Valheim Lox Guide

Valheim Lox Guide – The Lizard Ox Creature

There are only a handful of creatures that you can tame in Valheim. One of these creatures is the large and lovable Lox. The Lox is the largest and probably the most useful tame in Valheim. It’s also the highest-level tame since it can only be found in the Plains, the last biome you should visit before Mistlands. If you want something to tame, ride and breed in Valheim, the Lox will give you the most bang for your buck. Before we get on with our complete Valheim Lox guide, lets see what exactly Lox is in Valheim.

What is a Lox in Valheim?

Lox in Valheim

  • Health – 1000
  • Damage – 130, 120
  • Abilities – Bite, Stomp
  • Tameable – Yes
  • Breedable – Yes
  • Rideable – Yes

The Lox is a creature in Valheim that is a cross between an ox and a lizard. Underneath, the animal is akin to a tailless thorny dragon, but on to, it’s all shaggy ox hair. The Lox is a robust hybrid that can take down any other creature due to its fantastic health.

This makes it good at fending for itself if tamed and protecting its player when riding the Lox. But even if you never tame the Lox, there is still a lot to learn about this unique animal.

What Do Lox Drop?

Lox drop three items when they are killed. One of the items can change your Valheim life, one can help, and the other is all for glory.

Lox Meat

Lox Meat

  • Cooked Lox Meat – 50 health, 16 stamina, 1200 seconds, 3hp/tick
  • Unbaked Lox Pie – 75 health, 24 stamina, 1800 seconds, 4hp/tick

Lox meat is one of the best food items in Valheim. You can use it to make Cooked Lox Meat, which can be made by placing Lox meat in an Iron Cooking Station that is being warmed by a fire. The other item made with Lox meat requires Barley flour, Cloudberries, and Lox meat.

You make Unbaked Lox Pie in a Cauldron (level 4). Then, take that pie and cook it in a Stone Oven. Observe the pie because you could ruin your precious ingredients if you let the pie burn.

Lox Pelt

  • Lox Cape – 6x Lox pelt, 2x Silver
  • Lox Rug – 4x Lox pelt

Both current Lox items are helpful. The Lox cape keeps you warm just like a wolf cape does. It can be upgraded to Quality 4, which gives 1350 durability and four armor. The Lox Rug also adds one comfort to your home, stacking with the other rugs (and the jute carpet). Not to mention, it looks cozy next to a hearth.

Lox Trophy

Lox Trophy

The Lox trophy has no current use aside from displaying it on the item stand. It can be placed on an item stand and appears as a life-size Lox head on your wall, adding to the appeal of any cozy home in Valheim.

Where to Find Lox

Unless the Lox wanders far from home, it is only found in one biome: the Plains. The only time it will wander is if it is chasing a player. Then, it may stick around the area after losing aggro. More often than not, Lox is found in groups of two or three.

So if you want to fight one, you’ll have to shoot it from afar to lure it away from its herd. If you’re going to tame only one, you can try to get it to chase you, but this is difficult as the others will likely join in on the chase.

How to Kill a Lox

  • Weakness – Fire
  • Resistant – Blunt, Frost, Slash
  • Immune – Spirit

Lox aren’t always easy to kill. Their aggro range is relatively close, so it won’t attack you unless it feels threatened. If you don’t want to fight it, stay far away because it will charge if it does see you.

My favorite method is to find a rock that is taller than the Lox and stand on it. Continuously shoot fire arrows at it, and you can kill it before it has a chance to break the rock.

How To Tame Lox

How To Tame Lox

It isn’t easy to kill a Lox, but it’s even harder to tame one. You have to be careful not to let it latch onto you, or it will forget the food you are feeding it and chase you instead.

Keep your distance and only get near it when you are feeding it. A high sneak skill can do wonders in this situation. But for more details, take a look at the method available to tame a Lox.

Trap the Lox – or Don’t

  • Stone Pen
  • Pit
  • No Trap Method

Lox can tear down wood fences and walls, so you have to build a stone pen if you want to tame one this way. I suggest keeping a harpoon on you, but you can lead the Lox into the trap if you don’t have one.

If you don’t want to trap it, then level your sneak skills, sneak up on it, throw food by it, and sneak away. This method will take longer, but it can work.

If you dig a pit or a pen, you can lure the Lox into the trap, and as long as the Lox isn’t aggroed onto you, it will eat. There will be a taming bar above the Lox when you get close to it to know your progress.

Feed the Lox

  • Food Lox Eat – cloudberries, barley, and flax

After the Lox is trapped, or you are sneaking up on it, drop either cloudberries, barley, or flax by it. Then back away so it won’t see you. Once it has eaten enough and the bar is at 100%, it will be tamed.

The process of taming a Lox will take you at least an hour. That’s why it’s a good idea to tame the entire herd while you’re at it. Don’t settle for one; tame the entire Lox family. It won’t take any longer; you just have to drop more food at a time.

What To Do After You Tame a Lox

After you tame your first Lox, you should keep it safe. If you tamed more than one, it’s even easier to do this. They will protect you, themselves, and each other from harm. Of course, a group of strong Fulings can take them down, but you can protect your Lox if you follow the steps below.

Name It

You can left+shift to name your Lox. While you don’t have to name it, it does help you bond with your Lox, or at least it helps me bond with my Lox when I name them. Don’t overthink the name; it doesn’t change the way it looks like it did in Pokémon Stadium. 

Build a Pen – with Portal

Build a Pen

If you want to ensure that your Lox stays in place, you should give them a home in the Plains, where they will be happiest. Build a stone pen around them so that they cannot escape easily.

Then, build yourself a portal linked to your base that has your bed. This way, you can always check on them. For best results, create the portal inside a stone building rather than out in the open.

Protect the Lox

There are a few ways that you can protect your Lox from intruders. The Plains are a dangerous zone, so being prepared is always best whenever you live or raise Lox in such a biome.

Build a Moat

This isn’t necessary, but I highly recommend it. No matter which biome I am building in, I always build a moat around it. Dig until you reach water, and then dig around the structure. Do this for your gardens, bases, and animal pens. Build the enclosures first so that the Lox don’t fall into the trench.

You can build a trick bridge with poles so that other creatures can’t pass over it, but you and your tames can. Regular bridges and floors will allow enemies to pass over, but the AI thinks it can’t cross poles.

Once you finish your moat, your Lox will be protected from everything aside from archers and mosquitos. However, there is a way to protect them even further. You can easily lead the Lox to the water’s edge in any Plains since the Plains are always by the ocean. That way, the enemies can only come in from one direction.

Let the Lox Fend for Themselves

There is one disadvantage to building a moat that the enemies can’t cross if the Lox are penned up. The Lox can get attacked when you’re not there. So, if you prefer, you can also build a rather large pen. Allow the Lox to fight back rather than be open to archer attacks.

As long as no one is online near my Lox, they are fine as nothing renders in to kill them unless someone is there to protect them. But if you want to be extra safe, or have trolls on your server, letting the Lox defend themselves can work out better than building a moat.

Create a Dome

The dome doesn’t have to be closed at the top because Lox can kill mosquitoes quickly, but this strategy can protect the Lox against everything else. All you have to do is build tall stone walls around the Lox. It should be at least twice as tall as they are.

At the top, you can add spikes or a single line of roofs. I like to add spike walls around any structure I build for an added layer of protection. This dome method is likely the best option if you have the resources.

Make a Saddle


  • 10x leather scraps
  • 15x black metal
  • 20x linen thread

You need leather scraps, black metal, and linen thread to make a Lox saddle. You can get leather scraps from killing boar. Black metal scraps can be found after killing Fulings (goblins) and raiding their villages.

You can take those scraps and put them in a Blast Furnace to create black metal that can be used for crafting. Finally, linen thread is made in the Spinning Wheel with Flax, which is found growing on the Plains.

You can also make a garden in the Plains to grow your Flax and Barley.

Note: you can’t make the Lox saddle until you defeat Moder, the Mountain boss in Valheim. This allows players to create the Artisan Table, which is needed to build the Blast Furnace and Spinning Wheel, necessary for two of the ingredients in a Lox saddle.

Ride the Lox

After making the saddle in the Workbench, put the saddle on the toolbar and then approach the Lox that you want to ride. Whenever you start riding a tame, you can improve your riding skill, making it easier to control them. Their controls are just like your character’s controls. The only difference is that holding S makes them stop, not walk backward.

Breed the Lox

Breed the Lox

To breed two Lox, all you have to do is bring them close together and feed them. Once they are full and happy, hearts will appear above their heads. This means that they are mating. Soon enough, a baby Lox will pop out.


Question: How Do You Cook Lox Meat In Valheim?

Answer: If you want to cook your Lox Meat in Valheim, you have to make an Iron Cooking Station. This takes three chains and three iron to build. You need to build it over a hearth or two campfires. Just be careful, because if you let the Lox meat cook too long, it will turn to coal.

Question: Are Lox Strong Fighters?

Answer: Yes. Lox are strong fighters. They can take out an unarmored and unfed player in just one hit. This means they are also strong whenever tamed. You can use them to help you fight, although I don’t recommend taking them on boss fights unless you tame a whole lot of them.

Question: How Long Does It Take Lox Babies To Grow Up?

Answer: Baby Lox generally takes a few in-game days to grow up. You can leave the area and they will grow, but be sure to leave food for them and their parents. There is no definitive time that it takes a single Lox to reach adulthood.

Should I Get Lox in Valheim?

Lox can be a valuable animal to have in Valheim. You do not need them to progress through the game. Even if you don’t tame them, I suggest farming them because the drops they give you will be of great help. You can easily live off of Lox Meat and Lox Meat Pie.

The Lox cape can do wonders for your trip to the mountains since you have to visit the mountains to get a wolf one. This means no more frost resistance potions! In short, if the game didn’t have Lox, it would still be just as enjoyable, but everything that Lox adds to the game makes encountering them in the Plains well worth it.

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