Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Guide

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Guide

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Dead by Daylight thrives partly because of its stable of unique killers and survivors. Each one brings its playstyle and unique quirks to the table for players to master and unleash on other players. It did not take long for the asymmetrical horror game to also start including some of the biggest horror franchises ever through paid DLC chapters. SawStranger Things, and Silent Hill have all been featured for crossovers, but one of the most interesting is Dead by Daylight‘s Resident Evil chapter. Let’s begin our Dead by Daylight Resident Evil guide by looking at some of the key details.

Key Info Up Front

  • Killer: Nemesis
  • Survivors: Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine
  • Map: Raccoon City Police Department
  • Price: $7.19

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Chapter Overview

Most Dead by Daylight chapters include a new killer, survivor, and map. However, the most important elements of the chapters are the new killer and survivor, as they bring new ways to play the game and new unique perks that can be shared with other characters. But the Resident Evil chapter goes one step further to offer two of the series’ biggest characters as new survivors.

The chapter comes with a unique charm that can be equipped on any character, the Nemesis killer and the Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine survivors. So, before you decide whether or not anything in the chapter appeals to you, we need to look at what each one brings to the table.

Nemesis Overview

Nemesis Resident Evil

Nemesis is an iconic villain from the main Resident Evil series that has terrified countless players with his menacingly slow walk toward them. He is an ever-present menace as he stalks the player throughout the map, bringing that same terror to Dead by Daylight.

Nemesis brings the unique T virus that he can use to power himself up and infect survivors. His special attack is a tentacle strike that must first be charged up before whipping out at a range to hit survivors. Survivors that are hit become contaminated with the virus if they aren’t already, damaging their health and raising Nemesis’ mutation rate. The only way to clear the contamination is to find one of the randomly spawned vaccines across the map and reveal its location to the killer when used.

The mutation rate of Nemesis is only displayed on his screen and has three tiers. It starts at the first tier, but at the second tier, his tentacle strike can break pallets and weak walls, while at the third tier, its range is dramatically increased.

Nemesis is also a unique killer because he comes with AI zombies that spawn across the map. The number of zombies that can be present at one time is limited. Still, they can attack survivors to contaminate them or damage their health if they are already contaminated.

Nemesis himself can also absorb zombies with a tentacle strike to get a quick boost to his mutation rate. Survivors can kill zombies by dropping pallets on them, but a killed zombie will eventually be replaced with a new one.

Nemesis Perks

Nemesis Perks Resident Evil

Like all killers, Nemesis has three unique perks that help define his playstyle. As players play with him and level him up, they can also be unlocked in the Blood Web to be equipped on other killers as well. Nemesis’ unique perks are below.

Lethal Pursuer

This perk reveals the location of every survivor in the game to the killer for a brief period of time at the start of the round. After that duration is done, it has no effect.


This perk makes it so that when the killer puts a survivor in the injured state, all injured survivors in the game are afflicted with the oblivious status effect. Oblivious prevents players from hearing the killer’s terror radius for the duration, making it much easier to sneak up on other survivors. However, once Hysteria is activated, it has a cooldown before it can be started again.


This perk makes it so that it becomes marked with a yellow outline when the killer damages a generator. Then, once the killer puts a survivor into the dying state, all of the marked generators explode. The explosion massively regresses their repair progress and gives any survivors working on it the incapacitated status effect, which prevents them from interacting with any objects for the duration.

Nemesis Strategy

The main strategy with Nemesis is to delay the survivors’ progress as much as possible. He can be played in a more traditionally aggressive fashion. Still, real success with Nemesis is found by slowly spreading the T Virus, hampering survivors’ progress, and letting the virus down them and erode their resources.

To do this effectively, you’ll want to keep track of your zombies and use them to your advantage by chasing survivors into them. This will either allow you to control where they go better or help your zombies get a free hit to contaminate them or take out some of their health.

While playing as Nemesis, you should take full advantage of his tentacle strike. To do this, you should first only use it for ranged attacks, as it is woefully inaccurate up close. This will also help you hit survivors that may think they are safe or are about to get away from you. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your mutation rate to know when you can use it to break pallets for easier chases or hit survivors from greater distances.

You should also take full advantage of his Eruption perk to keep the survivors from making too much progress and to cause chaos for them. This is a powerful tool to use just before you chase down a player, as it will prevent them from interacting with certain objects across the map. If you’re going to play Nemesis, you can also take advantage of items and ribbons to buff our zombies if you want to play around them, making them a much more significant threat to survivors.

Leon S. Kennedy Overview

Leon Resident Evil

Leon is one of the most iconic Resident Evil characters from games like Resident Evil 2 and 4. Suppose players would rather represent a different favorite character from the series. In that case, Leon also has a skin available separately in the Dead by Daylight store that makes him look like Chris Redfield.

Leon S. Kennedy Perks

Leon also has three unique perks that are great for putting on other survivors when they are unlocked. His perks are:

Bite the Bullet

This perk helps Leon stay hidden while healing. It cancels all noise and sounds that survivors normally make when healing so that the killer can’t hear him while also canceling the noise notification that usually plays when failing a skill check while healing.


Flashbang is a unique perk that allows Leon to create usable flashbangs to stun the killer. To do so, Leon first has to complete a certain amount of generator progress, after which he can go into a locker with his hands empty and create a flashbang by pressing the action button. This will equip him with the flashbang for him to use.

Rookie Spirit

Rookie Spirit is activated after the player completes a certain number of good or great skills checks while fixing generators depending on its rank. When that is done, the player can see auras for every generator across the map that is losing repair progress from not being worked on.

Leon Strategy

Players should focus on repairing generators and supporting their fellow survivors when playing as Leon. His Bite the Bullet perk is the least useful of his three, so you should replace it with something else that helps him with generator repairs while making sure to use up your items to get flashbangs as much as possible.

While focusing on repairing generators, you should get flashbangs and use them as frequently as possible. They can either save yourself from being pursued or help cover other survivors while they heal or are being chased. You also should use Rookie Spirit to see what generators need to be worked on to stop them from regressing, allowing him to keep on top of them better than other survivors.

There are various build options for Leon that players can choose from. Players can add the Kindred, and We’ll Make It perks to Rookie Spirit and Flashbang to help them fulfill a strong support role. Leon can also play a support role by focusing on stunning the killer and keeping them occupied as much as possible by equipping the Flashbang, Head On, Inner Strength, and Decisive Strike perks. If you instead want to focus on keeping generators from regressing as much as possible, you should equip the Rookie Spirit, Better Together, Prove Thyself, and Sprint Burst perks.

Jill Valentine Overview

Jill Valentine Resident Evil

Jill Valentine is a skilled special forces agent from Resident Evil 3, a strong debuff survivor who can make things a nightmare for killers. Through a legendary character skin, Jill can also look like Claire Redfield for her fans.

Jill Valentine Perks

Jill’s perks focus on helping her survive longer and make things harder for the killer. Her three perks are:


This perk allows Jill to cleanse totems faster than normal. Whenever you cleanse a totem, you also get a permanent slight increase in your speed when cleansing totems for the rest of the game while also revealing the aura of the furthest totem from you.


This perk gives Jill a chunk of healing progress whenever they get down from a hook, allowing them to heal much faster afterward.

Blast Mine

Blast Mine is a trap perk that gives Jill a trap to place on generators after she makes enough progress repairing generators. These traps have their aura revealed to all survivors and explode when the killer tries to sabotage them, stunning them momentarily.

Jill Strategy

With how much of a headache Jill is for many killers, you will have to be prepared to be focused on by killers if you will play her. So, you’ll want to keep an eye out for them and know how to survive chases before picking up Jill Valentine. However, this can be counteracted by having to pair her with other survivors that can help stun or distract the killer while Jill does what she does best.

Jill’s perks related to totems and generators mean that she is usually best used to debuff the killer as much as possible. You should quickly race around the map to destroy any and all totems, to remove them from the game early on. Then, you can focus on generators to prepare traps and punish them for trying to sabotage their progress.

If you want to focus on placing Blast Traps and distracting the killer, you’ll want to pair them with the Dead Hard, Resilience, and Self Care. For a build that focuses on cleansing totems, you’ll want to combine Counterforce with Inner Strength, Resilience, and Dead Hard. Suppose you’re going to play Jill alone. In that case, you may want to focus on boosting your healing efficiency by equipping the perks of Resurgence, Solidarity, Botany Knowledge, and Adrenaline to keep you and your teammates topped off on health.

However, if you’ve unlocked Leon’s perks to use with other survivors, you can also make an enjoyable build that can keep killers stunned for incredible amounts of time. For this build, you’ll take Leon’s Flashbang perk and Blast Mine, Red Herring, and Head On. This build is not the most efficient or effective, but it can be fun to play, especially with friends.

Raccoon City Police Department OverviewRaccoon City Police Department


This chapter’s exclusive map takes players to Resident Evil‘s iconic Raccoon City Police Department from Resident Evil 2. The map should please most diehard Resident Evil fans as it is incredibly faithful to the original layout of the police department with just a few alterations to help it work better in Dead by Daylight. The map is centered around the main lobby and has two wings going in opposite directions on two floors.

The map, however, has a contentious history in Dead by Daylight. Its dedication to staying authentic to the original is a fantastic treat for fans, but it also causes some problems in Dead by Daylight‘s gameplay. The map was temporarily removed as it caused the game to crash too frequently, but it has since been added back to the pool of maps in matchmaking.

However, the map still has issues for killers and survivors alike. Players have reported that the map is a maze that is difficult to navigate, too densely populated with objects that get in the way while running during chases, and is so easy to get lost in that players have a hard time even making it back to the lobby at its center. Players have also reported that they have difficulty finding generators to repair or even getting to hooks with survivors on them despite seeing their aura.


Question: Is the Resident Evil chapter free in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: No, the chapter has to be purchased separately from the store of whichever platform you play on.

Question: Why does Nemesis say Dead by Daylight in Dead by Daylight?

Answer: This is a fun easter egg because of how entering the menu of a Resident Evil game is always accompanied by a voice saying the game’s title.

Question: How tall is Nemesis in Deady by Daylight?

Answer: Nemesis’ model in the game is roughly 7’3″ tall.


Dead by Daylight‘s Resident Evil chapter has great content for players to experiment with and for fans of the iconic series to enjoy. Being able to play as Nemesis is an excellent treat for fans that have spent hours running away from him while visiting Raccoon City Police Department can be beautiful despite sometimes being frustrating. Its survivors also bring some fun new perks for builds while also bringing some of gaming’s most iconic characters to the world of Dead by Daylight.

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