Is Dying Light Cross Platform

Is Dying Light Cross Platform?

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Dying Light is a popular survival action game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros Interactive. In Dying Light, players are thrown into the open world of Harran, where they will need to parkour their way through the zombie-infested streets and discover what dark secrets this city is hiding. Players will take control of Kyle Crane, an undercover GRE agent that infiltrates Harran in hopes of locating Rais. This rogue politician holds the cure to the deadly virus plaguing the city.

But as players explore the beautiful but deadly open world of Harran, they will soon discover that there is a lot more than meets the eye. Dying Light presents us with a unique take on an open-world zombie where players will need to use their quick movements to navigate the dangerous city. During their first few moments in Harran, players will be introduced to the Tower, a sanctuary of survivors whose only goal is to survive the night and wait until the government provides some support.

The Tower is full of different personalities. Some are more welcoming than others. Players will get to know the different faces and even form bonds with a few of them while keeping their true identity secret. But where things get exciting is when players begin to venture out into the open world of Harran.


Harran is full of infected zombie-like creatures that are quick to attack. Most of them can be easily avoided thanks to the great parkour mechanics that Dying Light presents, but sometimes there will be no place to run, and players will need to fight.

Thankfully Dying Light has plenty of options for players to fight back with. There are weapons that players can pick up and a crafting system that will allow players to upgrade their weapons or even make special ones with different elemental affinities.

Nighttime in Harran is a whole different story. Dying Light allows players to explore the world of Harran freely, but it comes at a cost. Once nighttime comes to the city, dangerous Volatile creatures will appear.

This Volatile infected are ten times more difficult than most and at least fifteen times stronger. Alert one out in the open, and you’ll need to do your best to outrun. Good thing that Harran is filled with safe points for you to discover that will shield you from the Volatile threat.

Dying Light also features a surprisingly deep progression system where will players will be able to level up their agility, power, and survivor skills. Upgrading these abilities will result in some cool new gadgets like the grappling hook and even a wing glider to get around the city of Harran more smoothly.

The game was released to massive success and even obtained a sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human. There really isn’t anything else like it out in the market. And with the ability to play with up to three of your friends, Dying Light is genuinely one of the best multiplayer games out there. Where else can you drop kick an infected off a roof?

Bottom Line Up Front

So, is Dying Light Cross Platform? No, Dying Light is not cross-platform. Unfortunately, those looking to play with friends on different platforms are out of luck. Meaning if you’re on PlayStation, you won’t be able to play with a friend on Xbox or PC. But we do have some games that are cross-platform further down the article.

Online Gameplay Overview

Dying Light

Multiplayer in Dying Light is a little tricky to get to work, and even when you do get it to work, there are some things that you must know. To even play multiplayer, all players that wish to play will first need to complete the Prologue.

Completing the Prologue can take players anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour. Once the Prologue is completed, players will be able to join their friends and go through the story. Up to four players can play through Dying Light together.

While playing multiplayer, players will be able to play through most of the story together. But only the host’s progression will be recorded. This means that any player joining the host will need to do the quests all over again when they want to play on their own. This is one of the most significant drawbacks of Dying Light. Some missions are tedious, and it would be great if progression were recorded for all players involved in the current session.

Players will also be able to revive each other while playing multiplayer, a feature that is not possible in single-player. In single-player, players will die immediately. Playing Multiplayer can also be very helpful during the night because your friends will be able to help you reach a safehouse or even defeat a Volatile zombie.

Dying Light also features an online competitive aspect where players can actually play as a zombie. In Be the Zombie players will actually be able to invade the games of other players as a Night Hunter. Here the player being invaded will need to destroy the nest of the Night Hunter in order to stop it from respawning and fully booting it from their game.

Players who are being invaded will be able to play with their friends, but Night Hunters will need to invade alone. This mode was originally only available to those that pre-ordered but due to its popularity, it was released for free for everyone else. To play this mode you’ll first need to complete a tutorial that teaches you how to play as a Night Hunter.

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Does Dying Light Have Crossplay?

Light Game

No, Dying Light does not have crossplay. This means that players will not be able to play with consoles that are not part of the same family. PC can not play with Xbox or PlayStation. PlayStation can not play with Xbox or PC.

Xbox One can not play with PC or PlayStation. Although this game is not cross-platform, players will be able to play Dying Light with different consoles in the same family. This means that players with a PS4 will be able to play with players on a PS5.

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Crossplay Gaming Alternatives

State of Decay 2

Although Dying Light does not support crossplay, there are plenty of other great games that do. This means you’ll be able to play online with your friends regardless of the platform that you are currently on.

  • State of Decay 2
  • Hunt: Showdown
  • Rust
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Back 4 Blood
  • World War Z
  • Gears of War 4


Question: How do I create a Dying Light online multiplayer lobby?

Answer: The first thing you will need to do to create an online multiplayer lobby in Dying Light is beat the Prologue. If you haven’t beat the Prologue, then creating a lobby will be impossible. Once you’ve beaten the lobby, you will need to pause your game and launch the session options.

Once there you will need to decide if you want the game to be visible to your Friends, Public, Private, LAN, or if you don’t want online, then Singe-Player. After you’ve decided what sort of lobby you want, you’ll need to make sure allow human co-ops is on. From here, you can also change the frequency of a zombie invasion and if they are even allowed. Now it will create a game lobby for you and your friends.

Question: Can you still level up your character in a multiplayer lobby where you are not the host?

Answer: Yes, players will still be able to gain experience points and level up their characters even when they are not the lobby hosts. The only thing that the host will do that others can’t is progress through the story. This means that any story missions or quests you guys beat while in the lobby will not transfer over to your character’s world.

Question: How can I invite my friends to my lobby in Dying Light?

Answer: To invite your friends in Dying Light you will need to pause the game and create a lobby. Once you create the lobby you’ll be able to see your friend list on the right of the screen. From here click on the name of the friend that you want to invite and click “Invite to Game”. This will send your friend an invite to your lobby and allow you to play together. For them to be able to join, they will need to beat the Prologue. Or else it won’t let them join your lobby.


Dying Light is a fantastic open-world survival game that manages to blend horror and action into one incredible package. Even though players will not be able to play crossplay in Dying Light, they will still be able to play with their friends online if they are all in the same console family. Dying Light offers some great options for multiplayer for players that are looking to host a lobby in the same console family.

Players are able to customize the number of Zombie Invasions in their lobby and even if they appear during the day, at night, or if they even appear at all. This allows players to focus on the exploration and crafting mechanics. Despite only the host being able to gain progression through the story, every player in the lobby will be able to level up their character and gain new abilities.

Dying Light features some incredible parkour mechanics and even some that are thrown in there just for fun like the grappling hook and wing glider. It’s a fantastic game that is sure to keep you and your friends entertained through it all.

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