Wyvern Ark Guide

Wyverns are one of my favorite creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved. They are tanky, can carry almost any other dino, and have one of the best melee stats in the game. Not to mention, each wyvern has a different breath attack that is unique and useful. I have so much love for the wyvern and in this Wyvern Ark guide, I’ll try to share it all as I let you know what there is to know about the coolest creature in Ark. 

If you want a real dragon, then consider one of the dragon mods. Dragons Evolved is updated regularly. However, I love wyverns because they aren’t just great creatures but part of the Ark world, and unique to the game.

What Is A Wyvern In Ark?


Base Stats At Lvl 1 Increases Per Lvl After Taming Stat Vs. Other Creatures 
Health 1,295 4% Top 25
Stamina 315 5% Top 50
Oxygen 150 10%
Food 1,800 10% Top 60
Weight 400 4% Top 50
Melee Damage 100% 1.7% Top 10
Movement Speed 100$%
Torpor 725

A wyvern in Ark is a flying dragon-like creature that has a special breath attack. Each wyvern has three attacks. The base attack is a claw attack, the secondary is the breath attack, and the third is really an attack, but the ability to pick up other dinos and players. You can even pick up others in PvP and drop them for a pacifist’s version of murder.

Types Of Wyverns That You Can Tame

There are quite a few different types of wyverns and I expect more will be added in the future. But for now, these are the wyverns that you need to know about. Try picking a favorite.

Fire Wyvern

Fire Wyvern

  • Breath Attack – Fire, does damage over time
  • Common Color – orange, red, brown
  • Strength – Jack-Of-All-Trades, best at none
  • Weakness – none

The Fire Wyvern is sort of the basic wyvern. It breathes fire, after all. While it isn’t the best at anything, it is extremely well-rounded. It tames, raises, and fights like any other typical wyvern.

Lightning Wyvern

  • Breath Attack – Lightning, scales with melee
  • Common Color – blue or purple
  • Strength – breath attack
  • Weakness – burns stamina

The Lightning Wyvern is my favorite wyvern for a few reasons. First of all, the natural colors are alluring to me. But more importantly, the breath attack is very strong and scales with Melee Damage. However, maxing Melee isn’t always ideal because the breath attack burns stamina.

Poison Wyvern

Poison Wyvern

  • Breath Attack – Poison, so mean
  • Common Color – green or black
  • Strength – PvP boss
  • Weakness – doesn’t give poison immunity

The Poison Wyvern is killer in PvP and is the worst to face in the wild, in my opinion, haunting my wyvern dreams. While you will gain immunity to the breath attack of any other wyvern you ride, this doesn’t ring true for the Poison Wyvern.

When you ride it, you will take damage, get knocked off your mount, and die if you are not wearing a gas mask when hit by the breath attack.

Ice Wyvern

  • Breath Attack – Ice, freezes and slows
  • Common Color – blue or white
  • Strength – debuffs opponent
  • Weakness – weakest breath attack

The Ice Wyvern is fun and easy to utilize. Slow attacks are overpowered and should not be underestimated. You can freeze any small creature with their attack, and will gain immunity to the other wyvern’s breath attack.



  • Breath Attack – Lightning
  • Common Color – silver, black with colored veins/wings
  • Strength – super stun attack
  • Weakness – immobile compared to other wyverns in the air

The Voidwyrm is a really fun tame. They have great Stamina and can sprint! For PvP, the Voidwyrm can do good damage with its breath attack to Tek Structures. However, my favorite part is the stunning ability. You can stun opponents, making them immobile as long as you can keep up the secondary attack.

Zombie Wyvern

  • Breath Attack – depends on type
  • Common Color – black
  • Strength – high health
  • Weakness – buggy

The Zombie Wyvern is an event wyvern that can only be tamed during the Halloween event. I don’t think it was meant to be a long-term tame and I haven’t had much luck with it. However, it does look cool and its base Health stat is great.

Wyverns You Can’t Tame Without Mods


  • Dodo Wyvern – a Halloween event creature that is half dodo, half wyvern. Arguably the most interesting creature in the game.
  • Alpha Wyvern – Alpha wyverns are stronger non-tameable wyverns that you can harvest a lot from.
  • Forest Wyvern – these wyverns spawn as minions to the Forest Titan.
  • Corrupted Wyvern – these wyverns don’t lay eggs and aren’t tameable without mods. They give corrupted hearts, nodules, black pearls, and more when harvested.

Where To Find Wyverns On Each Map

Each map spawns different wyverns and some maps, like The Island and The Center only spawn them with mods. These are the maps that spawn them in vanilla Ark and what you need to know.

Note: Extinction has non-tameable Corrupted Wyverns.

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth

  • Fire Wyvern
  • Lightning Wyvern
  • Poison Wyvern

While you may have been told that wyverns spawn all over the map, the only true wyvern trench is the World Scar. This serpentine area can be seen on the map to the very western side of Scorched Earth.


  • Fire Wyvern
  • Lightning Wyvern
  • Poison Wyvern
  • Ice Wyvern

There are three wyvern locations on Ragnarok. The first is the trench on the edge of the snowy mountains called MurderSnow. Here Ice Wyverns spawn rarely, with random eggs in the snow. No, random Ice Wyvern eggs in the snow is not a rumor, I’ve found one before. They are very rare.

The second location is Dragonmalte Trench, here you can find the largest wyvern spawner that has all three original wyverns with nests in a traditional trench. The lava will indeed kill you, avoid it.

Then last but not least is my favorite. The Wyvern Cave. This is frightening, though if you create a good path, you can get out of there in a jiffy after snagging an egg. Some of the nests are in amazing locations that are easy to access without initially alerting any parents.



  • Fire Wyvern
  • Ice Wyvern

Valguero is the first map with a real Ice Wyvern trench. You can see it on the map in the Northeast. It’s called The Great Trench and it spawns Ice Wyverns on top with Fire Wyverns underneath. This is a super cool trench that is vast and unique. Stealing the Ice eggs is easier than the fire eggs as you can get them near the surface and fly away into the plains.

Crystal Isles

  • Blood Crystal Wyvern
  • Ember Crystal Wyvern
  • Tropical Crystal Wyvern

The Crystal Isles introduced easy to tame wyverns. The Tropical one spawns on the islands in the bottom left, The White Shoals. The Ember one spawns on Emberfall. Then the Blood one spawns in Bloodfall’s Hallow, an area surrounded by red crystal. They all three spawn in the Desert Wyvern Hive.

What a lot of people don’t know is that you can get eggs on Crystal Isles by going to the hive and checking for eggs. Random eggs will spawn here but they aren’t always easy to find.

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Genesis: Part 2

  • Voidwyrm

There’s not much to say about this one. The Voidwyrm spawns in Space in the center of the map.

Lost Island

Lost Island

  • Fire Wyvern
  • Lightning Wyvern
  • Poison Wyvern
  • Ice Wyvern

Zaunaloa Trench is the place to be for wyverns on Lost Island. You can find it nestled between the snowy mountains and the volcano. The other place is surprisingly more difficult to get to but it does have Ice Wyverns. It is north of Corsair River.

How To Tame A Wyvern

The only types of wyverns that you can tame are the Crystal Wyvern, Zombie Wyvern, and the Voidwyrm. Let me break down how to tame each of these as they are each quite different.

How To Tame The Crystal Wyvern

How To Tame The Crystal Wyvern

Crystal Wyverns are the only truly passive wyverns. They will only attack if you attack first (aside from the aggressive Heir) and they can be tamed with Crystal. Low-level wyverns can be tamed with regular Crystal.

All you have to do is sneak up to it and feed it by putting the Crystal in your last slot. However, higher-level Crystal Wyverns won’t tame fast enough with Crystal as after a time, the taming will deplete. You need to use Primal Crystal in this case.

To get Primal Crystal, you have to knock out a Crystal Wyvern and pick them off of the body. Do not kill the wyvern, just interact with it.

Keep in mind that Primal Crystal spoils fast, so get it right before you decide to tame a Crystal Wyvern.

I recommend knowing where the wyvern you want to tame will be. Primal Crystal turns to regular Crystal when it spoils.

How To Tame The Zombie Wyvern

The Zombie Wyvern can only be tamed during the Dodowyvern event. So the admin has to start the Halloween event that will spawn the Dodowyvern.

Then, you can slay the Dodowyvern. After you do, all of her Zombie Wyvern minions will become claimable.

How To Tame The Voidwyrm

The Voidwyrm is also known as the Space Wyvern. It is only found on Genesis: Part 2. In order to tame a Voidwyrm, you need to have Mutagen in your last item slot. This is what it will eat.

The first thing you do is damage the Voidwyrm. Whenever you’ve damaged it enough, it will stop moving for a moment and secrete blue stuff.

This is when you mount it, just as you would an Equus. Now, you wait for the barrel roll. There will be an animation as well as a text on the bottom of the screen.

When this happens, very quickly spam “interact” to feed it. If you fail, it will buck you off. Keep doing this until it is tamed.

How To Get A Wyvern Egg

For every other type of wyvern, you have to collect an egg from the wyvern nest and carry it home. This may be my favorite and most stressful thing to do in Ark.

While you may find your own method, this is what I do.

Tame A Griffin ( or another flyer)

Now, I’ve successfully stolen an egg with a Pteranodon, Argentavis, Snow Owl, and Quetzal. I’ve tried and failed with a Lymantria. Do not make the same mistake I did. Instead, give yourself a good chance.

A Griffin is by far the best option, and I find that Pternadons are the second-best option simply because they are small, easy to control, and can outmaneuver the wyvern.

My Pteranadon method has failed of course, but if you fly in the right direction and find somewhere small to fly through, it works. However, Griffin is nearly failproof.

Scout The Area

Wyvern Egg

Before you commit, find the trench and the egg you want to steal. Level is important, but so is an easily-accessible egg without wyverns camping it.

So, find a high-level egg that has a good path out and in. Never stop doing a 360 while you are in the trench unless you want immediately killed by a breath attack. So keep a good eye on your surroundings and find the egg you want to steal.

Camp And Steal

After you find the nest with the egg you want to steal, wait until there aren’t any wyverns camping it. Then, land on the next with your flyer facing outward, ensuring it is full stamina.

Hop off, grab the egg and get out of there as fast as you can. The wyverns will aggro on you the second you pick up that egg, even if they can’t see you. They know.

Don’t stop flying until you are out of their sight…and then fly a little longer.

Alternative Methods

  • Clear the area if you have a Griffin then you can slowly lure one wyvern out and a time and dive attack them. This is risky but once you get the hang of the dive attack, then you can easily clear the area.
  • Bring a distraction – you can also bring a horde of flyers that you can sic on any nearby wyverns. You will likely lose them all, but it frees up your space and may keep any wyverns from aggro-ing you.

How To Raise A Wyvern

Hatching a wyvern egg requires a lot of fire or an air conditioner. However, this is basic info. So once it says that it’s not too hot or cold, then you are good to go. But once it hatches, you need to start raising it, so be prepared.

Prepare For Babyhood


To prepare for raising most wyverns, get yourself some Wyvern Milk. In order to do so, you have to knock out a female wyvern or any Alpha wyvern.

When you do knock it out, which is far from easy, you will need to quickly access their inventory and grab the milk.

Female wyverns have 5 milk while Alphas have 50. Keep this in the preserving bin with Preserving Salt as it will spoil quickly in your inventory.

Let It Hatch And Imprint

After you let the wyvern hatch from its egg, then you can claim it. Turn wandering off and do what it wants. This will be cuddling, eating, walking etc.

If you don’t like what you have to do, then put it in a Cryopod, or modded Soul Ball, and then send it back out again.

This resets what it is asking for. Just keep doing this until it only wants cuddles.  Little something about me? I love the Dino Storage V2 Mod when I want a casual stress-free game.

Early on, the wyvern has to be hand-fed the milk. So please keep an eye on its food and don’t leave it for longer than a few minutes at a time until it’s an adult and will eat meat.

Wyverns In Ark: Survival Evolved FAQs

Question: Can I Get Any Wyvern On Any Map?

Answer: Without mods, no. With mods, yes. While the mods that add only wyverns are cool, I prefer those that add dinos from other maps. That way, your admins can control which ones spawn and where.

Question: What Is The Best Wyvern In Ark?

Answer: Although there isn’t a “best,” Lightning Wyverns do the most damage. The best wyvern is really the one that you like the most as the difference isn’t significant.

Question: Can A Griffin Outrun A Wyvern In Ark?

Answer: Yes. Griffins are fast without a dive attack. But their dive attack makes them the fastest flyer in the game. That’s why they are perfect for stealing eggs.

Question: Can I Make Wyverns Faster?

Answer: My favorite way to make wyverns easier to ride is to add Kraken’s Better Dinos. This is a mod that adds Valyrian Reins. A base version can be crafted or you can get better versions from killing wyverns. These reins make handling, speed, and stamina so much better.

Ending Notes On Wyverns In Ark

To be honest, if I had to choose between a wyvern and a griffin, I’d probably choose a griffin. But since I do not have to choose, I like having both. Griffins for mobility and wyverns for extended combat.

Griffins are great fighters but wyverns are difficult to kill and if you’re not accustomed to diving, then they are easier to use.

I suggest getting a wyvern if you can because they are one of the strongest dinos in the game, able to take on any other dino, with a Giga being the only difficult fight.

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