Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations: Finding The Dolls

Welcome to the mysterious & ominous world of Alan Wake 2, where the sequel puts you into a world of darkness yet again to battle the shadows and blur the line between real life & an intense nightmare. Within, you’ll discover the critical Nursery Rhymes that shed light on the unknown and give you a trail of clues that unravel many secrets. When searching for nursery rhymes, you’ll be able to uncover the depths of Alan Wake 2 & get a deeper experience while exploring hidden areas.

They are more enticing and fun than other collectibles, which can be tedious sometimes. Join me as we search for each nursery rhyme, and I will show you where to find them all. I am your reliable companion on the dark path to revealing each of them, and this will enhance your gameplay as we get closer to the heart of these intriguing mysteries. As we embark on this journey together, remember that every rhyme has a reason, and each location has a shocking secret waiting to be uncovered!

Solving Nursery Rhymes & Rewards

So you might be wondering if Nursery Rhymes are worth discovering in the first place outside of the completionist perspective, and the answer is yes! Solving them will take effort; some require more time than others, but they’re worth it if you want to get the most out of Alan Wake 2. This guide only covers the locations of the Nursery Rhymes, but you’ll need more information to solve them. I suggest utilizing a solutions guide to get through them or doing it the old-fashioned way by using your mind, as I prefer. Here are some benefits you’ll gain from finding nursery rhymes, and you can decide if it’s worth it.

  • Increased story insight: Includes lore, hints, & a much deeper understanding of the narrative
  • Rewards & collectibles: These include manuscripts, collectibles, & audio logs, along with other game bonuses
  • Useful gameplay enhancements: Weapons, upgrades, equipment, & abilities that significantly enhance gameplay and help you overcome challenges more easily.
  • Unlocks secret areas & hidden quests: Solving nursery rhymes offers you new quests & alternative story paths that give you unique experiences and rare rewards. You will get new encounters and exciting discoveries when pursuing these collectibles.
  • Achievements & Trophies: Completing the tasks is enjoyable, and you’ll earn many trophies for your effort.

All Nursery Rhyme Locations

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhymes

There are a total of five nursery rhymes to discover in Cauldron Lake. Three can be grabbed in your first playthrough, and you can go back again to gain the remaining two when you complete the game.

Private Cabin

Private Cabin Alan Wake II

You will find the first nursery rhyme close to the Private Cabin. To access this area, you must first turn on the generator, which then makes it a safe area. You can see the location of the Private Cabin above as a reference on the map for where you need to travel.

Witchfinder’s Station

Witchfinder's Station Alan Wake II

When you reach the Witchfinder’s Station, you will find the next nursery rhyme outside the door. This is located in the northern section of the flooded area and is hard to miss. Look at the map image for reference so you can find this one.

Streamside Picnic

Streamside Picnic Alan Wake II

You’ll discover the next rhyme on your hunt southwest of the Witchfinder’s Station and just west of the Private Cabin I mentioned earlier. It is in the picnic table area and will require the crow doll you picked up from the Private Cabin earlier. Check out the map above to get the exact location.

Rental Cabins

Rental Cabins Alan Wake II

After obtaining the bolt cutters, you can access the rental cabins on the east side of the map to snag this nursery rhyme. Make your way through the first cabin to get to the second in this area. You will make it to the second cabin on the backside, so you’ll need to enter through the front door from there. The map above will give you a better idea of both cabin’s layouts so you know what to expect.

Watery Nursery Rhymes

There are eight nursery rhymes within the Watery, and all except one can be discovered during your first playthrough.

North of Downtown

North of Downtown

When you are at Downtown Watery, make your way north, and you should be on the way to Coffee World. From there, you will come to a fight with the Taken Thrower and will find yourself in an open area where you take the first right. Follow this trail to the downtown area on a ridge, and you’ll notice a clearing with the following nursery rhyme. Ensure you snatch the Deer Doll & Moose Doll before entering the chalk circle.

Radio Tower

Radio Tower Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

Head over to the Radio Tower on the map, and it’s pretty clear where to go. This is close to the Watery Safehouse and just north of Downtown, and you can use the Crossbow Cult Stash as a marker that you’re in the right place. Head north from there to the south ridge overlooking the safe room, and there, you’ll discover your next nursery rhyme.



Check your map and make your way toward the watery lighthouse. This will be just south of Coffee World. When you get to the area, you need to kill the Taken swarm and then continue to the lighthouse. From there, go to the peak, where you’ll find the next nursery rhyme. Initially, the door will be locked, but you can unlock it with the Trickster, Wise Elder Dolls, & Mother items.

Trailer Park Dock

Trailer Park Dock

This nursery rhyme becomes available when you have beaten the Overlap found within the Watery, and this will trigger the flooding to go down, which is necessary to access it. There will be a shack intended for cleaning fish on the left side, and keep going straight to reach the trailer park dock. You’ll want to hit the fish station to pick up the Bear Doll & the Child Doll will be found on the pier lying on the bench. Once you have these, you can go on the dock and take a left to locate the nursery rhyme.

Latte Lagoon Dock

Latte Lagoon Dock Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

After the flooding goes down at the Watery, return to Coffee World. Go to the Latte Lagoon Dock on the map above for your reference. If you locate the Fair Trade Fun Zone, it’s straight North from there. To solve this, you’ll need to have the Trickster, Deer, & Moose dolls, which are found in the areas of other nursery rhymes. The nursery rhyme is found on the dock next to the bumper boats and is ready to solve.

Ranger Cabin

Ranger Cabin Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

In the western area of the map, you’ll find the Ranger Cabin, which is also accessible once you remedy the flood in the Watery. There are some Taken Wolves that need to be eradicated in the area before progressing to the rhyme. Kill them, and then make your way inside from the back. You should see some stairs and go up to the bedroom, where you must pick up the Maiden & Monster dolls on the dresser. From there, go to the cabin’s backyard, and you should see the Nursery Rhyme on the ground.

Downtown Watery

Downtown Watery Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

First, ensure you have collected the screwdriver from Coffee World. Locate the Downtown Watery on the map, and you’ll find a trailer to the North of Suomi Hall. This is where the screwdriver comes in handy because you’ll need it to break through the lock and go inside. The Maiden & Trickster dolls are necessary for this part, so have them on hand before entering. As you walk in, go to the room on the trailer’s left side, and you will discover the next nursery rhyme within.

Lighthouse Trailer Park

Lighthouse Tailer Park Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

When you have obtained the bolt cutters, it opens the door to solve this nursery rhyme. Return to the Lighthouse Trailer Park and cut through the locked gate. This trailer is located south of Saga’s if you need a starting point. When you go inside, you will find the nursery rhyme in an accessible location to the left.

Bright Falls

There are four nursery rhymes in Bright Falls, three of which require you to reduce the flooding and have the bolt cutters before accessing them.

Northern Bunker Woods

Northern Bunker Woods Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

On your way to the Valhalla Nursing Home, you’ll need to locate the safe zone in Bunker Woods and go north from there to discover the following nursery rhyme on a cliff. There is also a cult stash in the area. You’ll need the Mother & Child dolls to complete this puzzle.

Ranger Station

Ranger Station Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

After you finish the previous nursery rhyme, head south and then the southern route toward Bright Falls Ranger Station. When you reach the station, search the bedroom on the first floor, and you’ll discover the next nursery rhyme location. You will need the Monster & Child doll to complete this puzzle.


Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations beach

Locate the Ranger Station and head east to discover a beach. This can only be accessed once you cause the flooding to go down. This is a relatively condensed area, and the nursery rhyme is waiting to be solved here. You’ll need the monster, child, & mother dolls to complete this puzzle.


Dock Alan Wake II All Nursery Rhyme Locations

When you get the flooding issue resolved and lower the water, ensure you have the bolt cutters before proceeding. Go to the corner area of Bunker Woods & Bright Falls. There is a dock next to the gate leading to town, where the last nursery rhyme is located in Bright Falls. You will need the Monster & Mother dolls to solve the puzzle.

Final Nursery Rhyme At Witchfinder’s Station

Alan Wake 2

After solving the last rhyme, you will discover the FBC case in the same area. The Father Doll figure is within said case, which is just as important as it sounds for solving the final nursery rhyme at Witchfinder’s Station.  Head to the Witchfinder’s Station in the northern part of Cauldron Lake. Upon arrival, you’ll witness Dr. Campbell reciting a rhyme requiring you to place five dolls on the mats scattered throughout the house.

After they are placed, this will trigger a dialogue with him, and you will then be required to utilize your flashlight to break orbs of darkness around the desk. The final charm will be available to pick up, and this nursery rhyme will be solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are these nursery rhyme locations essential for the story in Alan Wake 2?

Answer: Discovering and solving the nursery rhymes in Alan Wake 2 is not essential for completing the story. However, it loses depth if you decide to neglect these puzzles. They can reward you with added lore, resources, collectibles, and incredible gameplay experiences that uplift your experience and make the game more enjoyable. If you want to get your money’s worth, then I suggest trying to shoot to find all the nursery rhymes.

Question: Are any items or abilities needed to access nursery rhymes?

Answer: Most nursery rhymes can be found and completed by playing the game the first time, but some will require specific tools and story progression to uncover. Once you have beaten the game, you have the option to explore recently visited areas and can find them with ease. Some areas only become available when you attain various abilities after completing a particular chapter. You can access it later and complete the puzzles using environmental clues.

Question: After you complete the game, are all areas accessible to get the nursery rhymes?

Answer: When you beat Alan Wake 2, you can explore the nursery rhyme locations and any other collectibles and locations you may have missed in your first playthrough. This makes it accessible for completionists and relieves anxiety when playing through and forgetting things. At the end of the game, you’re awarded the opportunity to uncover hidden secrets and thoroughly explore each area.

Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme Locations: Final Thoughts

Alan Wake 2 guides

In conclusion, discovering the nursery rhyme locations in Alan Wake 2 is exhilarating and eerie. It’s worth the effort because there are many rich story elements to uncover, along with excellent rewards. Each location offers a blend of mystery and horror, pushing players to confront their fears head-on without compromising. It has been a pleasure guiding you through these nursery rhyme locations in Alan Wake 2.

As you unravel the rhymes and uncover the final mystery, you’re left with a satisfying sense of accomplishment, knowing you’ve experienced a journey filled with suspenseful & intriguing puzzles that are fun to uncover and wrap your mind around. They truly deepen the lore and give you more than just petty tasks. They are great for completionists and those who wish to have a more fulfilling experience with this thrilling sequel to an iconic survival horror game!

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