Dead by Daylight Cross Progression Guide

Dead by Daylight Cross Progression Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Dead By Daylight has surged in popularity since Behavior released this multiplayer horror gem in 2016. As with most popular multiplayer titles, players wondered if cross-play would be added to enhance the experience.

Without cross-progression, you wouldn’t be able to transfer your progress to a PC and have any flexibility playing with friends. The division between multiplayer platforms has kept many contained in their social world, but Dead By Daylight offers you some options.

The gaming business certainly limits these, but it’s simply the reality of modern console differences, and I’ve learned to take what I can get regarding cross-play. I have purchased the game twice, on Steam and Playstation, so I was excited that cross-progression was introduced with the ability to play seamlessly with my friends.

This has been especially useful since I transitioned primarily to console gaming, where I could still party up and survive with my PC buddies. This Dead by Daylight Cross Progression guide will discuss the details of cross-progression so you can thoroughly understand what to expect with the merging Fog!

Bottom Line Up Front

Dead By Daylight has cross-progression, but it’s not attainable with every platform, unfortunately. You can buy the game for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS, Windows Store, Epic Games, Stadia, Switch, & Steam.

Despite the many places you can play, Cross-progression is only available to link with Steam & Google Stadia. Creating a Behaviour account is necessary to enable this feature.

What is DBD Cross Progression?

dbd cross progression

Cross-progression is effectively synching your DBD overall progression, purchases, and cosmetics to multiple platforms for your convenience. However, this is severely limited across the current gaming climate for varying reasons we will discuss here.

It makes it more feasible to switch from console to PC and vice-versa without re-purchasing cosmetics and restarting your entire progression.

This can be a significant pain with a game like DBD; believe me, I know because I had to start a different profile from the ground up before cross-play was introduced. There is a somewhat concerning issue with Dead By Daylight cross-progression in its limited approach to the concept.

Various players across platforms currently long for compatibility, and there are many issues before a solution comes to light. Let’s explore the reality of cross-play for DBD and what is now possible.

Cross-Progression for PlayStation & Xbox

As you might expect, cross-progression for Dead By Daylight between consoles isn’t cut and dry. The good news is you can connect Playstation & Xbox to Steam or Google Stadia and enable cross-progression while playing with friends and retaining your progress and items.

The bad news is you can’t switch between the console giants. Consequently, you’ll need to start a brand new profile if you have both systems and play them separately.

You cannot invite friends to play with you if they’re on a different console. So if you’re a PlayStation enthusiast like myself, you must swallow the pill and accept that your friends will have to switch consoles to play with you. This isn’t considered a permanent reality, and there is a slight possibility of cross-progression between consoles.

Realistically, I wouldn’t get high hopes for this. Countless gamers have friends who play Xbox or Playstation exclusively without a PC. This means they are limited to playing in person without possibly partying up.

Behavior understands this is a central issue, but things are complicated, and we might not see it happen. Still, one can dream, and it’s fun to consider.

Platforms that Support DBD Cross-Progression

  • Steam
  • Google Stadia
  • Between PS4 & PS5
  • Between Xbox One & Xbox XS

Cross-Progression for Nintendo Switch

cross-progression for nintendo switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch, then cross-progression isn’t possible for other platforms. Rumors were circulating in 2021 that it could be possible in the future, but no concrete evidence existed outside of the internal code.

The issue’s status was briefly addressed in 2022 when the DBD production manager expressed difficulties with the technicalities of cross-progression for the Switch.

They know players would benefit from enabling it, but there are particularly challenging problems in transferring DLC packs between multiple platforms.

They are actively sorting out the details but haven’t given a date and will announce it when ready. The manager expressed his concern for Switch fans and aimed to ensure that cross-play functions well before release.

Enabling DBD Cross Progression

The first task you must do before setting up a Behavior account on their website. From there, you can link this account with either Google Stavia or Steam Platforms.

This allows all your inventory and game progress to be transferred from the compatible platforms to either Stavia or Steam at your convenience. Only one account can be linked, and Auric Cells are non-transferable.

However, if you’ve earned these Auric Cells through the rift during progression in a DBD season, these will be transferred after linking accounts. Another essential detail is you won’t be refunded if you’ve purchased items in both accounts after linking.

To enable cross-progression and play with others from a PC, you can go to options and check “enable cross-play.” This is excellent for finding players worldwide at any time instead of waiting forever to enter a match late at night.

Disabling DBD Cross Progression

You can unlink your account anytime, but it isn’t without consequences. If you decide to unlink, your progress will be reset to its previous state. You may lose some progress or purchase items after unlinking, so keep this in mind before initiating the process.

You must also wait sixty days after unlinking your platform from the Behavior account, and then you can link another if desired.

It’s honestly best to keep one account linked and call it a day, but at least you know what to expect if you decide to. All items, characters, perks, character levels, and overall progression levels will be returned to how they were before you linked to your Behavior account.

The positive news is you will still retain the blood points, shards, and Auric cells. 

Adding Dead By Daylight Cross-Friends

adding dead by daylight cross-friends

Console players can now search for friends from Steam or Stavia and add them directly to their friend list. You can invite them to matches, and they can join your lobby to search for games as long as cross-play has been enabled. This gives you more matchmaking potential and usually gives faster results.

Keep in mind that it’s more likely you’ll run into hackers when playing cross-play, and this has been a problem that the developers have worked on since the game’s inception.

You will also be unable to message any friends from a console after a match or any other players from Steam or Stavia. Still, adding friends from your console and vice-versa to match up in the Fog and take on those deadly killers together is thrilling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why doesn’t Dead By Daylight have Cross-progression for All Platforms?

Answer: This boils down to technicalities between systems, and it’s not solely the decision of Behaviour to have cross-platform availability across all platforms. It’s more complex to make this a reality, and there are a lot of factors to consider.

I wouldn’t take it seriously if you hear rumors of cross-progression across consoles until it is officially confirmed.

Question: Is Linking Cross-Progression Worth it?

Answer: If you have one of the eligible platforms allowing cross-progression, I would say it’s worth the effort to activate it. It depends on your preferences because every gamer is different regarding which gaming method they prefer.

Once you decide to cross-play, it means you can’t unlink without consequences for your account. Remember that you will need to create a Behaviour account to enable cross-progression.

Question: What Systems Currently have Cross-play for Dead By Daylight?

Answer: The systems that allow for cross-play to Steam or Stadia include PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch. However, cross-play is not available between the different consoles.

There is still a possibility that flexibility between consoles may become a reality, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

Conclusion: Cross Progression is Available but Limited for Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight developers are still working on making the game more accessible and convenient for players, and I would have them do it right rather than rush the process. In the meantime, we must deal with the hand we are dealt regarding cross-progression.

The possibilities are limited, but the future will hopefully yield good news for players. With such a popular horror multiplayer game like Dead By Daylight, It was necessary to give the fans something reasonable regarding cross-play, and they’re working hard to make things even better.

As a console gamer, I’ve tested the feature for long periods and compared it to regular play within the Playstation ecosystem. It might not be for everyone, but it’s excellent for dealing with the previously arduous waiting times to load a match.

As we enter the new year, hopefully, they will add additional possibilities between platforms and enhance the experience! Just because it isn’t a reality now doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard to change it. Still, it’s essential to manage expectations regarding cross-play and keep them reasonable moving forward in 2023.

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