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Valheim Dragon Egg Guide – You Can’t Hatch These

Valheim Dragon Egg guide can help you through the Mountain biome. Once you acquire three, you can summon the dragon boss Moder. She is the fourth boss in the game and should be defeated before Yagluth but after Bonemass.

In Valheim, there may be a background for each boss, but as of right now, it is not public knowledge. All that we know about her lore is that she is a dragon that lives in the Mountains and can be summoned with three Dragon Eggs.

Finding Dragon Eggs isn’t a straightforward task. Not only are they heavy and can’t be taken through portals – making them difficult to transport – but they also don’t have exact spawn points. That’s why a Valheim Dragon Egg guide could be just what you need to finally find and utilize the Dragon Eggs in Valheim. 

What is a Dragon Egg in Valheim?


  • Biome – Mountains
  • Weight – 200
  • Stack – 1

Dragon Eggs are items in Valheim that have one primary use – to summon Moder. They are not used to craft anything. They are only used to summon Moder. This is just like the Withered Bones, Deer Trophies, or Ancient Seeds you used to summon the previous bosses.

The eggs are found in nests in the Mountains. You can hear them when you get near as they make a humming sound. The sound isn’t loud, so if you have other volumes louder than the effect volume, you may not even hear it.

The eggs are bright and shiny pink, so once you do see them, you won’t miss them again. Each nest will have one egg, so don’t count on finding more than one egg in one nest. Each Mountian may or may not have more than one nest, but each Mountain may also be barren of nests. All you can do is search for them.

Where to Find Dragon Eggs In Valheim

Dragon Eggs are always in the Mountain biome. Although I cannot confirm the spawn height for nests, I can say that Drakes – which normally guard the nests – only spawn at 100 meters or higher.

Drakes aren’t too difficult to defeat. They are weak to Fire damage yet immuned to Frost, Spirit, and Stagger damage. Since they fly and do not land, I suggest waiting for them to halt and use their frost breath. When they do, shoot them in the head with a fire arrow for an easy way to take them down. The Drakes aren’t necessarily strong, but if you’re not careful, they can kill you as they will chase you for a while, and there are usually a couple of Drakes gathered together. I suggest taking them down as soon as you can to avoid death.

Once you do, you are free to search the area for Dragon Eggs. The nests will not despawn once you take an egg, so you can mark the spot on the map and keep coming back for more eggs.

Transporting Dragon Eggs


You cannot take Dragon Eggs through portals, which can slow down the process of summoning Moder substantially. Each Dragon Egg weighs 200lbs. This means that unless you have a belt, then you can only carry one at a time. Even with a belt, you can only carry two. I prefer to carry Dragon Eggs with a cart as you can fit 18 eggs in one cart, which is way more than you’ll ever find on one Mountain.

I like to find an altar and put a box next to it. This is where I store my Dragon Eggs until it’s time to fight Moder. You can store as many as you want to store and fight Moder as many times as you can – consecutively or over time. Either way, a cart can help tremendously. Although, I wouldn’t tote the eggs across the waters unless I had to. Instead, find other Moder spawns and collect the eggs from the nests in the Mountains near the Forsaken Altar.

Fighting Mode

You need three Dragon Eggs to summon Moder. When you get them to the altar, you can then summon the dragon boss, one of the most interesting bosses in the game. I find her to be one of the easiest, but also the one that takes the longest due to her mobility.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to find all three eggs on one Mountain. You may get lucky, but it’s quite possible that you will have to search two Mountains or more to find three eggs. If you do find a Mountain with three eggs then make sure you mark the nests, and hopefully, there is an altar nearby. That way, you can do a run-through and summon Moder at any time in five minutes. 

Preparing for Moder

  • Gear Up
  • Rest
  • Get Fire Arrows

There are a few things you should do before you fight Moder. First of all, get a wolf cape or lox cape. This will keep you from freezing to death while you fight Moder. Then, I suggest getting the full wolf set as the chest also gives you a cold buff. If you can get the padded legs and helmet, that’s even better, but it is probably easier for you to get the wolf armor.

After you have the gear, get plenty of stuff to make fire arrows. These take wood, resin, and feathers. You can find all of this in the Black Forest. After you have plenty of materials, you can make fire arrows. The last thing you should do is get rested. Feel free to use my Comfort guide for max comfort. This will give you +200% health regeneration and +300% stamina regeneration for twenty-six minutes. 

Strategy to Defeat Moder


Moder has three attacks. Her basic attack is a claw or bite attack that she can only use when she lands. Her second is a barrage attack that fires ice and deals great damage. Her third attack is a breath attack that deals frost damage.

There are two opportunities to attack Moder. You can attack with melee when she lands for her melee attack, or you can attack with ranged when she pauses for her breath attack. You can also attack when she’s flying around, but this isn’t easy and may waste arrows. The fastest way to take her down is to use fire arrows as fire is her greatest weakness. Pace yourself and take good opportunities to attack lest you waste your fire arrows.

Ideal Setup

  • Head – Root Mask for archer build, Drake Helmet or Padded Helmet for armor
  • Shoulder – Lox Cape or Wolf Cape
  • Chest – Root Harnesk for archer build, Wolf Armor Chest for armor and frost-resistance
  • Legs – Root leggings for archer build, Wolf Armor Legs, or Padded Greaves for armor
  • Food – Lox Meat Pie (or Serpent Stew/Wolf Skewers if it’s your first time defeating Moder), Fish Wraps (or Cooked Serpent Meat), and Bread (or Blood Pudding if it’s your first time defeating Moder)
  • Comfort – Max
  • Extra – Frost-Resistance Mead

What Happens When You Defeat Moder?

When you defeat Moder, a few things happen. She drops two items, and she also unlocks a few things to make your game easier. Each boss unlocks something different, but Moder is one of my favorites to defeat due to what she unlocks.

Dragon Tear

The Dragon Tear is used to create the Artisan Table, an important table that is needed to make other crafting stations. With it, you can make Blast Furnaces, Spinning Wheels, Windmills, and the Stone Oven. The Blast Furnace can melt down Black Metal, which can be used for armor, weapons, and more. The Spinning Wheel can be used to make Linen Thread from Flax. Linen can help create some of the best weapons and armor in the game as well.

The Windmill turns Barley into Flour. You can use Flour to make Uncooked Bread and Uncooked Lox Meat Pie. Finally, the Stone Oven can cook the two uncooked items to make Bread and Lox Meat Pie, two of the best foods in the game.

Moder Trophy

Moder Trophy

The Moder Trophy isn’t versatile. The first one you get should be used to unlock Moder’s Power. After that, the only purpose is to hang them on item stands. So it can be cool, but it’s not extremely useful after the first time.

Something I like to do is get one of each trophy – or two – and build a showcase/gallery. You can make a hallway with jute carpet and place one of every trophy in the game.

Sailing Buff

The Moder buff can be activated to give wind advantage when sailing. The buff can be activated the first time by placing Moder’s trophy at the sacrificial stones. The buff has a 5-minute duration and 20-minute cooldown. It only works on the boat that the person who used it is in, and it is only local. It also shouldn’t be used whenever the wind is light because the buff doesn’t make the wind stronger it only makes it go the way that you want it to go.

Wild Fulings

When you defeat Moder, if you’ve already defeated Bonemass, Drakes will stop spawning randomly and Fulings will start spawning instead in all biomes. This is the way the bosses work. After you defeat one, while one enemy will stop spawning in the wrong biome, one will start spawning in the wrong biome. This continues until you defeat Yagluth. When Mistlands get a boss, this may change.

Dragon Egg Decor

Dragon Egg Decor

Something I learned about Dragon Eggs early on is that you can place them on item stands. While I haven’t tried placing them on a vertical item stand, they can be placed – and look amazing – on a horizontal item stand. When on an item stand, they are their actual size. They look bright, gorgeous, and bold in any home. I like to place a Moder Trophy or two on the wall, and then a Dragon Egg or three on Horizontal Stands on a table. 

Dragon Eggs have no use other than to display them if you are not going to summon Moder anymore. So pick them up when you can and display them in your home. Don’t forget to build a fireplace, so the light catches beautifully on the eggs at night. 


Question: Why are They Called Dragon Eggs?

Answer: Drakes were originally called Dragon Hatchlings. It seems that the eggs still bear the name “dragon” even though the hatchling names were changed. In most lore, drakes do not have wings, so the name may or may not change when the game is officially released.

Question: Why Can’t Valheim Dragon Eggs Be Teleported?

Answer: Dragon Eggs cannot be teleported in Valheim, which is strange considering the only other items that can’t be teleported are metals. I do not know why Dragon Eggs can’t go through portals unless they are also made of a natural metal.

Question: Do Dragon Eggs Respawn in Valheim?

Answer: Yes. The estimated time for the eggs to respawn is eight hours. I have not confirmed the timer, but it seems about right. I simply go each day – or every other day – and collect the eggs. That way, I will always have a stash.

Question: Do Dragon Eggs Hatch in Valheim?

Answer: No. This is something that always disturbs me. The Dragon Eggs do not hatch in Valheim, but I believe there are baby Drakes inside them. So sacrificing them to the mother Moder is strange.

Valheim Dragon Egg Conclusion

Dragon Eggs are necessary to defeat Moder. Although you don’t need to defeat Moder to enjoy the game, you do need to defeat her to “beat” the game. So if that’s something you want to do, then defeating her is a must, and thus, Dragon Eggs are a must.

If you do defeat Moder, she will drop the Dragon Tears needed to build the Artisan Table. This amazing table allows you to craft Blast Furnaces, Spinning Wheels, Windmills, and the Stone Oven. Without these items, you can’t make bread or any Blackmetal item. In short, don’t skip the Dragon Egg phase.

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