Valheim Wolf Armor Guide

Valheim Wolf Armor Guide – The Most Well-Rounded Armor Set

It’s crucial to stay geared up in any game, and Valheim is no exception. There are six primary armor sets in Valheim, and one of my favorites is the Wolf Armor set. I love it because it’s a big step up from the previous set, including the Wolf Cape.

The Wolf Fur Cape is an armor piece I get as soon as possible and only take it off to put on a backpack when I need to haul something. I love the cape because it protects against cold, allowing one to travel the mountains freely. But of course, the armor set is much more than just a cape.  Before we continue with our complete Valheim Wolf Armor guide, let’s see what exactly wolf armor is in Valheim.

What is Wolf Armor in Valheim?

  • Tier – 5
  • Biome – Mountain
  • Forge Level – 2
  • Total Weight – 37
  • Total Armor – 61
  • Total Armor When Upgraded – 89
  • Movement Speed Reduction – 10%
  • Additional Benefits – Frost Resistance

The Wolf Armor is the fifth armor set you can make in Valheim. You can get everything you need to make it in the Mountains aside from one material, the Chain, that you should visit the Swamp for. You only need one for the entire set, so you don’t need to farm the Chains; you only need to find one.

The max armor that the Wolf Armor can give you will protect you against almost any enemy that you may encounter, especially if you upgrade the Wolf Armor all the way and make it Level 4 armor. 

Wolf Armor Complete Set

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There are four pieces in the Wolf Armor set. In Valheim, there are five “armor” slots. The head, chest, legs, shoulders, and utility. The utility slot is extra, and the armor sets do not fill it. Instead, things like belts used to carry more items fill it instead.

That’s why the armor sets generally have three to four pieces. Oftentimes, there won’t be a shoulder piece, but in the Wolf Armor set’s case, the Wolf Fur Cape makes four pieces to complete the set. 

Wolf Armor Legs

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  • 20x Silver
  • 5x Wolf Pelt
  • 4x Wolf Fangs

Wolf Armor Legs reduce your movement speed by five percent and give 20 armor. Since they do not require any trophies or chains, they are probably the first piece of armor you will make if you head straight for the Mountains first. 

Wolf Armor Chest

  • 20x Silver
  • 5x Wolf Pelt
  • 1x Chain

The Wolf Armor Chest also reduces your movement speed by five percent and gives 20 armor. However, it also grants Resistance to Frost. In order to make the Wolf Armor Chest, you have to kill wolves, mine silver, and get a chain.

Here’s our complete guide on everything you need to know about silver.

Drake Helmet

  • 20x Silver
  • 2x Wolf Pelt
  • 2x Drake Trophy

The Drake Helmet requires you to kill a few Drakes and Wolves to make. Despite its size, it requires the same amount of silver necessary to make the pants and chest piece.

Wolf Fur Cape

  • 4x Silver
  • 6x Wolf Pelt
  • 1x Wolf Trophy

The Wolf Fur Cape protects you against the cold. The only other way to get protection from the cold aside from wearing a cape is to make Frost Resistance mead via the Fermenter, which is a lengthy process. You have to kill a few Wolves and mine a bit of Silver to make the Wolf Cape.

What’s Better Than Wolf Armor?

The only armor in the game that is better than Wolf Armor is Padded Armor. Padded armor gives a total armor of 79. It is significantly better than Wolf Armor, and it can also be easier to procure, depending on if you have visited the Plains or not. The Plains are a dangerous biome, and you should have good armor before you visit it unless you want to die constantly from Deathsquitos, Fulings, and Growths.

After you visit the Plains, you need to grab some Flax from Fuling camps, and then you can make the armor with the Iron you get from the Swamps. However, you need to unlock the Spinning Wheel to craft this armor, which can only be unlocked after you defeat Moder. So, in short, you have to visit the Mountains and the Plains to get the Padded Armor set.

To Craft Full Set

  • 30x Iron
  • 75x Linen Thread
  • 1x Silver

To Craft and Upgrade Full Set

  • 92x Iron
  • 279x Linen Thread
  • 1x Silver

What to Get Before Wolf Armor

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If you can’t afford Wolf Armor yet, you can either get Iron Armor or Root Armor. Although I think that Root Armor looks fantastic and unique, I generally skip it due to its weakest to Fire and its generally low armor rating.

All you need to craft the Root Armor is Roots, Ancient Park, Deer Hide, and Leather Scraps. The biggest perk is that it grants plus 15 to the bow skill, which is significant at any time. However, you have to have the entire set equipped to get the bonus. If you only make one piece, I recommend making the Root Mask fight Bonemass as the mask gives resistance to Poison.

If you want an excellent armor set that will last until you visit the Mountains, shoot for the Iron Armor set. It’s twice as strong as the Root Armor and is easy to make. There isn’t a shoulder piece to go with it so you can add the Wolf Fur Cape or the Lox Cape. The set only requires you to farm a bit of Deer Hide and a good amount of Iron.

How to Get Wolf Armor Materials

  • 64x Silver
  • 18x Wolf Pelt
  • 4x Wolf Fang
  • 2x Drake Trophy
  • 1x Chain
  • 1x Wolf Trophy

These are the materials you will need to craft the entire armor set. In order to craft and upgrade the set, you’ll need more Silver, Wolf Pelt, and Wolf Fangs. Since you will need to farm these, I will go over how to get each of these items.

Materials to Craft and Upgrade Full Set

  • 166x Silver
  • 66x Wolf Pelt
  • 10x Wolf Fang
  • 2x Drake Trophy
  • 1x Chain
  • 1x Wolf Trophy


Silver is relatively easy to find after you get a Wishbone. You can get the Wishbone after you kill Bonemass as he drops it. You can then equip the Wishbone to your utility slot, and it will ding when you get near Silver in the Mountains.

The faster it dings, the closer you are to the metal. The Silver is wishbone-shaped itself, so once you dig down enough to find it, you can dig it out before you mine it to ensure that you get it all.

One Silver Vein has around 70-80 Silver Ore, in my experience. So you will need to get at least two veins if you want to upgrade the entire set. However, you only need to mine one vein if you only want to craft that one set.

I highly recommend getting a cart to transport the Silver as each piece weighs 14 pounds. That means that the 166 Silver you need will weigh over 2300 pounds.

Considering you will probably want to wear your cape instead of a backpack since you’ll be in the mountains, you won’t be able to carry much at all. Without the belt, you can only carry 300 at a time, which would be eight trips.

Add the belt, which adds 150 weight, and you can make it in 5-6 trips. However, this doesn’t take what you have in your inventory into account. In short, use the cart or grab a few friends. 

Wolf Pelt, Wolf Fangs, and Wolf Trophy

  • Wolf Fang – 40% chance on zero-star, 80% chance on one-star, and 100% chance to drop 4 on two-star
  • Wolf Meat – drops one on zero-star, two on one-star, and four on two-star
  • Wolf Pelt – drops one on zero-star, two on one-star, and four on two-star
  • Wolf Trophy – 10% chance

You can get all three of these items from killing Wolves in the Mountains. Wolves spawn in packs of 1 to 3 in the daytime and 1 to 6 at night. They spawn more often at night and after you kill Bonemass. The Wolves that spawn at night are the only ones that will have stars when you play vanilla Valheim.

Wolves are powerful, as two-star Wolves will do 140 damage per hit and have 240 health. It doesn’t matter how good your armor or health is; if you are playing on vanilla Valheim, you will have trouble facing off against a Wolf pack in the dark. 

Drake Trophy

Drake Trophies drop from Drakes in the Mountains. These are difficult to procure because there’s only a 5% chance of these dropping from the Drakes. Your best bet is to kill Moder first, as they spawn at a very high rate after you do.

While it doesn’t increase the drop rate after you kill Moder, it does increase the spawn rate, so there are more chances to kill Drakes. Otherwise, you’re stuck with three or less at each nest, and I don’t believe that the Drakes near the nests respawn naturally. 


There are a few ways to get Chains, but they are all found in the Swamp biome. You can get them from Wraiths (only spawn at night), loot them from Sunken Crypts (which requires a Swamp Key), or find them in the circles that contain the Draugr spawns.

The Wraiths will despawn at dawn. The Swamp Key is received from The Elder Boss. Draugr spawns are green body piles in the Swamp biome. 

Lox Cape Vs Wolf Fur Cape

Info Lox Cape Wolf Fur Cape
Armor at Level 1 1 1
Durability at Level 1 1200 1000
  • 6x Lox Pelt
  • 2x Silver
  • 6x Wolf Pelt
  • 4x Silver
  • 1x Wolf Trophy
Crafting Station Workbench Level 2 Workbench Level 2

This is a debate I’ve had with myself. The base stats for the two capes are similar, so I always choose the Wolf Fur Cape because I like how it looks. But what you may do is get a Lox Cape first so that you can visit the Mountains without a Frost Resistance mead.

I often find a Lox near the edge of the Plains and shoot it from afar. When I get its attention, I slowly take it down with my bow, getting on a rock or kiting it until I kill it.


Question: What is the Strongest Armor in Valheim?

Answer: The strongest armor in Valheim is the Padded Armor set. I believe that once the Mistlands update comes out, there will be new armor that is even stronger. But for now, the Padded Armor is the best.

Question: Does the Wolf Armor Have a Set Bonus?

Answer: No. While some armor sets have a bonus if you have all of the pieces, the Wolf Armor does not, so you can feel free to mix and match the chest piece, helmet, and cape.

Question: How Do I Unlock the Wolf Armor?

Answer: To craft the Wolf Armor, you need to unlock the materials. So you have to collect the materials mentioned above, and you can craft the pieces in the Forge and the cape in the Workbench.

Is the Wolf Armor Set Worth It?

In my opinion, the Wolf Armor Set is worth it. I even keep the Wolf Fur Cape in my better armor sets because it protects against the cold. When I’m not using it, the Wolf Cape is either in a box at my base or in my personal inventory.

While the Padded Armor is terrific, the Wolf Armor Set is my favorite set. It can be stronger than the base Padded Armor with added benefits if you max it out. The difference between the maxed-out Padded Armor and the maxed-out Wolf Armor is significant, but so is the difficulty of getting the Padded Armor.

Valheim is a game that does an excellent job of setting the pace. You will get the most out of the game if you make each armor set as you progress through the biomes. Stick to the proper boss order, and you can play the game as it was meant to be played.

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