Don't Starve Wortox Guide

Don’t Starve Wortox Guide

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Every run in Don’t Starve Together is defined by what character you play as and how unlucky you are with the game’s more random elements. You can’t control those random elements, though, so it’s best to focus on your character and their demand strategy.

One of the most exciting characters is Wortox, the friendly imp that also happens to sustain himself by eating souls. Available in this survival game by purchasing one of his chests or weaving him with 2700 Spools, Wortox brings an entirely new way to approach staying alive in Don’t Starve Together. Before we get into our Don’t Starve Wortox guide, let’s look at some of the key details you need to know.

Key Info Up Front

  • Name: Wortox
  • Title: The Soul Starved
  • Health: 200
  • Hunger: 175
  • Sanity: 150

Wortox Origins

Like most Don’t Starve characters, Wortox’s backstory is shown in an animated trailer from around the time of his release. The short begins with Wortox traveling around with the demonic Krampus to trick and prank others. They are shown stealing food and popping people’s balloons to make them upset.

To him, it was just a fun, whimsical game, but it eventually went too far when Krampus tried to kidnap a baby Beefalo. This drove Wortox to turn against him, finally ripping the bag that held the Beefalo to set it free. However, Wortox’s efforts activated a power within himself that caused him to absorb Krampus into himself, stealing his power, growing his horns, and turning himself from brown to red.

Now, Wortox has to live with the curse he unlocked by trying to keep those around him from coming to any actual harm. Not only did he lose his best friend, but he also had to consume souls to stay alive. This dark power contrasts his fun-loving demeanor and gentle nature, creating a deep conflict within himself.

Wortox’s official descriptions also note that he does not seem to be trapped in the Constant like the other characters of Don’t Starve, implying that he stays there either as some game or to force a punishment on himself.

Wortox in Don’t Starve Together


Wortox is different from most Don’t Starve characters in that he can only be played in Don’t Starve Together. Along with his base stats, he halves the sanity loss suffered from monsters, and his favorite foods are pomegranates and sliced pomegranates. However, his biggest defining feature is his exclusive item, Souls.

Souls will drop whenever a creature or player dies within 20 units of Wortox. Once they are dropped, they will automatically be picked up when Wortox is within eight units of them, but they disappear if they are ignored for ten seconds. Most creatures only drop one Soul while Webber drops two, WX-78 doesn’t drop any, and bosses drop from seven to eight.

Souls can be stacked up to 20 in one inventory space, and Wortox starts with 6 of them on his person. He can then eat the souls to restore 18 Hunger, but only at the cost of 5 Sanity. He can also release the souls he has to heal both himself and his allies within eight units when they are released.

The healing changes depending on how many players are affected but ranges from 13 to 20 Health. One soul can also be spent to teleport a short distance, called Soul Hopping. This mechanic works similarly to the Lazy Explorer, but without the Sanity, cost to use it.

The main disadvantage of Wortox’s Souls is that his body innately craves them, cutting the benefits of normal food in half. While this does cut the negative impacts of foods in half, it can make it much more difficult to build a sustainable supply line for Wortox. You should also note that Wortox’s Soul count is hard-capped at 20.

If you try to hold more than that, you will drop half of them and lose 20 Sanity because Wortox doesn’t want to carry more than he needs. Souls are also unable to be stored anywhere other than Wortox’s inventory, meaning that you are never able to build up a reserve supply. Since Wortox is an imp, usually friendly creatures like Pigs, Bunnymen, and Catcoons will be immediately hostile toward him on top of all the ordinarily hostile creatures.

Wortox Strategy

Wortox Strategy

Wortox can be a tricky character to learn, but he can fulfill a unique role in any game of Don’t Starve Together once one does. He can also sustain himself very well if you’re playing alone, but having teammates will help round out the elements of the game he is weaker at. When playing on a team, you should use Wortox to fulfill a healer role within your group.

Using Souls to heal a group of players is the most efficient and resource-friendly since you can get them even by killing easy creatures like butterflies. You’ll want to constantly keep your soul count up, especially whenever you leave your camp. Whenever you kill anything, you can use the soul it drops to regain some health for you and your allies instantly, or you can set up a Flower farm in your camp to farm souls without too much effort.

To do this, plant just a small number of Flowers somewhere by your camp. This will cause Butterflies to spawn every once in a while that you can quickly kill and take the souls of. This is a great way to get them since you won’t be risking any of your health to do so, the Butterflies can be killed with a single hit even if you’re unarmed, and they’ll always respawn as long as you have Flowers nearby.

You should also keep an eye out for Butterflies and other small critters as you travel across the map, but make sure to stay under 20 Souls in your inventory; otherwise, you’ll burn Sanity for no reason.

Wortox’s healing and reliance on Souls to stay entirely makes him a great character to run with a Wolfgang. Wolfgang specializes in killing monsters effectively, so a small team of Wortox and Wolfgang going out and killing monsters for their group is highly effective.

It allows Wolgang to make most of the killing while having Wortox there to heal him. Even better, the food monsters will drop is not very useful to Wortox for filling his Hunger so that Wolfgang can keep the vast majority of it for himself.

Wortox Don't Starve

One interesting teaming is Wortox with Wes as well, as Wes’ balloons drop Souls. It isn’t a powerful composition as a whole, but it is good to remember since Wes doesn’t team up very well with any other characters yet.

Wortox also pairs well with Wickerbottom, as she can vastly improve the rate at which he gathers Souls. She can first do this by reading the book Birds of the World to call 20 to 30 birds wherever she is. Killing those birds is then a fast and relatively cheap way of quickly farming a mass of souls for Wortox.

Wickerbottom’s Sleepytime Stories is also a handy book for Wortox as it forces nearby animals and monsters to sleep. This makes it easy for Wortox to kill them and take their souls. Still, it can also be a useful way to deal with hordes of the usually friendly animals found in bigger groups, which will attack Wortox without hesitation, especially Pigmen.

You can also use Wortox to play the critical role of the boss killer. While his abilities don’t suggest that Wortox is adept at combat, his Soul Hopping makes him a perfect candidate to deal with more enormous monsters that can quickly kill most characters.

If you outfit Wortox with strong gear, taking down most bigger enemies and bosses in the game quickly becomes trivial. This is because Wortox becomes invincible for a time while using Soul Hopping, allowing you to attack the boss until you see the start of an attack animation. Then, you can Soul Hop to ensure you don’t get hit before coming out of it and dealing another round of damage.

While attempting this strategy, the only thing to keep in mind is that you can quickly run out of Souls by Soul Hopping too frequently. To circumvent this issue, it is wise to have other players kill smaller creatures around you so that you can run over and pick up the souls in the middle of combat.

If you’re playing as Wortox, you’ll also want to know where a desert region is and set up your camp near it. This will allow you to easily farm Sanity to offset the cost you have to pay to eat Souls to fill your Hunger.

wortox souls

This will let you take full advantage of Wortox’s Soul abilities and free up food for the rest of your group, which will make things a lot easier for them and take off some of your group’s reliance on setting up a big farm to support everyone. The only food worth eating as Wortox other than Souls is Meaty Stew, so if you can find a way to build a stable supply of those, you should.

Wortox is also an indispensable character for exploring ruins and caves. Not only will his Souls help keep other players on their feet during the grueling encounters within them, but you can skip large sections of them by Soul Hopping. His ability to train bigger enemies without taking damage will also help while fighting the Minotaur in the Labyrinth, as you’ll be able to keep it distracted from other players without having to tank all of its massive hits.

For equipment, you’ll want to focus on either the negative damage you take or helping keep up your Sanity, as eating Souls will leave you pining for more Sanity most of the time. A Football Helmet is a good choice, or you can craft a Garland in the early game or Top Hat to keep it up as well.

By the time you get to later in the game, you should also get your hands on a Tam o Shanter and have a tent at your camp to sleep in when you need to refill your Sanity without burning through resources.

ou can also set up your camp on the Lunar Island as having lower Sanity there is not as big of a deal as the mainland, and there are plenty more resources to fill it back up when you travel back to the usual world.

If you are playing on a PvP server, you should also be aware that Wortox is a prime target to be killed by other players. His Soul Hopping can make him difficult to catch and is an excellent option to escape other players if the need arises, but if another player kills a Wortox, all of his souls are instantly consumed.

This will heal the player that killed him and any other nearby players, which can boost an attacker to continue their crusade if the Wortox has many Souls in their inventory at the time. So, if you’re in a PvP battle as Wortox, you’ll want to try and stay alive as long as possible, or at least die next to friendly players to give them a health boost when you go down.

If you’re in a PvP battle against a team with a Wortox, however, you’ll want to try and seclude the Wortox from his group and kill him when you need his healing the most. Hopefully, you can get him in a position where only you or your allies get the healing so that it doesn’t help his teammates and prolong the fight.

Wortox Quotes

“Now, where’s my golden fiddle?” – When using a Luxury Axe

“Those are some spicy flames.” – When by a Campfire or Fire Pit

“A head light to brighten my dreary thoughts.” – When using a Miner Hat

“I’d rather catch a Soul than a Sole.” – When using a Sea Fishing Rod

“I do believe it’s quite dead!” – When setting up a Crow Decoration


Question: Is Wortox a good character in Don’t Starve Together?

Answer: Because of how strong Wortox’s Souls are for healing, the game’s community widely views him as one of the best characters in the game.

Question: How much does Wortox cost in Don’t Starve Together?

Answer: Wortox can be crafted with 2700 Spools, or you can buy his Deluxe Chest that comes with some cosmetics for around $10.

Question: Are there any characters Wortox doesn’t pair well within Don’t Starve Together?

Answer: Wortox doesn’t pair as well with characters like Wx, Woodie,  and Wilson because he doesn’t get anything out of the pairing, but it can still work. Many players also don’t like pairing Wortox with Wes despite Wes’ balloons dropping souls for Wortox because Wes is a complicated character to run in a group.


Wortox brings a unique playstyle to Don’t Starve Together that provides a lot of utility and use otherwise absent in the game’s cast of characters. His ability to support his teammates makes him pair well with nearly any group.

He also doesn’t have any downsides that impact other players, but if you plan on playing him, you’ll have to find a way to manage his Sanity that you prefer to take full advantage of being able to eat Souls and leave more food for your teammates.

I also would not recommend playing him alone unless you love his playstyle. Surviving on your own as Wortox is possible, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of the utility of his abilities as they are primarily group-focused.

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