Emily Medlock

Emily is a gaming aficionado who has written for The Gamer, Gamerant, GamerBolt, and Valnet, but she has found a home here at Ready Game Survive. She adores writing about Ark: Survival Evolved among other great survival titles, and outside of traditional survival, she loves Legend of Zelda, League of Legends and Fable.

Valheim Flax Guide

Valheim Flax Guide

A Valheim Flax guide is what you might need if you have just reached the Plains biome. Flax is one of the two plants (excluding trees) in the Plains, the other being Barley. Both are useful in their own ways. Barley is necessary for some of the best food in the game. Flax is necessary …

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valheim copper

Valheim Copper Guide

A Valheim copper guide is the best way to get through the Black Forest phase of the game. This Black Forest resource is used to make the first metal that you can craft items with. Although I sometimes skip Bronze armor, I always use Copper, Tin, and Bronze to upgrade my base. In fact, you …

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Thylacoleo Ark

Thylacoleo Ark Guide

Use this Thylacoleo ARK guide if you want one of these tree cats for yourself. These redwood perchers are so unique and well-rounded that I like to keep one well past the late game. I always love tigers and lions in video games, so to find something that looks similar but with marsupial abilities are …

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