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Sons of the Forest Best Weapons: Ranked By Effectiveness From Least To Greatest

Sons of the Forest adds exciting weapons to the sequel and gives new efficient ways to defend yourself against ravenous cannibals and disturbing creatures.

Endnight Games developed it, and Newnight was the publisher of what turned out to be another bullseye for the series. Since you’re a military contractor in this game, there are more versatile and deadly weapons to explore to have an advantage over any threat.

Knowing what the game offers before diving in can help you prioritize certain ranged or melee weapons over others. However, it’s OK to use the lesser items at times for convenience and survival.

I was impressed with the arsenal they offer in the sequel because it has been enhanced significantly. I’m proud to serve as your Sons of the Forest weapons expert to walk you through which ones are worth your time.

Some stand out more than others, and here we will discuss the strongest and most useful ones. Going out of your way to acquire them will take effort, but the ones on this list pay back in full.

Let’s start so you can begin surviving and thriving through the nightmarish forest with weapons that will make the most brutal enemies cower in fear!

Selection Criteria

Let’s examine why I selected these best weapons and enlighten you on my decisions. Remember that every weapon has perks, and I don’t want this list to diminish any other craftable items.

Some stand out and give you an edge over brutally horrifying cannibals and demented monsters. You can choose whatever playstyle you deem fit with these potent weapons, but I advise a healthy balance between ranged and melee attacks where logical.

Enemies in the distance can be thinned out if approaching with a ranged weapon very quickly, and melee weapons help you conserve ammo and can take care of immediate threats.

Which weapons you choose and how you use them is up to you, but I’m here to ensure you know how I chose them and why they’re more viable for completing the game. Here are the criteria I have selected for the best weapons in Sons of the Forest:

  • All weapons must have good damage, stopping power, or a helpful survival trait.
  • Most must be effective at dealing with challenging enemies.
  • All weapons are the best in their category. (Ranged & Melee)
  • The weapons list must give versatility.
  • All must improve your overall survivability & confidence.

Defining The Best Weapons In Sons Of The Forest

Where would a survivalist be without a trusty machete or brutal shotgun to mow down the weeds in the forest? I’ll let you fill in the blank.

Hopefully, that thought was motivation to use these incredible weapons to your advantage and put out the fires of anxiety regarding this tense survival horror experience. The game gives you more than enough to get through, but it can be easier if you know where to look.

Speaking of which, here is a weapons location video in case you can’t find one. You can click on specific points where each weapon is found without problems.

Some things can be missed, but I’ve included the locations so you can discover them all. My favorite of these weapons is the Katana for its power and Eastern aesthetic appeal.

I guarantee you’ll grow attached to one of these weapons as your go-to, and that’s fine.

I encourage you to test them out to find your unique extermination style. Let’s get into my ranked weapons list for Sons of the Forest so you can discover & use them today!

#16 – Stun Gun

Stun Gun
Image from Fandom
  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: It’s found on the right path within the cave, where you discover the rebreather.

The stun gun is essentially a ranged version of the stun baton and will cause enemies to fall straight to the ground in a helpless convulsion. Remember that damage is minimal, but sometimes it doesn’t matter because this can be useful in subduing enemies.

Afterward, you can pull out another weapon to finish the job. Immediately incapacitating an enemy is invaluable, even if the damage is lackluster.

This tool is terrific in multiplayer because it allows you to stun enemies from a distance while your friends eradicate them without a fight.

#15 – Craftable Spear

Craftable Spear
Image from Fandom
  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Can be crafted

The craftable spear made it here because it’s an item you can make early in the game and helps when surviving. It doesn’t have good damage as many on this list do, but it has a redeeming trait worth discussing.

Sons of the Forest is about surviving, which means you’re protecting yourself, but also finding food & shelter to cover your basic needs. A craftable spear is an excellent tool for hunting animals efficiently to stay alive.

You can easily throw it from a distance without startling them if you have no other ranged weapons to shoot.

Remember, this is not a weapon for dealing with multiple cannibals simultaneously, and you will die if you try it. You can probably kill one or two, but there is a chance that the spear will remain stuck in their body as they flee.

It shines most as an excellent convenient hunting tool that you should consider using.

#14 – Stun Baton

Stun Baton
Image from Fandom
  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Go to the rope gun cave, and you’ll notice a pile of skulls where the stun baton can be found.

The Stun Baton does some damage, but it’s very minimal. Where it shines is in its stopping power against charging enemies.

I know we have all been there were walking home from the bar when a cannibal tried to rob you of your flesh. In that case, having a handy Stun Baton will do the job and allow you to escape.

I include it on this list because it is a valuable team weapon when playing on multiplayer servers.

It’s an excellent strategy for one player to use the stun baton on enemies while others kill them. It makes the process easier when utilizing this tactic. It’s also a decent tool to use in a single-player run.

There’s something satisfying about giving them a real shock to the system as they are paralyzed in fear and pain while the electricity surges through their veins.

#13 – Modern Axe

Modern Axe
Image from Fandom
  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Within a cannibal camp, From the maintenance shaft, across a stream, it’s the same room as the maintenance keycard.

As I mentioned, there will eventually be a suitable upgrade for your axe, which manifests in the Modern Axe.

It is a much more considerable variation of the tactical axe and can perform the same functions. It will slash through enemies more efficiently and help you chop wood for building a house or base. This Modern Axe is a lumberjack’s best friend and takes down enemies quickly without hassle.

It will cover many of your basic needs when surviving in Sons of the Forest. Don’t be fooled by the lack of attack speed. That’s to be expected with larger weapons in most games, but the silver lining is that you kill them quicker anyway because of significantly increased damage.

Use this Modern Axe when you acquire it because it will aid in keeping you alive with better efficiency and faster material harvesting.

#12 – Tactical Axe

Tactical Axe

  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Found within your starting gear (GPS)

As a starting tool/weapon, the Tactical Axe might not seem much on the surface level, but it will inevitably become an initial staple before you can upgrade. It is reliable and handy for chopping down trees in the surrounding environment for crafting.

It can also be used as an effective weapon that will devastate intrusive & aggressive enemies. Since it’s an early-game axe, you must use it before you obtain something more powerful. It’s an excellent tool to keep on hand.

#11 – Molotovs


  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Craftable

As survivalists, we all know that feeling of being overwhelmed and surrounded by countless enemies.

Thinking on your feet is part of the game, but ranged weapons like the Molotov will help you make the task a lot easier. They are instrumental in covering a wide radius and causing fire damage to multiple foes at once.

You may need to move around a bit to get a better position before throwing to maximize its potential, and it takes practice to execute the most effective throw. Molotovs can also be conveniently crafted, and it’s always wise to have at least one ready to light up and burn the life out of all enemies.

They are great at weakening stronger foes immediately at the start of the fight so you can finish them off quicker. Everyone should be using Molotovs in Sons of the Forest, as neglecting their saving power and wide radius would be a grave error.

#10 – Machete


  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Just east of the rebreather cave, you can find it stuck into an inflatable raft on the beach.

I’ve always been one to use a machete if it appears as a weapon in any game, and here is no exception.

I think you’ll appreciate this brutal melee weapon in this particular experience. This weapon can be utilized for combat & crafting, so you get the best of both worlds.

The cutting arc is fast, making it a reliable choice that’s hard to compete with. The machete is worth going out of your way for, and the game rewards you with more security after obtaining it. Slice through enemies and keep them at bay with this incredibly sharp imposing weapon.

#9 – Firefighter Axe

Firefighter Axe

  • Type: Melee
  • Location: The same cave where you discover the maintenance keycard. It’s on the wall within a case of glass.

You can upgrade to an even better axe known as the Firefighter Axe. This is worth picking up during your story progression and will make a tremendous difference when dealing with larger groups of close-range enemies.

It dishes out more significant damage and will get the job done, being a more enhanced axe that Firefighters utilize for getting through doors quicker and optimizing rescue procedures. You can also rescue yourself from harm using this tool. 

It can be used to chop down wood efficiently, and it’s a needed upgrade that will help you with more brutal enemies in the later parts. Try not to overlook its location because it’s somewhat easy to miss in the case of glass.

I guarantee it will help you up your game against the hoards of cannibals and give you an added safety net with superb damage. You will never fear close encounters again with this exquisite professional Firefighter Axe.

#8 – Chainsaw


  • Type: Melee
  • Location: It’s found in the exact cave where you discover the guest keycard

Typically in horror, it’s you running from some chainsaw lunatic like Leatherface, but you can turn the tables here and use this messy yet dismantling weapon for your protection.

Some weapons may not be for everyone, and the chainsaw fits into that category. Not because it’s ineffective but because you may want to consider another one if you have a weak stomach.

The chainsaw is very gory, as you would expect, and it does the job by cutting limbs clean off. It’s not just the standard enemies who are easily killed with the chainsaw, but also more prominent enemies who have a tough time against this dreaded tool of destruction.

Aside from the bloody mess cutting through the savages, a chainsaw can also be used for cutting trees, believe it or not.

That’s right, and you can maximize your potential when harvesting wood to build an epic base that will keep you safe with enough space. The chainsaw is a must-have if you intend to do a larger build, as it will save you much time.

#7 – Katana

Image from Fandom
  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Check the southeast part of the map, and it’s a GPS point of interest (Level 2 Green)

The Katana is my favorite weapon in the game, but it’s not easy to obtain since it’s one of the best.

One of the most notable qualities is the satisfying speed that can slice like lightning and take out aggressive foes on your way through the story. The damage is also incredibly rewarding and makes you feel like there is nothing to worry about.

Of course, that could be seen as a con for a survival game, but you must earn the right to use it. You won’t just get the Katana handed to you without a trial. Be prepared for a lengthy encounter as you fight your way to unlock it at the GPS point.

Once obtained, you can get through any close-range enemies with no sweat. The Katana stands out to me as one of the more satisfying weapons, and it also was in the first game. You’ll enjoy using it because it’s undoubtedly one of the best!

#6 – Pistol

Image from Fandom
  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Travel to the west beach off the coast and discover an orange raft marked by a purple locator. There you will find the pistol.

There is nothing like having a trusty pistol to give you confidence and deadly precision when killing ruthless cannibals.

As with any survival game, a firearm is a precious find, and this pistol should be on your list of ones to discover. Now I don’t want you to go crazy with this weapon because there are some drawbacks to keep in mind with firearms.

Yes, it’s lethal and will kill enemies with ease, of course. However, it will also make a loud sound and inevitably attract more nearby cannibals who will hunt you down based on where the shots were fired.

It’s wiser to use firearms in emergencies, such as if you need to clear a path, but there are many enemies. Using the pistol at the right time is the key to success here, and sparingly is usually the better option.

#5 – Revolver


  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Maintenance Bunker C

At some point, you can acquire the revolver, which is essentially a more robust version of the pistol.

This power exchange comes with the drawback of having only six rounds before the need to reload. Additionally, it can’t be upgraded, but it is still one of the better weapons in the game and is worth exploring its potential.

Despite the smaller clip, it has plenty of stopping power and quickly terminates enemies.

This revolver also uses the same ammo as the pistol. Please pick up the revolver in your game; it will be practical and aesthetically pleasing with a timeless vibe that makes it fun to shoot.

#4 – Pump-action Shotgun

Pump-action Shotgun

  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Dig up a grave in the Northwest while following the purple GPS locator.

No arsenal would be complete without the shotgun. This weapon laid the foundation for survival horror gaming and continues to grace our games with a kiss of death for all enemies.

The shotgun is by far the most effective crowd-controlling ranged weapon in the game, with the ability to deal incredible damage and eliminate annoying group ambushes.

It would help to keep your shots at close range for maximum damage output. The shotgun undeniably shows the cannibals who’s boss, and you will never want it to leave your side.

It’s relatively easy to acquire, and you will need the shovel before trying. Your journey will be much more secure with a trusty shotgun to clear the path to escape in one piece.

#3 – Magnum


  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Inside a hidden bunker near the caves at the spawn point, and requires a shovel to access.

The magnum will be more powerful than the pistol, and it’s a welcome upgrade. There’s nothing wrong with carrying them around for extra security, though.

It dishes out vast amounts of damage and is one of the most potent weapons in Sons of the Forest. That is if you can find it in the hidden bunker.

Check out the magnum location, and ensure you have a shovel to access the area. It will be worth the time to acquire this legendary weapon. Everyone feels more comfortable with a magnum, and this weapon should be high on the list of priorities.

It is a health dissolver, so pick it up if you want your enemy encounters to go smoother from now on.

#2 – Crossbow


  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Within the hydroponic garden room, it’s in the cave where you acquire the VIP keycard.

You’ll most likely construct the craftable bow at the beginning of the game. You’ll have to make do with this for the time being until you can later upgrade to the worthy Crossbow. This hefty weapon is way better and will shoot lethal arrows to damage all enemies deeply.

You will immediately notice the difference in accuracy because this crossbow is equipped with a clear sight so that you can see the target better and not waste shots. Another notable upgrade is the increased damage compared to the standard craftable bow.

Here’s the kicker regarding the crossbow that sets it apart from firearms; it’s incredibly silent so that you won’t be alerting any nearby cannibals. This makes it suitable for stealthy killing and hunting in any given area while avoiding detection.

The stealth reality makes hunting much easier because you can kill animals from afar, and they won’t know what hit them.

The crossbow is considered one of the most helpful survival weapons ever made because of its stealth and versatility, and this is apparent in Sons of the Forest, making it a wise option for the prudent.

#1 – Compound Bow

Compound Bow

  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Examine the southwest corner in maintenance shaft B containing the green GPS interest point.

The compound bow also stands out as an alternative to the crossbow and has some unique features.

It’s a mighty ranged weapon that uses strong arrows to pierce enemies and damage significantly. The carbon fiber arrow is terrific, so always consider using this.

You also can craft stone arrows by collecting resources. Alternatively, you can print extra arrows using a 3D printer as needed.

This is not an easy weapon to acquire because it’s one of Sons of the Forest’s most versatile and best options. You will need the necessary tools like a shovel, zipline rope gun, & rebreather.

Getting to it will take some digging, but I highly recommend you spend the time. One final aspect of this weapon is that you can retrieve the arrows you shoot, so it’s suitable for ammo conservation.

Honorable Mentions

Small Axe

Small Axe

  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Within the emergency pack after the crash sequence in the beginning.

Don’t underestimate this small axe you get after the crash landing scene. It is incredibly versatile and fast for cutting down trees, slashing enemies, & cutting rope.

Its speed makes it an excellent initial weapon and will serve you well. The main perk here is that you won’t have to worry about long wind-ups for attacks and can slash away like there’s no tomorrow.

You can execute multiple hits in a small timeframe while getting to safety quicker when avoiding attacks.

Craftable Bow

Craftable Bow

  • Type: Ranged
  • Location: Craftable

It would help if you didn’t overlook the craftable bow in the game’s early stages.

Even if it’s not ideal, it enables you to survive and hunt. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be utilized before you can acquire the crossbow or compact bow. It is also silent and will make sure you are undisturbed when shooting.

Of course, you will need the necessary materials to craft this item, which can be found in the surrounding area. 



  • Type: Melee
  • Location: Find the cave located just west of the snowy mountain. It’s the same area as the zipline rope gun. You can locate it with GPS.

The cross is a unique religious relic that can be used to burn demons and frighten mutants. They will flee at the sight of it sometimes, and it can be useful for saving ammo.

Note that it won’t be very useful until the last section of the game because that’s when the demons appear. The cross will serve as a nice backup plan and is fun to use, making it worth mentioning.

It has a unique function that keeps the game interesting, and in this situation, you need all the help you can get.

Sons of the Forest Best Weapons:FAQs

Question: Should you use melee or ranged weapons more often?

Answer: There will be times when you should be using them interchangeably, but you can get away with settling for one or the other.

They’re best used according to each situation, which will happen as you play. Considering enemies can ambush you out of nowhere, it’s always good to have a melee weapon handy. It’s good to strike a balance between them throughout the playthrough.

Question: What is the most useful ranged weapon overall?

Answer: This is debatable, but I think the compound bow and the magnum stand out as tools of great power and versatility to take care of the most formidable enemies quicker.

All ranged weapons are helpful, but the compound bow is the supreme range weapon in my mind. Specifically, the carbon-fiber arrow will do incredible damage and make enemies feel like a walk in the park. Note it’s harder to obtain than the standard crossbow.

Question: What is the most effective melee weapon?

Answer: Two melee weapons are the definitive best in Sons Of The Forest. These include the Katana & firefighter’s axe. They are both exquisitely powerful and can dish out the pain for even the most formidable foes. They both cut through them like butter and do massive damage. I believe these are the most effective options regarding efficiency and reliability, but I lean towards the Katana being the greatest.

These Survival Weapons Will Keep You Alive & Well In This Cannibalistic Hellscape

Now you are equipped with the knowledge of all the best weapons you can discover or craft in Sons of the Forest.

I know they will come to the rescue at different points throughout the story, and it makes me happy knowing you’ll have an easier time. Be it ranged or melee options, this game offers you a more enhanced arsenal than the first title.

You will be equipped to handle threats while exploring the ominous forest that hides many disturbing secrets. The game rewards you for going the extra mile with some special weapons, as we examined here. You will have a better time if you take my advice and try to acquire them.

Many challenges await you, but now it will be more manageable with the best weapons to back you up. It has been a pleasure guiding you through each of these weapons and what makes them uniquely optimal.

Now get out there and survive with confidence & strategic precision while using them!

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