Find Wood Valheim Guide

Find Wood Valheim Guide

Wood is one of the most valuable resources in Valheim. You need it from the moment you begin crafting to the very end of the game when you believe you have it all. You will use more wood than hide, stone, and berries combined. Not only is the basic wood used for crafting dozens of items, but there are also other types of wood that you can unlock later on. Here’s our Find Wood Valheim guide with everything you need to know about wood in Valheim.

What Is Wood In Valheim?

  • Building – use wood to build your first structure, and for almost every structure in the game
  • Crafting – you need wood to craft dozens of items, tools, and more
  • Smelting – wood is required to fuel smelters, which melts valuable down metals
  • Cooking – you need wood in every cooking station for the food to cook
  • Warming – you can warm up and get the Rested effect if you sit by a fire fueled with wood

Wood is an essential resource that you can obtain in a few different ways. It’s a good idea to keep wood with you at all times. If you want to build almost anything, you need at least a Crafting Station, which requires wood to make. Wood isn’t just an early game resource. You will use wood at every stage in the game.


Types Of Wood In Valheim

Type Of Wood Biome Harvest With Required Boss
Wood All Stone Axe (or better) None
Fine Wood Meadows, Plains Bronze Axe (or better) Eikthyr
Core Wood Black Forest Stone Axe (or better) None
Ancient Bark Swamp Bronze Axe (or better) Eikthyr
Darkwood (made with Tar) Plains Hand None

Every type of wood is valuable. While you won’t use Ancient Bark early game, you will use basic wood even late game. So never stop farming it when you have the chance. Keep every type of wood at your base at all times.


  • Pick Up Branches – the first thing you should do when you land in Valheim is gather stones and branches you find on the ground. The branches can be picked up by hand. You can use this to make a stone axe.
  • Chop Bushes – you can either chop the bushes down or punch them down if you can’t find branches. These yield a small amount of wood but don’t take much stamina to break down.
  • Beech and Fir Trees – Beech and Fir trees give the most wood. You can cut them down with a stone axe, and they won’t provide any other type of wood.
  • Pine Trees – Pine trees are primarily for gathering Core Wood. They are more difficult to cut down, but you can cut them down with a stone axe.
  • Birch and Oak Trees – Birch trees give a lot of Fine Wood and some regular wood. Oak trees give a lot of Fine wood and a lot of regular wood. Cut down any Oak tree you find; it’s always worth it.
  • Ancient Trees – Ancient trees give Ancient Bark, but they also drop some regular wood too. The ratio is generally about half and half.
  • Greydwarves – If you kill a Greydwarf, they can give you wood, Greydwarf eyes, and Resin. Please keep all of these things as they will come in handy later on when you need a ton of Greydwarf eyes.
  • Tearing Down Buildings – the buildings you find in the wild can be torn down to give you wood and other resources. They can also be built up, saving you resources and giving you bases all over the world.

Regular wood is extremely valuable. While it is plentiful, there is an order in which you will likely gather it. Regular wood can be found in any biome, but there are certain trees that cannot be cut with a stone axe. Though the likelihood of you being stuck in a biome that you aren’t ready for is low. I suggest not visiting the next biome until you have defeated the boss of the previous biome.

Fine Wood

Birch and Oak 

  • Birch and Oak – Birch and Oak trees both produce a great amount of Fine Wood. Birch is meant for Fine Wood, while Oak has equal amounts of Fine Wood and regular wood. You need a Bronze Axe to cut down these trees.
  • Shipwrecks – if you’re in the Black Forest, stick towards the shore, and you may find shipwrecks. You can use a stone axe to cut down the shipwreck, which yields Fine Wood. There will also be a treasure chest inside.
  • Domino Trees – you can cheese some Fine Wood early game by knocking down regular trees and having them fall in the direction of the Fine Wood trees. This is a great strategy for early game Fine Wood.
  • Troll Attack – a Troll can knock down trees like Birch trees. Lure the Troll to one and stand behind it. This is a dangerous method, but if you can dodge it at the right time, it is efficient.

Fine wood is a great mid-game resource. You can’t farm it traditionally without defeating the Meadows boss, Eikthyr. If you like to keep things looking nice in your base, then you need plenty of Fine Wood stacked up.

Core Wood

  • Pine Trees – the only way to get Core Wood is to cut down Pine Trees. You can grow your own Pine Trees if you plant Pinecones, but the only way to find them in the wild is to cut down the Pine Trees.

Core Wood is easier to obtain than Fine Wood, but it does require a visit to the Black Forest. As of right now, there’s not a lot to make with Core Wood, and it works as an addition to most recipes.

Ancient Bark

Ancient Trees

  • Ancient Trees – Ancient Trees are found in The Swamp, and when harvested, they drop Ancient Bark. This is the only tree that drops Ancient Bark.
  • Sunken Crypts – after you defeat The Elder in the Black Forest, he will drop Swamp Keys that can be used to scavenge crypts in the forest. These crypts

Ancient Bark is found in the Sunken Crypts and by cutting down Ancient Trees. You won’t need this type of wood for a long time but when you find it, go ahead and start stacking up so you have it when you do need it.


While you can’t find Darkwood in the wild, you can make Darkwood structures and furniture by using tar and wood. You will have to visit the plains and drain tar pits in order to get tar. The tar pits can be drained by redirecting the tar into a larger body of water.

What To Make With Wood In Valheim

Each type of wood can build something different. The list is quite extensive, but I’ve listed every item you can make with wood aside from a few basics that I’ve noted below with an explanation.


Regular wood is required to build a crafting station, which you need to build almost everything else. So the first thing you should do is build a crafting station. If you want to create weapons, it needs a roof and walls. If you want to build structures, then the bench can be uncovered.


Antler pickaxe

  • Antler pickaxe – the first pickaxe you will get in Valheim. It is used to harvest stone, tin, and copper. With these, you can get bronze. These three metals will get you through the majority of the game.
  • Bronze axe – can harvest any wood or be wielded as a weapon
  • Flint axe – the second axe you will get in the game, which works better than the stone axe
  • Hammer – the first item you will make, which is necessary to build anything else
  • Hoe – a tool that can be used to level land, pave roads, and landscape
  • Stone axe – the first axe


  • Bone tower shield – decent mid-game, non-parrying shield
  • Bronze atgeir – unique polearm
  • Bronze buckler – parrying shield
  • Bronze mace – one-handed spiked club
  • Bronze spear – can be thrown or wielded with two hands
  • Bronze sword – the first sword
  • Butcher knife – can only deal damage to tamed animals and is used as a euthanization weapon
  • Club – simple, early weapon that is easy to make
  • Copper knife – a fun short-ranged weapon that you can either do combos with or jump attack for three times the damage.
  • Crude bow – a simple bow
  • Fire arrow – arrows that do fire damage
  • Flint knife – a simple version of the copper knife
  • Flint spear – a simple version of the bronze spear
  • Flinthead arrow – stronger than the wood arrows
  • Iron atgeir – stronger than the bronze atgeir
  • Iron axe – strong axe that will do well for the majority of the game
  • Iron mace – stronger than the bronze mace
  • Iron sword – great sword until you unlock the silver sword
  • Ironhead arrow – strong arrows for any fight
  • Silver arrow – very strong arrows
  • Silver knife – second strongest knife in the game
  • Silver sword – second strongest sword in the game, though it also does spirit damage
  • Wood arrow – simple arrows, only required wood
  • Wood shield – entry-level parry shield
  • Wood torch – starting item you don’t have to craft, lights the way and cannot be repaired
  • Wood tower shield – entry-level blocking shield


There are too many structures to list here, but you can create everything you need for a house with wood.

Fine Wood

Fine Wood

Fine wood is a pretty wood that you can use to create some mid-to-late-game items. It is used to make most of the best weapons and tools in the game and is also used for almost all housing items. Items of a similar class, such as seating and beds, do not stack Comfort.

Tools And Misc

  • Blackmetal axe – the best axe in the game
  • Tankard – ornamental item for drinking mead
  • Portal – my favorite item in the game. Name two portals the same thing, and you can use them anywhere on the planet
  • Longship – a fast, difficult to control ship with four extra seats and 18 storage slots
  • Karve – a small, easy-to-control ship with two extra seats and four storage slots
  • Bonfire – a large fire that should be used outdoors. It doesn’t go out in the rain and can be used to cook a lot of food at once
  • Cartography table – a map table that allows players to share their map progress and map markers


Abyssal harpoon 

  • Abyssal harpoon – a weapon that allows players to hook onto non-boss creatures and drag them towards the players. Its primary use is to drag sea serpents to land, so their items don’t sink.
  • Abyssal razor – a decent knife
  • Banded shield – good parry shield, but not great
  • Blackmetal atgeir – best atgeir
  • Blackmetal knife – best knife
  • Blackmetal sword – best sword for most enemies
  • Black metal shield – best parry shield
  • Black metal tower shield – best blocking shield
  • Dyrnwyn – a flaming sword that can only be spawned in by admins.
  • Finewood bow – second bow you will get. This bow can last the entire game if upgraded
  • Huntsman bow – a great bow that is easy to make once you get iron
  • Iron tower shield – good blocking shield
  • Mead horn of Odin – unobtainable item sent to beta players. It is purely for fun and used to drink mead
  • Porcupine – one of the two strongest “clubs” in the game, made with mosquito needles
  • Serpent scale shield – similar in strength to the black metal tower shield with resistance to piercing damage. Plus, it looks amazing
  • Silver shield – great mid-game shield that you can use the entire game


  • Adze – upgrades Workbench
  • Butcher’s table – upgrades Cauldron
  • Blast furnace – smelts rare metals
  • Fermenter – used to make mead and potions
  • Forge cooler – upgrades Forge
  • Pots and pans – upgrades Cauldron
  • Spinning wheel – turns Flax into Linen Thread
  • Tool shelf – upgrades Workbench


Armor stand

  • Armor stand – used to display armor, increased Comfort by 1
  • Bench – double seating that increases Comfort by 1
  • Banners – colorful banner that increases Comfort by 1 but does not stack
  • Treasure Chest – fancy chest that can’t be used for storing items
  • Ward – protects your base from other players
  • Wolf adornment – small wood-carved item to decorate house
  • Wood dragon adornment – small wood-carved item to decorate house
  • Raven adornment – small wood-carved item to decorate house
  • Raven throne – throne that provides 3 comfort
  • Reinforced chest – storage chest with 10 slots
  • Round table – darkwood table that provides 2 comfort
  • Stool – seating that provides 1 comfort
  • Table – simple table that provided 1 comfort
  • Carved Darkwood divider – gorgeous room divider
  • Chair – simple chair that provided 1 comfort
  • Darkwood chair – chair that provided 2 comfort
  • Darkwood gate – large gate
  • Dragon bed – bed that provides 2 comfort
  • Fine wood stack – decorate stack of wood
  • Item stand (horizontal) – wall hanger that holds one item
  • Item stand (vertical) – wall hanger that holds one item
  • Long heavy table – darkwood table that provided 2 comfort
  • Personal chest – nearly indestructible chest that only the player that built it can access

Core Wood

Core wood is a hard wood that you can only get by chipping down Pine Trees in the Black Forest. It isn’t used to create a lot of items, but it is necessary for a few key items.


  • Bronze pickaxe – great pickaxe for taking care of the first three metals
  • Cultivator – tool that you need if you want to garden or plant trees
  • Iron pickaxe – the best pickaxe in the game. It can harvest any metal


Finewood bow

  • Finewood bow – decent bow, but not the best
  • Stagbreaker – enjoyable knockback weapon. It is considered a club.


  • Bonfire – a large fire that should be used outdoors. It doesn’t go out in the rain and can be used to cook a lot of food at once
  • Core wood stack – decorative stack of core wood
  • Log beam 2m – short horizontal beam
  • Log beam 4m – medium horizontal beam
  • Log pole 2m – short vertical beam
  • Log pole 4m – medium vertical beam
  • Sitting log – cute sitting bench that increased Comfort by 1
  • Sharp stakes – great for protecting your base against enemies
  • Butcher’s table – upgrades Cauldron

Ancient Bark

Ancient Bark is not a wood that you will need early game. In fact, you can’t gather the other materials needed for these items until at least mid-game. You need to visit the Swamp to gather most of the ingredients for the Ancient Bark items, which is where you will find the bark.

Weapons And Armor

Ancient bark spear

  • Ancient bark spear – not the best spear, but the second-best
  • Battleaxe – the basic two-handed axe
  • Crystal battleaxe – battleaxe that does a lot of damage, with extra spirit damage
  • Draugr fang – the best bow in the game, and thus, my favorite weapon in the game
  • Fang spear – best spear in the game
  • Frostner – my second favorite weapon in the game. This frost hammer destroys Bonemass and is fun to use otherwise.
  • Iron buckler – best buckler
  • Iron sledge – good hammer with great base damage, but doesn’t have the extra first and spirit damage that Frostner has
  • Root harnesk – chest piece that is weak to fire but strong against pierce, the entire set gives added bow skill
  • Root leggings – leggings that are weak to fire, the entire set gives added bow skill
  • Rootmask – mask that is weak to fire but resistant to poison, the entire set gives added bow skill


  • Bonfire – a large fire that should be used outdoors. It doesn’t go out in the rain and can be used to cook a lot of food at once
  • Butcher’s table – upgrades Cauldron
  • Longship – a fast, difficult to control ship with four extra seats and 18 storage slots


Black metal chest

While you can’t harvest darkwood, there are items that are called darkwood items. You make them by combining wood and tar. 

  • Black metal chest – largest chest, providing 32 slots
  • Carved Darkwood divider – gorgeous carved room divider 
  • Darkwood arch – gorgeous carved arch
  • Darkwood beams – dark beams of varying sizes
  • Hot tub – tub that provided 2 comfort if heated, can provide Comfort even if wet
  • Long heavy table – huge table that provided 2 comfort
  • Raven adornment – carved raven decoration
  • Round table – table that provided 2 comfort
  • Shingle roof – eight pieces that allow different angles than the standard roof pieces
  • Wolf adornment – carved wolf decoration 


Question: Can You Get Fine Wood Without A Bronze Axe?

Answer: The only way to get Fine Wood without the Bronze Axe is to have a troll or another tree knock it down. This is a slow process but if you get the hang of it, you can get Fine Wood before the game wants you to. 

Question: How Many Different Woods Are There In Valheim?

Answer: There are five different woods – regular, fine, core, ancient, and darkwood. Darkwood is a type of wood, but you have to make items using tar, which is found in the Plains.

Question: How Do You Unlock More Wood Items In Valheim?

Answer: After each boss, a few items unlock. But most items are unlocked by finding the ingredients in the wild. You learn to make items whenever you collect the ingredients needed to craft them.

Finding Wood In Valheim Made Easy

If you can chill early game and pace yourself, then the game will be much more enjoyable. The best way to find each wood is to chop down each different tree that you can. If you can’t chop it down, then wait until you defeat the next boss or until you find the metals needed for the next axe. 

Valheim isn’t a game that you need to rush. You can take your time and find things whenever they find you. Stress less and enjoy the journey that each biome takes you through. And don’t forget to listen to the crow. Hugin knows what’s up.

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