Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Weapons

Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Weapons: Armed To The Teeth With A Deadly Arsenal

Resident Evil 4 hit the horror scene again with a legendary remake that shook fans to their core and rekindled the flame of passion for a beloved classic. All core elements were sharper than Krauser’s knife, and Capcom ensured the weapons system was up to the higher modern standard in 2023. Resident Evil 4 has always been known for its vast array of weapons, including the unique unlockable options for completing various tasks.

The different options cater to your play style and allow you to test and compare them against the countless forces of the Los Illuminados. Leon would struggle immensely without the accommodating Merchant and his armory of destruction. Like any wise salesman, he has various weapons & equipment at reasonable prices. I’m your reliable Resident Evil 4 expert with first-hand experience wielding each weapon, so you can trust me to accurately lay the cards on the table. 

Much like the original, there are conflicting opinions on which guns are the “best,” but I’m here to shed light on the subject so you can feel confident in these choices. Every weapon is useful and valuable, but some shine more than others. You can choose any combination you want, but these are the ones I suggest. In the words of the inexplicable Merchant, “Got a lot of GOOD things on sale, stranger! What’re you buyin’?” Welcome to a Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Weapons.

Selection Criteria

Let’s step back and examine why I chose these best weapons in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. All the guns in the game can be efficient tools of destruction, but some stand out for their higher capabilities. Remember that some weapons cater to a specific playstyle, but I emphasize power and efficiency to make your playthrough easier.

For example, the Punisher might not be good at killing many enemies fast, but it certainly aids in crowd control when you’re overwhelmed and need to stagger and get past foes. You can see how certain weapons depend on personal preference, but after using and upgrading them all, I’ve narrowed down the most prominent ones. Here are the criteria I have chosen for the best weapons:

  • All weapons must have superior attributes emphasizing damage.
  • All guns must be efficient against various enemy types.
  • All weapons must be generally approved and used by experienced players.
  • All guns must be the best of their class & are suitable for harder difficulties.

The Best Adrenaline-pumping Weapons In The Resident Evil 4 Remake

There are different weapon classes to consider when shopping at the Merchant. Still, some can be found throughout the various locations, such as the W-870 shotgun in the village house during the opening fight sequence.

I’ve organized which weapons are the best within each class so you can see them transparently and forge your unique arsenal.

The upgrades are vital in determining which ones are the best, and considering their exclusive promotions is also a factor. Let’s get into the details regarding what makes these weapons superior.


Sentinel Nine

Sentinel Nine Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Pistol
  • Location: Attained through purchasing the Deluxe Edition or collectors.

The Sentinel Nine is a pistol with the Deluxe Edition, or you can purchase it separately. I recommend this weapon over the starting gun because it has an extended clip. It also has a faster reload speed and overall better stats when upgrading.

You can feel the difference in handling and effectiveness when using this over Leon’s starting SG-09 R. I advise you to fill the Merchant’s requests to get enough spinels for the exclusive upgrade ticket because it increases critical hit chance by five times.

You can equip the laser sight to increase accuracy; a bonus gives you an extra bullet in the chamber. If you decide to use the standard pistol, I would also use the exclusive upgrade ticket for increased critical hits to quickly kill resilient parasitic enemies. This weapon uses standard handgun ammo scattered throughout the game and by crafting.

Red 9

Red 9 Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Pistol
  • Location: In Chapter 4, you can get the Red9 when traveling to the lake’s center on the boat. Afterward, it can then be purchased when you reach Chapter 5.

Who could forget the classic Red9 from the original game wielded by your friend, Luis Serra? I was happy this weapon made it into the remake, and it packs a punch! Even though it’s an unruly gun with some kick, low capacity, fire rate, & slow reload speed, Its significant damage compensates because it’s mighty even before you upgrade it.

This weapon is more suitable for Hardcore or Professional difficulties because the enemies damage sponges with other pistols. If you prioritize the exclusive upgrade with the Red9, you’re in for a treat because it increases damage by another impressive 50%.

You can kill parasites in a few shots and save ammo while feeling more confident and keeping other precious resources. This has always been my favorite pistol because it gets the job done and allows your handgun to compete with the power of other weapons instead of just being a tool to trigger action commands. I highly recommend trading for the Red9 stock when using this weapon, as it will aid your accuracy and make it less clunky.


BlackTail Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Pistol
  • Location: Can be bought from the Merchant when you reach Chapter 7.

The Blacktail was the go-to choice for many players back then, and it’s still a prominent option as an upgrade to your starting pistol. The only difference is the slightly lower ammo capacity, but everything else is an improvement, so it’s a logical trade.

Despite the lower ammo capacity, you can improve this by investing some pesetas into a few upgrades. Since you’ll be shooting for the exclusive promotion, you must max out each stat anyway. It’s a no-brainer to trade in your starting pistol for this gem.

The exclusive upgrade includes 1.5x power, making this pistol incredibly viable and versatile for all applications. It’s well-rounded and precise, with slightly less power than the Red9. It’s a precision weapon, much like the Punisher, and can also be equipped with attachments to make it more effective and accurate.


Riot Gun

Riot Gun Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Location: Can be bought from the Merchant when you reach Chapter 7.

The Riot gun is a favorite choice for shotguns because it’s well-rounded and has semi-automatic capability. Most likely, you’ll have the free W-870 in your inventory when it becomes available for purchase in Chapter 7. I advise you to sell this weapon to free up space for this shotgun because it’s a riot!

It’s a significantly improved shotgun compared to the first one, and you’ll need more firepower and better handling for the coming castle. It boasts a faster reload, higher damage, faster firing rate, & an exclusive upgrade that increases the power 1.5 times.

It’s more balanced than the other shotguns and has controlled recoil that aids in accuracy when hitting tricky targets up close. Compared to the others, I’ve had great success with this weapon, and it’s a trusty friend that won’t let you down!


Striker Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Location: Can be bought from the Merchant when you reach Chapter 10.

The Striker was my favorite shotgun from the original game, and I’m pleased it made it into the remake. Some players love it, and others hate it because it’s far less accurate. However, I’m more concerned about damage output and overall effectiveness in crowd control. The Striker is the strongest shotgun in the game and lives up to its name with brutal spread shots that clear ganados like dust.

A shotgun is a weapon that’s generally close-range for those panicked situations where an enemy gets too close for comfort. Knocking back enemies is essential not to get damaged, and from mid-range, it can deal with a whole group while you feel safer. Speaking of security, its most notable feature that I enjoy is the staggering ammo capacity, which allows you to fire 24 shells before the need to reload.

You can shoot enemies into oblivion without them getting an opportunity to grab you. The Striker is worth considering when it becomes available in Chapter 10 because its high damage and capacity will help you defeat some more brutal enemies quickly, like the boar, cow, or chainsaw ganados. This shotgun shows no mercy, and the exclusive upgrade doubles the ammo capacity.



Stingray Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Location: Can be purchased from the Merchant when you reach Chapter 7 or any time after that.

Every player uses the Stingray for a good reason; it’s the best rifle in the game. This is especially true because it’s not ideal to use a bolt-action during certain parts, like when guarding Ashley in the black water ritual room. It has compatibility with different scopes to improve your accuracy and get those precise headshots while not accidentally killing Ashley.

It can be used for short or long-range applications and is suitable for cleaning up enemies with exposed parasites. The Stingray lives up to its name with high-powered shots that hone in on enemy weak points. Not only that, but it has high penetration for shields and armor, making it an outstanding choice for the end game. The exclusive upgrade is terrific because it doubles the firepower to shoot like crazy.

It’s a perfect choice for beginners who miss shots frequently because you don’t have to worry about a bolt-action wasting time. However, it’s a bit less potent than the bolt, but the fire rate makes it more deadly and useful for protection. I carried this rifle for the rest of the game after Chapter 7 and maxed it out while having fun!

CQBR Assault Rifle

CQBR Assault Rifle Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Location: When you reach Chapter 10, there is a square lock box in the Library. Additionally, it can be purchased easily from the Merchant when you get to Chapter 11.

The CQBR Assault Rifle is a hidden gem that is rather difficult to obtain, but it’s worth the effort, especially if you plan on upgrading it. It is the only available full-automatic assault rifle in the game and has an intense rate of fire that delivers incredible damage in a short time.

This weapon is handy for making quicker work of bosses like Ramon Salazar later in the game. The only problem is it will eat up ammo quickly, so you may need to craft for it frequently and waste resources that could be used for other weapons.

The exclusive upgrade increased the power 1.5 times, and this, coupled with the rate of fire, means you’ll halve a boss’ health in no time. This is an excellent weapon to buy and sell a few times, and there are charms to reduce the pricing. I love this strategy before bosses because it gives you a free clip and allows you to save some other ammo while doing tremendous damage.


Killer 7

Killer 7 Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Magnum
  • Location: Can be purchased from the Merchant when you get to Chapter 11.

There’s a reason why they call it the Killer 7, and that’s because it’s a killer weapon. This is a highly powerful magnum that is worth trading for the Broken Butterfly. Or you can keep them both like I do to have some extra magnum ammo ready to roll at any moment. If I’m running low, I always buy and sell magnums to get more ammo before bosses, and the Killer 7 is worth the hefty price.

This weapon features a convenient laser sight that makes your shots more accurate. When it comes to shooting magnum ammo, you certainly don’t want to miss shots, and the laser sight is like insurance, so you hit each target. The exclusive upgrade gives you 5x the critical hit rate and is only second to the hand cannon in power.

The Killer 7 is your ideal tool for handling challenging encounters, so they go smoother. You’ll find that using it makes boss battles less lengthy and arduous. It also has the highest ammo capacity in its class, except for infinite ammo.

Broken Butterfly

Broken Butterfly Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Magnum Revolver
  • Location: The Merchant sells the Broken Butterfly when you reach Chapter 7.

To clarify, the Broken Butterfly is not broken as in malfunctioning. Instead, it refers to the reality that you must break open the revolver to reload. This is the first magnum available when you get to Chapter 7, and it’s well worth the investment to have it in the coming fights before Killer 7 becomes available.

It’s a slightly less powerful version and highly useful in managing bosses. It’s well-rounded and should be utilized when facing more significant challenges. This is because it’s harder to craft or find Magnum ammo as it is rare. The exclusive upgrade for this weapon gives it 1.5x firepower for a maximum of 27, only one point less than the Killer 7 when fully upgraded.

Pick this magnum up, and your playthrough will be easier; I guarantee it. Remember that the reload speed is pretty slow, so make your shots count and only reload when you’re in a safe location. You don’t need to upgrade the damage, and I would save those pesetas for enhancing the Killer 7 instead.

Rapid-Fire Weapons


Matilda Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Burst Pistol
  • Location: You can trade with the Merchant in Chapter 8 to get Matilda for ten spinels.

If you’re tired of the old semi-automatic pistols, the Merchant has a special surprise for you, stranger! The classic Matilda reappears in the remake and can be attained through trading. It’s well worth the Spinels because it can mow through enemies like grass.

However, it still uses your handgun ammo, and it would be wise to use the extra handgun ammo crafting charm on your attached case when using it. It can dish out a lot of bullets and power for a pistol and is suitable for fights where you’re ambushed or have to deal with large waves of enemies.

I wouldn’t trade in your other handgun when picking up the Matilda. Finding the right balance and knowing when to use it is imperative, or you might run low on handgun ammo. The exclusive upgrade for the Matilda includes 2x the ammo capacity for more prolonged shooting.

LE 5

LE 5 Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Location: Open the locked door within the freezer to get this weapon, or you can buy it from the Merchant.

The TMP is worth picking up and using for a while, but you’ll be due for an upgrade when the LE 5 becomes available. It emphasizes higher damage output but has a lower clip. This weapon has the same rate of fire as the TMP, but it has the perk of penetration power for those stubborn foes with armor.

If you find yourself cornered by a large group of ganados then this little monster will eradicate them all and make you feel much safer. The exclusive perk is that it gains 5x the penetration power, which is exceptionally useful in all areas of the game.

It’s an excellent weapon to buy if you know there are groups of enemies ahead, but I don’t commit to upgrading it. Although, it might be a good idea to increase the damage if you intend to keep it.

Special Weapons


Handcannon Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Magnum
  • Location: Conquer professional mode without utilizing any special weapons, and you unlock the Handcannon. Also, earn an S tier on all stages in Mercenaries to unlock this epic weapon.

When I first unlocked the Handcannon, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven because of its over-the-top power that could kill a charging elephant. Just when you thought a magnum like the Killer 7 couldn’t get any more powerful, here comes the Handcannon, a gaming marvel with a cool emote animation.

This can be achieved by upgrading it and then using an exclusive ticket to gain infinite ammo. The reload prompt is replaced with Leon spinning the weapon and looking like a seasoned professional. Note that it’s easier to attain this cannon through the Mercenaries. The hand cannon is a hilariously potent weapon that can destroy anything in your path.

Chicago Sweeper

Chicago Sweeper Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Machine gun
  • Location: Get through Professional mode and earn an A rank to unlock the Chicago Sweeper, formerly known as the Chicago Typewriter.

The Chicago Sweeper is the perfect compliment to Leon’s mobster costume, and you have to unlock it if you’re a true Resident Evil 4 fan. However, it won’t be without struggles to get there. I consider this a special weapon because it has infinite ammo capability when upgraded fully, and you can fire off like a gangster with no limitations.

This is obtained by upgrading it thoroughly and then using the exclusive ticket to unlock the feature. You’ll have a great time with this weapon if you’ve never tried it before, and it gives a sense of accomplishment for completing the hardest difficulty. Work hard for this timeless Tommy gun; you’ll be glad you did!

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Explosive/Bolt
  • Location: Can be purchased from the Merchant early on in Chapter 2.

The Bolt thrower is not too impressive while shooting just the bolts, but there’s a recipe for crafting explosive tips that can make it your best friend in the long run. Although these resources are rare, they can make all the difference if you’re running low on grenades and need to pack an extra punch of damage to eliminate a group or formidable foe like a Garrador.

You can either shoot them, and it will trigger the countdown for an explosion, or use them as proximity mines to trap enemies as they approach. Upgrading the bolt thrower damage is ideal from the start, and it’s best to keep it in your inventory for emergencies.

Infinite Rocket Launcher

Infinite Rocket Launcher Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Explosive
  • Location: Becomes available for purchase from the Merchant in a New Game Plus for a staggering 1600000 pesetas. This price can be reduced with a Leon Holding A Rocket Launcher charm by 20%.

What could be more gratifying than decimating everything in your path with the infinite rocket launcher? That’s right, and you don’t need to purchase them individually anymore with this fantastic weapon. It can kill every enemy without a sweat, but you must earn it by saving 2 million pesetas.

I highly suggest you use the Leon wielding a rocket launcher charm to reduce this to 1,600,000 pesetas. The best thing they implemented for this weapon is the increased rate of fire and reduced recoil so that you can enjoy a smooth stream of rockets. If you want to get it quicker, sell your treasure with the gems inserted and consider trading spinels for other treasures from the Merchant with spinels. You’ll get there in no time, and it’s worth every peseta.

Melee Weapons

Primal Knife

Primal Knife Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Combat Knife
  • Location: Discover and shoot every Clockwork Castellan doll. There are a total of 16, one in each chapter.

So when I heard about the new knife system in this game, I was somewhat disappointed that they broke, but the Primal Knife was a good compromise. This is a bonus knife awarded for destroying all the Clockwork Castellan dolls, and it is entirely indestructible, like Leon’s original knife from the 2005 game. It’s the best because you never have to stress about repairing or breaking when you need it most.

Fighting Knife

Fighting Knife Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Combat Knife
  • Location: Beat Krauser for the final time to get his customized fighting knife.

The Fighting Knife obtained from Krauser is more powerful than your combat knife but lacks durability. It’s always a good idea to have extra blades, so I would keep it in your inventory as a backup and repair it as necessary. It’s also worth examining because it has a unique, tailored design.

Best Weapon Attachments

Biometric Sensor

Biometric Sensor Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Infrared Scope
  • Location: When you acquire the level 2 security card, use it to access the incubation lab to find the biometric sensor.

The Biometric Sensor attachment is critical to obtain unless you like being a Regenerator’s dinner. It allows you to see the parasites in their bodies for accurate shots so they stop regenerating and finally perish. This attachment is also handy for removing far targets if your eyes aren’t the best. It can also be used to prevent bumping into storage bags that contain regenerators.

Red9 Stock

Red 9 Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Stability stock
  • Location: Trade with the Merchant for nine spinels. If you will use the Red 9, this is a must.

This is a stock for the Red 9 that you shouldn’t go without because it has a lot of kick that needs to be managed. It can be traded with the Merchant and should be if you intend on using the Red 9 as your primary weapon to increase handling.

Laser Sight

Laser Sight Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Laser Sight
  • Location: Trade to the Merchant for ten spinels.

This is a suitable attachment if you have poor aim and struggle to hit targets with the standard reticle. The Laser Sight can be equipped with various weapons and will improve your accuracy and hit ratio. It can be obtained by trading with the Merchant.

High-power Scope

High-power Scope Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Enhanced Scope
  • Location: Trade with the Merchant for seven spinels.

If you feel the zoom isn’t enough for your current scope, consider upgrading to the High-power Scope with 3x the magnification power. It’s one of the better attachments that gives you a clearer view of any situation and makes shots more accurate to kill ranged enemies.

Honorable Mentions

Skull Shaker

Skull Shaker Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Location: Attained by purchasing the collectors or deluxe edition of the game.

This is a DLC shotgun that I tried out, and I wasn’t very pleased with the limited capacity. Outside that, it hits pretty hard, and the capacity can be upgraded, so you don’t have to reload as quickly. Although it’s generally weaker in stats than the other shotguns, it has faster handling and saves you inventory space because of its small size. It also has a very satisfying firing animation for those who paid the extra money.


Punisher Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons

  • Type: Pistol
  • Location: Available at the first Merchant point for five spinels.

The Punisher has always been highly underestimated, which carried over to the remake. It seems weak, but it has good penetrating power beneath the surface that can go through multiple enemies when lined up correctly. It’s only five spinels, so give it a shot when confronted with numerous enemies without shields. It can stagger multiple ganados and damage them simultaneously with a good fire rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the special weapons worth the trouble?

Answer: The weapons in the original game were epic, and they continued the trend with the remake. I highly recommend unlocking and using special weapons because of the infinite ammo feature. These are the most potent weapons in the game, even without infinite ammo. That said, it’s worth it, and you’ll have a blast!

Question: What is the most destructive weapon in the Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Answer: The infinite rocket launcher is the most destructive weapon you can attain. However, a few others can potentially rival it, like the Chicago Sweeper or Handcannon. Still, the rocket launcher will instantly take out groups of enemies and bosses, winning the prize!

Question: Are other weapons worthy of upgrading fully too?

Answer: Certainly, if you’re a completionist and want to understand the differences between weapons better, upgrade them all. Any weapon upgraded fully with the exclusive bonus is highly efficient and destructive. Each one comes with a specific advantage over others that might suit your playstyle.

These Deadly Weapons Give You A Bang For Your Buck, Stranger!

The Merchant isn’t messing around and offers you some unique wares to aid in your mission to rescue Ashley. You’ll encounter many weapons along the way, but now you know which ones are most effective. Even if you don’t choose the exact ones I did, you will still make it through the game just fine with the right upgrades.

It’s not like any single weapon is terrible. Just some guns are worth prioritizing over others. I’ve enjoyed walking you through the best weapons in Resident Evil 4. Now it’s time to pull the trigger, stranger! In the words of our friendly neighborhood Merchant, “HEHEHEHE! Well now! Time to cause some Mayhem!”

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