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Chester Don’t Starve Guide: The Mobile Storage Pupper:

Go, Fetch!

Packim Baggims in the Shipwrecked DLC, Ro Bin in the Hamlet DLC, and Hutch in the Reign of Giants are all storage followers introduced in the game to make Wilson’s life a bit easier and add some company to his adventure in The Constant, discovered by Maxwell. However, although they are all undoubtedly cute, none will live up to the original fuzzy furball that is Chester.

Chester is an essential follower in Don’t Starve that will follow the player wherever they venture as long as the player holds the Eye Bone. When accompanied by Snow Chester, surviving the long cold winters is much easier. There are some fantastic little tricks that the player can perform with Chester to get the upper hand over the creatures that threaten Wilson in The Constant.

So without further ado, let’s turn on our Science Machine, harness lightning in the name of science, and uncover the secrets of The Constant. Welcome to a Chester Don’t Starve Guide.

chester don't starve
Image by Alex Maksymiw

Key Details Up-Front

If you’re running out of food in The Constant or Maxwell’s Hounds are fast approaching, I’ve placed all the key details on the loveable hopping furball here:

Chester provides the player with an additional nine inventory slots and follows the player around when the Eye Bone has been obtained. Chester cannot be permanently killed and will return to the player or Eye Bone the next day.

The Eye Bone can spawn anywhere on the map. However, it’s typically found close to roads and, in my experience, on the outskirts of the Swamp biome. Typically I look for lesser roads that lead to dead ends into biomes as it’s a good indicator that the Eye Bone will have spawned near the end.

If you’re playing Webber holding the Eye Bone will stop your tamed spiders from attacking Chester. However, this will not stop spiders in the wild from attacking him. Therefore, I recommend leaving Chester at your base while you tame Spiders as Webber.

  • Chester can be upgraded by filling his inventory with either Blue Gems (Snow Chester) or Nightmare Fuel (Shadow Chester) at night under a Full Moon.

Unfortunately, the player will not be able to take Chester with them in the Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked DLC. Still, they will be able to obtain Packim Baggims in the tropical biome by acquiring the Fishbone item. Moreover, Chester cannot be taken into Caves added by the Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants DLC and in the Don’t Starve: Together standalone game. However, the player can acquire Hutch in Don’t Starve: Together by acquiring the Star-Sky item.

If Chester is killed, he will drop all items stored within him and return to the player the following day as long as the player still holds the Eye Bone in their inventory.

  • If Chester burns to death in a fire, be very careful, as flammable items that Chester drops can lead to the fire spreading out of control. moreover, items can easily be burned to ash if too close to a fire.

Key Features

  • Chester is a character that will follow the player as long as they hold the Eye Bone in their inventory.
  • Chester provides up to nine extra slots of inventory for the player and an additional three when upgraded to Shadow Chester.
  • If Chester dies, he will spawn back the following day. However, he will drop all items that the player stored within him.

Chester is a friendly mob that can be obtained as a follower after picking up the Eye Bone. Don’t panic if Chester dies; panic about the items he drops instead! If, for some reason, you drop the Eye Bone, Chester will remain at the same location. If you see that the Eye Bone’s eye is closed, this indicates that Chester has died.

Chester can evolve into either Shadow Chester, increasing his inventory space by three slots at the cost of fast food spoiling. Or into Snow Chester becoming a portable ice box that cools down items stored in his inventory, slowing down the speed at which food spoils.

Chester has a slower walking speed than the player and often lags while exploring The Constant. However, Chester has 450 health points and regenerates 22.5 health points every 3 seconds, but he cannot attack enemies. As a result, Chester can be a good buffer for the player while in combat. It’s not ideal to rely on Chester to tank enemies, as he can easily get overwhelmed by a group of mobs like spiders.

chester features

Chester’s Weaknesses

Undoubtedly, Chester is a great fuzzy boy who deserves his treats! However, he does have some issues that can get you killed if you’re not too careful. Chester is very slow compared to other storage followers like Packim Baggims and Ro bin.

Chester’s slow speed and positioning make him an easy target for Tentacles in the Swamp biome. This is because Tentacles can rise up from anywhere on swampy ground and attack the player or Chester.

Therefore, it’s better to leave Chester on the outskirts of a swamp by placing the Eye Bone into a backpack to make him easier to find later.

How to Obtain Chester

So at this point, we’ve concluded that Chester is a legendary Don’t Starve character who will make surviving in The Constant. Look at him as man’s best friend, four-legged pupper or slobber.

Despite resembling a furry pumpkin and having horns and jaggedy teeth, Chester has many similarities with a dog. The way the player obtains Chester makes him even more so.

To obtain Chester, the player must find and obtain the Eye Bone. The problem is the Eye Bone can spawn anywhere in The Constant. If Wilson is lucky enough, he will spawn with the Eye Bone in his vision; however, this is rare.

In my experience, I have often found the Eye Bone on the edge of the Swamp biome and nearby roads. So I recommend checking these locations out first. Remember that the isometric view in Don’t Starve can make it hard to view some items, so make sure to rotate your camera if the Eye Bone is tucked away behind an object like a tree or beehive.

After getting your hands on the fuzzy loveable goofball, you should consider either upgrading Chester to either Shadow Chester or Snow Chester. Both variants of Chester change the way Chester’s abilities behave and his color. Here is how you get your hands on Wilson’s favorite mobile storage variants.

the eye bone chester don't starve
Image by Alex Maksymiw

Snow and Shadow Chester

To upgrade to Snow Chester, the player must fill Chester’s inventory with Blue Gems while undercover of a Full Moon, turning Chester white into a portable Ice Box. Yep, he’s a hopping slobbering frosty fridge. While storing perishable items in Chester, such as food, lasts twice as long while in Chester. Remember that if Chester dies, he will return to his default state the next day.

Wilson must fill all nine slots of Chester’s inventory with Nightmare Fuel while under a Full Moon to upgrade Chester to Shadow. Shadow Chester turns a black and red color and has his inventory space increased by three slots, allowing him to carry 12 slots of items. However, this comes at a price, and all food stored within Shadow Chester perishes twice as fast.

Suppose you’re struggling to find enough Blue Gems to upgrade Chester into Snow Chester. Search Graves within the Graveyard or Forest biome as they can drop Blue Gems and Nightmare Fuel but be on the lookout for ghosts. Souls don’t tend to like their graves being dug up. Ghosts will chase you across the map.

Alternatively, you could obtain Blue Gems from dismantling Ancient Statues within the Ruins biome in Don’t Starve: Together; you’ll be picking up Nightmare Fuel if they don’t contain gems making the whole process quicker.

Shadow Chester Benefits

Spoiling your food doesn’t really sound like a perk. However, Rot can be very useful in the right circumstances. For example, Rot can be used as an alternative to Manouwere to help Berry Bushes, Basic Farms, Grass Tufts, and Improved Farms grow and is also a great source of Fuel. So you can keep your plants growing even when you cannot find Beefalos in the Savanna biome.

Be careful, though, as having Rot within the vicinity of food will speed up how fast other food degrades. Rot is also an essential item for Wormwood, a DLC character introduced in Don’t Starve: Hamlet. While you can’t acquire Chester in the Hamlet world, you can obtain Chester in the default and Reign of Giants worlds.

As a sentient plant, Wormwood needs Rot to build a Compost Wrap, an essential healing item for Wormwood found under the Green Thumb exclusive crafting tab. A Compost Wrap heals thirty health points for Wormwood and can be used to heal most mobs in the game, excluding Chester.

If you need Rot fast, place berries and fish inside Shadow Chester’s inventory, as these foods spoil faster than most food items. Berries are abundant, and Fish are easy to catch using a Fishing Rod in Ponds.

Rot can be very useful to Wurt, the Don’t Starve: Together exclusive character, as Rot can be used to craft Marsh Turf in case Wurt is far from the Marsh biome. Marsh Turf increases Wurt’s movement speed by 30%.

chester following character

Surviving with Chester

The early game of Don’t Starve is about gathering resources as fast as possible to prepare for the upcoming Hound attacks and frosty winter. Obtaining Chester at this point in the game can be extremely beneficial to the player.

Therefore it’s not a bad idea to search for Chester as long as you have gathered enough resources to build a campfire or torch for a light source for the incoming night.

I mentioned earlier in the article that Chester can make a great tank in combat due to his high health and passive health regeneration. However, it would be best not to rely on Chester in combat, as he can aggro more enemies to your location. Therefore, I recommend that you either place the Eye Bone in storage or Chester himself.

You won’t need to worry about Chester dying since he respawns the following day. In addition, he will be less likely to draw more enemies to you. For example, walking on spider webbing will not only alert spiders to you but additional spiders from Chester. This can get out of hand; before you know it, a spider army is chasing you.

You could use this to your advantage if playing as Webber. In the morning, spiders will not spawn from Webber’s footprints on webbing; however, if Chester lays a foot on it, they will go crazy, jumping out to try and make Chester their next meal.

This will enable you to befriend spiders at a time of day when you wouldn’t normally be able to. It could save your life if you need extra firepower to take on Hounds or other mobs that attack you.

Killer Bees Chester Bomb Strategy

If you’re new to Don’t Starve, you’re probably wondering what in The Constant I’m talking about—well, ever seen those pictures of dogs that have been booped on the snoot by a bee?

Dog Stung by a Bee
Media Tenor GIF

Well, this is the eureka moment. You can catch Bees and Killer Bees with the Bug Net and store them in Chester. Only for them to attack Chester from the inside and be unleashed into the world in a cloud of terrifying stingers!

It may sound harsh on Chester, but he will return to your service the next day. Why would you want to use this tactic? It’s a great way of dispatching powerful mobs and groups of mobs. Timing is everything for this tactic to work; it’s best to place the bees in Chester once you’ve found your target, as they will start stinging him as soon as they’re placed in his inventory.

Then kite the enemies into Chester. This shouldn’t be hard as Chester has slow movement speed and often trails behind you when he dies. It would be best if you hung back until the Killer Bees have finished doing their thing. Trust me; you don’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

Surviving Summer and Winter with Chester

The Summer season may sound like a holiday; however, in Don’t Starve, temperatures can rise to dangerously high levels and overheat your character to deal damage over time. To counter this, gather two Thermal stones and transform Chester into Snow Chester.

Because Snow Chester is a portable Ice Box, he cools all items that are placed within him. Therefore, you can place Thermal Stones in his inventory to be cooled to cold temperatures and later swapped into your own inventory to lower your temperature.

The Thermal Stone will gradually get warmer. However, you can swap it back into Snow Chester’s inventory. You can craft a Thermal Stone by combining the following resources at an Alchemy Lab:

  • 10 x Rocks
  • 1 x Pickaxe
  • 3 x Flint

Remember that Thermal Stones do not stack, meaning you will have to sacrifice two inventory slots on Chester to perform this strategy; however, it’s much better than dying to heat exhaustion!

I recommend that you transform Chester into Shadow Chester for the winter season. The 50% reduction in the time foods perish does not impact you in the winter as much as it would in the summer. As food will generally take longer to spoil to the cold temperatures.

Winter is a harsh season to get through, and it’s the season that separates the Don’t Starve noobs from the real survivors. However, Chester makes surviving the harsh winter months a lot easier. Instead of cooling Thermal Stones like in Summer, we’ll be heating multiple Thermal Stones up before placing them in Chester’s inventory.

While Chester cannot increase their temperature, he allows the player to carry multiple Heat Stones without taking up too much of the player’s inventory space.

surviving with chester

Key Quotes

Don’t Starve is a charismatic game thats teeming with characters, and although a survival game Klei Entertainment did not skimp out on any of the characters in the game. Every character in Don’t Starve will comment on events and objects they see around them.

As a result, the survivors have a lot to say regarding Chester; each time Chester appears in the world for the first time, they will comment on him.

This gives an insight into each survivor’s thoughts on Chester and their overall disposition. Although it’s purely aesthetic and does not impact the gameplay in Don’t Starve, it’s great to see some snippets of information on Chester. For example

“Otto von Chesterfield, Esq.” – Wilson

“Strange box with legs.” – Wolfgang


“A fuzzy ball of emptiness.” – Wendy

“A mobile storage chest.” – Wickerbottom

“He’s doing his best!” – Woodie

“Whut’n blazes arre ye?” – Woodlegs

“You look cute and inedible”- Warly

“The best kind of friend- one who works for free.” – Walani

“Haha, you make our stuff all slobbery!” – Webber

“Annoying little monster. Has his uses, though.” – Maxwell

“An animal with nine stomachs! And capable of such regurgitation.” – Wagstaff

“Dön’t wörry, I wön’t eat him.” – Wigfrid


“Carries stuff. Thank you!” – Wormwood

“I would’ve named you “Pockets.” – Wheeler

“Who’s the cutest lil toolbox?” – Winona

“Greetings! Sorry, I can’t pet you.”  Wortox

“You weird and fuzzy, but me like you.” – Wurt

“Who’s a good little monster? You are!” – Walter

“Yes, yes, you’re very cute. Just be careful with my things please.” – Wanda

Despite some odd features such as horns, a round pumpkin-like body, and no eyes reading the survivors’ “Examine” comments on Chester, it’s safe to say that Chester is based on a dog. Klei Entertainment did a fantastic job in designing Chester, as he has become one of the most iconic characters in Don’t Starve. Whether it’s because he was the first follower and has been in the game for what feels like a millennium now or because of his goofy tongue and his helpful nature, Chester has become a fan favorite.

chester plush don't starve

So popular that Klei Entertainment released a Chester plush that stands 11″ tall and 9″ wide, includes the Eye Bone, and can even open up so that you can store your precious survival items.

The plush was so popular that Klei Entertainment released an updated version of the Chester Plush and Calico Chester variant that gives Chester snazzy leopard print fur from the Calico skin in Don’t Starve: Together. 

calico chester

  • To sweeten the deal, Chester includes a digital code that adds a Chester-styled backpack into the game. While Calico Chester adds a Calico skin Chest into the game.
Images from Klei Entertainment Chester Plush

Hutch: Chester’s Long Lost Cave Dwelling Brother

The Don’t Starve Reign of Giants DLC introduced explorable caves into The Constant. Caves are a stark contrast to the surface; light is a rare resource, and all kinds of exclusive creatures live down in the dark depths of the caves, such as the cute but chaotically neutral Bunnymen or the elusive and dangerous Depths Worm. However, not all are dangerous, as the player can obtain Hutch as a follower by obtaining the Star-Sky.

Now Chester can’t follow you into caves and will wait on the surface at the cave entrance for your return, so I recommend placing the Eye Bone inside Chester or backpack to mark his location on the map. This will save you a precious inventory slot for gathering resources like Gold Nuggets, Red and Blue Gems, and Slurtle Slime, the less industrious gunpowder of Don’t Starve.

Hutch has the exact same amount of health as Chester (450) and health regeneration (22.5 every 3 seconds). Like Chester, Hutch can transform into two different forms but has a few unique effects, such as providing light to the player’s immediate vicinity and can damage enemies when transformed into the Fugu Hutch by storing a light source and weapon such as a Spear or Battle Spear in his inventory.

Alternatively, you could place a light source and One-man Band item within his inventory to transform Hutch into Much Box Hutch, granting him the ability to play soothing music to provide a positive aura to increase the player’s sanity levels.

Therefore, if you’re character is low on sanity on the surface, you could travel down into the caves and recoup your sanity with Hutch before continuing your adventure on the surface. To light up, Hutch place a Lightbulb or Glowberry in his inventory.


Question: How Do I Obtain Chester in Terraria, the 2D Indie Survival Game?

Answer: The Terraria 1.4.3 update introduced a crossover between Terraria and Don’t Starve that added features from Don’t Starve: Together into Terraria. The update allows players to explore The Constant Biome and obtain Chester in Terraria. The Eye Bone has a 30% chance of dropping from Deerclops when slain. Just like Don’t Starve, hold the Eye Bone in your inventory to gain Chester as a follower.

Question: How Do you Upgrade Packim Baggims in Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked?

Answer: While you won’t be able to obtain Chester in Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, you will be able to be accompanied by Packim Baggims, a fish-munching flying backpack. You can upgrade Packim Baggims by feeding it enough fish to increase its hunger level to over 120 and grant Packim Baggims three additional inventory slots.

Packim Baggims can also be upgraded to Fire Packim Baggims by placing Obsidian in each inventory slot, turning him into a fire-belching defender and portable oven to cook food!

Question: How do you Place a Map Marker for Chester in Don’t Starve?

Answer: The Constant in Don’t Starve can be a gigantic supernatural world depending on whether the player chooses a Large world size when starting a new game. As a result, losing important items and even Chester in the world can be easy if you have to flee from enemies.
While Chester nor the Eye Bone has a map marker, the player can place the Eye Bone inside a backpack to mark the exact location of Chester on the map, thanks to the Backpack icon. Alternatively, you could download the Extended Map Icons mod from the Steam Workshop, as this mod introduces a helpful map icon for Chester.


shadow chester

In conclusion, Chester truly is an essential follower in Don’t Starve; increasing your character’s storage enables you to be more time efficient, whether gathering food or resources to craft essential items and structures. The player can set off their Don’t Starve run to a flying start if they manage to find Chester early in the game. And in a game where the player is racing against the clock to prepare for seasonal hardships such as the icy winter where food is scarce, and the cold can kill the player, Chester is essential.

From the article, you’d have learned that Chester is more than just a portable storage device. Many tricks can be performed with Chester to kill enemies by using him as a remote bomb.

Chester does have its weaknesses, such as not being able to enter caves or actually attack enemies, and although Chester can die as long as the player still has the Eye Bone, Chester will respawn the next day. Krampus is by far the biggest threat to Chester as the annoying oversized evil goat can steal the Eye Bone from the player, permanently removing Chester from the world.

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