Tarot Cards Phasmophobia Guide

Tarot Cards Phasmophobia Guide

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Phasmaphobia took the gaming world by storm a couple of years ago. You could not go near Twitch or YouTube without encountering a screaming manchild pushing out content on this game on a daily basis. 

The success of this game came as a complete shock considering the small size of the studio behind the title and the even smaller marketing budget.

However, as with many games that make unexpected headlines and top sale figures, the game’s success came after a couple of Twitch streamers discovered the game and the proximity chat function.

This innovative inclusion allowed the players to take the horror game and turn it into something completely different, shifting Phasmophobia into an amazing multiplayer experience that every friend group wanted a piece of.

The fact that multiple streamers could jump on the same game and stream their own perspective didn’t hurt sales figures either. 

However, internet popularity is a fickle thing. As quickly as the eyeballs made it onto Phasmophobia, another game stole Twitch’s relatively small attention span, shifting the entire community onto the next big thing, leaving Phasmophobia to the few die-hard fans that came during the first wave. 

Due to this dissertation, many of the more recent updates for the game have gone disappointedly under the radar. The game is currently better than ever, and fans are still loving every spine-tingling moment of their ghost-hunting adventures.

So, I think it is only right to talk about one of the biggest changes that have come into the game, Tarot Cards. A piece of content that has come in to help solve one of the biggest complaints in the game – Ghost identifications. 

So, with all this being said, let’s begin our Tarot Cards Phasmophobia guide and take a look at the Tarot Cards update for Phasmohphobia and how you can utilize each individual card for your own benefit. Perhaps a deeper understanding of these items will save you or your teammate’s life during your next session.

Spawning Details

As with many items in Phasmophobia, the tarot cards are not guaranteed to spawn on any given map. These cards are part of a set of six ‘cursed items’ that may or may not be involved in each ghost hunt. Your chance of finding a set of tarot cards when on a mission is entirely up to chance.

There are ten different tarot cards scattered around the different locations of Phasmophobia. Many of these cards are found on tabletops, cabinets, and desks. These cards will always spawn in a deck, with each card you pull being a case of luck. Despite this, each card has a different percentage chance of being drawn. 

What Are Tarot Cards Anyway?

As part of the Cursed Possessions update for Phasmophobia, many new and unique items were added to the base game, including Tarot Cards.

While many of the items in this update are extremely useful to the player and improve the game’s playability exponentially, the tarot cards are by far and away the best thing about this update. 

Not all of these cards are created equal, with some being a welcome addition to a ghost hunt and others having fatal effects on the player unlucky enough to pull them.

So, with that being said, draw at your own risk. However, the main purpose of these cards will always be the aiding players in detecting the presence and identity of the ghost/s they are hunting.

Put simply; each card comes with a specific message that corresponds to the type of ghost you and your pals are hunting.

In this sense, tarot cards have been seen by the community as a welcomed accouterment to regular ghost detection devices such as the EMF Reader or the DOTS Projector.

So, with all this being said, let’s take a look at all the tarot cards the player can draw in Phasmophobia. Also, just for a laugh, I have ranked these cards from worst to best. Let’s go!

The Hanged Man

the hanged man phasmophbia

  • Chance of drawing: 1%
  • Effect: Instantly kills player
  • Burn color: N/A

If you have played Phasmophobia since the Cursed Possessions update and had the unhappy experience of drawing The Hanged Man card, you will know just how punishing that reveal can be.

When this card is drawn, there are no second chances or ways out; whether you have full Sanity or not, you are making that brief trip to the other side.

There are no benefits to drawing this card; however, the developers have made sure that it doesn’t ruin your game too often by setting its spawn chance at the lowest of any tarot card in the game – 1%. 

The Fool

the fool phasmophbia.png

  • Chance of drawing: 17% or 100% if pulled during a haunt event
  • Effect: No effect 
  • Burn color: Light purple

While there are definitely worse cards you can pull on this list in terms of effects on your mission, I have decided to put this card here simply because of the disappointment one feels when they see it. 

This card, like the fool or jester on the card face, likes to play tricks on the player. When first drawn, the card will look and mimic another tarot card before quickly turning into the fool, leaving you with no effects whatsoever. 

The worst part about drawing this card is how it likes to mimic the worst possible cards in the game. Most of the time, when you pull this card, it will first look like The Hanged Man or another terrible card before turning into the fool, giving you just enough time to have a mini heart attack for no reason. 


death phasmophobia

  • Chance of drawing: 17%
  • Effect: Starts a cursed hunt 
  • Burn color: Purple

A normal hunt in this horror-survival game involves the player somehow triggering the ghost within a specific location. During this time, the ghost will be able to reach through the void and attack players, even materializing at times to confront and jump-scare the player.

During this time, a ghost will often lock all exit doors and cause the lights to start flickering. Of course, as you might expect from something that starts a cursed hunt, this card also forces all players to become instantly anxious, regardless of current Sanity levels.

The death card, therefore, causes something much worse, a cursed hunt. Much like a regular hunt, this event can only be triggered by a cursed object and results in the same troubles as a regular hunt, except most of the regular defenses for hunts do not work here; you may as well through your crucifix away.

One of the worst things that can happen with this card is drawing it either in the open or in the ghost room; both will result in the player being either killed or terribly frightened.

The Devil

  • Chance of drawing: 10%
  • Effect: Triggers a ghost event 
  • Burn color: Pink

This card is one of the most interesting in the entire deck, as its effect can be visited on any player in the party, regardless of who drew it. Essentially, this card works by triggering some sort of ghost event for the player standing closest to the ghost at the time of drawing.

While this can result in players coordinating to get a ghost photo or knocking off the ‘witness a ghost’ objective, it can also be incredibly scary if you aren’t expecting a ghost to pop into the frame.

Imagine drawing this card during a multiplayer game where you don’t know everyone, and someone doesn’t have a mic – the chaos that could unfurl. 

On the other hand, though, as mentioned, it is a quick way of knocking some objectives off the list.

The Moon

the moon phasmophobia

  • Chance of drawing: 5%
  • Effect: Drops all sanity to 0% 
  • Burn color: White

One of the worst things to happen while exploring a new location or mission area is an unexpected hunt.

These hunts are usually caused by players losing Sanity during the mission; however, if you manage to be unlucky enough to pull the Moon card, all of the Sanity levels in the game will drop to 0%, almost guaranteeing an instant hunt on the players.

While there are countermeasures to protect yourselves from the hunt, such as crucifixes, you are unlikely to have enough kit to protect your entire team. The best chance to save yourself is downing a load of Sanity pills as soon as the card is drawn, but this would really leave your time up the proverbial river.

The Wheel Of Fortune

the wheel of fortune phasmophobia

  • Chance of drawing: 20%
  • Effect: Gain 25% sanity if the card burns green, lose 25% if it burns red 
  • Burn color: Green or Red

This card is a sneaky one to have made is in at this point in the list. If I were ranking these cards solely based on my experiences, it would be ranked much lower as the wheel never seems to stop in my favor. The card works by giving the player an equal chance of gaining a positive or negative Sanity bonus to the player.

If you are in luck, the card will burn green, causing the player to gain 25% of their Sanity back. Otherwise, if the card burns red, you will lose this same amount of Sanity. 

Due to the nature of this card, the time and place you draw it can make or break a run. If you draw during the later stages of your mission, it could save or sink the entire operation.

Also, keep in mind that you have a 20% chance of pulling this card, so if you intend to pull multiple cards during a single run, ensure your Sanity meter can take the hit.

The Tower

the tower phasmophobia

  • Chance of drawing: 20%
  • Effect: Provokes a ghost interaction and increases general activity for 20 seconds
  • Burn color: Blue

I like to think of this card as a safe version of The Devil card. Instead of possibly causing a pulmonary embolism for one of your teammates, this card provokes the ghost into action.

While this card will not force the ghost to either materialize or go on the hunt, it does force a low-level interaction, whether that be the opening of a door or the moving of an object. 

Either way, this card will help the player locate the specific room that the ghost resides in and possibly help you to lift some fingerprints off of the object the ghost just interacted with.

I like this card because it helps the player to identify what type of ghost they are dealing with, something that players struggled with before this update was released. Also, as it has a 20% chance of being drawn, you can easily pull this card more than once in a single mission. 

The Sun

the sun phasmophobia

  • Chance of drawing: 5%
  • Effect: Restores Sanity fully
  • Burn color: Yellow

Sanity pills can be in very short supply during a mission; whether this is due to player error or because you’ve had a particularly hairy opening couple of minutes, this card is perfect.

Drawing The Sun card will restore the entire party’s Sanity levels to full, allowing you to continue your investigation without the fear of a hunt suddenly starting.

Sadly, though, this card is one of the rarest and hardest to draw. So maybe just remember to bring those Sanity Pills next time.

The Hermit

the hermit phasmophobia

  • Chance of drawing: 10%
  • Effect: Teleports the ghost back to the ghost room, keeping it there for 1 minute
  • Burn Color: Cyan

There will be many moments during your time playing Phasmaphobia when you find yourself praying for a little bit of respite, a break from a ghostly onslaught to give you enough time to regroup or pop some Sanity Pills.

Well, pulling The Hermit card will give you this exact opportunity, pulling the ghost back into its room and keeping it there for one minute. 

While this card is great in times of need, you do run the risk of pulling it when it’s not needed, wasting it. 

The High Priestess

the high priestess phasmophobia

  • Chance of drawing: 2%
  • Effect: Revives a dead teammate
  • Burn color: Light yellow

If you have played this game and drawn this card when in the middle of a particularly hard session, you will know just how amazing seeing this card can be. When this card is drawn, the player will find that, at random, one of the dead players in your party will be brought back from the other side. 

There are two downsides to this amazing card, the first being the fact that you cannot revive players by choice; the game decides at random. The second downside of this card is that you only have a 2% chance of drawing it, making it the second-rarest card in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do Tarot Cards in Phasmaphobia do?

Answer: Tarot cards are cursed objects in the game that, based on the particular card you pull, trigger a random effect for the player, party members, and ghosts on the premises.

Question: What earns the player the most money in Phasmophobia?

Answer: The best way to earn money in Phasmophobia is by properly identifying the type of ghost you are dealing with. If you manage to do this properly on one of the bigger maps, your income will continue growing.

Question: How many Phasmophobia Tarot Cards are there?

Answer: When playing Phasmophobia, you can draw ten different tarot cards. Each of these cards has a different percentage chance of being drawn. You can also pull multiple cards in the same mission with the chance of getting the same card more than once.

Enough Ghost Hunting for One Night

So, there we have it, a complete and comprehensive guide to one of the best new mechanics added to Phasmophobia since its launch. Tarot cards help refine the ghost identification process with just a little hint of danger thrown into the mix. What’s not to love?

I really hope you enjoyed this guide and learned something useful from it. After all, tarot cards are all about the luck of the draw, but an informed ghost hunter is a safe ghost hunter. Good luck with your next poltergeist.

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