lots of Circuit Boards, Coins, and Wrist watches. Not to mention the unique weapon, the Katana.

Head Bomb

  • Player Requires: Bomb, Severed Head

If you thought a bomb was powerful, well, what if you popped this into a severed head and used skull fragments as shrapnel to add more damage. This is the most powerful weapon in the game and will kill any enemy in one huge blast.

Sticky Bomb

  • Player Requires: Bomb, Sap

Then lastly, we have the Sticky Bomb. You may have noticed that the normal bombs are quite hard to throw accurately, especially if the enemy is bounding toward you and away from the bomb.

Well, if you add some sap to this bomb, it will stick to surfaces and your enemies, making it impossible for them to run away from their imminent doom.

Flintlock Pistol

  • Player Requires: 8x Pistol Parts

Unbelievably, the player can actually get a gun within this game. However, the lengths you will have to go to have a bit extreme, and the bullets for this gun are finite and in short supply. However, this gun can still be a very useful resource, especially against tougher Mutants.

To build this item, you will have to find the eight Pistol parts scattered around the island. They are buried below a layer of rock in the ground, so you will have to make explosives with you to blow their hiding spot to bits. 

Other Weapons

  • Crafted Club
  • Upgraded Stick
  • Fire arrow
  • Incendiary Spear


Crafted Axe

  • Players Need: Stick, Rock, Rope

Firstly, we have the crafted Axe, one that is slightly more effective than the Plane Axe you find at the beginning of the game.

This is slightly more efficient at chopping down trees but still serves as a pretty weak weapon.

Repair Tool

  • Player Requires: 2x Stick, 2x Cloth, Rock, 10x Sap

Players can build shelters and buildings to help them survive in this hostile environment they find themselves in. However, if you attract the attention of Cannibals and Mutants, these defenses will likely get damaged.

Well, you can use a Repair Tool to maintain these structures. This is a good thing to have at least one of in case of emergencies.

Fire Torch

  • Player Requires: Stick, Fire

Not to be mistaken for the battery-powered torch, the Flashlight. This is a crafting recipe that allows players to light a stick on fire to offer a light source.

This lasts longer than lighting a cloth on fire when attached to your weapon, and it also saves vital batteries, so do make use of this option when possible. Plus, you can also hit enemies with it and light them on fire, which is a handy bonus.


Herbal Medicine

  • Player Requires: Aloe Vera, Marigold

There are a lot of ways that players can regain their health when they get into a pickle. However, there are few quicker, easier, or eco-friendly ways to do so than using Aloe and Marigold. This restores a modest amount of health.

Herbal Medicine +

  • Player Requires: Aloe Vera, Marigold, Coneflower

This one is a little bit harder to curate as you’ll need to track down three different plants. However, if you can track some down, this can be a super way to boost your health as it completely heals the player.

Energy Mix

  • Player Requires: Chicory, Coneflower

Next, we have the herbal remedy that governs your stamina stat. This is less important when compared to your health, but if you want to sprint around with careless abandon, this is a good remedy to make.

Energy Mix +

  • Player Requires: Chicory, Coneflower, Aloe Vera

Want to run around with even more careless abandon? Well, if you can gather the three flowers listed above, you can refill your entire stamina bar. So gather a few of these, and you can bound around like Usain Bolt all day long.

Utility Items


  • Player Requires: 2x Rabbit Fur

This is a super item for those that want to live an eco-friendly life and players who are aiming to get the Vegan achievement in this game.

The Pouch is a utility that allows you to store useful fungi and flora in your inventory. So if you see some useful berries, for example, and have no use for them right then, you can take them and use them at a later time.

Water Skin

  • Player Requires: 1x Rope, 2x Deer Skin

We can’t stress just how important this item is within The Forest, when it comes to gathering food in this game. As you can kill enemies and animals and then immediately start a fire and cook meat without much of a problem. Not to mention the abundant snacks in this game, you will rarely go hungry.

However, water is a tough thing to keep in high quantities, so when you come across clean drinking water, you’ll want to drink as much as possible and then store some for later too. A water skin allows you to take water on the go, and when exploring deep in the caves, this can be a real lifesaver.

Rock Bag

  • Player Requires: 3x Rabbit Fur, 1x Cloth, 3x Rope

This is a utility that is great for those that are working on building projects. The more rocks you can carry, the more rocks you can add to your builds at once, and the more rocks you can store in your inventory through natural play when out exploring. This ups your carry capacity from 10 to 20.

Stick Bag

  • Player Requires: 2x Rope, Rabbit Far, 3x Cloth

Same principle as the entry above, only this time for sticks instead of rocks. The player with this new crafted utility will be able to carry 20 sticks at one time, which is great for building, and you can also craft lots of weak spears for hunting too.


  • Player Requires: 3x Rabbit Fur, 1x Rope

Having a Bow is great, but it isn’t much use unless the player has a steady supply of arrows to arm this weapon with. So if the player crafts a quiver, they will be able to channel their inner Hawkeye and cast arrows in all directions without the need to think too much about wasting limited resources. For the avid hunter, this is a must-have.

Spear Bag

  • Player Requires: 2x Boar Skin, 2x Deer Skin, 2x Cloth, 3x Rope

Then lastly, for the main utility items, we have the Spear Bag, an item that allows you to carry up to five Spears at one time. As weak spears are quick and easy to make, this is an item that is more of a convenience and a luxury than an essential item to craft. However, when you are in the heat of the hunt, you don’t want to be stopping every few seconds to craft spear after spear. So while we wouldn’t prioritize this one, it’s one you should craft at some stage.



  • Player Requires: 5x Sticks, 2x Rope

When players have gotten into the swing of things and really want to explore all that this island has to offer, they will likely find themselves traveling up into the mountains. However, this area has harsh, cold conditions, and to traverse this without any danger, you will need a few items.

One of these items is the Snowshoes, a set of shoes that allow you to move through the snow at a natural pace. Without these, you will travel at half speed through the snow, and this can be frustrating and often dangerous if you encounter enemies. So be sure to craft these before you head into the mountains.

Warm suit

  • Player Requires: 1x Raccoon Skin, 4x Boar Skin, 6 Deer Skin, 1 Rabbit Fur, 2 Cloth, 2 Rope

The other item you will need is the Warmsuit. This is an item that will maintain your natural body temperature and ensure that even in snowy areas, you won’t have to stop every few minutes to start a campfire. This is a tough item to craft as you’ll have to take down at least one of every animal within the world outside of lizards, turtles, alligators, and turtles.

Raccoons are by far the hardest to track down, and they will only be found roaming at night, which makes them hard to see at the best of times. However, if you manage this, you’ll be able to wander the mountains and keep warm and toasty too. 

Rabbit Fur Boots

  • Player Requires: 3x Rabbit Fur, 2x Rope

Then lastly, for clothes, we have the Rabbit Fur Boots. These are an alternative shoe option to Snowshoes and protect from the cold while also offering a stealth boost. However, you will move through the snow much slower than with the Snowshoes. So depending on your playstyle or the situation, you find yourself in, Rabbit Fur Boots could be the better option. 

Other Clothing

  • Blue Paint
  • Orange Paint


Then lastly, we have the upgrades that one can make to their weapons. These are pretty self-explanatory, so here are the recipes that the player will need to follow to make these upgrades happen: 

Speed Upgrade

  • Player Requires: Feather, Sap, Weapon of choice

Damage Upgrade

  • Player Requires: Teeth, Sap, Weapon of Choice

Fire Upgrade

  • Player Requires: Cloth + Weapon of choice

Poison Upgrade

  • Player Requires: 4x Snowberries or 4x Twin berries or 1x Jack Mushroom or 1x Amanita Mushroom + Weapon of choice

Flashlight Upgrade

  • Player Requires: Flashlight, Electrical Tape, Weapon of choice (Bow, Pistol or Chainsaw only)

The Best Items to Craft First

As you can see, there is a lot of items that you could potentially focus on here. Items that, depending on your playstyle and where you are in the game, might not be as useful as others.

So, we thought we would help differentiate those luxury, late-game items from those that you need to prioritize from the word go. Here is a quick rundown of the items you need to craft as fast as you can.

Water Skin

This is by far the most important crafting item you can make early in the game. Sure, you can kill a turtle and make a water basin. However, you are then at the mercy of the weather and praying for rain.

So, in that situation, a sunny day could theoretically kill you. So if you can, be sure to get your hands on a water skin, and then you can explore for longer, store water more efficiently, and effectively survive longer. 

Crafted Bow

If you want to make a water skin, you will need to make a Crafted Bow (and some arrows too). This will allow you to hunt animals and take them down without spooking them.

Plus, it will enable you to fight from range which can be a very effective tactic against cannibal groups and larger, tougher enemies. 

Upgraded Spear

This is a great early game craft as it’s easy to gather the materials for this item, and it does a great deal of damage against single enemies.

While you will need an axe or other blunt force weapons to handle groups of enemies, this is a great option to have and one you can make right off the plane if you rummage in a few suitcases. 


Then lastly, we would suggest that you make upgrades as and when you can throughout your run. Be sure to collect all the teeth, feathers, and booze that you can and invest wisely, so you have a well-rounded weapon. Damage is great, but if you swing a weapon at a snail’s pace, it can be a bit of a problem. 

Tips For Better Crafting

Now, before we sign off, we want to give you some additional crafting tips that you may not have even considered, but we promise, once you read these tips, you’ll never be able to play and craft without taking these into account. Here they are below:

Building Goes Hand in Hand With Crafting

Be sure to build things that facilitate your crafting efforts. For example, you have a limited amount of space in your inventory, but there is an abundance of goodies on the island.

So, you need to make sure you build drying racks for your meat, fur racks for your skins, storage for your miscellaneous items, and so on.

This will ensure that you never have to pass on picking up any items you come across and will also ensure that you have a healthy supply of everything you need to craft. 

Stay Calm, Craft Through the Chaos

Unlike some games within the genre, when you enter the crafting menu in this game, the world stops for a moment, allowing you to take a second to breathe and then plan your next move. So if you are in the heat of battle and you run out of arrows, for example, its no big deal.

Just enter the menu, craft some more while time is paused, akin to eating 17 wheels of cheese in Skyrim, then return to the fray and deal with the issue. 

Camps and Caves

If you want to find more rare items for crafting things, then you need to know exactly where to look. So if we were to nudge in the right direction, we would say that you need to explore as many camps and caves as you can. We admit that’s where you are going to encounter more dangerous situations, but you can’t have a reward without a little risk. 

FAQ Section

Question: What is Sons of The Forest?

Answer: Sons of the Forest is a highly anticipated sequel to Endnight Games survival title, The Forest. This game is set to continue the story of The Forest and shed more light on the mysteries of this strange island location. This game is set to be a much more visually appealing, technically competent, and narrative-heavy adventure. This is set for release in May 2022. 

Question: What Unique Weapons are there in The Forest?

Answer: While you can craft a handful of weapons that will serve you well in The Forest, there are quite a few unique versions of these weapons that do the job just that little bit better. However, you may be wondering what these are. Well, allow us to enlighten you; here is a quick list below: 
• Katana
• Modern Bow
• Modern Axe
• Climbing Axe
• Chainsaw 
• Flare Gun
• Crossbow

Question: Is There a Boat in The Forest?

Answer: Well, while the player can build their own rafts, boats, and on-water settlements, we assume that you are referring to the Yacht that players will find south of the plane crash. This is an area where players will find some great loot, some items that push the narrative forward, a place to sleep if they wish to do so. Plus, if the player returns after completing the game with the Keycard, they will get their hands on a pretty remarkable item indeed; no spoilers here. 

Hone Your Craft!

As you can see from the info and recipes above, there are so many things that players can craft in The Forest, and each item comes with its own unique perk.

This game’s crafting mechanic is an example of one that has been done right. It’s simple, easy to use, encourages experimentation and discovery, it has lots of recipes to try out.

We hope that this guide serves you well and makes your first few nights in The Forest as enjoyable as they can be. Just watch out for cannibals! As always, thank you for reading Ready, Game Survive.

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