Dead Space Necromorph Guide

Dead Space Necromorph Guide

Dead Space, just bringing up the name triggers frightening synapses in the minds of gamers worldwide, myself included. You can’t get this game out of your system once played, and it will stick with you for the rest of your life in a good way. In addition to the masterful survivor horror, It is a satisfying third-person shooter with various enemies who will challenge you.

Even if you’re a seasoned veteran of Dead Space, you could use a refreshment on the assortment of Necromorphs present in the game when gearing up to play the upcoming remake. Considering the horrifying and shocking nature of this game, I have played it far too much; it’s that good.

After a while, you get used to the spontaneous screaming, teeth-clenching music, gruesome meticulous environments, and unforgiving brutal necromorphs. I am your dependable Dead Space expert with the platinum trophies across all three games. It’s time to get a deeper understanding of some of the most intricate alien villains ever created.

Their diversity and capabilities are thrilling from start to finish, with memorable appearances concerning this intense sci-fi horror adventure. Let’s put the Necromorph flesh sample under the microscope and look closely! Welcome to a Dead Space Necromorph guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Necromorphs are horrifying and disorienting alien antagonists from the renowned Dead Space series. They are a parasitic species that infect corpses and reanimate them into living diverse and dangerous alien organisms.

The Necromorphs come in all shapes and sizes with uniquely tactile abilities. There are two main types: those who infect dead corpses and aliens who traverse the world and attempt to create dead corpses to preserve and expand their colony.

What are Necromorphs in Dead Space?

Necromorphs in Dead Space
Dead Space Wiki – Fandom

The Necromorphs stem from their more enormous planetary influence known as the Brethren Moons, referenced many times throughout the franchise. These moons are essentially massive necromorphs that signal to trigger the creation of other aliens on various planets through the “Markers” transmitting and projecting a powerful electromagnetic signal that distorts life and creates reanimated abominations. These humanoid aliens are repulsive and without compassion or any human personality traits.

Although they look slightly human, you can’t reason with a Necromorph because it’s like trying to pet a hungry lion in the Sahara. Necromorphs are most powerful when more giant piles of corpses are around, as they need to manifest.

Despite their obvious threat to humanity, there is a cult organization in Dead Space that worships them as a transcendent species conquering the rest of life throughout the universe. Their primary mode of operation is to kill and replicate.

Check out this guide to learn more about Markers in Dead Space.

The Creation and Origin of the Necromorphs

The source of the Necromorphs stems from black or red markers. These have the power to create limitless energy, and humans were manipulated into establishing them to “enrich” society. To their dismay, the markers served as conduits for the alien signal to reach surrounding corpses and reanimate them into living Necromorph beings. The concentrated electronic signal has the power to generate smaller or larger anomalies, depending on the immediate environment.

These creatures are very similar to zombies but in an alien context. They are relentless in multiplying and spreading their control over any given location. The signal used to create necromorphs is also a cause of various ailments in healthy humans in the area, so they lose sanity, succumb to the maddening influence, and make bad decisions. This is inspired by some parasitic organisms observed on Earth that can control the host’s behavior patterns to their detriment.

Key observations in Biology & Behavior


  • Elongated dagger-like blades on two extenuated limbs
  • Exceedingly fast and agile with aggressive tendencies towards all non-necromorphs
  • Some Necromorphs are explosive and display sacrificial behavior
  • Wall crawlers launch ranged spikes
  • Acid spewing is a typical attack 
  • Some Necromorphs can regenerate indefinitely
  • They prefer high numbers to overwhelm prey

Key Weaknesses to keep in mind

  • They are weak against fire, so incineration is ideal
  • Shooting off the limbs does more damage and kills them quicker
  • Shooting the legs first will eliminate their ability to charge
  • Special explosive weapons are your best friend
  • Stasis will slow them down so you can shoot with greater precision

Necromorph Specimens

Slashers: The most common form


  • Appears in: Dead Space 1, 2, & 3
  • Attacks: Bone Knife slash, Grab & Bite, Ambushing through Vents
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis module, Line Gun, Pulse Rifle

These are the most common form of necromorph in the Dead Space series and will be among the first enemies you face while making regular appearances until the end. Observe the extended deadly bone blades on their primary arms and two lesser arms that are atrophied and have limited functionality.

They are fast and can climb walls rapidly with a terrorizing charge while working in larger groups to gain power. Slashers are fast and make a sound that can induce panic while often ambushing from the vents.



  • Appears in: Dead Space 2
  • Attacks: Scythe tail, grab
  • Best Weapon to use: Flamethrower or Pulse Rifle

The Leapers appear more on the animalistic side with a more haunched posture. They have a notable deadly scythe tail that allows for the easy execution of their prey.

They have mutated jaws and can effectively coil victims. Leapers can travel swiftly, using its tail to ambush unsuspecting people. These necromorphs are very fast and challenging to keep track of if you’re a new player.



  • Appears in: Dead Space 1, 2, & 3
  • Attacks: Barbed ranged projectiles
  • Best Weapon to use: Seeker Rifle, Line Gun, Detonator

Lurkers are the result of the marker signal influencing the tissue of dead infants, which is terrifying and stomach-turning. This transformation results in a blob of flesh that has tentacles and moves rather slowly.

Still, sharp barbs on these tentacles are used to attack and rip you apart if you’re not careful. They can also fire projectile barbs with lethal precision.


Dead Space Wiki – Fandom
  • Appears in: Dead Space 1, 2, & 3
  • Attacks: Reanimates dead corpses
  • Best Weapon to use: Ripper, Explosive Line Gun Attachment

The infectors play a unique role for the species by hunting down and infecting existing corpses in its proximity. It latches onto the head with aggression and injects a fluid into the brain that triggers the reanimation process.

From there, it will use its stinger appendages to continually infect multiple corpses and encourage the growth of necromorph supremacy.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 1 & 2
  • Attacks: Slash attack/Area slash when decapitated
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis, Plasma Cutter for precisely shooting off head and limbs

These are the host necromorphs to a legion of smaller ones inside, hence the name “Pregnants.” They are bulbous and relatively slow, but they carry a hidden danger you should know.

Always do your best to avoid bursting the stomach sack, or they will release the smaller parasites that are harder to eliminate. Aim for the limbs, and never shoot the stomach.


Dead Space Wiki – Fandom
  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Ambush, sticking to your suit
  • Best Weapon to use: Action command to shake them off or flamethrower before they get close

Swarmers are tiny creatures that have their power in numbers. They seem to be only small reanimated pieces of flesh and don’t have the most distinct appearance. They’re a nuisance, though, and can widdle your health significantly.

The more swarmers there are, the faster your health will diminish. Shaking them off is the only defense, and using area weapons is more effective when they approach you.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 1 & 2
  • Attacks: Charge, Organic exploding bombs
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis, Line Gun (lower tool), Pulse Rifle

Brutes are larger necromorphs created from a more significant number of corpses. They have distinctively tough armored skin with great strength and offputting speed you won’t see coming.

These enemies can deal considerable damage. You can find their weak points on the back as yellow glowing tissue. Stasis is highly necessary during battles against Brutes to access these weak points.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 1, 2, & 3
  • Attacks: scythed appendage slash, Exploding embryo pods
  • Best Weapon to use: Flamethrower or Line Gun

The Guardians are interesting immobile necromorphs that are fused to walls of important entrances and other locations throughout Dead Space. They’re unavoidable and have an eerie sound that will disarm you with fear. They spew acid and have tentacles that can be shot to destroy them.



  • Appears in: Dead Space 2 & 3
  • Attacks: Poison Gas emission
  • Best Weapon to use: Plasma cutter or melee for ammo conservation

The wheezers are a testament to the creativity of Dead Space as they are an enemy that doesn’t attack you. Instead, they wheeze in a room in a kneeling position and fill the air with toxic gas.

Until they’re killed, the gas will start to poison, but you can quickly kill them because they never attack. Wheezers are a nice break from the aggressive aliens. They serve the necromorph species with a single purpose, contamination of the air.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Suicide bombing
  • Best Weapon to use: Statis, Force Gun, Kinesis launch

Suicide-bombing is an enemy theme in Dead Space, where necromorphs will sacrifice themselves to do maximum damage. The exploders travel towards you with a chilling restricted high-pitch throat sound.

They often move together and have a sizeable glowing tissue bomb to be used to kill themselves and you. Shoot the bomb arm, and then use your kinesis to pick up the bomb and launch it at other exploders in the area, or shoot it before they reach you!


  • Appears in: Dead Space 1, 2 & 3
  • Attacks: Intense speed, strangulation, Decapitation, & assimilation to seize control of the host body
  • Best Weapon to use: Line Gun, Rocket Launcher, Flamethrower

The dividers are an innovative and simplistic creature that will take you by surprise. They have the unique ability to split into different segments after being shot.

This maneuver gives them a fighting chance against other organisms after being dismembered, and watch out for the small head with tentacles as it can cut off your head and become your head! Yes, you read that right.

Dividers are deceptively lethal and very fast. When divided, these more miniature aliens are known as “Creepers” because they creep up and replace your head!



  • Appears in: Dead Space 2 & 3
  • Attacks: Quick slash, unpredictable ambush in numbers
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis, line gun on the legs

These are perhaps the most unsettling types of standard necromorphs with an interesting twist. They have malfunctioning stasis modules that make them move lightning fast. If you’re a fan of Marvel, I’m talking about Flash fast here.

They have erratic and unpredictable movements, providing a challenging target for even the most elite players.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 2 & 3
  • Attacks: Sharp Claw slash, Corrosive bile spew
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis, Line gun, detonator

Pukers are a type of Necromorph that is best known for their ability to spew acid that causes damage for a certain period. They also have incredibly sharp claws for eviscerating close-up.

They are known for playing a supportive role by spraying acid when you are dealing with other enemies.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 2
  • Attacks: Brute Strength physical attacks and Bladed tongues
  • Best Weapon to use: Line Gun, pulse rifle

These three-legged monstrosities pack a punch much like the brute species. They are known for attacking with great strength and physicality but also have blades on their tongues that can slice through flesh.

It would help if you noted some fleshy yellow weak points to make them more manageable. Focus on eradicating their arms for a smoother kill.

The Pack

The Pack

  • Appears in: Dead Space 2
  • Attacks: Bone Claw Slash, Attacks in high numbers
  • Best Weapon to use: Flamethrower, pulse rifle, stasis

The pack consists of necromorphs that have been formed using the reanimated corpses of children. They aren’t mighty alone and can be easily killed, but that’s why you never see them hunting by themselves.

Their great numbers are the gimmick here, and it can be challenging when you need to reload and they keep appearing. They work through proper coordination to target and overwhelm unsuspecting prey.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 2 & 3
  • Attacks: Coordinated aggression, Charge Headbutt
  • Best Weapon to use: Seeker rifle, Contact Beam, Stasis

These are the raptor-like necromorphs you’ll need to watch out for if you’ve never played. They behave similarlyto velociraptors and are highly intelligent and strategic when planning an attack. They have large daunting claws and prefer tactical stealth over the direct approach.

However, they will charge you in a deceptive manner after distracting you with calls. Flanking attempts should be expected, so watch your back during these encounters and keep your guard up while taking note of their adaptive sophisticated behavior.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 2
  • Attacks: Explosive pods when triggered
  • Best Weapon to use: Plasma cutter at a distance

Living organisms spread throughout the Dead Space world in sometimes tricky locations. Cysts consist of a bulbous mass that emits a pod when you are near that triggers a deadly explosion.

Make sure to eliminate the cyst at a safe distance because it can generate another explosive pod. I guarantee you’ll get hit with cysts playing Dead Space; they’re unavoidable in your first playthrough without prior experience.


Dead Space Wiki – Fandom
  • Appears in: Dead Space 2 & 3
  • Attacks: Bladed arm slash, Acid bomb projectiles
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis, Ripper

Spitters have sharp-bladed arms that are deadly in close-combat scenarios. However, they shine when it comes to the powerful acid bomb that makes them  long-range fighters.

They are created from the corpses of females and have relatively fast speed, so stasis might be necessary to prevent them from spewing acid.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 2
  • Attacks: Suicide bomb explosion at close-range
  • Best Weapon to use: Force Gun

These are another variation of infant hosts with a more minor appearance. They are highly bloated and pack a punch with an explosive fluid filling the sack. You want to kill these from a distance, especially if there’s a large group to multiply the damage. They have fused legs which is why they crawl around disturbingly.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Homing explosive necromorph projectiles
  • Best Weapon to use: Contact Beam

Nests are another type of necromorph created from a female host corpse. They are fused with at least one other corpse and are known for their prominent glowing appendages, bulbous shapes, and a mass of flesh that dangles underneath.

It’s a lethal enemy that is also defensive at times if you get too close. These nests release swarms of other glowing necromorphs that hone you and explode on impact.



  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Melee weapons and continued mutation
  • Best Weapon to use: Motorized pulse rifle

These aliens appear to be human at first, often wearing the clothing of any host and retaining their original form. They are known for using standard weapons at times.

Their appearance constitutes oozing eyes with an eerie glowing mouth. You will commonly see them utilizing normal melee weapons. Fodders have the unique ability to continue mutating after being thoroughly dismembered.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Physical hits in great numbers
  • Best Weapon to use: Force Gun

These enemies are smaller and attack in higher numbers because they’re weak. They originated from hosts that were consuming the flesh of necromorphs. You will notice their almost skeletal appearance and immense agility immediately as they charge to attack. They are blind but have a remarkably enhanced sense of hearing.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Brutal Physical attacks
  • Best Weapon to use: Line gun on the legs, Stasis to slow Incinerator oven to kill

This was a special breed of necromorph created by the prominent scientist Dr. Challus Mercer. It is a more powerful version of the slasher with the ability to regenerate limbs.

You won’t want to waste ammo on hunters, and most of the time, you’re running away from them in dread. Instead, use stasis to slow them down and get away quickly.


Dead Space Wiki – Fandom
  • Appears in: Dead Space 1, 2, & 3
  • Attacks: Slows movement speed, reduces oxygen, poison gas
  • Best Weapon to use: Larger Cannons

This is the largest necromorph, but it’s not directly lethal to any other life. Instead, it is supportive by altering the ecosystem and nurturing ideal conditions for the species to thrive.

The corruption changes the habitat by emitting poisonous gas, making other life impossible to sustain itself. It plays a crucial role in efficient, widespread necromorph infection facilitation.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 1, 2, & 3
  • Attacks: Tentacle grab
  • Best Weapon to use: Action commands, pulse rifle

Additional tentacles appear during boss fights, and they might be alone or part of a larger entity. They have been known to have crushing power and can also sweep you off the ground to do damage.

Isaac Clarke, the main character, was eaten by a giant necromorph due to being grabbed by one of these. He is grabbed by random tentacles throughout the series, and sometimes you never find out the source.


  • Appears in: Dead Space
  • Attacks: Tentacle swing, pods, and organic bombs
  • Best Weapon to use: Line gun or pulse rifle on glowing weak points

This is a giant boss found in food storage on the USG Ishimura, and it is a sight to behold. The boss has a few tactics, including launching bombs, swinging tentacles, and constantly spawning pods to do extra damage. The Leviathan is a boss that requires patience, so observe when the weak points appear and capitalize to bring this horror down!


Dead Space Wiki – Fandom
  • Appears in: Dead Space
  • Attacks: None
  • Best Weapon to use: Defense cannon in the story

This stationary necromorph is essentially a giant mass of tissue with five giant tentacles. At some point during the story, you’ll need to clear this mass in space as one of the objectives to get a clear communications signal.

You will fight the slug utilizing the asteroid defense cannons for greater strength and precision to deal with its interference.

Hive Mind

  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Large crushing tentacles, Acid projectiles
  • Best Weapon to use: Contact Beam, Rocket Launcher

The Hive Mind is an oversized boss in Dead Space with incredibly daunting features and is perceived to have telepathic influence over the necromorphs on Aegis VII.

It’s a sizeable worm-like alien with giant tentacles and the ability to shoot deadly projectiles. It can also shoot acid bombs. The weak points are a few yellow orbs that are easy to spot during combat.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 2
  • Attacks: Physical attacks, stalk, grab
  • Best Weapon to use: Ripper, Line Gun, Stasis

The Tormentor is a powerful enemy that resembles a normal necromorph but is much larger and more robust. It has long arms and resembles a serpent with fangs and spiked tissue on its body.

It is a relentless and intelligent monster that torments Isaac with incredible strength and the ability to withstand firepower from a gunship.


Dead Space Wiki – Fandom
  • Appears in: Dead Space 2
  • Attacks: Regeneration, Claw Slash, Grab & Bite
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis, Line Gun

The UberMorph is another necromorph that can effectively regenerate itself after sustaining a lot of damage. It has no prominent human traits and is very similar to the slasher. It has a bulky appearance and can stalk prey easily. It’s not invincible like the Hunter was for a time. Complete incineration is the best method against regenerative enemies.


  • Appears in: Dead Space: Extraction
  • Attacks: Chemical Spew
  • Best Weapon to use: Plasma cutter(Secondary variation)

These necromorphs are winged creatures that usually appear in groups and can be challenging to shoot because of their evasiveness. They are made of an upper torso and have similar qualities to an ocean stingray. It’s comprised of different human body parts contorted to fly and fueled by two human lungs used for chemical production.


  • Appears in: Dead Space: Aftermath
  • Attacks: Grab with sharp teeth
  • Best Weapon to use: Line Gun

Grabbers are another form of the stationary type and have the ability to attack you with extended necks to grab you with many sharp teeth. Grabbers are deceptive because the host body looks normal until they attempt to capture you. They utilize the host’s spinal cord with a serrated blade to do incredible damage.



  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Explosive Pustules
  • Best Weapon to use: Stasis, Pulse rifle, Launching Kinesis explosions

Medusas have a similar function to the nests and have multiple enemies to confront. They are found in zero gravity areas and make getting around tricky while shooting homing missiles that chip away at your health.

Medusas are unique because they are not regenerated. Instead, they are a derivative of another elusive life form found on another planet.


  • Appears in: Dead Space 3
  • Attacks: Ambush, assimilation, corpse reanimation
  • Best Weapon to use: Flamethrower, Force Gun

These are more tiny necromorphs that can swarm a dead host body to reanimate it. They also actively hunt the living to take control of their bodies.

They resemble small swarms of spiders and are deadly when working together to further the species with corruptive capabilities.


Question: How scary are the Necromorphs from Dead Space?

Answer: Dead Space is a prominent horror classic powerhouse of genuine bone-chilling horror. Aliens have never really scared me over the years, but Dead Space is the potent exception that struck fear into my heart at every turn. You never feel more alive with adrenaline as you do in horror games, but this game is a masterpiece that will undoubtedly scare you out of the chair. I suggest you wear headphones for the most immersive experience to appreciate the soundscapes and jump-scares.

Question: What is the most challenging Necromorph to deal with?

Answer: The most challenging Necromorph tends to be the regenerative Hunter because it is impossible to kill initially, but there is a way to incinerate him for good later on. Also, keep an eye out for ranged necromorphs that can inflict temporary status effects like slowed movement speed with acid. Projectile damage adds up and aids the closer enemies to finish you off, so if you can snipe them down first, it makes the process easier. 

Question: Do you need to play Dead Space before playing the others?

Answer: Honestly, I wouldn’t touch Dead Space two or three until you play the original. It might be worth waiting for the remake to come out soon, but I recommend trying the base experience because it’s way ahead of its time. The graphics and immersive and impeccable soundscape look amazing for a ps3 game. Dead Space 2 and 3 are more on the action side, and the original is the most treacherous and bizarre in the series. Playing it will give you an accurate perception of the horror roots.

Question: When is the Dead Space Remake Coming out?

Answer: You can expect to gain access to the thrilling Dead Space remake early in 2023, although the date might be subject to change. This is a highly anticipated release, and it might contain new necromorph variations you’ve never seen before!

Conclusion: Dead Space boasts the most versatile & petrifying aliens in gaming history!

Dead Space contains a remarkable variety of enemies that will stimulate the darker side of your imagination with intense appearances that make you drop the controller in paralyzing fear. You’ll always ask, “What in the world is that!?” around every corner with new maniacal foes.

These aliens don’t mess around; the lore surrounding them is fascinating. One of the best qualities of Dead Space is its ability to bring alien traits to life with subtle movements, noises, and unique attacks.

Each Necromorph displays a specific function, and you will have fun discovering the ideal ways to eradicate them efficiently.

My favorite weapon is the ripper because it helps save ammo and rips them to shreds before you feel helplessly ambushed. Dead Space creatures draw from elements of past sci-fi movies, and you will enjoy their diversity.

Dead Space a psychological survival horror experience designed to be the most chilling alien game ever made. It certainly stands out as one of the older horror franchises that many people were afraid to play for good reason.

Don’t worry, though. You can forge a powerful arsenal to combat their devious and aggressive strategies. I hope you have enjoyed learning about the Necromorphs from Dead Space and are more confident facing them head-on!

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