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Best Phasmophobia Mods That Will Breath Life Into Your Ghostly Adventure

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In the past few years, a few games have entirely captured the imagination of gamers worldwide for a relatively decent period of time. Games such as The Forest, Among Us, and even Minecraft through a recent resurgence. However, as amazing as all of these games are, the real dark horse that took everyone by surprise a short while ago was Phasmophobia

This indie title developed by an incredibly small team over at Kinetic Games took the world by storm in 2020 as the proximity chat function led to countless streamers caning the title for hours on end, catapulting the relatively obscure project into the stratosphere. 

Once gamers got their hands on the title, the base building, mission-style quests, and multiplayer elements of the game got their ghostly claws in deep, creating a massive and passionate fan base seemingly overnight. However, as this game is still in early access, there are still a few things that need to be ironed out before Kinetic can call it a day on the project and deliver a game that is truly complete and filled with the appropriate amount of gameplay that we all expect in 2023

In the meantime, while the developers lag behind the surging community, fans of the game have decided to take matters into their own hands, producing some amazing mods that you can download right now. 

In this guide to the best Phasmophobia mods, we are going to comb through some of the best mods currently out there for Phasmophobia, ensuring that you get the best gameplay experience of your ghost-hunting lives. Not all of these mods will be serious and fitting with the game’s horror-survival theme, but they’ll add a little bit of spice to your next game. So without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff.

How to Get Mods on Phasmophobia

How to Get Mods on Phasmophobia

To get mods up and running for your next game of Phasmophobia, simply follow these steps outlined below and get right into the thick of your next ghost-hunting expedition.

  1. First of all, you need to go to the Phasmophobia side of the internet’s favorite mod website – Nexus. From here, download the Vortex launcher. This will allow you to easily download and manage any Nexus mods and get them running on your game.
  2. While this mod manager will help you out a great deal, I am sad to say that a lot of the mods currently out for this game will require you to do a little bit more work with program files to get everything up and running. However, most of this will involve locating the correct files and pasting the correct data. Inevitably there will be a guide at the footer of every mod on this list detailing how to install them in the best possible way should Vortex not be an option.
  3. After this, everything should be plain sailing; however, should you be downloading and activating multiple mods at once, I recommend taking a download break every now and then to boot the game and ensure every mod plays well together.
  4. Lastly, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the development team over at Kinetic Games has recently taken a stand against modding in this game. Therefore, you should keep your activities solely offline to ensure you don’t run afoul of their team; they have been known to issue bans to players who have tried to mod their multiplayer game sessions.

Selection Criteria

The modding world of Phasmophobia is rich and constantly expanding. Due to this, the creation of this article was difficult. After all, only the best of the best should make their way onto your screen. 

To make sure this list is a collection of only the best pieces of content, I have set some ground rules for your reading pleasure. Let’s take a look: 

  • Every mod on this list is guaranteed to play well together at the time of writing this list. Future updates may change this. 
  • Some mods on the Nexus website are blocked behind a premium user section. Therefore, every mod on this list mod he available to the everyman Phasmophobia gamer. 
  • One of the core issues with Phasmophobia at present is the lack of content currently produced by the developers. Therefore, these mods must all add some form of replayability or hours of gameplay. 
  • To be included in this list, the mod must have an overall positive set of reviews to ensure that you all get the best of the best. 
  • These mods must have a reasonable storage requirement. Nobody wants to deal with hard drive space issues due to a couple of mammoth mods sucking up all the space and possible RAM power. 

Scooby Doo Edition

Scooby Doo Edition Phasmophobia Mods

  • Creator: BigManJD
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Models and Textures

With this mod, you can transform your common Phasmophobia experience, turning it into a rambunctious adventure for you and the rest of the Scooby gang. 

This mod changes a lot of visual elements in the game to make it feel as though you are in an episode of Scooby Doo, except the monsters and ghosts in this adventure are very real. Amongst other things, this mod changes the appearance of the van, character skins, and the sanity pills into “Antipsychotic Scooby Snacks.” Of course, a lot of other changes are also made to the base game, but it is best that you get the joy of experiencing these for yourself. 

I grew up watching and loving the entire Scooby-Doo franchise, so this mod is truly a beautiful amalgamation of two worlds that I did not expect to collide. If you grew up loving the franchise as I did, then this mod is definitely for you. 

Horror Ambiance

Horror Ambiance Phasmophobia Mods

  • Creator: Crunchyphasmo
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Audio

One of the biggest gripes I had when playing online and watching streamers play this game was the penchant for others to turn the entire thing into a comical farce. 

Of course, this is one of the big reasons that the game became popular; the hilarious possibilities that become possible with the proximity chat are incredibly hard to pass up to take the game seriously. However, when sitting down for a solo game session, I enjoy the juxtaposition of cranking up the horror elements in my solo playthroughs. With this mod, you can do just that. 

At present, this mod currently changes only the audio aspects of the game, changing various key sounds to ensure that every corner turned and use of the Ouija board is incredibly suspenseful at terrifying at times. After all, what is a horror game without a tremendous soundtrack/soundscape? 

No Crosshair

No Crosshair Phasmophobia Mods

  • Creator: VeeAylnln
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Models and Textures

In keeping with the previous mod on this list, the No Crosshair mod is a simple change to the base game that can make a world of difference to your overall experience. 

The removal of the Crosshair can help with a number of things. First of all, it will make all ghost hunting and eviction all the more difficult when you cannot get as accurate as you may be used to. Therefore increasing the difficulty of the game for those experienced ghost hunters amongst you. 

Secondly, the removal of the Crosshair makes your screen darker overall, removing the protection of the glowing white dot in the center of the screen. While it may not seem like much, this glowing refuge in the middle of the screen can help remind the player that it is all a game and you are safe. Removing this little helping hand can help you fall deeper into the ghost-hunting experience. 

This mod should only be used by people who are familiar with the base game enough to want a little bit more of a challenge and a possible change of pace. Once the crutch of a Crosshair was removed, I slowed down a whole lot more when exploring the various locations in the game. 

Light and Dark Reshade

Light and Dark Reshade

  • Creator: Fossu
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Visuals and Graphics

There are many great lighting mods out there for Phasmophobia. All of them endeavor to change the atmosphere of the game for the better, turning the low-level horror that you experience in the base game into something truly terrible that will definitely affect your sleep.

What I love about this mod, and the main reason that I have included it in our list today is that it comes with two modes, allowing the player to choose what type of lighting and tonal shift they want for their gameplay experience. Should you opt for the first option, the game will appear much like the base rendering and lighting. However, the dark areas of the game will be much improved, being turned into true black spaces, voids that countless creatures or ghosts could be lurking in. This is a welcome improvement when compared to the washed-out and blue-toned spaces that the base lighting pack gives the player for these same areas. 

If you decide to go with the Dark option, the game will be completely different from the base game in terms of lighting. The entire experience will be as dark and spooky as possible while still keeping a little light in suitable places to ensure that you still get the full effect of these lighting shifts as you explore the levels. 

Both of these options come with base lighting and graphical settings that suit the mod creator’s preferences to a tee. However, should you want to tweak everything or just one set just a little bit, the power is well and truly in your hands. While the developer is giving you these tools and their recommendations, they truly want you to experience the game in whichever way you like.

Phasmo Gadget

Phasmo Gadget

  • Creator: Shaklin
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Utilities

One of the more difficult aspects of Phasmophobia, whether you have just embarked on your first mission or consider yourself a seasoned ghost-hunting veteran, is identifying the ghost you are dealing with correctly. Each ghost type in the game requires the player to act differently to deal with it properly. Therefore, this nifty little tool helps push the player in the right direction by streamlining the identification process in numerous ways. The menu that this device presents the player with is simple and easy to understand, laying out a clear pathway and reason behind the decision that it has made.

Everything that this device does can be completed by the player via flipping through their book and reading each entry for the ghosts in question. However, with this device, a lot of this reading, comparison, and blatant guesswork at times is taken out of the equation, allowing the player to spend their time actually dealing with the ghost instead of doubting themselves and the choices they have made.

I really enjoyed this mod as it didn’t do anything I wasn’t capable of doing myself, but it did help to outline things that I may have missed or attributed to the wrong type of ghost. When you go onto some of the forums and Reddit threads regarding Phasmophobia and ghost detecting, these places are filled with players reporting how certain ghosts are nearly impossible to identify amongst all the red hearings that the game is known to throw your way. Therefore, anything that keeps gamers off of Reddit and in the game is worth a download in my book.

Phasmophobia Assistant

Phasmophobia Assistant

  • Creator: BoringLifeH
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Utilities

As with the previous mod, this quality of life mod allows the player to take more control over their gameplay experience, allowing you to create a game more in line with whatever experience you are craving on the day.

While you tweak certain aspects of your experience and make sure everything is just how you like it, you can also rest assured knowing that this mod is recording a lot of your in-game actions, allowing you the opportunity to look back at previous runs to see how you or your crew is improving over time. This mod is also supported in numerous languages, ensuring that gamers around the world can benefit from the tweaks and streamlining of this mod.

The beauty of this mod is just how streamlined and simple it makes the entire process. Everything from the specific level maps to the actual mission details themselves is laid out in plain black and white text for the player, making every aspect of the mission a known fact, helping you to prepare for your next ghostly encounter properly. After all, if you are going to be jumping headfirst into a ghost-infested, possibly life-threatening job, shouldn’t you at least know where the bathrooms are?

Ghostbusters Edition

Ghostbusters Edition

  • Creator: xxxDESPERADOxxx
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Visuals and Graphics

While we have already covered a Scooby-Doo overhaul for this game, it would be simply absurd to have a game about ghost hunting and possible eviction without including a Ghostbusters-themed mod somewhere on this list. 

While aspects of this mod might not be as supremely polished as the Scooby-Doo variant, this mod made me smile so many times during my run-through with it. The sheer amount of nostalgia this mod will bring to the slightly older players out there and those who fell in love with movies years after the original release is insane.

This mod works by reskinning a lot of the default textures in the game, turning them into tools and equipment that may be familiar to the Ghostbusting aficionados out there. One of the biggest attractions for me when deciding to download this mod was the vehicle reskin that actually turns your tired old ghost-hunting van into the actual car from the first film. This teamed with numerous reskins of the ghost hunting equipment and the Sanity Pills, make this entire mod a delight to experience. 

Sadly, the developer has announced that they no longer plan to release updates for this mod. Therefore, this masterpiece will only work without severe work on the user’s end for a short time frame before updates from Kinetic Games conflict with the mod.

Exorcist Reshade

Exorcist Reshade

  • Creator: OpethEthereal
  • Download Link:
  • Mod type: Visual and Graphics

Once again, this mod is for the horror fans out there who feel like the base game is not giving them the adrenaline spikes that they crave during their normal gaming sessions. The mod author himself speaks about his experience with Phasmophobia and why they decided to work on this mod to increase the horror elements of the game, they write, “My only gripe is that over time (especially playing CO-OP) the horror effect starts to dwindle. This game does a tremendous job audibly setting the atmosphere, but the Unity engine has a very bland and boring palette that doesn’t do enough justice for the horror genre. At least not without some work.”

To fix this issue, OpethEthereal decided that the best way to tick up that heart rate was to abandon the tired Unity color palette and replace the entire thing with something a little bit more old school, the black-and-white look. With this simple shift to B&W, the entire game takes on a new feel, helping to breathe life back into the game for players who have possibly sunk a hundred hours into it by this point.

Some elements of this are amazing when shown through the B&W lens. Anytime you come across the monitor or use the temperature gun is improved greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Are there any mods currently available for Phasmophobia?

Answer: At the moment, there are many mods currently out there and in the works for Phasmophobia. However, unlike many other more popular games, you still can find yourself limited in choice if you are looking for specific mods or changes to the base game.

Question: Can you get banned for modding Phasmophobia?

Answer: While the team behind Phasmophobia has become known for their serious attitude towards players who skirt or break the rules of their game, they are not directly after players who mod the game itself. Instead, they are looking for players who are directly creating an atmosphere that limits the game’s enjoyability for other players.

Therefore, if you are caught using exploits or other generally annoying behaviors in online games, you are likely to eventually receive that ban your actions have been crying out for. 

With this in mind, if you do manage to mod the game and bring these changes into an online game and negatively impact other players, a ban is possible for your account.

Question: How many players do you need to play Phasmophobia?

Answer: There is no requirement to bring in more players to play Phasmophobia. You can experience the game by yourself or with a few friends; the choice is entirely up to you.


Recently, the modding community behind Phasmophobia has taken a little break, leaving the community crying out for more top-quality mods instead of the more recent garbage that has found its way onto the Nexus site. Hopefully, in the months to come and after the game is developed a little more and progressed from the ‘Early Access’ stage, more fans will come back and experience the game again, creating that buzz around the title all over again. 

Despite this, the mods that I have listed here for you today are unquestionably brilliant and will add a great deal of fun and playtime to your Phasmophobia experience, ensuring that you don’t have to either wait for the development team or bite the bullet and actually learn to play another game for a long time. 

I really do hope that you enjoyed this article and found some of my suggestions helpful. Why not give some of the mods in this list a try and see how they change your experience for the better? What do you have to lose? Anyway, I hope to see you again soon, and I wish you good luck in all your ghost-hunting adventures. 

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