Best Dead by Daylight Memes

Best Dead by Daylight Memes

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As a fan of the horror genre, whether it be movies or games, I adore Dead by Daylight. I have been playing this game with my friend for hours and hours on end until dawn arrives (also, an Until Dawn DLC chapter would be hype). Even with my love of horror games, I would still get spooked during unexpected moments. Killers appearing out of nowhere keeps me up on my toes!

The game has plenty of tense scenarios, like when you try to hide in a closet while the killer is nearby. When they stand near your hiding place, you begin to wonder whether or not they have seen you. Should you run for it or keep hiding? However, despite its never-ending supply of anxiousness, sometimes a round has hilarious moments between survivors and killers.

Memes can demonstrate the funny side of Dead by Daylight, and with the current state of the internet, there are plenty of them sitting in different corners of the web. If you are a fan of the game and you want to have a good laugh after a scary round, below are my top ten best Dead by Daylight memes for you to enjoy. Disclaimer: many of these memes are from the game’s subreddit, so check them out!

Bottom Line Up Front: My Favorite Dead by Daylight Memes

I love every meme in this guide because I can 100% relate to them when I play Dead by Daylight. However, if I were to choose the cream of the crop between all of them, I would choose the “Really, guys? REALLY?” meme by residentquentinmain, the “Red ranks really are something else” meme by xdEliteMachete, and the “Basically” meme by Mr_Trainwreck.

The first meme is an accurate description of the flawed logic inherent within haters of The Trickster, and I love how it is depicted using the Wojak meme. The second one is also hilarious because it shows how the different players’ strategies when playing as the killer come into a full circle in terms of tunneling. The final one is a good one because I find it funny how cosmetic skins behave in this game.

Selection Criteria for the Dead by Daylight Memes

Every meme in this article is related to the various aspects of Dead by Daylight, such as gameplay, key moments in the game’s history, and more. I excluded the memes that I think are too generic; if the meme can apply to other games, then it is not a Dead by Daylight meme. For example, a meme about Dead by Daylight being on sale accompanied by a generic image can be applied to other games.

However, a generic or relatable meme accompanied by Dead by Daylight images would fit well in this sub since it requires the context of the game to understand the joke. A great example would be the first meme in this article about being affected by negative status effects after standing up too fast. It is a generic joke that everyone can relate to, but the status effects from Dead by Daylight make it fit here.

Furthermore, I excluded screenshots of funny interactions about Dead by Daylight on social media platforms like Twitter. Yes, they can be funny, especially the Dead by Daylight’s Twitter account; the person handling it knows how to interact with its audience hilariously. However, they are too low-effort, and I would not consider them part of the best memes.

“Every damn time” by LukeBomber

Every damn time


If you love playing as the survivor, you know how annoying these status effects are. They make your job of getting out from the killer’s clutches more difficult; sometimes, I feel like it makes the game unfair! Most of the time, you have to wait for these status effects to go away, and similarly, so is the experience of standing up too fast.

At some point in your life, you have encountered moments wherein you stand up too fast from sitting for a long time. This phenomenon is known as orthostatic hypotension; the name may sound confusing, but the explanation is relatively simple. It happens when your blood starts to move down your legs after the sudden shift of central gravity. It goes away over time, like the Dead by Daylight status effects.

I would rate this meme an eight out of ten. It leans heavily on relatable comedy, and usually, I hate this kind of humor. Relatable comedy relies on jokes that make you laugh because it is relatable to you. Making a meme leaning on relatable comedy does not take too much effort. However, as a Dead by Daylight player who can sit for an entire day playing the game, it is too relatable to be a bad joke.

“Really, guys? REALLY?” by residentquentinmain

Really, guys? REALLY?

People use Wojak memes to demonstrate the flawed logic and inconsistent thinking of various groups, and this meme is no exception. In March of 2021, Dead by Daylight released their 19th chapter DLC, known as “Chapter 19: All-Kill.” It included a new killer known as The Trickster and a new survivor known as Yun-Jin Lee. As you can tell, their main motif is centered around the Korean pop industry or K-Pop.

However, some fans were not happy with the inclusion of a K-Pop artist as a killer, and they expressed their angered sentiments online, especially on Twitter. According to the meme, many complainers think that The Trickster’s brightly-colored aesthetic does not fit with Dead by Daylight’s aesthetic. They think the game has a gloomy feel since it is a horror game.

While one can say that bright colors do not fit the game, the criticism should not be solely on The Trickster since many cosmetic skins of killers and survivors alike have bright colors. This meme shows the flawed logic they have, which makes you think that the complaints are a thinly-veneered attempt to hate the inclusion of K-Pop. I rate this meme because I agree; let others who love it have it!

“November looks like” by Mitokovo

November looks like

If you have never heard of Stranger Things before, it is a series of episodes about a group of D&D nerds who got mixed up in some supernatural conflict. If you have watched the show as I have, you would probably agree that the show fits incredibly well in Dead by Daylight, and Netflix also agreed with me back in 2019. As early as June of that year, Netflix teased us on Twitter about various projects.

One of those projects included a collaboration with Behaviour Interactive Inc., the makers of Dead by Daylight. By September 17, 2019, we received the 13th chapter DLC, known as “Chapter 13: Stranger Things.” It featured The Demogorgon as the killer as well as Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington as survivors. However, that surprise lasted only two years until Netflix pulled the plug.

On August 16, 2021, Dead by Daylight announced that the Stranger Things chapter DLC would leave the game by November 17. During the announcement, players made jokes and memes about how the characters would function after it was gone. As this meme suggests, The Demogorgon would be Greg, which is an incredible leap in terms of naming. I love this meme and give it a nine out of ten.

“Basically” by Mr_Trainwreck


Cosmetic skins in video games have been around for a long time, especially in online games like Dead by Daylight. Most of the time, cosmetic skins do not interfere with gameplay. After all, the word “cosmetic” is about applying something to the body to change one’s appearance. While it is true that nothing changes to the character besides appearance in Dead by Daylight, appearance means a lot in this game.

Unlike games like Valorant, where the skin would sometimes make you perform better because of how cool it looks, Dead by Daylight is all about hiding from the killer; being flamboyantly bright will not help you hide within the dark atmosphere. The disadvantage of bright colors is not only limited to survivors, as they can affect killers too. Survivors can spot the killer easily due to how colorful they are!

Overall, I give this meme a seven out of ten. The “Chad” energy from deliberately wearing vibrant clothes in a game about concealing yourself in the darkness is demonstrated well in this meme. Even if the costume gives you a disadvantage, you can still wear it if you love how it looks. My gay friend equips David King’s topless skin despite how incredibly bare and white his chest is because he loves the look.

“I mean, free BPs is free BPs…” by xdEliteMachete

I mean, free BPs is free BPs...

Back in 2020, Dead by Daylight players were met with a horrible surprise; annoying errors would pop up here and there for a lot of them. Players received different errors that ranged from irksome to problematic. Eventually, the game developers patched things up, and as a reward for the players’ patience, they gifted everyone 250k Blood Points for free, even the ones who did not get any errors.

Yes, some people were lucky enough not to experience these pesky bugs, and they still got 250k Blood Points. So, someone made a meme about this phenomenon, and they made it in the most brilliant way possible. The meme contains The Shape shaking hands with Steve Harrington, with the former having the label “BHVR Entertainment” while the latter having “Me who didn’t get a single error code.”

The handshake contains the label “250,000 Blood Points,” and the energy from this pose emits tremendous awkwardness. It is based on the popular meme of a young Michael Scott from The Office shaking hands with Ed Truck, his former boss. This meme captured the original energy so well, from the stiffed poses to the awkward stare. I give this meme a nine out of ten.

“Red ranks really are something else” by xdEliteMachete

Red ranks really are something else

If you have played as a survivor many times, you probably encountered a killer who focused on one person until they died. After their target dies, they then choose another target to hunt. That technique is known as “tunneling” in the Dead by Daylight fanbase, and it is incredibly frustrating, especially if you are the killer’s first victim. Some players even think of the tactic as a toxic move by the killer.

New players often perform this technique because it is easy to do compared to doing other methods like map pressure and chasing survivors. Then, the experienced players who understand the pain of being on the receiving end would rather do anything other than “tunneling.” As the famous saying goes, “do unto others what you want them to do to you.” However, this game is brutal, and veteran players know it.

It all comes full circle as veteran players opt to “tunnel” survivors because, in the end, it is a significantly more effective strategy. According to this meme, they do not care about others’ opinions; after all, they bought the game. If they paid money to enjoy it, they should be able to enjoy it the way they want to. Even though I hate killers who “tunnel,” I find this meme funny. I would give it a nine out of ten.

“Nothing else needs to be said.” by VikstarDoom

Nothing else needs to be said.

As a Dead by Daylight player who sucks most of the time, I recall many games where it felt unfair, whether it be as a survivor or a killer. When I play as the killer, the survivors are too smart that they can circumnavigate my every plan. When I play as the survivor, the killer is too cunning that I die most of the time. There were many games that made me feel like I was the worst player out there!

Thankfully, I am not alone in the sentiment that the Dead by Daylight matchmaking system seems a little unfair. This meme perfectly encapsulates my feelings when playing this game; sometimes, it feels like a David vs. Goliath kind of story, but instead of David defeating Goliath with a slingshot, it is Goliath beating David in a one-on-one fistfight. Dead by Daylight, please stop sending veterans in my games.

Because it is too painfully and hilariously relatable at the same time, I give this meme a ten out of ten. Plus, the comparison between F. Mayweather Jr., a veteran boxer, and Logan Paul, a YouTuber who just started boxing, is so funny to me. An added layer of surreal humor that I enjoy is the “Activate Windows” logo on the right corner. Why is it there, and why didn’t the original creator screenshot it?

“Go on, do it” by RisingPlace

Go on, do it

Dead by Daylight has straightforward gameplay for survivors; you have to fix four generators to power up the gates so you can open them up and escape. However, as simple as it may sound, fixing generators can be a tense situation; when you do so, quick time events happen wherein you must press a button once the pointer is inside a highlighted area known as the Success Zone.

Failing it would blow up the generator and hinder its progress. If you have played other video games that have quick-time events like God of War, Uncharted, and more, you will probably succeed in these skill checks. However, they appear from time to time unannounced, so you must be quick on your toes when it does show up. As this meme suggests, they appear when you are doing something else.

These generators know when you lift your finger off the button to scratch your face or itch your nose because the quick time events happen as you are unprepared! I have encountered this problem before. If you are on a PC, though, you can assign the side button on your mouse to be the button for QTEs. This way, you can scratch your nose on the one hand and still succeed. I give this meme an eight out of ten.

“Thanks, man, I appreciate it” by deinterlacing

Thanks, man, I appreciate it

To escape and finish the game, the survivors must repair four generators and open the gate. Repairing a generator can take a long time, but you can hasten the process; two or more survivors can fix a single generator simultaneously! The faster you fix a generator, the faster you can get out. However, the more people contribute to fixing it, the higher the chance for a failed skill check.

You have probably experienced this as a survivor: while you are fixing a generator peacefully, another survivor approaches you and lends a hand. It can be a good gesture, but the mood shifts when that person fails the skill check. Suddenly, the killer comes toward you as your progress of fixing that generator retreated. It is the worst scenario ever because someone else messed up your hard work!

However, I do not entirely blame them because sometimes, I am that person. During my bad moments, especially when I am laid back from knowing that the killer is not in the vicinity, I often miss out on skill checks. It can happen while others are fixing what I am fixing too, and it sucks. Overall, I would give this meme an eight out of ten; it is painfully relatable as someone who messes up a lot.

“I just don’t get it” by JustNathen

I just don’t get it

I and many others tend to forget that Dead by Daylight is a game with a story and setting. Many survivors and killers come from franchises like Resident Evil, Halloween, Left 4 Dead, and more. The studio somehow interwove a reason as to why these famous characters are in the game. The Entity, a mysterious eldritch being, calls upon the killers to spread misery on the survivors in this playground.

When you look at the game with eyes knowing the characters, you start to wonder about the logic behind it, like what this meme presents. How can four cops with superb martial training, like Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, lose to The Legion, an angsty teenager who hides behind a mask and a hoodie and loves to stab people? Surely, four experts would know how to disarm someone even without guns!

There are other memes out there, too, that question the logic behind the game. For example, how can Bill from Left 4 Dead, an 89-year-old smoker, run as fast as Meg Thomas, a 25-year-old runner? I love these kinds of memes because it makes you theorize the various ways these fallacies can happen. While it is a game, one can still indulge in their imagination. Overall, I give this meme an eight out of ten.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a good meme build for survivors in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: One meme build that I discovered yet enjoyed the concept of is the “Notification Maniac” build. The aim of this build is to annoy the killer using loud noise notifications, and to do so; you must equip the following perks: Red Herring, Diversion, Deception, and Blast Mine. If you cannot tell, all these perks can create loud noise notifications in some way. The thought of annoying the killer makes me happy.

Question: What is a good meme build for killers in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: A fun meme build I found while reading forums is the “Dr. Bing Bong” build. The aim of the build is to make the survivors panic and fail their skill checks a lot using your terror radius. To do so, I recommend that you use The Wraith. Then, equip yourself with the following add-on: The Beast and Shadow Dance. Next, equip the following perks: Distressing, Unnerving Presence, and Overcharge.

The last perk is up to you. The Beast add-on makes your terror radius appear even when you are cloaked. You might think that it is a bad thing since it defeats The Wraith’s purpose. However, the Distressing perk increases your terror radius while the Unnerving Presence perk makes skill checks more difficult when within your terror radius. The survivors will have a hard time repairing and finding you!

Question: What are some good meme names in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: Good meme names I can think of are the ones that send a message to the killer or survivor. Good examples are, “Pls don’t DC” if you are tired of people disconnecting in the middle of the game, “I’m new, go easy” if you want to gain sympathy points from the killer, and “you don’t scare me” if you want to taunt the killer. Names that are references to modern memes are also good in Dead by Daylight.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Dead by Daylight Meme?

While the best meme centered around Dead by Daylight is entirely subjective, I think the one that ultimately makes me laugh every time is the “Red ranks really are something else” meme by xdEliteMachete. It perfectly encapsulates the gameplay, particularly the most hated technique used by killers: Tunneling. I hate it, but this meme gave me insight as to why killers do it.

Beginners do it because they do not know how to play the game properly. Experienced players do not do it because they want to play the game properly. Meanwhile, veterans do it because they know how to play the game properly. It all comes around in a circle like a wonderful cycle.

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