Warly Don't Starve Guide

Warly Don’t Starve Guide: The Shipwrecked Chef Cooking up a Storm


Don’t Starve is all about surviving the supernatural elements of the Constant, whether thats fighting off monsters, maintaining your survivor’s mental health, or keeping them nourished and fed. However, what would happen if you were to strand a talented chef on a desert island? Don’t Starve answers this question with Warly, a master chef who loves nothing more than service in a fine dining restaurant.

Don’t Starve have all kinds of tasty recipes, so who better to cook them than Warly? I’ve played a lot of Don’t Starve like a silly amount, and I can’t help but feel peckish whenever Warly cooks up a portion of Puffed Potato Souffle with Garlic Powder Seasoning! So without further ado, lets get cookin’!

Welcome to a Warly Don’t Starve Guide.

Key Details Up-Front

I’ve laid out all the important details here on keeping Warly alive and cooking and some of the strategies that best worked for me.

Warly has one of the highest Hunger stats in the game, allowing him to go a full two days without eating food with still a comfortable amount of time left to whip up a meal. However, this doesn’t mean you can goof off for a couple of days.

All meals cooked without using a Crock Pot have a penalty to the stats they provide for each time you eat the same dish within either 1.75 days or two days in Don’t Starve or Don’t Starve: Together, respectively.

Hunger Hunger Modifier Health Sanity
250 -1.33x 150 200

Here are some fantastic recipes to ensure Warly’s survival in the Constant:

  • Fresh Fruit Crepes
  • Meaty Stew
  • Meatballs
  • Fancy Spiralled Tubers
  • Volt Goat Chaud Froid
  • Moqueca

Warly’s Background

Klei Entertainment works magic when establishing the characters of Don’t Starve. In just two and a half minutes and no dialogue, you feel for Warly and would do anything to help him escape the Constant and get back to looking after his mother.

I wouldn’t say Warly is a major character within the Don’t Starve universe. However, his cooking skills and temperament make him a great ally for the rest of the survivors in Don’t Starve: Together.

But you’re probably thinking, why did Maxwell reach out to Warly from the Constant? Well, like the rest of the survivors in Don’t Starve, Warly was desperate to find a way to bring back his mother’s memory and would do anything to save her.

A Taste of Home

The Taste of Home animated short is one of the shortest videos Klei Entertainment has released. However, that does not make it any less powerful.

Dont Starve Warlys Mom
Image by Alex Maksymiw

The short starts in Angeline’s home (Warly’s mother). The colors are washed out, leaving only grey representing Angeline’s mental state. We see Warly enter the home caringly, placing a flower in a vase and greeting his mother. However, Angeline’s deteriorated memory makes Warly barely recognizable. His face and features are a blur of grey, and Angeline goes back to staring into nothing.

Taste Of Home Animated Short Don’t Starve
Image by Alex Maksymiw

Warly turns on a record player, and the sound of music swirls color around Angeline. She taps her hand in rhythm as a glimpse of her humanity returns. In the kitchen, Warly cooks up Mussel Bouillabaise, a recipe Angeline taught Warly how to cook when he was young.

With one spoonful, the colors of the world and Angeline’s humanity come racing back, and she looks on at Warly with delight remembering her caring son. However, Angeline’s memory soon deteriorates after leaving the bowl of the tasty Mussel Bouillabaise empty, and the once vibrant, colorful world returns to a dull grey.

Don’t Starve Warlys Mom
Image by Alex Maksymiw

The short then finishes with wisps of shadows and odd noises projected from the gramophone, and in a wisp of shade, Warly vanishes, taken to the Constant, his mother oblivious to the event.

Well, done, Klei Entertainment; within just two and a half minutes, you got me all teary-eyed! I think it’s top-notch storytelling how each of the survivors is unique to one another, but all have one thing in common. They all have tragic problems in their lives that they desperately want to solve this desperation and determination is what leads them to the Constant and be tricked by Maxwell.

Don’t Starve Warlys Mom
Image by Alex Maksymiw

The Cabinet of Curios

The Cabinet of Curios reveals that Warly quit his job as a sous chef in Paris to look after his aging mother. He would cook her meals that she once taught him and recall stories of their past. However, as time went on, Angeline’s grasp on her memory weakened, and it became harder for Warly to make her remember.

As Warly became more desperate to help his mother, he began hearing strange voices on the radio, likely Maxwell calling him to the Constant, and thats it for Warly’s story. As I said earlier, Warly isn’t a major character of Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve: Together as he doesn’t have as many ties to Maxwell as the original survivors like Wendy, Wilson, and, more recently, Winona and Wagstaff.

Cabinet of Curios Warly
Image by Alex Maksymiw

Don’t Starve Abilities

  • Enters the Constant with a Chef’s Pouch and Portable Crock Pot and can craft unique food recipes.
  • Warly has a “refined palette,” meaning that he benefits from 33% more Hunger and Sanity points from eating Crock Pot Foods. However, Warly’s Hunger drains at a 33% faster rate, and he takes penalties for eating the same dish within a 1.75-day timeframe.

There’s no doubt that Warly is a picky eater, and his Refined Palette passive and cooking habits can be tricky to remember, especially if you’re a new player. So I’m gonna break it all down for you; technically, you only need to cook two food recipes to keep Warly fed and sane. However, you must remember that Warly receives fewer Hunger, Sanity, and Health points from foods not cooked in a Crock Pot. Here is a breakdown of all the different types of food:

  • Raw Foods: Only receives 70% stat points, and any negative effects are increased by 30% from eating these foods
  • Dried Foods: Only receives 80% stat points, and any negative effects are increased by 20% from eating these foods.
  • Fire Cooked Foods: Only receives 90% stat points, and any negative effects are increased by 10% from eating these foods.

I mentioned earlier that Warly takes a penalty for the same types of food dishes that he eats within a 1.75-day window. You can still gain benefits. However, they will be reduced each time you eat them, starting from 10%, 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70%. To make matters worse, all negative effects from food will be increased by the same percentage, so Warly’s mega belly of 250 Hunger doesn’t seem so powerful now.

Warly’s Special Cooking Equipment

To help the player, Warly spawns in the Constant with a Portable Crock Pot in his inventory that can be placed on the ground. It works like a regular Crock Pot, but players won’t be able to fully utilize it until later in the game when they have better access to ingredients making the early game difficult for Warly as you will need to gather from a wide range of food resources. So no more stacking Berries or Carrots; the same goes for Limpets and Seaweed foods commonly found in the Shipwrecked DLC.

Warly's Special Cooking Equipment
Image by Alex Maksymiw

Now there’s a reason why Warly is such a successful chef; he learned the art of cooking from his beloved maman, and as a result, Warly has some secret recipes that only he knows how to cook.

  • Fresh Fruit Crepes: Requires 1.5 units of Fruit, 1 x Honey, and 1 x Butter. Consuming this sweet dish will restore 60 Health, 150 Hunger, and 15 Sanity.
  • Sweet Potato Souffle: Requires 2 x Raw Sweet Potatoes and 2 x Eggs; consuming this earthy dish will restore 20 Health, 37.5 Hunger, and 15 Sanity.
  • Monster Tartare: Requires 2 x Monster Foods, 1 x Vegetables, and 1 x Eggs; consuming this monstrosity of a dish will restore 3 Health, 10 Sanity, and replenish 37.5 Hunger.
  • Mussel Bouillabaise: Requires 2 x Mussels and 2 x Vegetables; Consuming this tasty seafood dish will grant Warly 20 Health, replenish 37.5 Hunger, and 15 Sanity.

Don’t Starve: Together Abilities

Considering Warly was released with the Shipwrecked DLC for Don’t Starve. He has had a major rework for his 2019 debut in Don’t Starve: Together. You may well know that you cannot play Shipwrecked, Reign of Giants, or Hamlet in DST. However, Klei Entertainment has introduced many objects and features from each DLC into the Constant in DST.

Nevertheless, if you’ve spent time playing Warly in Don’t Starve, I suggest you take some time to learn all about his new abilities and updates in DST because, let me tell you, Warly’s palette is all over the place.

  • Warly enters the Constant with a Portable Crock-Pot along with 1 x Garlic and 2 x Potato and can now craft the Portable Grinding Mill and Portable Seasoning Station.
  • Warly can only eat meals that have been prepared in a Crock Pot, and he will now remember meals for two days.
  • Warly’s list of signature dishes has been expanded, and some meals apply powerful buffs.
  • Warly’s Hunger drains at a 20% faster rate than other survivors.

Along with some big changes to Warly, the Portable Crock Pot now cooks meals 20% faster than regular Crock Pots, and the player will be able to craft additional Portable Crock Pots straight from Warly’s inventory using:

  • 2 x Gold
  • 6 x Charcoal
  • 6 x Twigs

Warly’s Mouth Watering New Menu

Warly’s list of signature dishes is expanded in Don’t Starve: Together, and thats a life savior. As of DST, Warly can only eat meals prepared in a Crock Pot! That’s right; there will be no Bear Grylls grub gobbling or campfire s’mores; nope, we’re dining in luxury.

Thankfully these delicious meals not only help recover from the hardships of the Constant but apply new whacky effects. so let’s get our aprons on, fling a few F-bombs around, find the lamb sauce, and cook a meal that even Ramsay would be impressed with.

Asparagazpacho Ultimate Recipe

Meal Recipe Stats Effects
Fresh Fruit Crepes
  • 1.5 Fruits, 1 x Butter, 1 x Honey
  • 60 Health
  • 165 Hunger
  • 15 Sanity
Bone Bouillon
  • 2 x Bone Shards, 2 x Onions
  • 32 Health
  • 150 Hunger
  • 5 Sanity
  • 2 x Asparagus, 2 x Ice
  • 3 Health
  • 25 Hunger
  • 10 Sanity
Decreases temperature by 20 degrees for 5 minutes
Glow Berry Mousse
  • 4 x Lesser Glow Berry
  • 2 x Lesser Glow Berry, 2 x edible foods excluding meats
  • 3 Health
  • 37.5 Hunger
  • 40 Sanity
It emits light from the survivor 
Fish Cordon Bleu
  • 2 x Fishes, 2 x Frogs Leg
  • 20 Health
  • 37.5 Hunger
  • -10 Sanity
The Consumer becomes immune to the “Wetness” status for 5 minutes
Grim Galette
  • 2 x Nightmare Fuel, 1 x Onion, 1 x Potato
  • 1 Health
  • 25 Hunger
  • 5 Sanity
Swaps the survivor’s Health and Sanity stats
Hot Dragoon Chili Salad
  • 1 x Dragon Fruits, 3 x Peppers
  • -3 Health
  • 25 Hunger
  • 10 Sanity
Increases temperature by 40 degrees for 5 minutes
Monster Tartare
  • 4 x Monster Foods
  • 3 Health
  • 37.5 Hunger
  • 10 Sanity
Volt Goat Chaud-Froid
  • 1 x Volt Goat Horn, 2 x Honey, or 1 x Honey Comb
  • 3 Health
  • 37.5 Hunger
  • 10 Sanity
Applies electrical damage to the player’s attacks for 5 minutes.
Puffed Potato Souffle
  • 2 x Potatoes, 2 x Eggs
  • 20 Health
  • 37.5 Hunger
  • 15 Sanity
  • 2 x Fishes, 1 x Onions, 1 x Toma Roots, 
  • 60 Health
  • 112.5 Hunger
  • 33 Sanity

Portable Grinding Mill

Warly Don’t Starve

The Portable Grinding Mill is one of the three unique cooking stations available to Warly. Now if you’re looking to spice up your meals, this is the cooking station for you. Standing next to the Portable Grinding Mill will give the player access to the Seasoning Filter, a unique crafting menu that only the highest skilled chef can access.

Crafting any of the three portable cooking stations has no prerequisites, so you can use them at the get-go as long as you have the resources available to craft them. To craft the Portable Grinding Mill, you will need the following items:

  • 2 x Gold Nuggets
  • 2 x Electrical Doodad
  • 4 x Twigs

Warly can craft four different food items that can be used to season your meals and grant them extra effects.

  • Garlic Powder: Requires 3 x Garlic to craft and is used to decrease all incoming damage by 33%.
  • Honey Crystals: Requires 3 x Honey to craft and doubles the power of hammering, chopping, and mining for 4 minutes.
  • Chili Flakes: Requires 3 x Peppers to craft and increases the player’s damage by 20% and temperature by 15 degrees for four minutes. You will need to be careful not to overheat using Chili Flakes in the Summer when temperatures are significantly higher.
  • Seasoning Salt: Requires 3 x Salt Crystal Rock and increases healing effects from Crock Pot dishes by 20%.

You can mine Salt Crystal Rock from Salt Formations that naturally spawn in the ocean. They spawn in the Brine Shoal biome more than any other.

This is what we play Warly for! These seasonings add a lot of bang to his Crock Pot meals; if you collect enough resources, you can easily stack enough food to replenish your and other survivors’ Hunger, Health, and Sanity.

Portable Seasoning Station

Warly Don’t Starve

The Portable Seasoning Station is required to apply the seasonings you crafted with the Portable Grinding Mill. Place the Crock Pot cooked dish inside the Seasoning Station along with seasoning, and before you can shout big Bearger is bombing it to our food, you’ve got yourself a super-duper Warly meal.

To craft the Portable Seasoning Station, you will need the following resources:

  • 2 x Gold Nuggets
  • 3 x Cut Stone
  • 6 x Twigs

I recommend that you keep these three cooking stations placed in the world rather than leaving them to fill up valuable inventory space. Good inventory management separates the pros from the noobs, so craft storage structures like Chests or, in Warly’s case, the Chef’s Pouch.


Warly’s strengths lie in his cooking and a very little outside of it. He has one of the highest Hunger stats in the game, but his fussy refined palette makes him hard to keep fed early in the game, especially in Don’t Starve: Together, where he can’t eat any food that hasn’t been cooked in a Crock Pot. Nonetheless, Warly has some unique strengths that can be very helpful to the survival of other players and Warly.

The Power of an Icebox in his Pouch

One of the strongest aspects of Warly is that he brings a Chef’s Pouch into the Constant, an item that both stores items like a backpack and increases the life of food by 50%, like an Icebox. This allows you to save time and resources by not having to craft an Icebox. Moreover, it also allows you to carry food wherever you like, while this doesn’t sound like a big deal. The Chef’s Pouch is very strong in the Shipwrecked world, where the player is constantly sailing from island to island. The Chef’s Pouch has helped me so much during summer in Shipwrecked, where food deteriorates faster.

You can craft as many Chef’s Pouches as you like, so go crazy; even if you don’t carry them at the cost of 1 x Rope and 1 x Cloth, in Don’t Starve, they make much better food storage items than the resource-heavy Icebox. Remember that although the Chef’s Pouch decreases food decay, it does not cool items or food like the Ice Box.

The Chef’s Pouch has had a bit of rebalancing in Don’t Starve: Together. Currently, it costs 4 x Cut Grass, 4 x Twigs, and 2 x Nitre to craft a Chef’s Pouch. also, its inventory space has had two slots cut totaling six slots, and food gets a 75% spoilage rate instead of the 50%

Powerful Buffs and Meals

Warly Don’t Starve

If you season Volt Goat Chaud Froid with Chili Flakes, you can turn Warly and other survivors into killing machines. How? The base dish grants the player an extra 1.5 damage boost to attacks or 2.5 if the target is wet. Combine this with the 20% extra damage from Chili Flakes, and you can easily take on bosses in Don’t Starve: Together.

A Ham Bat is an easily obtainable weapon since you only need 1 x Pig Skin, 2 x Meat, and 2 x Twigs. At full condition, the Ham Bat will deal 59.5 damage; however, apply the buffs from the Volt Goat Chaud Froid and Chili Flakes, and the Ham Bat will deal 101.15 damage if its raining or the target is wet then the Ham Bat will deal 160.65 damage!

Remember, though, that the Ham Bat degrades with each hit. You could choose the Tentacle Spike for the early game, as it’s more reliable than the Ham Bat. The Tentacle Spike deals 51 base damage. However, with the buffs from the Volt Goat Chaud Froid and Chili Flakes, it will deal 86.7 damage or 137.7 damage.

Collecting Essential Ingredients

Now that you’ve seen the damage potential of Warly, I bet you’re revving to try it out yourself. But before you can evoke the powers of thor in the name of fine dining, you will need to gather the Volt Goat Chaud Froid ingredients.

Obtaining Honey is paramount for Warly as it is used in many decent recipes, Volt Goat Chaud Froid, and creating the Honey Crystals seasoning. It’s simple enough to craft a Bee Box later in the game when you have the resources. But if you want to get cooking earlier, there are a bunch of methods to obtaining Honey.

  • Destroying Beehives is guaranteed to drop Honey and Honey Comb. I recommend crafting a Beekeeper Hat to reduce damage taken from Bees by 80% and go ham on their Hives.
  • If you don’t want to destroy the Hives kill the Bees instead, they have a small chance of dropping Honey themselves.

Since Killer Bees also drop Honey, I attack Beehives to spawn a group of them and kill them for Honey. However, I do not destroy the Beehive and return later to attack the Beehive once again to spawn the Killer Bees. This way, I get a lot more value out of the Beehive. However, you will need to destroy the Beehive to obtain Honey Combs, an item required to craft Bee Boxes later in the game.

The Goat Horn is the next ingredient on our list to cook Volt Goat Chaud Froid. You will need to travel to the Desert Biome to locate these electrifying goats. They’re not aggressive but will attack you in self-defense. Good luck trying to catch them, though, as they will run from you. The best way to whack these critters is to wait until nighttime and attack them while they sleep.


Don’t Starve: Together

Fresh Fruit Crepes

Warly’s refined palette is his biggest strength but also his biggest weakness, having a taste for fine dining Warly will only eat meals cooked in a Crock Pot in DST. So here is how we counter Warly’s picky palette.

On a full stomach, Warly can go without food for about three days, giving you plenty of time to complete other tasks. Because Warly remembers meals that he’s eaten within a two-day timeframe, it’s best to feed him once every two days as his signature dishes, Bone Boulion, Fresh Fruit Crepes, and Moqueca, restore over a hundred Hunger each.

You can apply Seasoning Salt if Warly is low on Health, granting your meals 20% extra healing and allowing you to get those big meals in without worrying about your health.

How to Unlock Warly

To unlock Warly in Don’t Starve, you’ll have to put in a lot of time in the Constant, earning 2,560 XP, equating to surviving 128 days in the Constant. He’s the ninth character unlocked in the game and was released in the Shipwrecked DLC alongside the wave-riding Walani, the old pirate Woodlegs, and Wilbur, the monkey king.

  • Klei Entertainment proves once again that their one of the best video game companies out there by adding Warly to Don’t Starve: Together for free.
How to Unlock Warly
Image by Alex Maksymiw

Warly’s Playstyle

To be successful with Warly, the player must factor in his food memory when feeding him meals. A great way to do this is by feeding Warly every two days to full Hunger, which will help you track the time since his last meal. This method works for Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve: Together.

If you forget how many days it’s been, you have to have a look at Warley’s Hunger stat, as he will drain 90 points of hunger per day. However, you have more than enough time to wait even longer than two days to feed Warly.

Hearty Crock Pot Meals

If the title wasn’t clear enough, keeping your survivor fed is vital for survival in Don’t Starve. Therefore, you must always have enough ingredients in hand, preferably Warly’s Chef’s Pouch, to cook a meal in the Crock Pot.

If you play Don’t Starve, I’d still recommend that you save your ingredients to cook big meals in the Portable Crock Pot, as Warly will receive fewer benefits from food prepared through other means, as mentioned earlier. Moreover, there are an absolute ton of Crock Pot recipes to cook, let alone the list of Warly’s special dishes. So the player will get much better use out of their ingredients if they save them for Crock Pot meals.

As you can imagine, the player will need a good understanding of Crock Pot recipes to play Warly. Luckily Don’t Starve: Together includes a Cookbook item exclusive that can be crafted in-game with 1 x Papyrus and 1 x Carrot but don’t ask me how Warly can make a book out of a Carrot. That’s a question even I can’t answer.

The Cookbook records each successful recipe that you cook in the Crock Pot to your Don’t Starve online account. This allows you to refer back to the Cookbook, in other Don’t Starve worlds, as a reference to cook meals that you’ve previously prepared in the Crock Pot.

However, this isn’t completely necessary, thanks to the internet! But it will help you save time in the future, so get learning the recipes. Here are some great recipes ideal for Warly in the early game. Now Warly’s signature dishes require ingredients that you will likely acquire later in the game, like when you’ve cultivated a farm to grow Peppers and Onions.


Meal Recipe Stats Effects
Fancy Spiralled Tubers
  • 1 x Potato, 2 x Twigs, 1 x Edible Food (excluding meat)
  • 3 Health
  • 37.5 Hunger
  • 15 Sanity

Fancy Spiralled Tubers is a fantastic meal to prepare for your first couple of nights in the Constant. Although it only restores, 37.5 Hunger Warly spawns into the Constant with two potatoes making this dish very easy to make. You can improve the Fancy Spiralled Tubers further by applying seasoning to them if you are lucky enough to find a Rockyland Biome and gather enough gold to craft the Portable Seasoning Station and Portable Grinding Mill.

Fill that Empty Stomach

Meatballs are one of the most basic dishes you can cook in the game, but it’s easy to make, and at 62.5 hunger points recovery, you can combine this with the Fancy Spiralled Tubers to replenish 100 hunger points. I like this dish as you can get more value out of Red Cap mushrooms. Typically, this ingredient will poison the player, but when 3 x Red Caps are combined with 1 x Meat, they create Meatballs.

At this stage in the game, you won’t be able to access most of the ingredients required to craft seasoning; however, if circumstances land in your favor to gather Honey, you should take the opportunity to craft Honey Crystals, as this will enable you to chop, mine, and hammer with double efficiency four minutes this can help you claw back precious time gathering resources and get a base set up.

Nothing will beat the Meaty Stew, though! For 3.5 units of Meat, you can cook a scrumptious meal that will replenish 150 points of Hunger! This is one of the best meals you can provide for Warly when feeding him every two days.

Key Quotes

Fishing Rod- “I do prefer the fish market…”
Mussel Stick- “Mussels aren’t strong enough to resist this stick!”
Boomerang- “Oh good, I have separation anxiety.”
End Table (wilted)- “I hope Maman Angeline is eating well without me.”
Plum Pudding- “Just like maman used to make.”
Soprano Shell Bell- “Maman had a lovely seashell collection.”
Iridescent Gem- “It glimmers like maman’s eyes.”
Codex Umbra- “Maman used to keep a journal, before her memory went.”


Question: What is Warly’s Favorite Food in Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve: Together?

Answer: Warly has no favorite dish, as stated in the Don’t Starve: Together Compendium. However, in the lore, many hints suggest Seafood is Warly’s favorite type of food. If the player examines a Fishing Rod, Warly will state, “I do prefer the fish market…”. Warly was also first introduced into Don’t Starve Shipwrecked, where the seafood is bountiful, playing into his love of seafood.

The final hint is in the Taste of Home animated short, where Warly cooks his mother, Mussel Bouillabaise, one of Warly’s signature dishes he learned to cook from his mother.

Question: What Survivors Pair Well with Warly in Don’t Starve: Together?

Answer: Warly provides Walter with some much-needed defensive buffs by feeding him Garlic Powder seasoned food. Walter receives 33% less damage from mobs, which protects his Sanity since Walter receives double damage to his Sanity for any incoming physical damage. Speaking of damage, Walter can craft the Trusty Slingshot, a unique ranged weapon that only Walter can craft.

Warly’s Chili Flakes seasoning increases Walter’s Trusty Slingshot damage by 20%, but it gets even better if you feed Walter, Warly’s signature Volt Goat Chaud Froid, as this meal increases your damage by 1.5 or 2.5 if the target is wet by applying electrical damage to all of your attacks for five minutes. Apply the Chili Flakes seasoning to the meal, and Walter becomes a boss killer.

Question: What are the Best Meals to Feed Warly During Winter in Don’t Starve: Together?

Answer: The Winter season gives rise to new cooking problems for Warly as he must eat Crock Pot-prepared food while food resources are scarce. However, there’s no shortage of monsters in Winter, and Pengulls provide a good source of Eggs. Here is a list of recipes that will warm Warly’s heart through the winter:

Pierogi: 1 x Egg 1 x Meat, 1 x Vegetable, restores 37.5 Hunger, 40 Health and, 5 Sanity.
Bacon and Eggs: 1 x Meat, 2 x Eggs, or 1 x Tallbird Egg restores 20 Health, 75 Hunger, and 5 Sanity.
Monster Tartare: 2 x Monster Mear 2 x Filler restores 62.5 Hunger but lowers Health and Sanity by 20 Points.

Bon Appetite

In conclusion, Warly is an interesting survivor in Don’t Starve that offers a great new way to play the game. He may not be the strongest character or have the best abilities in the game. However, if the player has decent knowledge of the many Crock Pot recipes in the game, Warly can flourish in the Constant.

Under the right circumstances, the player can save a hell of a lot of time by only feeding him once every two days and using his powerful signature dishes.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing Warly. However, I will admit that Warly is ironically a fish out of water in Don’t Starve. However, he is much more powerful in Don’t Starve: Together, thanks to having his cooking stations expanded.

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