From the outside looking in, gaming may look like a private party when it comes to genres. You may look at the FPS games, the racing titles, the RPG’s and the Horror epics on the market and think, surely there is no room for more. Well, that couldn’t be further than the case. Games like Roguelikes and Walking Simulators have found their way into the gaming spotlight in recent years for example. However, no genre has had more of a glow-up than the survival/survival horror genre.

Survival games are a unique opportunity to be dropped into a hostile land, naked and afraid. Then be tasked with not only surviving but thriving within this space. It’s a unique format that lends itself to some of the most replay-friendly gameplay and some of the most intense moments within the medium. This is why we started this project, Ready, Game, Survive.

Our team has been in some pretty compromising situations, to say the least! We have braved the elements in many hostile biomes, we have fought (or ran from) some terrifying monsters, we have built some of the coolest bases with very limited resources, and we have found some pretty consistent ways to survive against the odds in some of the most testing games within the genre. In short, if you don’t want to die, then stick with us!

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer a welcoming and inclusive space where survival gaming fans can come together and discuss their favorite games within the genre. We aim to be a social hub for all players and accommodate survival fans of all abilities, so even if you are a veteran survivalist or someone who is still rubbing sticks together aimlessly to start a fire, we are here to help.

Our goal is to be a complete encyclopedia of all things survival gaming. We want to be more than a fandom page, and more than a lazy SEO-focused site that blindly follows trends. We want to offer content that has a first-hand expert point of view, and we guarantee that through our team of passionate survival gamers. We curate content and guides that cut the fluff and give you the essentials needed to stay alive. After all, in the heat of the moment, every second matters!

We also aim to be a pillar of the survival community. Not only offering news regarding the most on-trend games within the space. We also aim to be a resource for all of you players out there. Meaning that if there is a survival mechanic you don’t understand, a puzzle you can’t crack, an area you can’t reach or an enemy that keeps ruining your runs, we will be your guide.

What We Offer

Here at Ready Game Survive, we offer a comprehensive overview of Survival content. This means that we will cover all games, new and old, providing all the info you could possibly need. Primarily we will offer guides that will act as comprehensive walkthroughs, guiding you from day one, until you conquer the hostile land and consider your journey complete. We will break down core mechanics, give in-depth location and enemy guides and much more.

We offer content on all the biggest traditional survival games out there, but equally, if we see value in an indie title or a hidden gem, we will give the fans what they want. We also make a point offering survival and Survival Horror content as there is such a clear overlap. We have an abundance of detailed guides, walkthroughs, item guides, enemy guides, character guides and mechanics. So no matter what problem arises in your playthrough, we have you covered! 

Then we will also offer opinion based content and lay it on the line in the hope of producing eye-catching and engaging content. We will review games in the space, interview industry and Survival professionals and compare popular game series all for your enjoyment.

How We Operate

We operate in a rather straightforward manner. We believe that with the right personnel, everything else will fall into place and thankfully, we have the perfect team. Our team of writers are some of the most avid survival fans you will ever meet. They have played just about every mainstream survival game within the genre and they have conquered each task set before them. So we believe that with this experience and knowledge, they will create some brilliant content.

Through a dedicated team of expert writers passionately covering their favorite games, meticulous editors fact-checking and tweaking submitted articles, and formatters polishing things up to make the final product as eye-catching as possible, we can assure RGS readers, there isn’t anything quite like us on the web! 

Then we also have our editing team who fine-tune all of this work, fact check all the claims, make things look as they should and then, we send it out in the open for you to peruse.

Then lastly, speaking of you guys, we rely on you as our last line of defence. Your feedback and suggestions are what help us grow and improve. So if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

Our Core Values

Here are the values that we aim to uphold at Ready Game Survive:

  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Survival

Our Team

Now, it’s time to meet the team. These guys along with years of writing experience and decades of gaming expertise, are dedicated members of the survival community. They love nothing more than grinding away with their backs against the wall and coming out smelling of roses. They are a super team, we love them and we think you will too. Here is our team:

Callum Marshall – Managing Editor

Callum is Ready Game Survive’s managing editor and he’s a certified gaming nerd. He has an affinity for games of all genres but he has a special place in his heart for games that place him in a hostile environment, and make his battle to survive. Callum’s favorite survival title is The Forest, but he has played just about any other major traditional survival you can think of, and he’s an advocate for survival horror, it’s about time it made a comeback. Professionally, Callum has been editor-in-chief for various gaming outlets, founded his own, has been a pro writer for the best part of a decade, and outside of work, he loves to embrace his inner child and hop on a skateboard. So if you see him in the street, feel free to shout ‘Do a Kickflip!’

  • Favorite Traditional Survival Game: The Forest, although This War of Mine is a close second
  • Favorite Survival Horror Game: Dead Space
  • Survival Gaming Hidden Gem: Pathologic 2
  • Favorite Survival Gaming Moment: Beating Dead Space 2 on Zealot difficulty
  • Survival Gaming Hot Take: Resident Evil as a series isn’t a survival horror, you are way too powerful to ever feel vulnerable

James Gibson

James is a sucker for a game that puts him in a constant state of peril. Whether it’s hostile weather conditions, an abundance of enemies, or just a battle to get some grub, he’s up for the challenge! James is also a huge fan of immersive RPG’s, and the occasional sports game for a more casual gaming session. Then when he’s not gaming, he’s usually flipping guys over his shoulder at Jiu-Jitsu training.

  • Favorite Traditional Survival Game: The Forest
  • Favorite Survival Horror Game: Resident Evil 7
  • Survival Gaming Hidden Gem: Soma
  • Favorite Survival Gaming Moment: Completely ignoring my lost child Timmy in The Forest to build a big ol’ treehouse
  • Survival Gaming Hot Take: Stop putting heavy story elements into traditional survival games, I just want to build stuff

Alex Maksymiw

Having learned the tricks of the trade regarding games journalism at Veryali Gaming, Alex is now a key member of the Ready Game Survive team, and loves nothing more than grabbing a controller and bracing himself for a devastatingly brutal battle for survival. Outside of traditional survivals, Alex loves immersive RPGs, has spent more time in Skyrim than he dare admit, and he also loves playing guitar.

  • Favorite Traditional Survival Game: Ark Survival Evolved: Nothing compares to teaming up with your buddies and going to war with rival tribes DINOSAUR style!
  • Favorite Survival Horror Game: The Forest: A plane crash survivor forced to survive on an island infested with strange humanoid mutants and cannibals. Crawling through damp and dark claustrophobic caves had my heart racing. A fantastic game that has realistic graphics and is great for solo and co-op adventures. All made by one man, impressive!
  • Survival Gaming Hidden Gem: The Long Drive: Watching my friend play this game with a feeling of odd interest, we both wondered about the game’s purpose and whether it was a game at all. However, despite the poor graphics and gameplay lay, charming and funny animations and detail led to many laughs. The world is also strangely eerie.
  • Favorite Survival Game Moment: Me and my friends valiantly charging into battle atop three T-rexs as a last-ditch attempt to save our month-old base built during the pandemic to a much larger tribe. I can still hear the LOTR soundtrack blasting down the mic as we fought to the bitter end…
  • Survival Gaming Hot Take: procedurally generated maps are trash, fully designed maps are much more fun to explore and survive in.

Emily Medlock

Emily is a gaming aficionado who has written for The Gamer, Gamerant, GamerBolt, and Valnet, but she has found a home here at Ready Game Survive. She adores writing about Ark: Survival Evolved among other great survival titles, and outside of traditional survival, she loves Legend of Zelda, League of Legends, and Fable.

  • Favorite Traditional Survival Game: ARK: Survival Evolved. I’ve spent over 1000 hours on this game and rarely go a month without adding more.
  • Favorite Survival Horror Game: As someone who doesn’t play survival horror games often, the Bioshock series is my closest passion to the genre. Though Castlevania 64 felt like a survival horror game when I was younger.
  • Survival Gaming Hidden Gem: Atlas. Most survival gamers are aware of Atlas, but it doesn’t get enough credit for how it handled the dev transition during Early Access. Too many players just dropped it.
  • Favorite Survival Gaming Moment: Making it across the Valguero map on foot without dying.
  • Survival Gaming Hot Take: PvP and PvE are both perfectly viable survival game paths. There’s a lot of hate coming from both sides, but I say play the way you enjoy playing.

Arron Kluz

Arron is a featured team writer and lifelong gamer. Ever since he started playing games on his old SNES, and has been hooked ever since. He has a particular love for games like Pillars of Eternity, Skyrim, a variety of beloved indie titles, and also a few online shooters to serve as a means of avoiding open-world fatigue. Outside of gaming, he enjoys watching art-house movies, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and writing fiction.

  • Favorite Traditional Survival Game: Minecraft
  • Favorite Survival Horror Game: Alien Isolation
  • Survival Gaming Hidden Gem: Darkwood
  • Favorite Survival Gaming Moment: My favorite moment in a survival game was running into a Reaper Leviathan in Subnautica for the first time. Seeing it in the distance and then watching it come rushing toward me and attack my ship was so frightening and intense that I’ll never forget it.
  • Survival Gaming Hot Take: More survival games should have automation elements because gathering resources for hours on end is the worst part of the genre.

Trevor Abbott

Trevor is passionate about all gaming genres and enjoys survival horror and action role-playing. He has conquered some of the hardest difficulties in various games and is a dedicated completionist who treasures an enriching emotional story. He also enjoys laid-back nostalgic multiplayer with friends. When not pressing countless buttons on the keyboard or controller, Trevor spends his free time composing on piano and aspires to write professional music for video games. He is also a gaming Youtuber, Chess player, and outdoor enthusiast.

  • Favorite Traditional Survival Game: Minecraft
  • Favorite Survival Horror Game: Dead Space (Gameplay) The Last Of Us (Story)
  • Survival Gaming Hidden Gem: Soma because it’s an excellent eerie story and a stretch for the mind.
  • Favorite Survival Gaming Moment: Beating Akumu Mode in The Evil Within with a tear of relief in my eye.
  • Survival Gaming Hot Take: A true survivalist relishes and embraces scarcity despite impending dangers while rising from the ashes like a fiery phoenix toward the sky of accomplishment.

Victor Espinosa

Victor Espinosa is a content writer with a penchant for the post-apocalyptic. He is a connoisseur of macabre and terrifying, but only in video games. When not extolling the virtues of survival-horror games to the unwitting masses, Victor is either playing Dead Space or wondering what unimaginable forms of life await us behind distant stars.

Favorite Traditional Survival Game: RUST

Favorite Survival Horror Game: Dead Space Remake

Survival Gaming Hidden Gem: GTFO

Favorite Survival Game Moment: Any time I raid someone’s base in RUST.

Survival Gaming Hot Take: Survival games can make us feel alive in ways that our mundane, culturally mandated lives cannot. They offer an opportunity to safely explore the limits of human endurance and experiment with emotional and psychological boundary-pushing. They rock.


We hope that your time spent here at RGS is a fun and informative one and may our content serve you well when you need it most!

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