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The overall gaming experience, especially in this modern age, has become one where the developer holds your hand throughout the process, guiding you and protecting you from harm as you progress through their games. However, one particular genre of game has consistently been able to avoid this trope and offer games that rely on players being proactive and reactive, learning as they go. These games are, of course, survival games. Games that place you in a perilous situation, often naked and afraid and task you with surviving and thriving.

However, while we wouldn’t want these games to hold our hand throughout the gameplay. You may be wishing that someone would take you by the hand and guide you to some of the best survival games to play right now. Well, that’s exactly what we are here to do. Below is a list of some comprehensive survival game reviews, allowing you to gauge which games are right for you and make an informed decision before you commit to a survival adventure. So check out our review selection below.

Also, be sure to bookmark and check in regularly. We aim to provide a consistent stream of survival game reviews, including the most popular games of the moment.

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