Best Dying Light Mods

Best Dying Light Mods

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Techland’s Dying Light throws players into the middle of a zombie outbreak, equipped with little more than acrobatic skills and a little luck. It doesn’t take long for protagonist Kyle Crane to settle into the undead world, immersing himself in a seemingly hopeless fight for survival. It’s all fairly standard for a zombie-filled FPS. However, it’s possible to really change up the formula with a few tweaks.

After spending way too much time dropkicking zombies, I dug into the ever-growing list of available mods. Over time, I found that a little modding really enhances Techland’s work, separating Dying Light even further from a typical zombie shooter. I’ve tinkered with many mods in Dying Light, to the point where it was unrecognizable at one point. So, I’m here to share some of the best Dying Light mods that I felt did the game the most justice.

Bottom Line Up Front

Overhaul mods are best for extending the longevity of some games. For Dying Light, I Am Legion proved to be a competent, thorough, and challenging update that I couldn’t get enough of.

My Top Picks at a Glance

  • 1. I Am Legion – Complete overhaul that enhances AI and alters various game aspects for a memorable challenge.
  • 2. Skyfall – Ample content with a new map that alters the Dying Light. Great for players that appreciate creativity.
  • 3. Fun Mod 5.0 – A game-changer that alters character stats to make them durable and faster.
  • 4. Mutations – Blends BioShock and Dying Light with cool new attacks.
  • 5. All Items in Shop – Makes most items and weapons available from the beginning.
  • 6. Dying Light Skill Editor (DLSE) – Puts players in control of skills and attributes by making them fully customizable.
  • 7. Repetition – The Horror “House” – Inspired by P.T. to deliver on a frightfully good time using Dying Light assets.
  • 8. Advanced Moves – Adds all-new abilities and attacks and improves upon existing ones.
  • 9. Lockpicking Removal – Removes all lockpicking of doors and containers.

Choosing the Best Dying Light Mods

Intro_Best Dying Light Mods

There are dozens of mods for Dying Light, and choosing these five took plenty of consideration and contemplation. In fact, to make the final decisions, I focused on the following key criteria.

Amount of Content

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing a mod if it wasn’t going to be filled with content. I love graphical overhauls, but the game still plays exactly the same at the end of the day. When I look for mods, I’m looking for something with a lot to offer, whether that’s new weapons, added side quests, or all-new ways to play the game.

Alters Gameplay

A particular mod is one that either alters or enhances the gameplay. Maybe they add new abilities or make it possible to dual-wield pistols. These mods are generally best-in-show, and the best of those earned their spot on this roster.

Mod Support

Is or has the mod been supported by its creator? The biggest issue with a forgotten mod is that developer updates to the core game can render a mod unusable. By supporting their project, modders can engage the community, act on feedback, troubleshoot sporadic issues, and earn player trust. This goes a long way when they eventually move on to other mods.

Before Installing Mods

For the most part, a mod is content made outside of the scope of development by a third party. They typically change how a game looks, acts or runs. If not properly optimized, they can cause the associated game to crash, especially if multiple mods are installed at once.

If a mod crashes a game, remove it to avoid the headache of losing progress and the chore of having to restart. Generally, mods aren’t problematic and won’t lead to bigger issues like deleted saves or corrupted data. However, always read any comments or reviews of the mod before installing to avoid issues.

Nine Best Dying Light Mods

I Am Legion

Dying Light Mod_I am Legion

When I first completed Dying Light, I tried to justify loading up another game and diving back into Harran. But I came up short of reasons. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the game. I just felt a second playthrough would need something to keep me engaged. Enter I Am Legion, an overhaul mod created by DocOnHoliday. “Overhaul” doesn’t just refer to the game’s visuals. Doc dug deep into Dying Light and retooled it into a more intense experience.

I wasn’t sure I’d be up for the challenge of more difficult AI, but it really forces you to think more strategically. During my first playthrough, the tactics I used didn’t quite work after installing I Am Legion, as both human and undead enemies were far more intuitive. In fact, the mod was designed to put the low-level players at an extreme disadvantage. Forcing them to carefully move throughout the undead world until they’ve secured better weapons and unlocked crucial skills.

I Am Legion touches on every aspect of Dying Light, altering the crafting system, stamina, weather, inventory, firearms, and more to deliver a more realistic adventure. It’s worth noting that bugs are expected with a mod this big, and I Am Legion does suffer from the occasional game-breaking glitch. They’re not frequent enough to ruin the mod, but they are definitely something to consider.


  • The higher difficulty level presents a real challenge.
  • Improved weather system helps create a dynamic world.
  • Shortened daytime hours force strategic planning


  • Occasional sound bugs that drop zombie audio.
  • No significant changes to visuals.
  • The lower difficulty option allows casual players to enjoy changes to realism.


Dying Light Mod_Skyfall

I was really itching for a change when I stumbled upon Skyfall. I wasn’t prepared for just how much of a change I would get. Modder Commodus PVP created Skyfall as part of Techland’s “Beyond Dying Light” mod contest, and it’s very clear why it won the contest’s second run.

Skyfall is far from the zombie romp I expected from Dying Light and instead takes players on a trippy journey for redemption. Commodus PVP kept the game’s core parkour mechanic as players maneuver through several cerebral locations in a dream-like state. It’s relatively light on the combat, but what is there breaks up the puzzling, forward-moving adventure perfectly.

There’s a lot to take in with Skyfall, from its twisted but brief narrative to how Commodus utilized Dying Light’s environmental assets. Ultimately, the mod all comes together in a nightmarish dreamscape that leaves you with more questions than answers.


  • Forgiving use of checkpoints
  • Balanced difficulty makes this accessible to all
  • Great use of Dying Light’s gameplay and design


  • It’s so good. I wanted it to be longer
  • Replayability is very low
  • More combat segments would have punched up the experience

Fun Mod 5.0

Dying Light Mod_Fun Mod 5.0

It may be called the “Fun Mod,” but this user-created file is game-changing and not as silly as it may sound. If there ever were a Dying Light mod that let you cheat and make progression easier, it’s this one. Fun Mod 5.0 isn’t just some quirky re-skin. It actually alters some of the game’s stats to turn Kyle Crane into an unstoppable force.

One of the most important changes included in Fun Mod 5.0 is a near-infinite stamina bar. Running away from zombies is a core aspect of the game. The limited stamina can hinder a player’s ability to enjoy it. Crane can also swim, run, walk faster, and jump higher. And speaking of heights, the mod removes fall damage entirely, so don’t worry about missing a jump and plummeting to the ground. Crane will be okay!

Additional changes included in Fun Mod 5.0 are a farther-reaching grappling hook, more inventory space, improved melee weapon durability, more powerful melee attacks, removed lockpicking, a stock of ammunition, and more frequent airdrops.


  • Changes many aspects of Dying Light
  • Really lets parkour shine with near-unlimited stamina
  • Makes the game accessible to all


  • Players can’t turn off certain features
  • Some changes make Dying Light too easy
  • Some features don’t work after developer updates


Dying Light Mod_Mutations

With very limited ammo scattered around Harran, the melee plays an integral part in Dying Light’s combat. This mod adds an entirely new layer to the game’s encounters, allowing players to call upon the elements to slay humans and zombies alike. StinVec’s Mutations mod pulls inspiration from games like BioShock, imbuing Kyle Crane’s body with seven devastating mutations.

In the midst of battle, Crane can call upon fire, lightning, poison, ice, and more to burn, electrify, and freeze zombies. Assigned to Crane’s off-hand equipment slots, players can enter battle with up to four mutations equipped. While there’s no way to combo attacks for even more destructive results, each mutation has its own benefits and pitfalls, especially if squaring off against the big bad boss undead.

With the mod installed, mutations are available as craftable blueprints in one of four “Types.” The higher the type, the less effective and convenient the mutation is. For example, Type 4 mutations can only be used once before needing to be crafted again and deal up to 25 points of damage to self. Type 1, on the other hand, has a stock of 9,999 and deals no damage to Crane.

Quite frankly, as a massive fan of BioShock and its variety of Plasmids, I was smitten with his mod before I even installed it. There’s something thrilling about knowing that your hand is deadlier than your sidearm.


  • Good variety of mutations
  • Adds another layer of strategy to combat
  • Doesn’t make the game too easy


  • Difficult to gauge damage range
  • Self-damage punishes players for overuse
  • Attack animation can look jerky and out of place

All Items in Shop

Dying Light Mod_All Items in Shop

In Dying Light, there is no shortage of items to be used to plow through the endless horde of undead. The problem? You have to progress through the game to unlock some of the best of them. Unless, of course, you break out the All Items in Shop mod. As the title suggests, installing this mod unlocks every weapon, tool, and item available to players. That includes Platinum weapons, most DLC, blueprints, and re-skinned firearms.

All Items in Shop does come with the stipulation that it doesn’t make everything free. You’ll still need to work at purchasing those high-powered explosives you’ve been eyeing up. While that may frustrate some players, others will appreciate the balance as it still requires one to work through Dying Light. They just get more options from the beginning.


  • Access to most weapons and items
  • Includes DLC weapons
  • Everything can be used on Hard Mode


  • Weapons and items are not free
  • Prior updates removed some classes
  • Getting the mod to work can be a process

Dying Light Skill Editor

Dying Light Skill Editor

Kyle Crane’s general stats and attributes are at the heart of Dying Light’s combat and traversal. I’m talking about health, speed, damage dealt, jump height, focus, and pretty much anything else that keeps him alive in his undead tussles. The Dying Light Skill Editor by ELMOIV takes all of these attributes and skills and gives players the power to mold them as they wish. Want Crane to have infinite health? The editor can do that. Looking to spend more time underwater? You can use the editor to increase how long Crane can hold his breath.

This comprehensive skill editor puts you in control of just how powerful, fast, and durable Crane is, and I found it to be a game-changer. What I appreciated most about the mod was the ability to create profiles. So, if you want a version of Crane, that’s very strong but slow and one that’s impervious to damage but weak in all other aspects, you can create separate profiles that load with a few clicks of the mouse.

Dying Light Skill Editor is one of those mods that sounds very basic but winds up tacking on hours upon hours of gameplay. While I didn’t use the mod to play through the story, it’s great for booting up Dying Light when I need some diverse zombie-slaying fun. To swap between a superhuman Crane with maxed-out skills to one that can only survive by running away changed how I enjoyed the game every time I booted it up.


  • Gives ample reason to return to Dying Light
  • Large skill list with ample customization
  • User-friendly interface


  • Does not unlock any of the skill tree
  • Some listed skills can’t be modified
  • The editor is a little intimidating at first

Repetition – The Horror “House”

Dying Light Mod_Repetition – The Horror “House”

Not until nightfall does Dying Light start layering on the scares. Even then, if you’re modded up to the max, Volatiles are nothing to worry about. So, if it’s something spooky you’re looking for, Repetition – The Horror “House” should be the next mod you download.

Inspired by the Silent Hills demo, P.T., Repetition sends players on a loop through an increasingly dilapidated home. There’s a slight puzzle element as players have to determine the series of events required to open locked doors and progress through the repetitive maze. The true star of the mod is its atmosphere, which is frequently interrupted by somewhat cheap jump scares.

Repetition isn’t just some cheap knock-off of P.T. The mod’s creator, Joluk, sunk more than 150 hours into the experience. It aligns well with the myriad of indie games that seek to profit off P.T.’s popularity. The addition of a good and bad ending promotes a second playthrough, though some may find it hard to jump back in as there’s not too much to the gameplay.


  • Clever use of Dying Light assets to emulate T.
  • Two endings to achieve
  • Good use of sound to set atmosphere and tone


  • Jump scares can be cheap and jarring
  • Won’t appeal to players looking for action
  • It can feel repetitive, making a second playthrough rough

Advanced Moves

Dying Light Mod_Advanced Moves

As much as I loved slapping zombies about and drop-kicking them off rooftops, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little tired of the same animations by the end game. So, when I heard about the Advanced Moves mod, I knew I had to jump on it. Though I knew what I was getting into, I didn’t expect the mod to change things up as much as it does.

Advanced Moves adds more than a dozen new skills to Kyle Crane’s melee repertoire, giving him even more ways to plow through the zombie threat. There are quite a few great additions included in the mod. Still, I was most delighted by Attach Rope, which turns every weapon into Scorpion’s kunai spear, and the Brutal Throw combo, which uses Attach Rope quite hilariously.

Not only does Advanced Moves add four new combos and five passive skills, but it also tweaks some of the existing skills and adds new abilities. There were a few missed opportunities as I found myself wanting more out of some of the updated skills. Still, overall, the mod enhances Dying Light and pushes the comb just enough to feel new and refreshed.


  • Works well with other mods
  • Creates an expanded variety of melee attacks
  • Combos are easy to pull off


  • Occasional glitch prevents Advanced Moves skills from showing up
  • Some animations may glitch
  • Initial in-game setup after installation can be a chore

Lockpicking Removal

Dying Light Mod_Lockpicking Removal

For players that like unimpeded discovery, lockpicking mechanics in games are a nightmare. Unfortunately for these gamers, Dying Light has its own lockpicking minigame that can get frustrating when you just want to crack into a container or bust through a door. Lockpicking Removal is a simple and straightforward mod that does exactly what it states. Throughout Dying Light, all lockpicks are removed, making otherwise locked containers and doors accessible.

The only pitfall of this lockpicking removal mod is that it removes the tension of trying to crack a container or door before a zombie swarm barrels down on you. Otherwise, it’s a gem to remove a pace-breaking gameplay mechanic.


  • Removes lockpicks from all doors and containers
  • Keeps the game fluid and forward-moving
  • No longer have to worry about finding lockpicks


  • Does not work well with The Following DLC
  • Removes a challenge from the game
  • Some GRE crates may not be unlocked


Question: Where Can I Find Dying Light Mods?

Answer: There are several websites Dying Light mods are available on. Still, Nexus Mods and GameBanana were the primary sites I used to find these mods. Other sites include Steam workshops, Game Watcher, and ModDB.

Question: Are Mods for Dying Light Free?

Answer: It’s fairly rare to find a mod locked behind a paywall. In fact, since mods can fall within a gray area of copyright law, anyone charging for a mod may attract negative attention from the game’s original developer.

Question: How Do I Support Modders?

Answer: Because mods are free, their creators often turn to other outlets for income. Patreon and similar sites have allowed modders to create communities for their fans, who can support them through subscriptions. If you can find the modder’s social media, they may even have a PayPal link to send money through.

Dying Light’s Best Mod – Content-Rich and Challenging

Putting together this list was not an easy task. There are dozens upon dozens of mods for Dying Light, and choosing only five from that expansive gallery was difficult. However, I’m confident that I’ve chosen wisely and pieced together a blend of creative and immersive experiences.

I Am Legion is a masterclass in modding, showing players and other modders that graphical overhauls just barely scratch the surface of what game-changing updates are possible. It may test more casual players and result in a few broken mice. Still, I Am Legion gives players a reason to revisit Dying Light while forcing them to change their playstyle.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Repetition and Skyfall’s story. The changes available with All Items in Shop, Mutations, the skill editor, Lockpicking Removal, Fun Mod 5.0, and Advanced Moves are significant. However, I Am Legend really enhanced the core Dying Light experience, giving me something new while still allowing me to enjoy Techland’s best efforts.

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