Ark: Survival Ascended Procoptodon Guide – The Only Nanny You’ll Need

Raising dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Ascended is tough. Meat runs can take a long time to complete, with heavily-pillared servers destroying dino spawns. Without enough food, your baby dinosaurs could go hungry and die.

The perfect solution is a nanny. The Procoptodon can make raising baby dinos so much easier, especially without mods or Tek engrams to support you. Let’s examine what makes the kangaroo ancestor the go-to choice for growing babies.

Bottom Line Up Front – The Procoptodon at a Glance

Procoptodons are rare, so if you spot one, then you need to know immediately what you need to tame it and why. Take a look at the table below to see why you should add this particular tame to your family.

Taming TypeTaming KibbleUtilityDamagesSpecial Abilities
KnockoutRare MushroomsNanny

Transport Dino

Imprint Booster




Nanny: Reduces food consumption for babies in pouch.


Imprinting Booster: Doubles imprint rate when performing an imprinting action on a baby in its pouch.

The Procoptodon – Your Prehistoric Babysitter

imprinting Ark: Survival Ascended Procoptodon babysitter
The Procoptodon carrying a monkey. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

One look at the Procoptodon, and I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a kangaroo.” It basically is. It has the big feet, pouch, and extended tail that its descendant, the kangaroo, also has. Except the Procoptodon is bigger, faster, and hits harder. Kangaroos are menacing, but they pale in comparison to their ancestor.

That isn’t to say that the Procoptodon will be your next combat dinosaur. It has a select group of skills, making it more of an ambusher or a getaway car. It’s fast. I mean, you can quickly jump across several feet with one bound. It’s great at running away from danger.

So, in a fight, you can rely on it as your getaway car when things don’t quite pan out as planned.

But its true purpose is raising dinosaurs. With its pouch, you can have it carry babies, tiny dinos, or even other tribe members. For babies, it provides a few buffs that can ensure the baby doesn’t eat you out of house and home. For everyone else, it’s just an extra mode of dino transport that can help you get from point A to point B in a world without cryopods.

The Procoptodon clearly has a robust set of skills and abilities that make it one of the most coveted tames in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Where to Find the Procoptodon on the Island

wild Ark: Survival Ascended Procoptodon in the wild
A Procoptodon in its natural habitat. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Procoptodons spawn primarily along the main channel that cuts through the Island map. You can also find them in a rare area on the western side of the map just before it enters the snow biome. I’ve personally seen them around Giga Mountain the most.

spawn Ark: Survival Ascended where to find Procoptodons
Spawn areas for the Procoptodon. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The problem with all these areas? They’re loaded with dinosaurs and creatures that love eating Procoptodons. Since they’re already rare spawns, finding one alive is tough. They’re not the tankiest creatures, so they quickly fall prey to Rexes, Sabretooth Tigers, and a flock of Argies.

They’re also solitary. While you can sometimes find a couple bouncing around together, they’re typically alone. Good luck trying to keep up with it if something bites it and it jumps off. These guys cover a lot of ground and fast.

Let’s say that if you find one alive, that’s half the battle.

How to Tame a Procoptodon – Don’t Let this Gem Bounce Away

trap Ark: Survival Ascended Procoptodon trap
A trapped Procoptodon. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

You had an incredible stroke of luck and found a Procoptodon that has yet to die. Now, comes the second-most difficult part–taming it. The Procoptodon is a Knockout tame, so you need to put it to sleep to tame it.

The problem with this particular creature is that it doesn’t come after you, so kiting it can be difficult. The Procoptodon is a creature that’s best described as “wary” or “skittish.” After hitting it, the creature will take off and away from you. Now and then, you’ll find one that might circle back and try to punch or kick you, but in most cases, it just tries to run away.

Kiting the Procoptodon into a trap to tame it is difficult but not impossible. To ensure you don’t lose this rare spawn, follow these steps to tame a Procoptodon in Ark: Survival Ascended.

1. Clear the Area of Dangers

It’s rare for Procoptodons to spawn in safe areas. There’s always something lurking around, ready to eat either you or it. Before setting up traps, you need to secure the area. Using something like a Thylacleo or even high-level Argentavis is helpful for this.

The Thylacleo is close to the ground and maneuverable, so you can quickly run around the area and take out threats. Its bleed damage also ensures you promptly remove any threats before they reach the Procoptodon.

The Argentavis is ideal for its ability to fly around the area and spot threats before they get too close. The high ground matters when searching for danger. It’s also pretty tanky for a bird, so it can take many hits while removing threats.

Clearing a wide area rather than just the surrounding region is also a good idea. If something goes wrong, and the Procoptodon takes off, you want to avoid ending up in a new, dangerous, area with tons of dinosaurs looking to eat the both of you.

Take a bit of time to secure the area to make taming much safer.

2. Use a Trap or Large Bear Trap

There are two main methods for taming a Procoptodon. You can always YOLO and start shooting the creature with tranquilizer darts, but because of its ability to jump across great distances, this is a race you won’t win. You’ll end up losing the tame, dying, or just wasting your darts.

It’s a much better strategy to trap it.

The first strategy is to build a taming pen around the Procoptodon. This method can be frustrating because the creature tends to move around a lot. Since it hops, it covers some ground even when just “walking” around. It’s easier if another person puts down the trap with you since speed is critical here.

The idea is to put at least two or three foundations under the Procoptodon or just before it bounces onto the ground. Then, quickly put a bunch of single-door walls around it. You don’t even need to stack the walls two-high. Just a single row of walls around it will keep it boxed in.

You can also try to build gates around it, but because of its tendency to bounce around fast, this can be a pain to pull off. It’s far more likely that the creature will jump away before you can put the gates around it. Again, with a second person around, this might be easier.

The other solution is to use a Large Bear Trap. You can craft this item in a smithy, so having an Argy nearby and loaded with materials to make more is essential for this method. Craft a few Large Bear Traps, then have them ready to deploy.

  • Side Tip: To craft a Large Bear Trap, you’ll need 10 fiber, 6 metal ingots, and 15 hide.

Just as the Procoptodon is ready to land in an area, put down the bear trap. It should trap the dino for a limited amount of time. This is when you can either start shooting it with tranquilizer darts or build a pen around it to keep it trapped for a more extended time.

Whichever method you choose, just be ready for a lot of frustration, as its movement animation can make it a pain to predict where it’s going.

3. Knockout and Feed It Rare Mushrooms

If you have a trapped Procoptodon, the most challenging part is over. You need to knock it out now. I find the best tool is tranquilizer darts paired with an Ascendant or Mastercraft long-neck rifle. Even a basic long-neck rifle will do, though. A high-level rifle is easier since it delivers more torpor than a basic rifle.

If you have access to shocking tranquilizer darts, then using those will knock out the Procoptodon even faster.

It doesn’t matter where you hit the Procoptodon, either. It doesn’t have a multiplier for headshots. So, just take your rifle and start shooting.

Once it’s down, you’ll need to feed it Rare Mushrooms. As its name might suggest, they’re a rare resource. Here are three methods you can use to find Rare Mushrooms:

  • Destroy mangrove trees in the swamp.
  • Search beaver dams.
  • Harvest crystals.

Dams don’t always spawn in great numbers, especially if you’re like me and play on an Official server where bases are clogging up their spawn area. So, collecting mushrooms with this method can take time and effort. Rare mushrooms also don’t drop in great numbers when harvesting crystal, but it is one of the safer methods. I’ll typically use a Theri and head to the swamp to destroy mangrove trees when I need a lot of Rare Mushrooms.

Depending on the level of the Procoptodon, you may need a large number of Rare Mushrooms. Here are some parameters to keep in mind:

  • Level 5: 11 Rare Mushroom
    Level 25: 19 Rare Mushroom
    Level 50: 30 Rare Mushroom
    Level 75: 40 Rare Mushroom
    Level 100: 50 Rare Mushroom
    Level 125: 61 Rare Mushroom
    Level 150: 71 Rare Mushroom

You can use a source like Dododex to determine exactly how many Rare Mushrooms you’ll need for a level between those given.

What Is the Procoptodon Good for in Ark: Survival Ascended

procoptodon Ark: Survival Ascended Procoptodon what they do
Taking a stroll with the Procoptodon. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Besides being adorable and allowing you to kidnap your tribe members and run around with them, the Procoptodon has several utility roles. It makes raising babies less of a headache, helps you imprint them, and can be a helpful ambusher in combat for PVP servers.

Let’s examine these uses further.

1. Nanny – Make Your Babies Eat Less Food

Everyone who has raised babies on Ark knows that babies eat a lot of food. Most of your time goes toward meat runs to ensure they don’t starve. With how long it takes babies to grow and mature on Official servers, this is a lengthy process. Without cryopods, it’s even dangerous since you won’t always be around to ensure your baby stays fed.

This is where the Procoptodon shines. When you place a baby in its pouch, it reduces the baby’s food consumption rate. It’ll eat food a lot slower. That means fewer meat runs and more food for your other tames.

Now, getting a reduced food consumption rate isn’t guaranteed. You need to have a female Procotopdon that’s mate-boosted to enjoy this ability. Tame a female and male Procoptodon, put them close together, and then have the female carry the baby in its pouch. You’ll notice that the baby isn’t eating as much food as one that’s outside the pouch.

There’s also a caveat here. Not every dinosaur can fit inside the Procoptodon’s pouch. It’s big but not big enough to hold dinos like the Rex, Yutyrannus, Giga, or Quetzal. Typically, if it’s a large dino, it will not fit inside the pouch. You’ll have to keep doing those meat runs for those particular babies.

Otherwise, enjoy your free time while your Procoptodon nourishes your babies.

2. Imprint Booster – Missed an Imprint? No Need to Sweat

Imprinting is an integral part of the raising process. A fully-imprinted tame receives a stat bonus. When the player who imprinted the tame rides it, the tame also deals 30% more damage and takes 30% less damage. Whether you’re playing on PVP or PVE, that’s a great bonus.

The problem with imprinting is that you’re only sometimes around to complete the imprint. In Ark: Survival Ascended, tames typically want an imprint every eight hours. The imprinting task might be a cuddle, a particular piece of food, or a walk around the area. When you complete the task, it gives them a certain percentage of imprinting.

You must complete these tasks throughout the maturation period until it’s fully grown.

If you’re away from completing an imprint, there’s a very good chance you won’t have a fully imprinted tame, and you’ll miss out on the bonuses and stat boosts. But this is where the Procoptodon helps.

It doubles the imprint percentage when imprinting a baby in its pouch. For example, let’s say there’s a baby sheep in the Procoptodon’s pouch. Let’s also say that a normal imprint percentage for a baby is 5%. If you were to complete an imprint on a baby sheep in a Procoptodon pouch, its imprint would increase by 10% rather than 5%.

This increase is beneficial because it allows you to miss one or two imprints. If you can’t log into the server or have real-life stuff to focus on, you don’t have to worry as much about making it onto Ark within that eight-hour window. It allows you to miss one without ruining its full imprint.

The Procoptodon makes imprinting more forgivable and lets you have a life outside of Ark.

3. The Getaway Car – Ambusher and Great for Retreat in Combat

At first glance, you might not think the Procoptodon is an ideal tame to bring into combat. And you’re right. It won’t be the tame that destroys enemy dinos and players. But it can be a tremendous tame for particular scenarios.

Since players can sit inside its pouch, you can use the Procoptodon as an ambusher. Someone riding it can quickly dart around the battlefield, while the person inside the pouch can shoot at enemies or throw grenades. You can even bounce into a battle with the person in the pouch swinging melee weapons around, then quickly rush away.

It’s a hit-and-run sort of combat tame.

It’s also useful for getaways. If things aren’t going well, jump onto your Procoptodon and hop away. Its remarkable speed and bounding leaps can take you far from danger before anyone can chomp down on you. Remember to zig-zag those jumps to avoid the player’s shots at you.

Finally, because of its ability to jump high, you can use the Procoptodon to jump into bases. Carry specific dinos or a player in its pouch, then jump over a player’s wall to unleash an attack. They allow you to get behind enemy lines instead of having to widdle away at the base’s defenses.

The Procoptodon can be a great combat tame when appropriately used.

Ark: Survival Ascended riding the Procoptodon tamed

Questions and Answers

Question: Is a Procoptodon a passive tame in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: No, the Procoptodon is not a passive tame in Ark: Survival Ascended. You will need to knock it out.

Question: Are Procoptodons rare spawns in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: Yes, Procoptodons are rare spawns in Ark: Survival Ascended. Since they spawn in dangerous areas, they’re even rarer to find alive.

Question: What happens if you don’t imprint a baby on Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: If you can’t imprint a baby on Ark: Survival Ascended, it won’t reach its full imprint. That means its stats won’t receive a boost, and it won’t receive a 30% damage increase and reduction when ridden by the player who tried to imprint it.

Let the Procoptodon Bounce into Your Heart

The Procoptodon is one of the most valuable creatures in Ark. When you don’t have mods supporting raising babies; then this creature comes in handy. It saves you time, lets you have a life outside of Ark, and provides a lot of fun. Use the tips to tame your first Procoptodon and see how it transforms raising babies for yourself.

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