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The Forest Best Mods

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It only takes one moment for things to go horribly wrong. This is never more evident than in the opening segment of The Forest, Endnight Games’ horror-filled survival adventure. But as terrifying as a deadly plummet into the unknown is, the mysterious peninsula and titular forest hide far greater dangers. Luckily for players, the wonders of PC gaming allow them to customize their time amongst the forest’s mutated locals, giving them the upper hand if they so desire it. 

Mods for The Forest serve many purposes, changing up the gameplay or some back-end mechanic to reshape the experience. After getting thwacked around by hordes of relentless mutants, I longed for a change and dug into the list of downloadable mods. It got to a point where The Forest was no longer The Forest. Then my game crashed. 

A few quick deactivations, and I was back at it, bouncing between mods to the point where I’m confident in selecting The Forest best mods. If you’re like me and want to change how you spend your time on the peninsula, venture forth and see which mods alter the experience.     

Bottom Line Up Front

When it came down to choosing the best mod, I had to pick something robust with content and expand upon the experience Endnight Games crafted. Champions of The Forest did much more than expand, however. It completely changed. This mod keeps the core gameplay of The Forest and marries it with an in-depth RPG with ample customization.    

My Top Picks at a Glance

  • Champions of The Forest: Turn The Forest into a full-blown, Elder Scrolls-level RPG, complete with new weapons, skills, magic, and more.
  • The Forest Twitch Integration: Make Twitch viewers active stream participants with over 40 in-game event triggers.
  • Custom Enemy Stats: Alter enemy difficulty and increase or decrease your challenge with 30 adjustable stats. 
  • Ultimate Cheatmenu: The Forest becomes your playground with a host of cheat options, including invulnerability, no clipping, item hacks, and more.
  • InventoryMod2: Spawn the items you need on the fly with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Better Blueprints: Turn The Forest into Minecraft with no build limits, no anchor points, and more intuitive building.
  • Home Sweet Home: Spawn at the last save location upon death, skipping that dreaded trip back to the plane. 
  • GrifClientPro: Toy around with your friends on a private server with ample griefing tools at your disposal. 
  • Map: Never get lost again with a dynamic map that shows all enemies, caves, items, collectibles, and more.

Why Did I Select These Mods?

Everything has a reason – so you can bet I had mine when it came to pinpointing these mods. Below are the primary criteria I focused on to build this list of the ten best mods for The Forest.

Entertainment Value

Though I already enjoy my time with The Forest, I wanted to compile mods that amplified the entertainment and engagement. While some of these mods may not be inherently entertaining, how they alter the game improves upon the experience and gives me a reason to return despite having already sunk many hours into it.

Gameplay Improvements

A good mod changes something you didn’t previously like about the game. Is there a specific aspect of the gameplay that slows down progress too much? Could the game benefit from a tweak to enemy behavior or build limitations? The mods that fit these criteria add something new that improves the original gameplay or mechanics, making things a little easier or more challenging, depending on your preference. 

A More Convenient Experience

The early stages of The Forest are prolonged. Learning blueprints, chopping down trees, scouring resources, and finding a viable water source takes a lot of time you may not have. With this mindset, I looked for mods that sped up progress a little, making The Forest more accessible to players that may not have the time to get through the early game. There’s a bit of grinding to be done in the core experience, and some of these mods make that grind easier and more user-friendly. 

Adding Mods to The Forest

modapi hub the forest

Installing these mods isn’t just the simple click of a button. You’ll need to start by downloading and installing ModAPI, available at Once there:

  1. Check ModAPI’s “Base Package”
  2. Select the mods to install
  3. Click “Download your package”
  4. Find and extract the ModAPI download file
  5. Open extracted folder and launch “ModAPI.exe”
  6. Click “Run”
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. If you get an “Enter gamepath” prompt:
    • Click “Browse”
    • Locate “TheForest.exe” file: To find the file, launch Steam, find The Forest, select “Local Files” then “Browse.” This will show you the file path
    • Click “Continue”

With ModAPI installed, you just need to click the mods you want to run The Forest with and click “Start Game.” If you already have ModAPI installed and want to add more mods:

  1. Locate and download the mod from the link above
  2. Find ModAPI folder
  3. Open the “Mods” folder
  4. Copy and paste the downloaded mod into the folder
  5. Restart ModAPI

9 Best The Forest Mods

Champions of The Forest

Champions of The Forest Mod

What if you could turn The Forest into an entirely different game? I’m talking a full-on RPG with skill trees, abilities, item drops, custom stats, and weapons you’d expect to find laying about dank dungeons. Champions of The Forest features all this, neatly wrapped in a singular mod.

There’s a lot that comes with Champions of The Forest, and it’s going to feel like you’re playing an entirely different game. If you’re familiar with the FPS RPG experience, Champions will feel familiar. Performing tasks like killing cannibals and chopping down trees earn you experience and levels. Each level comes with points to unlock Abilities and Mutations for those abilities. If you want to build a fire-throwing cannibal killer, you absolutely can. You can bet I did and enjoyed every minute of it.

The inventory menu receives an overhaul, though it’s not my favorite change. It looks a little off when set against The Forest’s aesthetics. There are a lot of slots, and you’ll need them to hold the new loot added to the game. Champions of The Forest may be a little too big for its good, and it’s likely to crash during some playthroughs. However, it’s a minor headache compared to everything the mod offers.


  • A ton of new, game-changing content
  • Extends lifespan and replayability
  • Increased enemy difficulty matches player progression


  • Prone to crashing
  • Interface looks a little amateurish and out of place
  • Punishes variety and rewards curious players

The Forest Twitch Integration

The Forest Twitch Integration

Admittedly, I’m not a streamer and very rarely use Twitch, but as someone with a marketing background, I see the immense value in The Forest Twitch Integration mod. The mod gives players control of the game, increasing a stream’s interactivity in exchange for Bits. Anyone watching the stream can donate Bits and choose from a surprisingly long list of “events.” 

There are four categories viewers can choose from, including “Positive Effects,” “Negative Effects,” “Give Items,” and “Spawn Enemies.” “Negative Effects” and “Spawn Enemies” are probably the more popular options. You can do things like inverting the mouse, randomize health and hunger, and spawn the dreader worm mutant.

While giving control to viewers can lead to comical chaos, it only takes one bad egg to make the game unplayable. With the proper control, this Twitch mod can completely change the way you stream. It’s a brilliant means of building an active and engaging viewer base and a suitable reward system that will increase your chances of getting Bits.


  • There’s a good number of events to choose from
  • User-friendly interface for both streamer and viewers
  • Cleverly engages the audience and encourages donations


  • Too much viewer control can be a bad thing
  • Streamers need to have an audience for the mod to pay off
  • Viewers may exploit the mod to break the game

Custom Enemy Stats

Custom Enemy Stats The Forest

Survival games can often have a steep difficulty that’s too challenging for some players at the start. Find yourself being battered by cannibals and unable to make progress. The Custom Enemy Stats mod may be worth installing.

The mod is built on a simple concept that allows players to tailor the experience to their skill level. Balancing base building and resource gathering against fending off swarms of cannibals can leave some struggling. Still, Custom Enemy Stats does precisely as the name suggests. I wanted to see how hard I could push myself, and excited about the difficulty. Changing the 30 unique stats was time-consuming, especially as I tried to find a proper equilibrium. Still, the difference was noticeable and forced me to change how I played.

Custom Enemy Stats puts complete control of your experience in The Forest in your hands, whether you’re playing alone or in multiplayer.


  • Fully customize 30 different mutant stats
  • Preset slots make it easy to swap between customized stats
  • Mod works with single and multiplayer


  • Use with multiplayer is convoluted
  • Changing stats for each mutant can be initially time-consuming
  • Finding the right balance is a game of trial and error

Ultimate Cheatmenu

Ultimate Cheatmenu

Remember the days of “IDDQD” and “Radio Free Zerg?” If not, those were cheat codes manually entered for classic Doom and StarCraft: Brood War. Cheat codes are largely a thing of the past, save for games like Grand Theft Auto, but this Ultimate Cheatmenu mod brings the concept back. Mostly. 

The mod unlocks a fun variety of cheats, from “God Mode” to freezing time and spawning infinite resources. There is quite the variety, to the point where you may go through an entire playthrough and not touch on some. 

I had maybe a little too much fun with the “Noclip” and “Fly” cheats, which made traversal both above and below ground a breeze. Invulnerability is nice, but I didn’t use it often because it completely removes all challenges. Instead, I tinkered with spawning infinite logs, increasing the explosion radius, and freezing time to extend my nightly bouts against hordes of cannibals.

Be mindful of how often you spawn items or enemies, though. Overload the game, and you’ll crash right back to your desktop.


  • Includes classic cheats like God Mode and No Clipping
  • Relatively easy to navigate and implement
  • Well-supported across 15 different languages


  • So many cheats, it’s easy to overlook a few
  • Overuse can lead to crashing
  • Can be too many buttons and prompts to remember


InventoryMod2 The Forest

A core aspect of the survival genre is gathering resources to build items ad nauseam until you’re ready to make that final push toward the endgame. InventoryMod2 speeds up part of that process, allowing players to spawn one or multiples of certain items into their inventory. InventoryMod2 helps players who don’t have a ton of time to sink into the long game reach the conclusion. 

There’s really little to be said about it, save that it did save me a lot of time in the beginning. I always struggle making it through the first few hours of survival games because they can get dull and repetitive. But this mod excelled me forward almost instantly.. Rather than use the mod to complete the game, I used it to build a massive fortress and engage in wave after wave of cannibal hordes.

Don’t expect a ton of bells and whistles. It’s all about modding inventory, and you’ll need to get good at it, considering the number of items you’re bound to spawn.


  • Very easy to navigate and use
  • Large selection of items helps reduce grinding
  • Works across single and multiplayer


  • Mod can suck the fun out of the game, especially in multiplayer
  • Lack of support means glitches may be more frequent
  • No quick way to add a group of items at once

Better Blueprints

The Forest Better Blueprints

The Forest and Minecraft come together with this Better Blueprints mod. A primary aspect of The Forest is building up your basecamp to keep the cannibals out. This can be difficult if you keep running into build limitations. Though Better Blueprints doesn’t add new blueprints to the game, it makes building the current ones easier. This tool can be valuable for players trying to get through the story.

Better Blueprints adds features like easy rotating buildings, removing anchor point limits, and opening the whole world to construction. This means you can build your abode on the side of a sea cliff or atop the tall canopies of the titular forest. 

A few new blueprints would have improved the mod. Still, the basic fixes to the building are enough to appeal to players without overcomplicating things. You can even turn off some elements of Better Blueprints, like build everywhere. I’m not sure why you would, but the choice is there.


  • Opens up building freedom to turn The Forest into Minecraft
  • Structures can be built as high as players want
  • Reverse rotation is a surprising timesaver


  • Reduced resource requirements would really elevate the mod
  • It won’t be a gamechanger for many players that enjoy the challenge of building
  • Building everywhere can lead to crashing or glitches

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Forest mOd

The worst part of dying in The Forest is having to start back at the plane. This can send you a good distance from your base, making you vulnerable to the elements and cannibals. Home Sweet Home fixes this development gaffe and allows players to create spawn locations. A quick save creates a spawn point, so you’ll return to a more desirable location if you die again.

There really isn’t much to this mod. You may never even use it during your playthrough. However, it’s a great failsafe to have should things go awry. Of course, since the spawn is where you last saved, it’s important to keep track of how often and where you create these points. You may forget to save after a long journey, die, and find yourself even further than the plane. 

Home Sweet Home is simply a mod of convenience – but that convenience can come at a cost if you’re not careful.


  • Cuts down on travel time after death
  • Lets you decide where you want to spawn
  • Very easy to use


  • Forgetting to save can lead to dangerous situations
  • A slip of the finger can overwrite a save point unintentionally
  • Multiple save points would be better for players with multiple bases


GriefClientPro Mod

I’d like to preface this description by saying I don’t condone random griefing. If you aim to grief, keep it within your social circle. Now, with that said, GriefClientPro is maybe the evilest mod I’ve ever downloaded. One click of a button can ruin your server, erasing all progress and inconveniencing anyone you may be playing with.

GriefClientPro has all the features of the Ultimate CheatMenu mod, just with a few additions intended to grief your friends. So, when you’re done torturing everyone with Armsy and Victoria spawns, you can press a button and level every building. You can also instantly complete buildings if you’re in a giving mood.

This multiplayer mod is bound to ruin relationships, but at least you can have a good life while you’re doing so. Its biggest drawback is it takes just one person to crash a server, especially if they spam enemy spawns. Then again, that would be the ultimate griefer act.


  • All the convenience of Ultimate CheatMenu with added mischief
  • Great for torturing friends and family
  • User-friendly interface makes griefing a cinch


  • Griefing can be exploited by anyone
  • One person can ruin a server
  • Crashes can be frequent if not careful about spawns


the forest map mod

No matter how you approach The Forest, you’re going to be doing a lot of traversal. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s waiting for you at the end of your journey? The Map mod gives you a very detailed overview of where specific items, collectibles, and food can be found. 

With the mod installed, simply open the map to find a landscape peppered with points of interest. What I appreciate most about Map is the customizable legend. Want to only see tools and weapons? You can turn off all other indicators. The map also shows the location of cannibals, so you can best plan your expedition. 

Since you will be doing a lot of backtracking and exploration, Map is a valuable tool that will prevent you from spending too much time running around aimlessly. The biggest issue is that, while the legend is helpful, there’s no way to turn off entire groupings of items. Clearing the map takes longer than it should. 


  • Detailed map makes it possible to find anything you need
  • Legend allows you to see only specific items
  • Map can be reverted to normal without turning off mod


  • Map is very chaotic with all icons on
  • There’s no option to filter out groupings of items
  • Item locations are not always 100% accurate


Question: Is The Forest 2 Coming Out?

Answer: The sequel to The Forest, Sons of The Forest, is scheduled to release in October 2022 for PC. No specific date has been set.

Question: How Many Endings Are in The Forest?

Answer: There are two endings in The Forest. The endings are triggered late in the game when the protagonist has to choose between shutting down an artifact or activating it. Endnight hasn’t confirmed which is canon to Sons of The Forest.

Question: Is the Map in The Forest Always the Same?

Answer: The Peninsula is not randomly generated with each playthrough, so that the map layout will be the same. However, where the plane crashes and where the player starts does change.

The Forest Best Mods – Champions of The Forest

There are many ways to change The Forest and make it an entirely different game or give yourself a leg up. However, Champions of The Forest really goes that extra mile. Spawning weapons and removing build limits is fun and all. Still, nothing sells an experience like being able to fully customize a character’s abilities and stats. 

I found use for every mod on this list, but I did spend the most time working through Champions of The Forest, trying to get a handle on every nuance and detail. I feel there’s still plenty for me to explore, so you can bet I’ll be diving back into the cannibal-filled role-playing game of survival on a mysterious peninsula.

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