Emily Medlock

Emily is a gaming aficionado who has written for The Gamer, Gamerant, GamerBolt, and Valnet, but she has found a home here at Ready Game Survive. She adores writing about Ark: Survival Evolved among other great survival titles, and outside of traditional survival, she loves Legend of Zelda, League of Legends and Fable.

Valheim Comfort Guide

Valheim Comfort Guide

Since the launch of Valheim, the week I started playing, Comfort has been relevant for me. Because one of my favorite things to do in survival games is build, Comfort was an easy focus. In my group, usually ten players, we each have unspoken tasks to do based on skills and interests. It soon became my job …

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Valheim Bosses Guide

Valheim Bosses Guide

When you first create your character and spawn in Valheim, you may notice a few things right off the bat. You will first appear on a circle surrounded by five altars. These altars represent the five main bosses in Valheim. After you defeat each boss, you will hang their trophy on the altar, which will …

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Wyvern Ark Guide

Wyverns are one of my favorite creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved. They are tanky, can carry almost any other dino, and have one of the best melee stats in the game. Not to mention, each wyvern has a different breath attack that is unique and useful. I have so much love for the wyvern and …

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Primal Fear Ark Guide

Primal Fear Ark Guide – The Most Intense Mod On The Workshop

Ark: Survival Evolved is suspenseful enough without Primal Fear, so imagine my friend’s surprise the first time they played Ark: Survival Evolved and were met with a Primar Fear version. True story! They thought that some of the strongest dinos in this survival game were original in vanilla Ark. I have to say, it definitely made …

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