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Sons of the Forest Base Ideas: Creative Blueprints to Get Building!

Like the first game, Sons of The Forest offers an engaging story with brutal cannibals, lush environments, & a host of crafting options at your fingertips.

Even after completing the campaign, you’ll find it’s a crafting sandbox with many possibilities. I have enjoyed playing both games with a few bases under my belt, but these, by comparison, are next-level.

People are taking things to the extreme with new impressive bases, but settling on a project that’s aesthetically pleasing and effective at protection can be tricky.

My goal is to give you some stellar ideas so you can build on them or take elements and construct your own. Chances are, you won’t have a base identical to one of these unless you follow everything to the letter with no creative insight. Feel free to tweak some of these to your liking.

I’m here to help you gain inspiration with these Sons Of The Forest Base Ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or veteran crafter; there is always something new to learn and craft with new extraordinary potential!

Let’s establish a plan with one of these blueprints so you can build a base to be proud of!

viking cabin

Bases Overview

When you see the crafting options for the first time, it’s easy to feel like a deer in the headlights and not know where to start. It’s best to start with the basic build for a shelter, which can be found through guides online.

Similar to other games, the more you study building techniques, the more creative doors open to make something unique. The reality is that setting up a base is a more intelligent decision and comes with some benefits that make Sons of the Forest smoother.

Setting goals for yourself and determining your style is wise because everyone is different.

It’s a rewarding process when you finally complete it, but enemies can still break in with enough effort, so you always look over your shoulder. However, there are ways to mitigate the threats, and here are the fundamental structures before we get into specifics.

  • Water Base: A safety base best built on a river island to shield you from enemies
  • Viking Cabin: An advanced base that’s made in the heart of mountains or near them
  • Ocean Base: Similar to the water base, but instead of the river island, you make on the ocean (considered safer)
  • Floating Roof: A quirky yet exciting design where the rooftop floats separately from the structure
  • Floating Base: To build a floating base, you must chop logs in half while constructing the door on them. You remove the chopped logs from there, and are good to go.
  • Defensive Base: Consists of a more robust and more extended floor with the ability to protect from threatening enemy raids
  • Floating Water Base: A base that floats on the water and has a bridge connected to the land for convenience
  • Wooden Mansion: A monstrous cabin with a curved roof and excessive storage space for serious players who mean business.
  • Larger House: A smaller version of the wooden mansion with decent storage. A place you can call home and not feel so cramped and vulnerable.
  • Tall Skyscraper: This is one of the more ambitious builds, if not the most prestigious, for aspiring survival builders. The building has three square bases for various uses and a giant skyscraper.

Deciding on a Base Location

I’m sure you’ve heard realtors parrot themselves, saying, “Location! Location!! Location!!!” Well, it’s just as important when building a house too, which applies to Sons of the Forest.

I guarantee the cannibals won’t schedule a tour. Everyone has different tastes, but eventually, you’ll have to decide if you want to get building seriously instead of randomly crafting things through trial and error.

It would help if you didn’t bite off more than you can chew initially. Attempting a convoluted water base is not for beginners, but the forest areas are more friendly if you can find a spacious flat spot to build on.

Remember that day four is when cannibals start to “inquire” about your presence, so you initially have some time of peace to construct.

Before you craft in a location, consider these tips to optimize your survivability. Whatever base you choose, ensure it’s true to yourself and your goals.

For example, I get bored when I’m too safe, so I aspire to create a standard non-evasive base with plenty of space.

  • Learn how to fish and make sure you’re near a fishing location
  • Build near a 3D printer to get a water flask and have access to other crafting options
  • It would be best if you always were near a hefty abundance of nearby resources to harvest for building, and setting animal traps around your base helps a lot for food.

sons of the forest island base location

The Beginner-Friendly North-West Island Base Location

There is a tiny island in the Northwestern part of the map, and there’s little space to build.

However, enemies in this game never learned how to swim for some reason, making this an ideal spot for beginners to construct a small base to get started. They won’t be able to attack until the water freezes.

You can see the location above, and it’s that tiny little speck surrounded by a lake. Islands are beneficial for surviving when starting, and this is a surefire way to stay safe and calm while developing your understanding of the mechanics.

sons of the forest water base

The Best Water Base Spot

So the water base will be tricky if it’s your first time constructing one. Because of this, location is essential to nail it and feel accomplished.

Check out the lake to the east of the snowy mountain. The Golden Armor is also near here to help your survivability even more

You’ll need to wait for the water to freeze over to start constructing in the winter. You can try many water base locations, but this is one of the more safe ones. Reference the picture above to get started on your water base in this spot.

sons of the forest mountain cave base

The Ideal Mountain Cave Base Location

Building a base in the mountain cave network can be an exciting route with some surprises along the way.

Although this concept isn’t on the list, it’s still one of the best spots to start constructing in the heart of the mountain. It’s similar to the smaller bunker cave base listed but on a grander scale.

If you wish to try out this strategy, you can locate the cave entrance south of the snowy mountain.

It’s a unique strategy for taking out enemies and serves as one of the wisest locations possible for routing and managing them while mitigating ambushes.

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sons of the forest northern beach base

Best Place for a Beach Base

If you need a vacation, the first thing to do is decide where you’re going. If the beach and a tropical drink are calling your name, you want to ensure the location is ideal for survival in Sons of the Forest.

Check out the Northern beach and use it for your beach base spot to succeed tremendously.

The empty and spacious land is somewhat comforting, so you can better view any approaching enemies.

The only chore comes when you need to lug logs back and forth, but it won’t take long to construct your base here, and it’s the perfect location. Check out the exact spot above to start building!

sons of the forest endgame bunker base

A Wise Place to Build Your End-Game Bunker

When you’re done playing Sons of the Forest, you have officially entered the end-game, and there’s more fun to be had.

That’s why establishing your end-game bunker base is ideal for staying alive and thriving beyond measure. This location was chosen because it’s next to a secret bunker.

This is the spot where the game ends on a hill in the northeastern corner of the map. You will reap the advantages of building a base close to this endgame bunker.

There are enough trees around to craft, and this spot is very safe from the anxiety-inducing cannibals. You’ll also acquire some excellent weapons and tools to aid in your continued survival.

Sons of the Forest Creative Base Ideas

It’s time to get into ten versatile and mesmerizing base designs you can build with enough persistence and knowledge today.

Some of these will be more end-game projects, considering the amount of work it takes to accomplish them.

When playing the story your first time, I suggest you build something more significant than average with decent storage space. The replayability of Sons of the Forest allows for countless building endeavors for leisure or efficiency.

These creative base ideas will give you power and accomplishment with a sharp edge against enemies. I’ve carefully chosen these existing epic builds to get you started, but I’m also hoping you’ll explore new creative ideas with these in mind.

Let’s observe what makes each of them worth your time so you can gain the necessary information to construct something suitable, efficient, & breathtaking!

The Mystic Garden

  • Creator: GrimyGamer
  • Base Difficulty: 5/10

There’s enough to worry about with ravenous flesh-eaters lurking behind every tree, and you deserve some tranquility with this Mystic Garden base.

It blends well with the surrounding environment, and this design was constructed near a waterfall. This serene base is perfect for those seeking respite from treacherous enemies, but you’ll still need to take precautions to defend it.

It won’t be too hard to bring to life, and having foliage around makes it feel more natural and welcoming.

You can have your garden base in Sons Of The Forest, and that’s exciting if you’re a nature lover. The Mystic Garden base is on the water, so you can have a continuous source and deter enemies from approaching.

Enjoy a private sanctum in the heart of wildlife with Asian-style buildings that will make you want to meditate inside before trekking into the hostile unknown.

There will be plenty of storage space with an emphasis on plant decoration. This base is visually appealing, and it’s manageable to defend. Check out the video in the link above to get a first-hand look at what’s possible, and you don’t have to always color in the lines.

The Epic Disney Castle

  • Creator: GrimyGamer
  • Base Difficulty: 8/10

This is a more advanced build, but making a castle of some sort is something we all think about in a crafting game eventually.

The iconic Disney castle inspires this one, but you can tweak it according to your preference. With the court of your dreams, you’ll have plenty of space for everything.

The Epic Disney Castle base will undoubtedly impress your friends and give you a sense of great accomplishment.

Channel the mind of a mad scientist to take on a castle build, and the time will be well worth it when completed. The complexity of the angular offsets is worth noting with this build, and it will take some knowledge and skill to pull it off correctly.

Thankfully, there are resources to bring it to life in your way. This is more of an aesthetic base that isn’t good at defending against enemies or the bitter cold.

Despite this, you could easily modify it to become a survival powerhouse with the correct alterations. The creativity level is off the chart here, with an awe-inspiring design.

Secret Sky Base

  • Creator: GrimyGamer
  • Base Difficulty: 8.5/10

Sometimes you need a break from the savage network of cannibals looming in the dark forest, and that’s where this Secret Sky Base comes to the rescue. It’s a private sky fortress elevated above dangerous terrain with a serene appeal that stands out on this list.

This design features a bridge extending from a mountain base to another section.

You’re untouchable in a location like this, with a heavenly vibe in the clouds that stands out. This Secret Sky Base is a worthy pick if you want to remain hidden with a constant sense of privacy.

It will require some bridge-building knowledge, and there will be some hoops to jump through with this build, but it’s a breathtaking unique option that not many have attempted. Check out the video above for a tour of this base idea to gain some inspiration.

The Ultimate Water Base

  • Creator: GrimyGamer & TotalXclipse
  • Base Difficulty: 9/10

If you build a water base, you might as well go for the best one instead of settling for something less. However, practicing a smaller one is good if you’re not confident.

You can pull it off with enough persistence and building knowledge. You can craft a water base on any of the deeper river islands, and this one takes it to the extreme with a spacious and cozy home with no worries.

Water bases are reliable and a more imaginative location to deter unwanted foes.

Perhaps the most essential part of this build is the bridge, which must be constructed to traverse safely from land to your water base. Remember that only an Ocean Base will keep you safe and confident in preventing brutal enemy raids.

Still, the ultimate water base is on the safer side when compared to one built on exposed land. You’re less of a target, and it’s a creative build that will be satisfying.

One more necessary detail regarding water bases is that you’ll need to build them during winter when any body of water is frozen. This ensures you can begin constructing your epic island fortress and test the waters.

The Viking Cabin

  • Creator: Littell Gamer
  • Base Difficulty: 6/10

Whether you just finished playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or are feeling in a Viking mood, the Viking Cabin is an excellent choice if you’re aspiring to build a more rugged iconic base.

It is shaped like a triangle and has a rustic cabin vibe. You’ll be traveling into the depths of the mountains to gain access to frozen water.

As with any base, you’ll need to start setting the proper foundation, but this one is a bit more of a challenge. It’s perfect for building something outside the box in a style that’s not very common.

Beams must be placed on the sides to support this Viking structure well. The triangular roof will be the trickiest part, but I’m confident you can manage.

The final step for this build is to construct a dock that leads to your Viking cabin, which can be long or short, depending on your preference.

It has an aesthetic appeal that stands out among the rest, and there is also a pyramid base to consider if you enjoy this triangular design. Check out the video above to see it better and decide if you want to try it!

Cave Bunker Base

  • Creator: GrimyGamer
  • Base Difficulty: 4/10

The Cave Bunker is a friendly option for beginners looking to craft something safe, effective, and secretive.

The bunker starts outside a mountain and then is built into the ice caverns for a perfect base to lay low and recuperate. It’s terrific if you’re craving a cozy spot that isn’t too complex to build.

This base gives you the sense that you’re barely surviving on the island, and that’s what I enjoy most about the design. It’s favorable for minimalists and can be accomplished in a short amount of time.

I recommend expanding the bunker to increase space for storage. Protective defensive features can help ward off intruders, even if they might be slightly cramped.

Hopefully, you don’t mind looking at ice because you’ll see rigid, frozen walls and ceilings within the hidden bunker that give it a natural appeal.

I liked this idea because it’s not something you should do when starting the game. The protective spiked wall covering the base is necessary for raids and staying well-guarded.

The Ultimate Survival Tower

  • Creator: GrimyGamer
  • Base Difficulty: 7/10

Instead of building a standard construct, you can opt for something more ambitious like the Ultimate Survival Tower.

I’m sure you’ve heard of defending the tower, and that’s what you’ll be doing here. This is a fantastic base with multiple constructs and a large building.

It’s reminiscent of strongholds in various games, and you can take on this project with your design while using this as a template. However, if you fear heights, I would avoid this one.

If not, you’ll enjoy randomly throwing objects from that height for fun. It’s equally gratifying to be untouchable while having a birds-eye view of any attack so you can manage and strategize effectively.

Sharp wood can be placed around the base parameters to prevent entry, and you might like to consider a high boundary wall before starting the tower.

This type of base is highly ambitious and will take a long time to complete, but the view is breathtaking when you climb up to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

This ultimate survival tower template is safe and amazing to try, with flexibility in approaching it.

The Most Epic Beach Base

  • Creator: GrimyGamer or ZumaUpload
  • Base Difficulty: 5/10

Pay attention if you’re a beach bum because this will be your new dream base. There are many ways to construct a beach base, but this is the best one I’ve seen.

Building your base on the beach can be a bright idea since you’re next to a place where you can fish, and you know nothing will be approaching you from the direction of the ocean. You won’t get ambushed from all sides and can remain more secure.

This is your chance to build a tropical paradise base, but you don’t necessarily have to go overboard like in the video above. He is a master builder, and it takes time to achieve that level.

I advise you to try it and see if you enjoy the beach vibe after a few days before building something massive. Make something functional, and then go from there if you appreciate the spot.

You can choose between the best beach locations, the North or West Beach. You’ll likely encounter more enemies in the West, so the North is safer.

It’s easy to build on the beach with a clear and spacious spot to bring something epic to life! The one above even has a full bar inside with an elegant tropical appeal.

Asian Castle

  • Creator: GrimyGamer or TotalXclipse
  • Base Difficulty: 7/10

I’m especially fond of the Eastern-style buildings because they stand out and give you peace amid a tense survival horror experience.

The one in the link above is constructed on the water, but that’s unnecessary because you can accomplish it anywhere. The shape of the roof is eye-catching and will make you feel like taking it easy after a long day of building.

The structure is flexible if you want to add more rooms and a detailed roof. It’s a good idea to give you practice in creating different styles so you can keep things fresh instead of standard survival cookie-cutter bases.

Add some Asian spice to your builds to provide an enchanting flare that can’t match any modern construction. It’s the perfect way to add culture to your base and inspire others to do the same.

This Asian Castle will be much safer on the water, but it’s not mandatory. Curving the roof might be challenging, but you can bring this winner to life in hours!

Its mysterious appearance will make you want to do some shao-lin training and preparation for the trials that await you. The Asian Castle base is stunning and is worth constructing in the end game!

Wooden Mansion

  • Creator: Task Force Gaming
  • Base Difficulty: 9.5/10

I’ve saved the best for last if you want to construct a grand mansion to take your breath away. TaskForceGaming built it and has been gaining popularity in the Sons of the Forest community due to the sheer impressive nature of its design.

The base is gigantic, with a pointed curved roof and a convenient balcony that gives you an outstanding view of the beautiful landscape.

Despite the lurking dangers, the game design is a sight to behold, and you can do it much better from your prestigious wooden mansion that everyone will envy after finishing.

Few players have the time, patience, or building skills to bring this project to fruition. That being said, it’s something exciting to aspire to and will be a proud accomplishment.

In addition to the massive structure, an advanced defensive wall keeps everyone safe while preventing enemies from making themselves at home.

There will be plenty of storage space and beds with various shelves and anything else you need. This highly advanced base will be challenging for veterans, but following instructions to build it can be straightforward when using a guide.

Sons of the Forest Base Ideas:FAQs

Question: Should you have experience building in the first game before building a base in this one?

Answer: It would help if you played The Forest, but building a good base isn’t a requirement to get through.

You’ll need to learn some details, but it should be relatively easy to get the hang of if you’re familiar with building games. Looking online at base-building strategies is best if you lack inspiration or knowledge.

Question: Why should you build a base in Sons Of The Forest?

Answer: Although it is possible to beat the game as a wandering nomad, There are many good reasons to build a base in Sons Of The Forest.

After you complete the story, this title becomes a flexible sandbox of possibilities only limited by your imagination.

Building a base becomes one of the primary fun activities with many benefits such as storage, aesthetic quality, defense, & general peace of mind amid the savage, cannibalistic environment.

Question: Is Building a base in Sons Of The Forest complicated?

Answer: Generally speaking, a suitable standard base is not hard to create, but things get more convoluted when you start aiming for some of the base projects listed here.

These are relatively advanced, but anyone can make them with the proper guidance, and there are more than enough resources to bring any base to life with persistence.

You can also make your creation to share with others if you feel inspired!

Conclusion: These Base Ideas Are Some of the Best, & There Are Many More to Build!

These are just a few incredible base ideas you can bring to life in Sons of the Forest. You don’t have to construct them with survivability in mind, but it never hurts to be prepared.

I’m highly impressed with the replayability of this game, with multiple style bases to create.

Even after the story is complete, you’ll want to improve your building skills because it’s highly addicting and nurtures the creative mind with rewarding results!

You’re probably anxious to start on one of these ideas; introducing you to them has been a pleasure. If you make some mistakes while forging your base, don’t worry because that’s a normal part of the process.

There will be planning, crafting, & overall editing until you’re happy with the final project. Here comes the exciting part: you can finally stop reading this and start building the perfect base that’s true to yourself!

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