Valheim Comfort Guide

Valheim Comfort Guide

Since the launch of Valheim, the week I started playing, Comfort has been relevant for me. Because one of my favorite things to do in survival games is build, Comfort was an easy focus. In my group, usually ten players, we each have unspoken tasks to do based on skills and interests. It soon became my job to ensure we had max Comfort available at all times. 

Precisely what I do to achieve maximum Comfort is easy. While you can’t have max Comfort at the beginning of the game, it doesn’t take long to create a cozy cottage that will ensure that your Comfort is at its best. Here’s a quick look at what Valheim comfort actually is before we continue with our complete Valheim Comfort Guide.

Valheim Comfort – At A Glance

Valheim Comfort

  • Minimum Comfort – 1 (8 minutes)
  • Maximum Comfort – 19 (26 minutes)
  • Maximum Comfort with seasonal items – 21 (28 minutes)
  • Items For Maximum Comfort – Dragon bed, Raven throne, Darkwood Table, Hot Tub, Armor stand, Lox rug, Red jute carpet, Wolf rug, Deer rug, Hearth, and a banner
  • Resting Health Bonus – +200% regeneration
  • Resting Stamina Bonus – +300% regeneration 

What Is Comfort In Valheim?

Comfort in Valheim gives a bonus called the Resting Effect. While resting, you may notice a Comfort icon at the top of the screen. This lets you know how much Comfort is in the area and when it is in effect. After the red icon with the Resting Effect countdown is next to the Comfort one, you know that the Comfort has activated. At the beginning of the game, you may only have a Comfort of one. For me, this usually consists of sitting by a fire. 

If you wonder what Comfort does and why it is essential, I have one word for you – stamina. In Valheim, I find the stamina much more challenging to keep up with than health. The Comfort bonus – Resting Effect – increases health regeneration by 200% and stamina regeneration by 300%. This is hugely beneficial, and I highly recommend resting before going off on an adventure or fighting a boss.

Before I go on, I want to note a few things you have to ensure before resting. 

  • Stay dry – you can’t rest when Wet
  • Sit down – you can only rest well when seated, even on the ground
  • Near a fire – the single most vital thing to craft for Comfort is a fire of some sort. You can’t rest without it
  • No hostile creatures near – you can’t rest unless you aren’t in combat
  • Building is too large – if the items are spread out and the fire can’t reach the entire building, the resting bonus won’t be maxed

All Comfort Items In Valheim


The “base comfort” includes sitting next to a fire. You will get one Comfort for sitting next to a fire out in the open, but two for sitting next to a fire in a shelter with four walls, a foundation, and a roof. After you achieve that, you can start adding these items. The items do not stack unless noted.

Item Type Options Comfort
Rug/Carpet Deer rug, Wolf rug, Lox rug, Red jute carpet +1 Comfort Each (unlike some other items, you can have all four rugs and gain comfort from each)
Table Table(1), Cartography Table(1), Round Table(2), Long Heavy Table(2) +1-2 Comfort
Banner Black banner, Blue banner, White and red striped banner, Red banner, Green banner


Blue red and white banner, White and blue striped banner

+1 Comfort
Fire Campfire, Bonfire, Hanging brazier, Standing Brazier, Hearth +1-2 Comfort (all fires give one Comfort except the Hearth, which gives two)
Seating Bench (1), Sitting log(1), Stool(1), Chair(2), Darkwood chair(2), Raven throne(3), Stone throne(3) +1-3 Comfort
Bed Bed, Dragon bed +1-2 Comfort (starter bed gives one, Dragon bed gives two)
Hot tub Hot tub +2 Comfort (when heated only)
Armor stand Armor stand +1 Comfort
Maypole Maypole +1 Comfort (only available during summer event or found in Meadows)
Yule tree Yule tree +1 Comfort (only available during Christmas event)

How To Achieve Maximum Comfort

Now that you know every Comfort item in the game let me share my ultimate build for maximum Comfort in your home. This will give you nearly 30 minutes of the Resting Buff. Most of these items will collapse if not built on a solid foundation.

So, ensure that you begin with a foundation that will not break, then add walls and a roof. This is necessary to achieve maximum Comfort.

Note: when I say that the required crafting station is the Workbench, I mean you need the Workbench nearby to craft the items. The actual crafting tool is the Hammer. 

Hearth (2 Comfort)


  • Crafting Station – Stonecutter
  • Materials – Stone x15

The Hearth is one of my favorite items in Valheim. It looks fantastic and has a lot of cool effects. Firstly, it adds two Comfort. That alone encourages me to build it, but the other effects are excellent. It rapidly removes the cold and wet effects. It can also hold quite a few cooking stations, letting you cook a lot of meat in a short amount of time. 

The Hearth also produces smoke, so if you don’t have a way for the smoke to escape, then you will die as it deals two damage per second. Since I prefer fireplaces, I generally build walls on either side of the Hearth and create a chimney. I frame the front with pillars and ensure that the smoke can escape at the top while keeping water from getting in when it rains. A hidden slanted wall in the right place can achieve this.  

Dragon Bed (2 Comfort)

  • Crafting Station – Workbench
  • Materials – Fine wood x40, Deer hide x7, Wolf pelt x4, Feathers x10, and Iron nails x15

There are only two beds in the game: the “bed” and the Dragon bed. The bed gives one Comfort and is easy to make. But the Dragon bed gives two Comfort and looks stellar.

It requires difficult-to-acquire items such as Wolf pelt and Iron nails. I suggest building a bed, any bed, first and claiming it. This way, if you get invaded and die while building your house, you will respawn in the bed. 

Raven Throne (3 Comfort)

raven throne

  • Crafting Station – Workbench
  • Materials – Fine wood x20, Iron nails x10

I prefer the Raven throne to the Stone throne because it looks more astonishing to me. However, they both provide the same Comfort. The Stone throne requires stone, deer hide, and wolf pelt. The thrones don’t do anything but allow you to sit on them rather than the floor. However, you do not need to be seated on them to receive the Comfort they provide. 

All Four Rugs/Carpets (4 Comfort)

  • Lox Rug – Lox pelt x4
  • Wolf Rug – Wolf pelt x4
  • Deer Rug – Deer hide x4
  • Red Jute Carpet – Red jute x4

You can make all four of these and gain a total of four Comfort. The Workbench is the only crafting station you need. The best part is that the rugs are easy to make if you can slay the animals that give you the pelts needed.

They are also easy to place as they can go on the floor, under other furniture. I love making the place homey with rugs. I usually add a whole floor of Wolf rugs to create a carpet while adding the others as accent pieces.

Round or Long Heavy Table (2 Comfort)

long table

  • Long heavy table – Fine wood x20, Tar x2, Iron nails x20
  • Round table – Fine wood x10, Tar x2, Iron nails x20

Either of these tables works, and they can be crafted in the Workbench. You may notice that they require Tar, aka Darkwood, to build. Darkwood is an addition from Hearth and Home, and using it to make your tables will increase the Comfort level.

To collect Tar, you have to visit the tar pits in the Plains. There are creatures here called Growth, similar to Blobs, that drop Tar when defeated. Even after you drain the pit, you can come back in an hour, and there will be more Growth to farm. 

Hot Tub (2 Comfort)

  • Crafting Station – Workbench
  • Materials – Wood x20, Tar x6, Iron x10, Stone x8

The Hot Tub is too good to resist, especially if you’re an RPer like me. Not just because it adds two Comfort but because it’s a hot tub. If you sit in the hot tub, you will gain the Wet effect.

This seems counterproductive as you can’t usually rest while Wet. However, when in the Hot Tub, you can rest even if you are Wet. This is a great mechanic for rainy days.

The Hot Tub requires wood to fuel. It will stop working until fueled again if it runs out of wood.

Armor Stand (1 Comfort)

Armor Stand (1 Comfort)

  • Crafting Station – Workbench
  • Materials – Fine wood x8, Iron nails x4, Leather scraps x2

The armor stand allows you to display armor and weapons. But it doesn’t need to be equipped with armor for players to receive the rested effect.

This is one of the last items I make because it doesn’t add much aside from the Comfort. However, it looks fantastic equipped with armor that I like the look of but not the effects.

For example, the Wolf cape looks stunning to me, but I prefer the abilities of the Troll Set. 

  • Crafting Station – Workbench

Each banner requires different materials. Some only need coal, wood, and leather. But others require things only found in the Plains.

It can be fun to mix and match them, but you can only gain the effects from one. Once you’ve touched the items required to make them, you can pull out the Hammer and craft them.

Comfort Increase During Events

There are two events in the game that have items that give you more Comfort. More events may be added in the future, but for now, there are only two with items such as these.

Christmas Event – Yule


The Christmas event gives you the option to craft the Yule tree. To craft the Yule tree, you need ten wood and one fir cone. It’s very easy to craft and is perfect for decorating your home during the holiday season.

Summer Event 

I have found a random Maypole out in the Meadows. But to build around it isn’t ideal. So, instead, there is a summer event that a moderator may be able to add that allows you to build it.

You need ten wood, four dandelion, and four thistles. 

Related read: Finding Wood Valheim Guide.


Question: Can I Rest If I’m Wet In Valheim?

Answer: Not usually. However, if you have the Hot tub, you can sit in it and rest even if you are Wet. The Hot tub is not easy to build as you have to visit the Plains to collect Tar. Don’t work too hard to get it early game, and instead wait until you are Plains-ready.

Question: Do I Have To Sit To Rest In Valheim? 

Answer: Yes. To receive the full Comfort bonus, you have to be seated for twenty seconds. Don’t worry, this goes by fast and is well worth the wait as a maximum Comfort level will give you nearly thirty minutes of added health and stamina regen.

Question: Does The Rested Bonus Give Experience?

Answer: While it doesn’t give experience directly, it does provide a 50% boost to all skill experience earned while active. This isn’t mentioned in the game and was simply noticed by server owners. 

Question: What Happens If I Have More Than One Item That Doesn’t Stack?

Answer: If you have more than one piece of furniture and the effects don’t stack, it can be confusing if you want to keep both. From my experience, it simply takes a little work. It tended to draw Comfort from the lower item at one point. However, this has since been patched, and now it draws from the highest Comfort item in its class. There may still be bugs regarding this, but everything has been working fine in my game. 

Valheim Comfort Conclusion 

While some players play the entire game without resting, I find it difficult to do so. The resting bonus is extraordinarily beneficial and allows players to live longer and get to their destinations faster.

Comfort is a priority to me, partially because I love mixing practicality with aesthetics when building, but primarily because the Rested Effect is crucial to optimizing the game’s mechanics. 

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