Best Dying Light Weapon

Best Dying Light Weapon

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What’s the most important thing to worry about in a zombie apocalypse? You may want to say “family,” “friends,” or even “food,” but even before all that is what you’re going to use as a zombie-killing weapon. It’s pretty much the cornerstone to Techland’s Dying Light, a game that thrusts players into the heart of a zombie apocalypse with little more than a tiny peashooter and a nagging need to survive. It doesn’t take long for protagonist Kyle Crane to realize he’ll need more than his noisy firearm to make it through this undead nightmare. But with a bevy of weapon choices scattered around Harran, what could be considered the best weapon in Dying Light

Before we can answer what the best weapon is, we should probably define what “best” denotes in this case. Is a bullet to the brain the most effective way to drop a zombie? Yeah, it is. But the inconvenience and noise factor of firearms already disqualifies them from the list. What good is a golden AK-47 with a 30-round clip when there are 31 zombies out there? 

To be considered the best weapon, it needs to have more than stopping power. It needs to be durable, brutal, and heavy-hitting, and because we like a little style when slaying zombies, it needs to cool look. There are so many different melee weapons either found in Harran or crafted from blueprints, so clearly one of them must rise about the rest, right? 

As it turns out, the best Dying Light weapon also happens to be one of the most unique. The modified street sign, Last Hope, is a makeshift ax that’s perfect for slicing and bashing. While it looks completely impractical in real life, in Dying Light, its uniqueness also happens to be a measure of just how devastating it can be.

Before you head out to secure Last Hope and litter the streets of Harran with zombie bodies, I’ve laid out some important details about the ax to familiarize yourself with. Of course, chief amongst them is where you can finally lay your hands on this brute.

Last Hope Key Information

Last Hope

Item Cost:

  • 10 x Nails
  • 5 x Metal parts
  • 4 x Blade
  • 3 x Duct tape

Key Features: 

  • 4 Upgrade slots
  • Base Damage: 3,633
  • Durability: 96
  • Value: $10,723 
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Repairs: 5

What is Last Hope?

When Dying Light 2 was released, a limited edition press kit was sent to a limited number of journalists, creators, and influencers. One of the prized additions was a replica weapon, made curiously from a metal pipe and a “No Parking Any Time” street sign. This piecemealed ax is Last Hope, a remnant of a society long since lost to the undead.

Though Last Hope had its premier in Dying Light 2, Techland wanted to extend an offer to those that hadn’t quite switched over to the sequel. Unfortunately, it’s not a weapon you’ll find lying about Harran. Getting your hands on it is a rarity and, in some cases, may not even be possible. However, if you can find out how to secure Last Hope, it’s absolutely worth the effort. 

Last Hope lies somewhere between an ax and a bludgeoning weapon and is capable of being upgraded to electrify enemies or set them on fire. How you upgrade Last Hope changes just how effective it is and whether or not it remains the best weapon you can have in your satchel.

What Makes Last Hope the Best?

Last Hope has several things going for it. First and foremost is its aesthetic. When you think of the zombie apocalypse, you must consider the idea that survivors will need to eventually make their weapons. Everything about Last Hope is handcrafted, from the jaggedly cut “No Parking” sign to the fasteners attaching it to a metal pole. 

Last Hope also has a pretty significant base damage value of 3,633 and considerable durability of 96. While these values are great and all, you can definitely do better than 3,600 damage dealt to the undead. And that’s where the upgrade slots come into play. 

With four slots, Last Hope can be modified in four different ways, with each way increasing the weapon’s overall damage. Depending on how you decide to use those upgrade slots, you can have an electrified Last Hope that sports over 7,300 damage, 147 durability, and greatly improved handling. That’s enough to make you one of the strongest survivors in Harran, and if zombies could feel fear, they absolutely would. 

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a god, the Last Hope blueprint is where you’ll want to start.

Does Last Hope Have Any Drawbacks?

Last Hope Weapon

Last Hope’s biggest drawback is that it’s not an easy weapon to obtain. It’s not that there’s death-defying exploration or a massive zombie boss in the way. It’s just tedious as the easiest way is to create a account and link your Dying Light profile to it. Then, complete quests on until you reach Level 2 and can redeem your reward – the Last Hope blueprint. The blueprint is sent to your inventory as a docket, which can be redeemed at the Quartermaster.

There are only four Quartermasters in Dying Light:

  • In the Slums, sitting at a table in The Tower
  • In the Slums, in a safe zone near Dr. Zere’s trailer
  • In Old Town, northwest of the city in the library safe zone 
  • In the Countryside, in the northeast corner of the map at the gas station

Last Hope’s Other Pitfalls

As good as Last Hope is, it’s not a perfect weapon. Without any modifications or added blueprints, Last Hope isn’t all that powerful when compared to some other weapons in Dying Light. Just over 3,000 damage will take care of zombies in a few blows, but you’re going to want a heavy-hitter to be able to tackle Dying Light on Nightmare Mode. 

Additionally, getting Last Hope to its best form takes quite a bit of finagling. Once you have the blueprint, you’ll need the following items to craft a modified Last Hope that outputs over 7,600 damage:

  • Gold-tier pickaxe
  • God Hammer blueprint
  • 4 x King mods

That Gold-tier pickaxe will be the roadblock in achieving this, but persistence will certainly pay off. 

If I Can’t Find Last Hope, Is There An Alternative?

Thankfully, Harran is full of powerful melee weapons should you miss out on Last Hope or just can’t seem to secure a blueprint docket. Your best bet is to try and stock up on some Gold-tier weapons, or complete innocuous side quests like finding the EXPCalibur off the southeast shores of the Fishing Village.

Considerations for alternative weapons to Last Hope include:

  • Rune Hammer
  • Fenris Axe
  • Korek Machete 2.0
  • Volatile Hunter Baton
  • Kuai Dagger

Of those, I’d recommend focusing on securing the Kuai Dagger for one reason – its passive ability increases the speed of your parkour. If you’re stuck out late when the Volatile emerges, that speed boost is an invaluable survival tool. 

Finding the Kuai Dagger

Kuai Dagger

To add the Kuai Dagger to your inventory, you’ll need to complete the Rise of the Phoenix bounty. There’s really nothing easy about this bounty, and the dagger’s passive speed boost would definitely come in handy. However, without it, you’ll just need to find a way to shave off seconds early on, as there’s little you can do to speed up your run once you reach the tower.

Look for paths that can act as shortcuts, and remember not to engage any enemies. They’ll just slow you down and make hitting your target time incredibly difficult. Once you reach the top of the final tower, the Kuai Dagger instantly spawns in your inventory.

What Should I Look for In a Weapon?

When looking for strong weapons to bash some zombies with, don’t just look at the damage output. Consider how many upgrade slots the weapon has. The more upgrades and mods you can install, the more powerful you can make the weapon. Last Hope is a perfect example, as it starts at just over 3,000 damage but can be modded into an electrified, fiery ax that does more than 7,600 damage. 

Always keep an eye on durability and repair. A strong weapon is not as useful if it’s something that’s going to break easily on you. Something like EXPCalibur has low durability and can’t be repaired, meaning players need to use the blade sparingly or in emergencies only.

Worst Weapons in Dying Light

Some weapons in Dying Light are deceptive. They may look or sound cool or that they’d be devastating to the undead shamblers, but in reality, they’re pretty awful. Maybe they have low damage output, very limited durability, or there are just better alternatives out there. Whatever the case may be, stay away from these weapons to prolong your life in Harran.

Anti-Gadoid Gun

Anti-Gadoid Gun

The last thing you want to do is go in guns blazing with the Anti-Gadoid Gun equipped. Why? Because its sole purpose is to attract the infected. Ultimately, the unique firearm is a joke weapon obtained by completing one of the weirdest missions in the game, which includes collecting meteorite samples.

What’s most disappointing about the Anti-Gadoid Gun is that you think you’re getting a pretty awesome ray gun. Then you pull the trigger and the barrel just emits an audible noise that spells your doom. Sure, you can use it to draw some zombies away to thin a crowd, though a grenade may be more effective and all-around useful. 


The Gold-tier Skullmace could have been a great weapon for Crane to use in this battle against the undead. Unfortunately, Techland nerfed it pretty hard right from the get-go that it’s not even worth searching for. Though it can be upgraded and you can make it a powerful little weapon, there is no way to repair the mace and, once it breaks, you can’t create a new one.

It’s a bit of a tease of a weapon. Not only does it look cool, with an exterior made primarily of skulls and pointy parts, but it’s also not weak. Sadly, you’ll sink a bunch of resources into modding it only to have it break amid battle and be lost forever. There are better ways to spend your time and resources.

SiCK Bomb

SiCK Bomb

Don’t be deceived by the word “bomb.” This joke “weapon” may be able to temporarily get you out of a bind, but it’s not going to save you in the way you’d think. The developer blueprint is for a bomb that causes severe flatulence in zombies, causing lesser undead to fly about as they mess what’s left of their drawers.

The SiCK Bomb doesn’t really serve much of a purpose, save for a quick laugh. Zombies hit with it may fly about hilariously, but they’ll be on their feet in no time, likely joined by another horde that you didn’t see through the tears of laughter. 

What’s really problematic with the SiCK Bomb is that it does not affect both larger zombies or humans – two enemy types you absolutely want a bomb to deal with.

Finding Last Hope

What’s great about Last Hope is that you don’t have to scour Harran looking for a special enemy to kill or a difficult bounty to complete. There are two ways to earn the blueprint, and only one requires you to actually play through Dying Light. The two methods include:

  • Docket Codes
  • Website

Docket Codes

Docket Codes

You can probably scratch this method off your list, as it’s unlikely Techland will be handing out codes for Last Hope on Dying Light. Gaming is all about looking to the future, and with the sequel launched and Kyle Crane’s adventure in the relatively distant past, any docket codes are surely going to be for future Dying Light games. 

In the chance that I’m wrong, though, and you do find a docket code for Last Hope, you can redeem it with these steps:

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your account
  • Enter the code in the box prompt
  • Click “Redeem”
  • Find a Quartermaster in Dying Light
  • The Last Hope blueprint will be available to take for free

You will need to link your Techland account with your Steam, PSN, or Xbox Live account for the dockets to appear. At the time of writing this, the following dockets were still active:

  • IMBERNE – Gold Tier Docket
  • GVMERS – Gold Tier Docket
  • IAMCRUSTY – Gold Tier Docket
  • PSISYN – Gold Tier Docket
  • TECHLAND30 – Gold Tier Docket
  • HAS – Gold Tier Docket
  • EVERYONE – Poster (Automatic Download)
  • ASTORY – Wallpaper (Automatic Download)
  • HELL – Gold Tier Docket
  • ROBOCAST – Gold Tier Docket
  • GRE31SVNB0HFUD0H – Docket
  • EVERYONEHASASTORY – Video (Automatic Download) Website

From the homepage, in the top menu bar, you’ll find “Quests.” Click on this option, then select Dying Light from the two options. This will load a page of different quests you can complete in-game to unlock XP on the Techland website. This experience can then be turned into rewards, found in the “Rewards” tab in the top menu.

All you need is 500 XP to unlock Last Hope, which is a breeze to get considering a quest as simple as driving 5 km in the game’s Buggy earns you 400 XP. Another 5 km in the Buggy earns 800 XP.

Other quests you can complete for experience include:

  • Killing 30 Demolishers (300 XP)
  • Killing 1,000 Biters (2,000 XP)
  • Craft 100 Items (500 XP)
  • Buy 30 Items (300 XP)
  • Heal 20 Times (200 XP)

Once you unlock the Last Hope reward (which was still active at the time of this writing), visit a Quartermaster to obtain the blueprint.Zed-Killin’ Weapon


Question: Is There an Unbreakable Weapon in Dying Light?

Answer: Unless it’s a ranged weapon, all weapons in Dying Light are breakable. However, if you don’t mind modding your game, Nexus Mods user Azway uploaded a mod that allows players to carry unlimited ammunition and use any melee weapon without worrying about them breaking.

Question: Do Dying Light Outfits Do Anything?

Answer: Outside of changing the appearance of Kyle Crane, common outfits in Dying Light don’t serve a purpose. They don’t improve stats or bestow players with passive abilities. There are, though, several outfits obtainable through DLC that alter gameplay a little. 

For example, the Ninja outlet that was available as a pre-order bonus from Best Buy or as DLC in the Ultimate Survivor Bundle quiets Crane’s footsteps. Snow Warrior increases XP earned, the Astronaut outfit reduces fall damage, and players can increase dodging by 50% with the Shu Warrior. 

Question: How Much Damage Do Fists Do?

Answer: The base damage for unarmed attacks is 5 points. Crane can be upgraded to improve unarmed damage, and the max is 1,875. His unarmed damage will need to be improved to 375 times his standard damage output of 5 points.

Get Yourself a Zed-Killin’ Weapon

Dying Light really gives you everything you need to take down hordes of zombies – it’s just up to you to decide which of the many weapons to do it with. Last Hope may look like a ridiculous concept, but the makeshift ax works well, severing limbs and beating down zombies. Though its damage output isn’t initially high, a few modifications can improve its efficacy and make it the best weapon in the game.

Whether you decide to mod your Last Hope to shoot off bolts of lightning or set fire to a crowd of zombies, the jagged sign proves to be far more efficient as a weapon than it should be. Before Dying Light, we didn’t think anything was threatening about street signs. After wielding Last Hope for a bit, it’s clear we’ve underestimated just how deadly these otherwise innocuous items can be.

Then again, in the world of Dying Light, anything can and should be a weapon. After all, with munitions so low, Kyle Crane will need to get creative if he wishes to survive.

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