Don't Starve Webber Guide

Don’t Starve Webber Guide: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider

Webber is a DLC character from the Reign of Giants DLC for Don’t Starve. He is a unique Don’t Starve character who possesses the ability to befriend spiders, grow a silky white beard, and is classed as a monster. As a result, friendly creatures that inhabit the world of Don’t Starve, such as Pigs, will react to Webber as any other monster. His unique abilities and disposition significantly mix up the gameplay in Don’t Starve. You will be befriending all kinds of spiders in your quarrel while you try to avoid once-friendly inhabitants of the Don’t Starve world.

It can be tricky to get used to playing as Webber, and Don’t Starve is a survival game that offers little information on what items do and how your characters work. However, I’ve spun many webs, crept, and crawled all across the land to create the ultimate Don’t Starve Webber guide.

Webber Key Tips

  • Webber does not lose sanity while near any type of Spider, nor will he be slowed down when walking in spider webs. In addition, spiders will not be alerted to his presence, deeming him as one of their kin but will attack if you attack them.
  • Friendly creatures will now see you like monsters and attack you on sight.
  • Spiders will still attack Chester even if you play as Webber. 
  • Acquiring Glommer as a pet is a great way to keep Webber Sane.

How to Unlock Webber in Don’t Starve

Webber is a DLC character in Don’t Starve, so you need to have the Reign of Giants expansion installed and play on the map. Unlike other unlockable characters, you cannot unlock Webber through gaining experience points playing the game. Instead, you will have to execute a series of actions before we get started. I recommend bringing a decent weapon and armor as you will have to fight off a handful of spiders. To unlock Webber, achieve the following:

  • Defeat spiders on a Reign of Giants map until one drops Webber’s skull. This looks like a regular skull with bone spider legs protruding out the sides of the skull. This may take a while as there is a slim chance of the skull dropping; therefore, equip your character accordingly.
  • Find an open grave or dig out a grave. You will have to defeat the ghost that pops out of it or flee from its chase.
  • Place Webber’s skull into the grave and wait for lightning to strike the grave. Webber will spring out of the grave along with a few spiders.

Webber Abilities and Early Game Essentials


Don’t Starve Characters not only offer cosmetic and stat changes but also offer changes to gameplay from the character’s abilities. This is the beauty of Don’t Starve and one of the reasons that the game has sustained its popularity since its release. Webber is no exception to this, as you’ll notice that the world in Don’t Starve will react differently to Webber than others. You must focus on and maintain Webber’s sanity throughout the game as he has one of the lowest sanity thresholds in the game, with a mere hundred points of sanity, half of most characters in the game.

Webber spawns into the game with spider eggs and two pieces of Monster Meat. Webber can eat this with no negative effects because he is classed as a monster. However, I would save your Monster Meat to feed to spiders as this will befriend them, making them your allies and trusted bodyguards. Furthermore, Webber can grow a Silky Smooth Beard, a unique beard that offers increased insulation to regular beards. It will drop spider silk and significantly raise Webber’s sanity when shaved.

I discovered that Silk is a beneficial resource that can be used to create a wide variety of items for survival and maintaining your sanity. Therefore I recommend utilizing Webber’s spider eggs as soon as possible and gathering as much Silk as you can to craft the following items to capitalize on Webber’s early game:

  • Top Hat – Crafting a Top Hat should be your priority in the early days of survival in Don’t Starve, as it only requires six pieces of Silk and a Science Machine to be crafted. The Top Hat will regenerate a small amount of sanity over time, helping Webber stay sane for longer.
  •  Bug Net – The Bug Net is an essential tool for Webber as you can catch butterflies to either release them and grow flowers near your base or you can eat butterfly wings to restore your health if you need to. This is a lot more effective method of staying sane as a Webber instead of just picking up flowers. As you can attract bees to your base with the flowers and spawn butterflies from the flowers, making it more sustainable than picking flowers.
  • Pretty Parasol – The Pretty Parasol will protect Webber from the rain in Spring and increase his sanity over time. However, this item cannot be repaired and instead spoils over time. I recommend using this item as rainfall over a long period of time can significantly impact the mental health of Webber.

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Boost your Sanity with Glommer

If you have played, Don’t Starve before, you probably have picked up Chester as a buddy before. I love Chester. He’s cute and friendly, but he also serves as a mobile chest. However, you may want to think twice before bringing Chester along on your journey while playing as Webber, as although Spiders deem Webber as one of their own, they will not think the same of Chester. As a result, Spiders will attack Chester on sight. This can cause quite a bit of hassle when near Spiders Dens, and let’s face it, if you are playing Webber, you’re going to be around Spiders a lot.

Fear not, though, as Glommer is the perfect alternative pet for Webber. As Glommer will provide a sanity boost to Webber when in range. The boost is significant enough to get through the night without taking any sanity damage. Glommer cannot hold items like Chester but is safe from Spider attacks, making it easier for you to control your tamed spiders. Acquiring Glommer should be a top priority as the little guy really helped me maintain my sanity as Webber.

Glommer will drop Glommer’s Goop every couple of days, an item that can be eaten to restore a great deal of health, although I would not recommend this if you have low sanity as it will deal some severe sanity damage to your character. The goop can be used as a source of fuel for a fire.

You can acquire Glommer by visiting his statue under a full moon and picking up the Glommer’s Flower item. Glommer will stay in the vicinity of the flower no matter where it is dropped. As a result, you could place the flower in Chester. However, this may pose a problem when near spiders. Even though Glommer is safe from spiders, he is still vulnerable to other monsters. Bear in mind that Glommer has a quarter of the health of Chester and therefore can die very quickly, so keep Glommer safe as he is very op in keeping Webber sane.

Webber’s Spider Snacks

As mentioned before, the Top Hat and Bug Net, once you have a butterfly farm set up, will help you keep Webber sane and mentally healthy. However, you’re going to need to know some extra tips because as the days progress, Webber will struggle from exploring the world and being affected by nighttime. Here are strategies to keep you sane in Don’t Starve, which best works for Webber.

Because Webber is capable of eating Monster Meat, he can stay nourished for longer than other characters. It also means that Webber has access to an infinite source of food from killing and eating spiders, and you don’t have to waste time preparing Monster Meat dishes such as jerky and lasagne. This gives Webber a huge advantage early in the game as you can focus your time on other activities such as preparing your base for the Winter.

I recommend picking Green Caps and cooking them, as eating cooked Green Caps increases your sanity significantly. Remember that you can only pick Green Caps in the evening in dense forests and swamps. Bear in mind that Green Caps, even cooked, will inflict damage to your character and will not affect your hunger at all. However, cooked Green Caps will only impose one point of damage.

Webber’s Spider Friends

If you are going to master Webber in Don’t Starve, you’re going to need to understand the different kinds of spiders you can encounter in the game. There are many different kinds of these eight-legged, or I should say six-legged creatures inhabiting the “Constant” (the Don’t Starve world). As a result, you’re going to need to know what kind of critter you’re going up against or recruiting into your spider army.

How to Tame a Spider

Don't Starve

To tame spiders, you will need to feed them with any kind of meat. You can do this by dragging a piece of meat over a spider revealing a prompt to right-click and feed the Spider. It can sometimes be tricky to do this if the spiders are attacking you or something else. Feeding a spider will immediately make it loyal to you and will recruit a maximum of four spiders that are close by.

Note that spiders will not be permanently tamed. As their hunger increases and the food you give them wears off, they will once again become neutral. Although it’s perfectly fine to feed spiders Monster Meat as it is straightforward to acquire and you do not have to prepare it. Spiders will typically remain loyal for a couple of days before you must feed them again.

Befriended or not, spiders will attack you if you attack them, so be careful when fighting near spiders and befriending them. I found that it’s very easy to accidentally hit spiders when fighting near them. Furthermore, it can be difficult when fighting spider dens to identify which spiders are your allies. I learned it’s better to hang back and let the spiders fight rather than fighting yourself. With one wrong strike, you have four extra angry spiders to deal with. This is extremely dangerous as spiders deal significant damage early on in the game.

Spider Dens Explained

Spider Dens are clusters of spider eggs surrounded by webbing. Any creature or character excluding Webber that steps foot on the webbing will alert the spiders, and they will emerge to investigate. If the spider eggs are attacked, a group of spiders will jump out to defend their home.

You can exploit this by luring an enemy into their territory and then watching them do all the work. As a result, it’s really easy to lure pigs as they charge Webber when in line of sight. I found that this was a great way to farm both pig items and spider materials. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon to encounter pig houses near spider dens, as you can often stumble across a pig and spider battle.

  • Webber can craft Spider Eggs by combing x12 Silk, x6 Spider Glands, and x6 Papyrus. Spider Eggs can then be placed into the world as a Spider Den. You can acquire silk and spider glands by killing spiders and shaving Webber’s beard, while Papyrus can be created by combining cut reeds.

If Spider Dens survive long enough in the world, they will level up and grow stronger. There are three levels to these creepy dens level one, Spider Dens will spawn two spiders when hit, and one Spider when its webbing is triggered. A spider Den can grow to level two after a week of in-game time.

A level two Spider Den can spawn Spider Warriors and can spawn four spiders if attacked or two if its webbing is alerted. A level two den takes a week to fully grow into a level three den. Once the den has reached level three, it can spawn six spiders if attacked and three if its webbing is disturbed. Finally, the den will be able to turn into a Spider Queen once the den has survived a month.

If you don’t want to wait for the Spider Dens to grow, Webber can upgrade them by applying Silk to the dens. However, you cannot artificially upgrade a tier-three spider den to a Spider Queen.

Spider dens will level up outside the player’s line of sight and through the fog of war. You cannot befriend a Spider Queen, and it will agro on Webber even though he is a spider. Therefore I recommend destroying the Spider dens once they reach level three. Especially if they are located close to your base. Note that spiders will attack walls, so be careful how close you place your spider dens to your base. I learned that it is best to place the dens near other creature spawns to keep the spiders occupied, as you will not always be able to keep on top of befriending your spiders.

  • The Reign of Giants DLC makes Spider Dens more deadly as tier two, and tier three will now spawn extra spiders during Spring.

Basic Spiders

These spiders are the very first type of Spider that you will encounter in the game. They are small compared to their brethren, but they can be deadly creatures. Like many creatures in Don’t Starve, you will likely hear them before seeing them, as pitter-pattering can be heard when nearing them. They will also growl to make you aware of their presence. A basic spider deals a decent amount of damage, and I recommend you befriend them immediately by playing as Webber.

If you find spider dens in close proximity, I recommend that you befriend spiders from one den and then attack the other. Your spiders will come to defend you and fight the aggressive spiders. You can repeat this to farm silk and monster meat early in the game. However, be careful if you see three level three spider dens placed in a triangular shape as this is a fixed Spider Queen spawn that can sometimes be created when the Don’t Starve map is created.

Spider Warriors

Spider Warriors are more formidable than your average Spider. They are bigger, tougher, and can perform a leap attack on their prey. Spider Warriors are more brutal to fight as they are usually accompanied by regular spiders and will pursue their prey further than regular spiders. Therefore I recommend you approach level two Spider Dens with caution when fighting near them, as Spider Warriors can be incredibly dangerous if you are not prepared early in the game.

However, if you have some spare Monster Meat, I highly recommend taming Spider Warriors due to their extra health and ability to strike fast enough to kill rabbits and other evading animals. As a result, this makes them a great front line for your spider army. Spider Warriors in the Shipwrecked DLC updated to distribute poison to their prey. If you have access to a level two Spider Den, I recommend replacing your regular spiders with Spider Warriors, as you will be able to hunt down Gobblers with at least three.

Cave Spiders

Cave Spiders were added in the Reign of Giants DLC and, as their name suggests, can only be found within caves. They feature a hard shell that they will withdraw in once they are attacked. The shell is very hard and removes 75% of damage from attacks. Therefore they make an excellent frontline tank for your spider army. These creatures are one of my favorites to befriend because of their high defense. You can easily fight enemies early in the game as well as survive through a hound raid with these tanky lads.


Spitters like Cave Spiders live in Spilagmites in caves and have a random chance of spawning. Instead of Cave Spiders, they have a web-shooting attack as well as a bite attack for when enemies are within melee range. These are fantastic spiders to befriend as Webber as their ranged attack can help hunt animals. However, because they have a ranged attack, they will aggro creatures from further away. Therefore, you need to be careful when a fight occurs. Furthermore, their A.I. can be clumsy and will often stay in the range of attacks.

Dangling Depth Dweller

This Spider can only be found in the Ruins biomes at a deep level within the Caves. Dangling Depth Dwellers are white with red eyes making them look very cool for your army. These spiders spawn from trees and will slide down from above on their Silk. I recommend leaving these out from your army as their stats, and attacks are the same as Spider Warriors, so you’re better off taming a Spider Warrior instead.

The Pig and Spider War

If it’s your first time playing Webber, you may be tempted to settle your base in the range of a pig town, but you’ll soon realize that the pig men don’t want half spider half boy mutant crawling around their turf and will attack you on site. Therefore you should be wary of areas populated with pigs. Furthermore, whilst pigs will attack you, the Pig King will not. However, you won’t be able to trade items with him, but you will still be able to take part in his wrestling mini-game.

I recommend wrestling the Pig King as you can acquire a decent amount of Gold Nuggets if you are successful in the match. To participate in the wrestling match as Webber, you are going to need to obtain a Golden Belt and hand it over to the Pig King. This is no easy task.

Playing as Webber as the belt is a rare item that can only spawn on pigs. To obtain the belt, you will need to wait for a pig to spawn wearing it. As you can imagine, this will be tricky as pigs will attack you on sight. However, Webber has a few cards up his sleeve to defend himself from the pigs.

Deploy Spider Eggs to spawn spiders to protect Webber from hostile creatures. I recommend using the spiders to tank damage while you sit back and attack pigs. This will allow you to keep fighting for longer and avoid injury. To help aid the process until you find a Golden Belt, you can befriend extra spiders by feeding them monster meat.

Once you have obtained the Golden belt, give it to the Pig King. Note that the wrestling match will only begin if there is enough daylight for the duration of the match and that the Pig King’s surroundings are not cluttered. Four kung-fu trained pigs will spawn once the match begins. To win, you must pick up more Gold Nuggets than the pigs. You will be rewarded with extra Gold Nuggets.

Preparing for Winter

Season cycles are a major mechanic featured in Don’t Starve. Each season will have an impact on the game world and the creatures that inhabit it. For example, some creatures are removed during Winter, such as butterflies, bees, and frogs. While other creatures such as Pengulls and Walrus will make an appearance. 

Winter can be crushing for new Don’t Starve players. Believe me, it can be very difficult to survive Winter if you are unprepared. However, I found it a lot easier to survive Winter playing as Webber as a result of his ability to grow a Silky Smooth Beard. This beard grants additional insulation over regular beards. Therefore I recommend that you refrain from shaving when approaching the Winter season.

  • You can easily survive the bitter cold of Winter as Webber by utilizing the Silk that you farmed earlier. Consider hunting down a Koalefant and combine your Silk with its trunk to create a Breezy Vest, a brilliant insulating vest to keep you from the cold.

Don’t Starve: Webber Lore

At first glance, you may jump in terror at the sight of poor Webber, but take a closer look, and you’ll notice that this Spider is not all that it seems. Webber was, in fact, once a boy filled with curiosity and excitement for the world. But there was nothing else he wanted more in the world than his father’s love. Day after day, Webber would entertain his father’s interest and study of insects to no avail.

Webber would stare with curious and upsetting eyes as his father would enter his study and hastily lock the door behind him. Curious was Webber to the squirming-covered cage that had his father so exceedingly captivated. Eventually leading Webber to take action, one night, Webber snuck into his parent’s room and stole his father’s key to the study. With a twist, he unlocked the door.

The boy entered and cast his eyes onto all kinds of technical contraptions. His gaze fell onto the ominous cage as strange energy wisped around its exterior. Clumsy was the boy, and he knocked it over, revealing a terrifying spider with one gulp. The Spider swallowed the boy whole. Everything went dark as the wisps of purple energy sparked in the dreadful event. The boy awoke not from a dream but into a nightmare. He and the Spider were now one, his body living underneath the skin of the Spider.

His parents awoke to the commotion discovering a horrifying scene regarding their son as a monster. Webber would run far away into the woods, where we would get lost. Hungry and cold, he promised himself that he would find a way to turn back to his previous self in any way possible. Predictably Maxwell, sensing desperation, struck a deal with Webber.


Question: How to Kill Deerclops in Don’t Starve as Webber?

Answer: Deerclops is a giant boss that spawns in the Winter season. Deerclops has 2000 health points making him very tanky. However, you can use its slow speed to your advantage by kiting it around a small area, periodically attacking it. I recommend that you fight Deerclops with your spiders present as it will aggro on them, allowing you to put some damage in.

Question: Can Webber Sleep in Spider Dens in Don’t Starve?

Answer: Yes, Webber can sleep in tier 3 Spider Dens. However, there are better alternatives for Webber to sleep in overnight. You must also be cautious approaching tier 3 Spider Dens as they may evolve into Spider Queens. Webber can additionally shave Spider Dens in return for Silk.

Question: Can you Play as Webber in Don’t Starve: Hamlet?

Answer: Yes, you can play Webber with the Hamlet DLC enabled. The Hamlet DLC adds a society of pigs fit with their own town located on the outskirts of a mysterious jungle. As a result, Webber spawns with a unique Shamlet Mask item that hides his spider identity.


In conclusion, Webber is a fantastic and fun character to play in Don’t Starve. His ability to befriend spiders gives you a significant advantage in your survival, as well as offers a fun new way to play the game. I recommend planting spider eggs near pig town and other spider dens to create fights between mobs.

This way, you can get an infinite source of food. Webber may not be the Don’t Starve community’s favorite character. But he holds a special place in my heart for his tragic story and gentle nature. Klei Entertainment created Webber for the Reign of Giants DLC, and this is where you’ll be able to get the most out of his abilities and gameplay.

Webber’s low sanity makes him challenging for beginners to Don’t Starve. However, if you can focus on acquiring the items previously mentioned, you won’t have to worry about Webber’s sanity. Furthermore, I highly recommend taming Glommer as this bug is essential to survive as Webber for many days.

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