Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser Guide: Boss Bootcamp For Rookies

Resident Evil 4 re-captivated the horror world recently with a remake that was faithful to the original while yielding some positive alterations. Capcom did an outstanding job revitalizing a classic staple title released during an era when games were evolving dramatically to what we have today.

The characters and brooding environments were precisely crafted. Still, one of the most impressive aspects of RE4 Remake is the grandiose bosses and their foreboding presence that makes you drop the controller. However, not every boss must be outwardly grotesque to make you quiver in fear. How about old comrades returning to your life as enemies to hunt and kill you?

That’s what Leon S. Kennedy had to endure with Jack Krauser, and he is a candidate for the most cunning of all the bosses because of his special ops training and extensive combat experience. Lord Saddler may be the final boss of the haunting cult known as “Los Illuminados,” but Krauser kidnapped the president’s daughter with his skills & is the subtle main antagonist. Just like in the original, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, making him a pain at times if you go in blind.

He is especially lethal in Hardcore & Professional mode, but I’m here to help you put your old rabid friend down. Thankfully, you have me as your reliable expert strategist for Resident Evil 4. In this Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser guide I’ll inform you of his unsporting tactics, giving you a comprehensive battle plan. In the words of Krauser, “We are just getting started, rookie.”

Bottom Line Up Front

Jack Krauser is a lethal opponent who has always been a maverick because he’s not some ravenous, mindless monster. Instead, you must use your wit and learn his patterns to beat him while parrying frequently. Prepare before the fight to your best ability, so you have enough resources.

You’ll encounter him twice throughout the game, and they both require good reaction time. The second fight is the main and final one, and learning his attacks while avoiding clever traps in the area will ensure victory. The three emblems to open the door to his defeat are preparation, knowledge, & patience. 

Jack Krauser Overview

Jack Krauser 2005 Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser

Jack Krauser made his first appearance back in 2005, where he also served as a main antagonist in Resident Evil 4. Before his evil transformation, Krauser was a prestigious military anomaly in the Army with many accolades and was superior to Leon in training and operational experience.

They stumble upon a powerful bioweapon during their mission through a South American rainforest. This inevitably tempts Krauser to pursue the power of bioweapons after his permanently injured arm, which nailed the coffin of his military service shut.

This enraged him, and he eventually faked his death to work under the elusive Dr. Albert Wesker, who shared the same sentiment for power and control by whatever means necessary. When Leon reunited with Krauser again, he became a shell of his former self and took the parasite into his body.

Despite this, it wasn’t Las Plagas controlling his mind but rather the psychotic lust for power and world domination with no room for a conservative mentality or the preservation of the innocent he formerly upheld when serving his country. Krauser knew the facets of war, but his pupil surpassed him and reluctantly took his life. This was no ordinary battle for Leon; it was bloody personal and heavyhearted.

Preparing For This Knife-BiterKrauser: Knife Duel In Chapter 11 Resident Evil 4 Remake

Jack Krauser isn’t your standard mindless boss; he is more alert with purposeful strategies. The human element and his military training make him a fight that requires preparation. You can stop at the merchant and bolster your inventory before the encounter.

I suggest you craft some grenades and heavy grenades if possible, and you can acquire more gunpowder or resources from the shop or through trading, stranger! Get some first aid sprays and purchase the magnum while crafting additional ammo and upgrading damage as the priority.

Mental preparation is also necessary; you should brace for parrying frequently or risk taking extra damage. Consistent parrying can make the difference between life and death. Buy additional automatic weapons like the TMP to get easy damage and save precious ammo.

Catching Up With Krauser: Knife Duel In Chapter 11

Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser Knife Duel In Chapter 11

You meet your old mentor Krauser for the first time in chapter 11, where he catches Leon off guard and initiates the memorable & classic knife encounter. Try to think of this as a warmup to the final battle and a chance to practice the parry against his excessive knife lunges, which will reappear later.

Before this fight, you should upgrade the combat knife as much as possible with available pesetas. Krauser can be predictable, but getting through this sequence takes some mental adaptation. To simplify things, you can spam parry when he’s about to attack, which works instead of hitting the button once.

Successful parry can trigger an action command to kick Krauser for hefty damage. Also, use your knife to slash or stab at him when the opportunity arises between his offensive knife strikes. Eventually, he will retreat, and the fight is over. Remember not to get too greedy when knifing him, as he will counterattack.

Krauser’s Final Parasitic Form In Chapter 14

Krauser Chapter 14 Resident Evil 4 Remake


When you reach Chapter 14, Krauser will greet you with an obstacle course of lethal threats preceding the final mutated encounter. I will guide you through his shenanigans so you know what to expect. He can initially be intimidating and even problematic for some players, especially in more severe difficulties.

I was initially very stubborn and didn’t knife parry every time, but I quickly learned always to do it. There’s a mechanic in the options menu where you can set the parry button the same as shoot, which I found helpful. Let’s dissect the Plagas and see what makes Jack Krauser tick!

The Obstacles Leading To Mutated Krauser

Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser Chapter 14

The start of the fight is similar to when you initially encountered Krauser because he doesn’t mutate. Instead, he gets the high ground and blasts you with the TMP while alternating to a bow with explosive tips. You can evade his shooting spray by using the pillars as cover.

Shooting at him will cause him to come down and engage in knife combat again, the same as before, where parry is crucial. You can opt for standard weapons this time, but knifing saves ammo. After he retreats with a flashbang, you can now turn the valve that opens the door to enter the ruins.

As expected, they are riddled with bear traps, trip wires, & even deadly machines that can shoot you. Be mindful while slowly going through the ruins; it will be fine. Remember that Krauser sometimes ambushes with the bow at long-range or close-range knife surprises.

The next area is more open with some cover that requires you to inch forward to Krauser while he’s shooting explosive arrows. The time he wastes aiming at you can be spent progressing forward behind the cover. When you get to him, Krauser will retreat again for the last fight, where he reveals his parasitic mutated form. Here’s where the battle gets more threatening. 

Parasitic Mutated Krauser

Parasitic Mutated Krauser Resident Evil 4 Remake

Head through the gate to initiate the last fight with Krauser, and he will unleash his parasites. The cutscene finishes with Krauser triggering an explosion which leaves Leon in the dark. You must navigate the new area carefully while dealing with his ambushes again. From there, you climb a ladder to an arena where the final encounter occurs.

If anything, the fight leading up to this is more taxing on the mind, but he’s nothing to snuff at. This battle is manageable because it’s a similar attack pattern you’ve been dealing with already. If he starts attacking with the left blade, you can parry just like his knife. Successful parries of his arm blade will stun Krauser and give you valuable time to dish out some severe damage with the magnum.

He will start using kick and sweep attacks that require hitting QTEs but are easy to hit. Try to get them all to avoid unnecessary damage while looking for openings. One attack caught me off guard, and the right-arm lunge engulfed Leon’s head and did severe damage. Try to predict this attack and avoid it by crouching or running to the left or right.

Finally, Krauser implements his desperation move, where he jumps to a cliff and lunges down to create a massive shockwave. This will throw you off the platform, but it can easily be avoided by simply climbing up one of the nearby ladders. Krauser will need to recover from this epic attack, and that’s the perfect time to throw some grenades and unleash your arsenal.

Avoid all attacks and continue parrying when necessary while doing damage sparingly between his lunges, and have patience. Trying to beat him quickly on harder difficulties isn’t feasible unless you have special weapons. Take your time and keep running while examining his patterns before striking if you aren’t feeling confident. It’s a drawn-out fight like in the original game. Beating Krauser will unlock the sturdy and formidable fighting knife tailored for combat with an engraved snake emblem.

Tips For Dealing With Krauser’s Parasitic Arms

Tips For Dealing With Krauser's Parasitic Arms Resident Evil 4 Remake

  • Avoid being too bold when attacking. Respect his power because it can mess you up. Use the magnum when he’s stunned, and reload if you have ammo.
  • Aim for his head, legs, or feet when his shield is up, or you’re just wasting bullets.
  • Decide against using melee when the opportunity arises with a stunned Krauser and opt for shooting Magnum ammo at his insane head instead.
  • If you can craft some Heavy Grenades, then they will make the fight more manageable and give you more opportunities to do extra damage with a stun.
  • Duck or run away when he tries to use the head grab attack with his right arm.
  • Keep moving to avoid getting attacked or grabbed. Most of his attacks are easy to avoid on the move. Use your critical brain and memorize his attack pattern for precise windows to strike and avert. Balancing offense & defense is the key to keeping your health bar green.
  • Scavenge the area if you run out of ammo, and try not to waste it on his arm shield.

Trophy Earned

You Used To Be A Good Guy

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player %: 64.85%

This trophy is unlocked after you defeat Krauser for the final time. In the original game, Leon tells his dead former comrade, “Krauser, what happened to you? You used to be a good guy…” and then escapes with the final piece to pursue Ashley.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser Guide FAQs

Question: How does this fight with Krauser compare to the original Resident Evil 4?

Answer: The original fight with Krauser had many back-to-back quick-time events, and he was more unruly throughout the map. He’s still tactical in this game, and you might argue he is more predictable. Still, he’s fast and lethal while requiring Leon to focus and not let his guard down for a second.

Question: Is Krauser a demanding boss?

Answer: The boss sequence was always gradual, with Krauser taunting you until the final fight. He’s a slight menace even on standard mode, but you must be incredibly precise and accurate when facing him in Hardcore or Professional difficulties. If it’s your first time against him, it will be mentally demanding until you get used to it.

Question: What should you do if stuck on the final Krauser fight?

Answer: If you’re stuck on beating his mutated form, try to scavenge the items first and craft everything before shooting. Always be on the move and don’t get greedy, or you’ll pay the price, as with many bosses. Learn the openings and think of each death as a lesson. Use everything intense in your inventory, such as heavy grenades, grenades, explosive bolts, & the magnum. You may even consider the rocket launcher for his final mutation.

Conclusion: Krauser Is A Lethal & Cunning Former Superior To Leon With A Trying Boss Battle

Congratulations, you’ve successfully defeated Jack Krauser! He puts you through stress even in standard mode, but harder difficulties are brutal. Arguably, the sequence leading up to his plagas form is more convoluted and frustrating because he has the advantage and turned it into a military course to test you. We overcame the trial together by revealing the chink in his armor.

Krauser is an example of a good man who took the wrong road, and it weighs heavy on Leon’s mind. Despite this, I’m sure you’re glad he’s finally dead. He is the last Major obstacle before reaching Lord Saddler. Get it? Because he was a Major in the Army before losing his sanity. Go ahead and throw a grenade my way for that one.

In all seriousness, Jack Krauser requires plenty of focus and is one of the most lethal and cunning characters in Resident Evil 4. He died appropriately at the hands of his student but not honorably. His last words were, “I taught you well…Leon.” Hopefully, I taught you well too, and if you haven’t faced him yet, you’ll be better prepared now!

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