Dying Light Binoculars Guide

Dying Light Binoculars Guide

Under normal circumstances, I’d walk passed a roll of Duck Tape and scrap metal and continue my day. But let me tell you, surviving in Haram City and Viledor City is anything but ordinary circumstances. I’ve learned that information is everything when playing on harder difficulties. I wouldn’t have gotten far without my trusty pair of binoculars. 

I first came across Techland when I gave Dead Island ago all the way back in 2011 and while I enjoyed exploring th beautiful island of Banoi I didn’t take to the mediocre story and couldn’t keep a blind eye to the games bugs. As a result I approached Dying Light with caution, not picking it up until much later. Wow I kicked myself for not picking it up earlier, Techland had created an incredibly immersive and interesting world. Their commitment to Dying Light has got me extremely excited to see what they do next.

Welcome to a Dying Light Binoculars Guide.

The Runner’s Favorite Zombie Game

Dying Light is a zombie survival game series that first debuted in 2015. The game would age like a fine wine as Techland continued to release content, fix bugs, and enhance immersion. Exploring Harran City is a pure joy as I always catch myself sidetracked exploring dimly lit shanty houses and highways. The world is rich and alive. Standing beside a manhole, I heard screeches and terrifying sounds that gave me goosebumps and a big smile!

Dying Light: Stay Human kept the same parkour gameplay, improved graphics, and mixed up the scenery changing the location to Viledor City, based in Europe. Dying Light: Stay Human also added binoculars as a new gameplay feature and a ton of points of interest to spot and explore. So without further ado, let’s free run into this.

Bottom Line-Up Front


The binoculars are an excellent feature in Dying Light: Stay Human that allows you to spot points of interest without being restricted to climbing towers. As an avid survival and free roam fan, I’ve climbed way too many towers for my liking, and for all the love I give Far Cry: 3, it broke me with the number of Radio Towers in the game. But I guess thats how it goes. For a while its, let’s have fun and shoot lots of weapons. Next, it’s climb that tower for me or something like that.

All jokes aside, Dying Light: Stay Human is a great game that expands on the previous game’s features and makes free-running even smoother. The addition of binoculars was a great idea as it was missing from the first game. I felt frustrated that I could see binocular props lying around but couldn’t pick them up until I acquired the one-off Binoculars quest. 

Not Just For Bird Watching

The Binoculars have saved my bacon more times than I can think of. They’re a fantastic tool that has allowed me to steer clear of Virals, Volatiles, and all kinds of evil beings. They allow me to plan a free running route out in advance or just have a mooch around to see if there are any nasty biters in the area. 

You’re probably thinking, why is this guy so excited about some stinky binoculars? Let me tell you, these aren’t just any old binoculars. These special video game binoculars will highlight points of interest on your map and vibrate when near notable locations. 

However, while you scribble a pigeon into your bird watcher’s book, you will want to watch out for the more volatile creatures. I’m not talking about the avian variety. Ironically you won’t see the Viral or zombie shambling toward you while glued to your binoculars. This could mean your death on higher difficulties, so check your surroundings before having a peek!

Binocular Controls

To use Binoculars in Dying Light: Stay Human, open up the equipment wheel and select Binoculars.

  • Xbox – Hold Left down on the D-pad to open up the equipment wheel and press R3.
  • PC – Select the equipment wheel key, “1” by default, and select the binoculars.
  • PlayStation – Hold Left down on the D-pad to open the equipment wheel and select binoculars.

It’s best to use the binoculars to get to a high vantage point, as this will give you a better view of your surroundings. Allowing you to mark more points of interest on the map. I thank the developers for adding binoculars as a feature, as it’s much better than climbing countless radio towers in Far Cry and Synchronise points in Assassins Creed. Or those tedious hot air balloons in the Mad Max game that I stupidly activated.

While you have your binoculars activated, you will see a white rectangular box around your crosshair. Moving the binoculars around the box will get smaller or bigger depending on how close you are to spotting a point of interest. The smaller the box is, the closer you are to spotting a location. Once the area has been revealed, an icon will appear on your map.

Obtaining Binoculars 

Markers of Plague

To obtain the Binoculars in Dying Light: Stay Human, you must complete the Markers of Plague quest. Don’t worry, though. It’s only the third mission in the storyline. After completing the Getting Stronger quest, you’ll get notified that Hakon needs you for an assignment. Travel to the Saint Joseph Hospital and meet up with Hakon.

You will have to venture into the hospital. Beware, it’s super dark in here, and the decor could use some work. This part of the mission is easy as all you have to do is follow Hakon. It’s when you get to the elevator shaft that things take a turn for the worse. Hakon has already made it across the dodgy elevator. But, before you can do the same, the elevator crashes down onto the floor below.

With the plan well and truly scuffed, Hakon suggests may be looking for an Inhibitor elsewhere. However, all the noise has attracted some attention, and a Volatile makes an entrance making the search not so easy. I found this to be the creepiest part of the mission as you must make your way through a series of rooms infested with sleeping infected. There are also zombies patrolling the area, so stay vigilant. 

Hakon Gives you the Binoculars

Once you’ve found the GRE Crate and injected the Inhibitor, you’ll be guided to the elevator and back to Hakon, who will give you a Biomarker. This item allows the user to track their infection. The band starts to beep, and Hakon explains you will turn soon. You must run out of the hospital to get to daylight to stop yourself from turning. 

Hakon will give a pair of binoculars to you after you’ve escaped the hospital to mark a Windmill and Church, completing the Markers of Plague quest. As for the third story mission, I didn’t find this quest that difficult, although it gets creepy when you have to sneak past a horde of infected.

Points of Interest

What are you looking out for? I hear you ask well. There are many different kinds of points of interest to explore. Understanding them is key as you don’t want to stumble into a Revenant, hoping to find a shiny new Baseball Bat. Here is a breakdown of the many kinds of locations in Dying Light 2 so you don’t get caught with your running shoes off.

Bandit Camps

Bandit Camps

  • Bandit Camps are locations that can be highlighted with your binoculars. However, they are only accessible after completing The Raid quest. 
  • Bandit Camps can be converted into safehouses once you’ve killed the camp’s lieutenants and lowered the bandit flag.
  • I prefer using molotovs to kill bandits and any human threats in Dying Light, as it’s easier than sparring with blunt and sharp weapons. 
  • It’s best to loot the area before turning the Bandit Camp into a safe house, as you’ll lose all nearby loot once it is converted.

Please No More Radio Towers 

Radio Towers can be marked with binoculars and can be used to locate Inhibitors. I almost cried when I learned there were radio towers in this game, as Far Cry tortured me with these endless climbs! Luckily for me, there are only six Radio Towers in the game. I guess you don’t need high Radio Towers to reveal points of interest on the map when you’ve got a pair of binoculars!

  • Before you go swinging around on dangerous electrical equipment, you’ll have to complete the Broadcast mission to unlock Radio Towers. 

Puzzling Electrical Stations

Electrical Stations are fun little facilities that had me crawling through vents, safe cracking, and even swimming through flooded rooms. Sounds like a very safe activity to do while in a faulty electrical station.

These stations can be marked with your binoculars. They will require you to complete a puzzle before choosing to allocate to the Peacekeepers or Survivor factions. 

  • Remember to loot the entire building before completing the station, as you’ll lose all loot within.

GRE Quarantine Zones The Home of Nasty Biters

GRE Quarantine Zones

GRE Quarantine Zones were one of my favorite locations and challenges in the first Dying Light game. As each building puts you in a different scenario. Such as exploring the Stuffed Turtle supermarket where the floor was electrified, to exploring the Volatile infested Underground Parking Quarantine Zone. 

Zones can be marked on your map with the binoculars in Dying Light: Stay Human. Quarantine Zones are filled with infected due to these areas being heavily hit with infection. So why on earth would I want to explore these areas? I hear you say. Well, each zone has an Inhibitor.

GRE Anomalies Hell Come to Say Hello

GRE Anomalies are introduced in Dying Light: Stay Human; believe me, you’ll want to scope these areas out with your binoculars before accidentally stepping foot in them. GRE Anomalies are home to Revenants, a disgusting mutation caused by the Harran Virus. You can spot revenants from their grotesque fleshy wing-like tentacles.

Revenants may not be bulky and strong, but they have a powerful ability that allows them to revive and buff nearby infected. However, if you defeat them, you’ll be rewarded with an Inhibitor.

The Metro is the Best Way to Travel in Viledor City

Spooky, scary, cool, and fun! The Metro Stations allow you to Fast Travel around Viledor City. To access this, you must first complete the Let’s Waltz quest. After this, you can mark numerous Metro Stations on your map with binoculars. I thoroughly enjoy clearing out Metro Stations as an activity as the environment is scary.

You never know where a biter will show up. I also get the feeling that I’m the sole explorer of the area. I get a magical feeling when exploring the Mojave in Fallout and the highway tunnels of Harran City in Dying Light.

  • To unlock a Metro Station, you must first clear out all infected in the area and turn on the power via a switch.

Windmills a New Type of Tower…

Viledor City

As I sit and get comfy on a rooftop and look out to Viledor City, I’ve done it. I’ve found the perfect vantage point to get my binoculars out and start spotting. I spot a Windmill and mark it on my map.

I spot another Windmill and think, gee, this game looks beautiful in a dark and gloomy way. I pan right and… Dear God, no, I spot more Windmills. Yep, there are 17 Windmills to climb and liberate into safe houses. 

  • There are also two Water Towers to find in Viledor City that can be given to either faction. So add that to your list of towers to climb.

Goodies and Baddies, Drops and Hollows

There are many goodies and Inhibitors to pick up in Viledor City. You might get a Military Drop all for yourself if you’re fast enough. However, you don’t get a reward for nothing.

Some loot is guarded by hordes of infected, such as the threatening Dark Hollow locations. Which all can be found using your binoculars. 

Dying Light: 1 Binoculars Quest

Quest 1

You can find a pair of Binoculars in Dying Light, but unlike Dying Light: Stay Human, you won’t be able to use them as equipment. Instead, they are only used for a quest item. To get access to the Binoculars quest, you will have to first have to clear out the Fisherman’s Village of zombies East of the giant broken bridge in the Pact with Rais quest. 

After jumping through hoops for Rais, you’ll get access to a bunch of new side quests in the Fisherman’s Village. To acquire the Binoculars quest interact with the blue billboard in the middle of the village. To find it, walk straight from the main entrance down the hill. You can’t miss it.

A long Climb Up to North East Antennae Safe House

The binoculars quest is a straightforward mission if you know where you are looking. Unlike other quests, it won’t show where binoculars are located on the map. However, it does give you a hint in the quest information to look for the binoculars atop tall buildings and antennae.

I spotted a pair of binoculars earlier in the game when clearing the North East Antennae safe house. The quest is a typical fetch quest for an RPG game. I noticed that many Dying Light players struggled to find the binoculars online due to the quest not putting a marker on the map.

Note that this is a Safe House, so you will need to clear it out of the infected. There aren’t too many infected, but you will have to kill a Goon, a giant zombie wielding a rebar club. Luckily they are slow and easy to out-maneuver. A couple of bullets to the head, and they’re dead. Alternatively, get them to hit a propane tank, and they’ll render to a bloody pulp.


Question: Can You Play Co-op in Dying Light?

Answer: Yes. You must complete the first night to unlock co-op and multiplayer features in Dying Light. Co-op features will be unlocked after returning to the designated safe house in the AirDrop quest. You can join players via the menu and pause menu. Moreover, you can change your lobby experience to private mode to play the game through a single-player experience. Or friends-only mode so that only friends can invade or fight alongside you. Or public mode allowing anyone to join. You can further change the frequency of invasions to your game to ramp up the difficulty.

Question: Are Techland Making a New AAA Game?

Answer: Techland has announced that they have a AAA title in the works even though they just released Dying Light: Stay Human. Not much has been revealed about the new title other than it will be an open-world fantasy epic. Karolina Stachyra – Narrative Director, Arkadiusz Borowik – Narrative Lead, who both worked on The Witcher series, and other talents who previously worked for CDPR have joined Techland to work on the project. 

Despite working on a new title, Techland will continue to support Dying Light for the next five years. Techland is fast becoming one of my favorite developers!

Question: Can you Play Dying Light: Stay Human After Completing the Story?

Answer:While you cannot keep playing Dying Light: Stay Human after completing the epilogue, the game will revert your save file to the point of no return. This allows you to finish off any side quests and activities and free roam around the city.

Dying Light Gave Me Smiles All Round

In conclusion, I’ve had a fantastic time playing Dying Light and its sequel. While Stay Human did not review as well as its predecessor, Techland has supported Dying Light for years. Adding substantial DLC like The Following and has continued support even with the release of its sequel. Therefore I think Dying Light: Stay Human is a great purchase as the game will only get better as new features and updates are added.

I think the binoculars are a great addition to the series, and I found them easy to use. They were much needed and synergized with the free-running movement. Yes, you’re still going to have to climb towers, but this isn’t as tedious as other games due to free running. But you won’t have to methodically climb them to reveal locations on the map. 

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