Dead By Daylight The Twins Guide: Charlotte & Victor Deshayes

Dead By Daylight is an addictive multiplayer horror game with many well-known killers and survivors who are pitted against each other for the Entity’s pleasure in a mysterious realm. Among the licensed characters, some original ones stand out as famous icons of the beloved franchise.

My experience with DBD extends back to the game’s release on multiple platforms, and I’ve enjoyed every second of learning about the new killers and how to use them properly. My hard work has gotten me to rank one many times, and I have faith that you can accomplish it with enough determination and consistency.

The Twins were released in the Binding Of Kin chapter, which was the 18th addition back in 2020. The Twins stand out in the crowd with a unique quality that no other killer has, and they’re two in one. This gives them the remarkable potential to influence the map in new ways while making gameplay fresh and enjoyable.

Charlotte & Victor are fascinating in their lore, powers, perks, and implications in the Fog, with amusing possibilities. I have played them along with all the rest extensively while upgrading the perk tiers and exploring exhilarating combinations.

I’m honored to serve as your expert guide through the Fog and walk you through The Twins’ high potential! Welcome to a Dead By Daylight The Twins Guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Twins are unlike any other killer in Dead By Daylight and offer some unique powers that make them a terrorizing team on any map. Their three special perks include Hoarder, Oppression, and Coup de Grâce.

They have surprising powers and abilities, making them a force to be feared. The Twins aren’t beginner-friendly, but they have much potential in the hands of an experienced player.

Their primary strategy is spreading damage across the field to gain multiple downs in quick succession, which is a refreshing deviation from the traditional way of sacrificing.

The Twins’ Despondent Lore

the twins dead by daylight

The Twins are a pair of conjoined twins, but they don’t stay that way for long when on the hunt. Through their circumstances, Charlotte and Victor formed a deep, distinct, powerful sibling bond that could never be broken. They were born in 17th-century France and were a miraculous birth that rational science couldn’t explain.

The fact that they survived bordered on the edge of the supernatural, but this, unfortunately, caused them to undergo intense, relentless persecution from everyone.

A witch hunt was inevitable, and as multiple flaming torches surrounded the family, their mother was knocked out in front of them. Charlotte and Victor were snatched up and were forced to witness Madeleine burned at stake in sheer horror.

After escaping by setting fire to their captivity, they were left to forage and hide alone and would kill any threat to their survival.

Unique Perks


Hoarder is a perk that will inevitably give you more chases and discoveries throughout the trial. If the survivors search through a chest within a certain distance from The Twins, it will trigger a loud noise notification that will relentlessly put you on their tail.

This is an appropriate perk for their unique personality because it portrays her protective personality of Charlotte over her brother and her struggles with limited survival resources.

This perk adds two additional chests to any map, increasing notification frequency. If a survivor decides to pick up an item at any location, this will also make a loud noise, and you can quickly snuff them out.

More skilled survivors may avoid using chests to prevent their place from being revealed, hindering their ability to discover and pick up new items.


Oppression manifests their complicated past as they seek to inflict the same suffering on others. As soon as you damage a generator, Oppression is activated. This causes up to three other generators to start regressing immediately. It also initiates a complex skill check for any survivor actively working on a generator.

This applies to all survivors at any given location, assuming they are working on a generator. You kill two birds with one stone using Oppression, which slows the match down while hindering progression.

Regression on three generators each time is lethal because it gives you much more time to torment your victims and reduces the chances of a quick escape.

Coup de Grâce

Coup De Grâce is an exciting perk because it gets more potent with each generator finished. You gain a token for every completed generator, which increases your following lunge attack distance. Doing so consumes a token, and it can be a considerable advantage to down survivors quickly from a greater distance.

Lunge attacks are accomplished by holding down the attack button in contrast to a short strike. This perk allows you to attack survivors from a great distance and hit them before vaulting a window or pallet. The third tier of Coup De Grâce increases your lunge by eighty percent.

Primary Weapon, Special Abilities & Powers

dead by daylight primary weapon

The Blade of Marseille

The Blade Of Marseille is Charlotte’s primary weapon to inflict deep wounds on survivors. This is what you will utilize primarily to get them down and hooked. It started as an old sickle that Charlotte stole from a farmer’s home. She later modified the weapon to be more effective and fit her relentless personality.

According to villagers’ accounts, many have witnessed a demon-like figure stalking the Marseille gutters with a shimmering sickle blade. It’s satisfying to use this primary weapon in-game, and now it’s even more interesting because of its lore.

Blood Bond

The power of the Twins’ Blood Bond unique ability highlights their character. While in control of Charlotte, you can hold the power button and let Victor traverse the map and find unsuspecting survivors. You can switch between her and Victor for aggressive and tactical strategies during this state.

Charlotte’s Dormant State

While you control Victor, Charlotte will revert to a dormant state where her red stain and terror radius are hidden from survivors. She can be placed strategically in certain narrow areas to block the path and make Victor’s pursuit even more deadly.

Using the dormant state in place of broken pallets can be a viable strategy for blocking pathways.

Special Ability: Unleashing Victor

Victor is my favorite part about using the Twins because he has the tremendous speed to hunt down survivors for his size. While playing as Victor, you cannot see scratch marks, which is a reasonable trade-off because you can still see bright red pools of blood if a survivor is bleeding.

An exciting feature is that Victor can interact with lockers and search for hiding victims.

It’s common for survivors to hide in them when they hear the sound cue that Victor has been unleashed. If he finds someone in a locker, he will shut the door while control returns to Charlotte.

They have ten seconds to struggle free while you approach and attempt to grab them for a free hook. I’ve always found this comical and enjoyable when playing The Twins.

If you’re controlling Charlotte, Victor will aid you in discovering survivors by triggering Killer Instinct if they’re walking or running, revealing their outline within the shriek range. Survivors can crush an Idle Victor, forcing his regrowth after six seconds. This can only happen during his recharge state after a pounce.

If you’re controlling Victor, hold the ability button to charge a pounce and then use the attack to lunge at a survivor and inflict damage. If you miss the pounce attack, he will be idle for a short time, where he can be crushed and returned to his sister.

The Twins’ Powerful Add-ons

dead by daylight the twins' powerful add-ons

Silencing Cloth

The Silencing Cloth is an iridescent ultra-rare item you can obtain. According to the lore, the meaning behind it is a strip of cloth Charlotte placed in her mouth to inhibit any screams from alerting nearby witch hunters. When Charlotte awakens from her dormant state, she will be granted the undetectable status for twenty seconds.

This is a long time and will get you some free hits when survivors don’t know you’re approaching. That’s because undetectable status veils your terror radius and gives you the element of surprise. It’s great for grabbing unsuspecting survivors off generators.

Iridescent Pendant

This Iridescent ultra-rare pendant is forged from the Fog and has an eerie portrait of Madeleine Deshayes. You’ll undoubtedly want to snag this add-on if you see it in the blood web, so try not to buy things at random and be more selective because it pays back with a better match.

This add-on speaks volumes about Charlotte’s devotion to Victor and her vengeful approach to protecting him.

If Victor is crushed while idle after missing a pounce attack, they will be inflicted with the Exposed status effect for forty-five seconds. That’s a long time to be exposed when time is so important.

The trick is to track them down and get that hit, so you get a fast hook. It also serves as a psychological tactic that discourages survivors from crushing Victor again after they learn you’re using the Iridescent Pendant.

Drop of Perfume

This is a perfume that belonged to their mother with a pleasant scent. If you’re in control of Charlotte, then every survivor within the shriek radius will be inflicted by the Oblivious effect. This is useful because they can’t hear the heart-pounding terror radius.

They will be oblivious to where The Twins are coming from and more likely to run into you for a free hit. The terror radius is their primary way of avoiding the killer and taking preventative action by hiding. Without it, they are like sitting ducks waiting to be skinned and hooked for food. 

Spinning Top

The sad reality about Victor and Charlotte is that they were kids just like anyone else and had toys like the Spinning Top to pass the time. Suppose you notice survivors carrying significantly hindering items like flashlights in the loading lobby.

In that case, the Spinning Top is a good Add-on because it effectively makes them drop it after Victor’s pounce attack. Note that a survivor can pick up the item again after dropping it by this effect. This information can be helpful as you can return to the item location to find them again.

Tips for Playing the Twins

  • Keep Victor & Charlotte Near each other
  • Experiment with notification perks like Tinkerer & Discordance
  • Use Victor frequently when he’s charged
  • Block looping circles with Charlotte and switch to Victor for downing
  • Consistently kick generators to activate Oppression
  • Use Victor to pounce through windows & pallets effectively

My Favorite Perk Combination for the Twins

dead by daylight the twins perk combination


To start, I always include one of the killer’s unique perks in the mix, and in this case, Oppression is exceptional for this anti-gen-rush build.

As I mentioned, this perk allows you to trigger the regression of three other generators after kicking one. It also gives impossibly difficult skill checks on survivors repairing generators, triggering regression and a loud noise notification if they miss it.

Think of this perk as the hammer to your sickle in hindering accelerated progress. As you might expect, there’s a cooldown time between kicks that’s only fair and logical, so it’s not too abusive.

Surge (Demogorgon Perk)

Speaking of regression, Surge is another delightful perk that rewards you for downing a survivor. Once you connect the fatal blow and they fall to the ground, all generators within thirty-two meters of your location will instantly explode and begin regressing.

It also gives an 8% regression penalty and has a cooldown after the effect is accomplished. Even with the cooldown period, the difficulty increases tremendously for survivors when coupled with Oppression.

Overcharge (Doctor Perk)

So you just kicked a generator and triggered Oppression, but you can add insult to injury by running Overcharge. The next survivor who attempts a repair on that generator will trigger a difficult skill check, and failing it will immediately reduce generator progress by up to five percent.

If you hit the skill check, it simply prevents the generator from exploding and nothing more. Using Overcharge will also make them panic and flee a generator if they miss the skill check.

Hex: Ruin (Hag Perk)

The toxic cherry on top of this anti-gen-rush sundae is running Hex: Ruin. Yes, it’s not as good as in the past, but it’s still crippling in this effective build.

If this hex is active on the field, they will struggle with the generators until it’s cleansed. All generators regress up to two hundred percent when they are not being repaired, and stalking with Victor will keep them occupied while their progress swirls down the drain.

The Twins Achievements

dead by daylight the twins achievements
  • Adept Twins-Get a Merciless Victory utilizing only their three unique perks
  • Tag Team-Down ten survivors while Victor is latched onto a survivor

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the Twins Hard to Play for Beginners?

Answer: According to the game, they are considered a very hard-level killer. Beginners will have difficulty playing them because it’s hard enough to deal with the powers of one killer when you start.

The Twins are about time management, and their abilities are somewhat complex. I would avoid them In Dead By Daylight as a beginner and pick them up later with a firm grasp of the basics.

Question: Can Victor be Destroyed Permanently?

Answer: Victor will remain a constant threat throughout the entire trial, but he can be crushed after latching onto you after some time. From there, he returns to Charlotte and can be deployed again to hunt and harass survivors throughout the trial.

The “remove” action takes eight seconds to free yourself and effectively crush him. Afterward, he will regrow within six seconds. It’s impossible to destroy Victor permanently, but you can crush him when idle.

Question: What are the Restrictions for Voluntarily Switching between Killers Near Certain Areas?

Answer: The implications of having two killers on the field requires some restrictions to make the game fairer. You cannot switch between Charlotte & Victor or release Victor within the radius of various props on the map.

If you are within four meters of an exit gate, you’ll notice it’s impossible to conduct these actions. Next, if you’re within six meters of the hatch, these powers are disabled. Finally, The Twins are restricted if they’re within sixteen meters of a hook.

Conclusion: The Twins are Double Killers Bringing a Fascinating Dynamic to DBD!

The Twins are a fantastic killer in Dead By Daylight and are worth purchasing the DLC to experience their unique capabilities. I know that a killer with a rating of very hard will seem intimidating at first, but they’re at the lower end when it comes to this class.

After reading this guide, I hope you feel more confident and are ready to use them harmoniously to make countless sacrifices!

They have great powers that stand out among the cast and terrorize experienced survivors. Now it’s time to enter the Fog with two killers instead of just one for a new dynamic!

Although they take time to master, you will find they’re slightly more accessible to beginners if you’re inclined. Overall, The Twins are brutal in the right hands and relentless in their pursuit of vengeance in Dead By Daylight. Happy hunting in the Fog, and I hope to see you there!

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