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Dead by Daylight Legion Guide

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Every game of Dead by Daylight plays out differently depending on what killer is being used. Each Dead by Daylight killer comes with a unique ability and a stable of perks that allow them to hunt down survivors with various tactics and methods.

This forces survivor players to react to the killer in every match while also requiring killer players to master different playstyles for every character they want to use. This gives players more choices and introduces a learning curve that can be difficult to get over by oneself. Luckily, in this Dead by Daylight Legion guide, we’re going tos hare everything there is to know about playing Legion.

Key Info Up Frontp

  • Name: Frank, Joey, Julie, Susie
  • Realm: Ormond
  • Power: Feral Frenzy
  • Movement Speed: 4.6 m/s
  • Personal Perks: Discordance, Iron Maiden, Mad Grit
  • Difficulty: Easy

Legion Overview

Unlike most killers in Dead by Daylight, Legion is a group of serial killers who don a mask and similar uniform to hide their identities. They are a strong killer that is good for beginner players that focus on rushing down vulnerable survivors and killing them before they have time to react or escape. This makes them a frightening killer to play against as you can severely punish them for simple mistakes.

The Legion began when Frank, a bright and charismatic but troubled child, was passed around between foster families starting when he was six. Eventually, he was adopted by a man named Clive Andrews, an alcoholic who burned away the Family Services checks he got for Frank at the bar in Ormond.

In Ormond, Frank met Julie, a beautiful girl that was as sick of the dull town as he was. At Julie’s parties, Frank ran into the impulsive Joey and Julie’s friend Susie, both of which were younger than him and were easy to influence because of it.

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As the group hung out more consistently, Frank started organizing them to perform petty crimes like vandalism, bullying local kids, and minor thefts. He repeatedly pushed their boundaries, seeing how far he could take them while also grooming them to do everything he told them to do.

During one robbery at a store that had fired Frank just before, a cleaner was unexpectedly there who tried to stop what was happening. Without thought, Frank stabbed the man in the back before forcing his three friends to finish the job with the same knife.

The four tried to hide what they did by burying a body up on Mount Ormond. While they did so, the fog of The Entity claimed them, leaving their families to assume that they all ran away with Frank.

Overall, the town of Ormond was happy to see the disruptive teens go until they discovered the hidden body on the mountain that cued them into just how sinister the group of delinquents had become.

Legion Perks

Like all characters in Dead by Daylight, Legion comes with three personal perks. Each tie into Legion’s killer design while also being unlockable to use on other killers for powerful combinations. The perks that can only be unlocked with Legion are:


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This perk reveals the aura of any generator that is being repaired by multiple survivors while within 64/96/128 meters, depending on the perk’s rank. When this perk is triggered, it also plays a loud noise notification, and the aura remains for four seconds after the generator falls to one or no survivors working on it.

Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden is all about turning lockers in your favor. It allows Legion to open lockers 30/40/50% faster depending on the perk’s rank, but it also punishes players for using lockers. This is done by making them scream when they exit the locker, afflicting them with the Exposed status effect for 30 seconds and revealing their location for four seconds.

Mad Grit

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Mad Grit works to make Legion more lethal than usual while carrying a survivor, helping them always be a dangerous force on the map. First, it removes the cool-down on missed attacks while carrying a survivor. Secondly, it pauses the carried survivor’s wiggling progression by 2/3/4 seconds when you hit another survivor, depending on the perk’s rank.

Legion Abilities

Legion’s primary weapon is the hunting knife that they used to murder the cleaner that fateful night. Their ability is called Feral Frenzy. When their power gauge is filled, they can activate the ability to dash forward and quickly slice through multiple survivors in a terrifying chain of attacks.

It increases their movement speed to a frightful 5.2 m/s and gives them access to their Feral Vault and Feral Slash abilities while stopping them from seeing survivor Pools of Blood and Scratch marks.

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Feral Vault allows Legion to jump over any Pallet or Window to make them more vicious in chases. It has an action time of 0.9 seconds, keeping any survivor from ever feeling fully safe. However, it is the Feral Slash that makes Feral Frenzy particularly powerful.

Each time Legion hits a survivor with a Feral Slash, they are put into Injured State and are given the Deep Wound status effect. If the survivor already has Deep Wound, Legion is taken out of Feral Frenzy.

Hitting survivors with a Feral Slash also boosts Legion’s power gauge to keep them in Feral Frenzy longer, increases their movement speed, and marks all survivors in their Terror Radius without Deep Wounds through Killer Instinct.

If Legion is able to chain together five successful Feral Slashes, the final survivor hit is put into Dying State. Legion also drops out of Feral Frenzy if they miss a Feral Slash.

Feral Frenzy can also be modified to the player’s preferences by equipping two of these add-ons for any match:

Rarity Add On Description
Common Smiley Face Pin Afflicts survivors that heal themselves with the Deep Wound status effect with the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds.
Scratched Ruler Reduces the time it takes for Legion to recover from using their power by 5 seconds.
Mischief List Increases the duration of Feral Frenzy by 2 seconds.
Friendship Bracelet Increases the duration of Feral Slash lunges by 0.3 seconds.
Uncommon Never-Sleep Pills Increases the duration of Feral Frenzy by 10 seconds, makes the movement speed of Feral Frenzy 4.6 m/s and gives 100 bonus Bloodpoints for each successful Feral Slash.
Mural Sketch Boosts the stack-able increase in movement speed from successful Feral Slashes by 0.3 m/s with a maximum of 1.2 m/s
Julie’s Mix Tape Instantly refills the Power Gauge when stunned during Feral Frenzy and adds a new layer of music to Legion’s Terror Radius and chase music.
Etched Ruler Afflicts survivors are hit with a Feral Slash with the Oblivious status effect for 60 seconds.
Defaced Smiley Pin Afflicts survivors with the Deep Wound status effect heal themselves with the Mangled status effect until they heal again.
Rare The Legion Pin Afflicts survivors with the Deep Wound status effect heal themselves with the Broken status effect for 60 seconds.
Susie’s Mix Tape Increases the detection radius of Legion’s Killer Instinct by 20 meters and adds a new layer of music to Legion’s Terror Radius and chase music.
Stolen Sketch Book It makes any survivor hit with a Feral Slash after the first drop of their held items.
Stylish Sunglasses The auras of survivors healing themselves within 24 meters of you are revealed.
Joey’s Mix Tape Afflicts survivors with the Deep Wound status effect that heal themselves with the Haemorrhage status effect until fully healed and adds a new layer of music to Legion’s Terror Radius and chase music.
Very Rare Stab Wounds Study Reveals the aura of any survivors afflicted with the Deep Wound status effect that heal themselves for four seconds.
Frank’s Mix Tape While Feral Frenzy increases the action speed of breaking walls by 30% and damaging Generators by 20%. Makes performing these actions pause the Pawer Gauge while adding a new music layer to Legion’s Terror Radius and chase music.
Filthy Blade Increases the time it takes for survivors to heal by 4 seconds.
BFFs Gives Legion tokens for chaining together Feral Slashes. The first Feral Slash rewards no tokens, with each successful Feral Slash after that rewards 1, 2, 3, and 5 tokens. If Legion has at least 15 tokens when the Exit Gate are powered, Legion is given 4% Haste when not using Feral Frenzy.
Ultra Rare Iridescent Button Makes Feral Vaults break the Pallet it was used on.
Fuming Mix Tape Makes Generators not being repaired start regressing immediately and reveals the progression of Generators in the intensity of their auras while using Feral Frenzy. Also adds a new music layer to Legion’s Terror Radius and chase music.

Legion Builds

As a killer, Legion excels at quickly chopping through a group of survivors. While outside Feral Frenzy, they are not a fast killer, requiring successful players to push survivors together and cut through them all at once.

To do this, here are some great builds for Legion that will help you learn the character while getting some wins under your belt.

Beginner Legion

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This build is all about learning the fundamentals of playing Legion. So, it uses all of its perks while slotting in a perk from the Trapper to round things out. If you don’t have the Trapper perk unlocked, replace it with any perk that weakens survivors with more status effects or fits into your personal play style. The perks for this build are:

  • Discordance: Reveals the aura of any generator that is being repaired by multiple survivors while within 64/96/128 meters, depending on the perk’s rank.
  • Mad Grit: Removes the cool-down from missed attacks while carrying a survivor and pauses wiggle progression when hitting a survivor successfully.
  • Iron Maiden: Allows Legion to open Lockers faster while also revealing the location of survivors that exit lockers.
  • Sloppy Butcher (Trapper): Afflicts survivors hit with a basic attack with the Haemorrhage and Mangled status effects until they fully heal, increases the frequency they bleed and increases the progression lost on incomplete healing.

For add-ons with this build, you can use anything that catches your eye. However, add-ons that afflict survivors with additional status effects work very well with it.

Do any that increase your time or efficiency in Feral Frenzy to help you get more used to landing Feral Slashes.

Intermediate Legion

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This build requires a few more base killer perks but is a strong one for players to use once they are a bit more comfortable using Legion. This build works to cover Legion’s innate weaknesses while also boosting his strengths to make him more effective against experienced survivors. The perks used in this build are:

  • Discordance: Reveals the aura of any generator that is being repaired by multiple survivors while within 64/96/128 meters, depending on the perk’s rank.
  • Sloppy Butcher (Trapper): Afflicts survivors hit with a basic attack with the Haemorrhage and Mangled status effects until they fully heal, increases the frequency they bleed and increases the progression lost on incomplete healing.
  • Bitter Murmur: Reveals the auras of all survivors within 16 meters of a Generator when it is completed for 5 seconds. It also reveals the auras of all survivors when the last Generator is finished for up to 10 seconds depending on the perk’s rank.
  • Spies from the Shadows: Gives the killer a loud noise notification when survivors startle Crows within 20/28/36 meters of you, depending on perk rank.

For this build’s add-ons, you should do with any that help you find them or hinder their efforts. This can be through ones that make it harder for them to heal, give them more status effects, or ones that reveal their auras. You can also use ones to help you get more from your Feral Frenzies if you need them.

Advanced Legion

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This build ditches all of Legion’s personal perks to make them incredibly lethal by helping them hunt down survivors quickly across the map by revealing their auras. For this build, however, players will have to know how to use their abilities to their maximum efficiency, especially without the help of having their perks.

This build also uses all perks from other killers, so you’ll have to be an experienced killer to use it. For this build, you should equip these perks:

  • Barbeque & Chili (Cannibal): Reveals the auras of all survivors for 4 seconds after putting a survivor on a hook as long as they are 40 meters or more away. Also gives the killer a stack-able 25% bonus to Bloodpoints for each survivor hooked for the first time.
  • Hex: Undying (Blight): Reveals the auras of survivors by Dull Totems and transfers the hexes of other cleansed totems to the Hex: Undying Totem.
  • Hex: Ruin (Hag): Makes all generators regress up to 200% faster when they are not being repaired, depending on perk rank.
  • Thanatophobia (Nurse)Afflicts all survivors with a stackable penalty of 4/4.5/5% to their Repair, Sabotage, and Cleanse speeds depending on the perk’s rank.

For this build, you should focus on increasing the effectiveness of his Feral Frenzy to help him reach the survivors he’s tracking down next. This makes add-ons such as Stolen Sketchbook, Mural Sketch, Defaced Smiley Pin, and Iridescent Button strong options to take.

Legion Do’s and Don’ts


  • Pressure the generators as much as possible to keep survivors on their toes and make finding them easier.
  • Move as quickly as possible while using Feral Frenzy.
  • Be patient to wait for survivors to group up to get the most out of your Feral Frenzies.
  • Use your perks to close the gaps when chasing survivors.
  • Slow survivors down as much as possible with status effects.
  • Make sure to check in on all generators throughout the match.
  • Keep an eye on which survivors have Deep Wounds and don’t to get the most out of your attacks.
  • Chase players frequently to keep them off Generators.
  • Target weaker survivors before others.
    Image from Fandom


  • Get too invested in chasing one survivor for too long.
  • Allow the game to reach its later stages where the survivors can split up enough to make things harder for you.
  • Allow yourself to get baited or distracted by survivors.
  • Don’t waste your time stalking too much.

Legion Trivia

  • Legion is the only killer in the game that can be multiple characters.
  • Legion only has two voices that depend on the gender of the selected character and a robotic voice for the Atlas Flint Mask or Covert Hoodie cosmetics.
  • Legion was the first killer to be able to vault over Pallets.
  • Survivors can listen for a rumbling noise to know when Legion’s Feral Frenzy is fully charged.
  • The Legion’s logo is made up of the silhouettes of each member.


Question: How much does Legion cost in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: The DLC that includes Legion costs $6.99 or 18,000 Iridescent Shards.

Question: How old is Susie in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: Susie is the youngest member of Legion that was taken when she was only a sophomore. At the time of the game, she is only 16 years old.

Question: What kind of knife does Legion use in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: Legion uses a common hunting knife with saw teeth on its back and a textured grip.


Legion is far from being a top-tier killer in Dead by Daylight through various nerfs and rebalances, but they can still be very effective if played well. Their aggressive and speedy play style is also fun to learn and experiment with, making picking them up a great option for newer players.

Legion’s perks are also very useful to have on other killers in the game, so even if you don’t want to main Legion, it may be worth picking up their perks for another character with one of the above builds.

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