Ark: Survival Ascended Turkey Trial Guide – Face Your Murder Turkey Fears

Almost every year around Thanksgiving, Studio Wildcard introduces the Turkey Trial event in Ark: Survival Evolved. The team continues that tradition by introducing it to Ark: Survival Ascended. New players will discover adorable turkeys waddling around the map, but they’re more than meets the eye.

These turkeys will destroy you.

Follow this guide to make your encounters with these murderous monstrous more successful.

murder turkey Ark: Survival Ascended
The infamous Murder Turkey. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Bottom Line Up Front – An Intense Scavenger Hunt That Might Cost Your Life

There are many rewards to claim by participating in the Turkey Trial event in Ark: Survival Ascended. Take a look at what the event includes in the table below.

Official Server RatesEvent ColorsAdded Creatures for EventEvent ItemsEvent SkinsNew Event Items (2023)Event Emotes
3x Harvesting


3x Taming


3x XP


1.5x Breeding



Medium Autumn


Light Autumn


Burnt Sienna




Light Brown


Dark Magenta


Dark Violet






Dark Red


Dino Dark Red


Midnight Blue


Black Sands


Near Black




Dino Darker Grey


Dino Albino


Murder TurkeyThanksgiving Candy


Random Chibi


Rare Random Chibi

Bonnet Hat


Chieftan Hat


Dodo Pie Swimsuit


Dodorex Swimsuit


Dodorex-Print Shirt


Meat Swimsuit


Murder Turkey Swimsuit


Murder Turkey-Print Shirt


Pilgrim Hat




Turkey Costume


Turkey Hat


Turkey Leg


Turkey Swimsuit


Ugly Dodo’s Revenge Sweater


Ugly Cornucopia Sweater


Ugly Foliage Friends Sweater


Ugly Turkey Target Sweater


Ugly Trike Sweater

Pumpkin Pie Hat Costume


Cooked Turkey Hat Costume


Forest Crown Costume


Cornucopia Trough Costume


Turkey Fryer Costume


Touchdown Emote


Friend Gesture Emote

Belly Rub


Food Coma





What Is the Turkey Trial Event in Ark: Survival Ascended

turkey trial event in Ark: Survival Ascended
A turkey lying in wait. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The Turkey Trial is a holiday event with a scavenger hunt theme. Throughout the map, Murder Turkeys spawn. Discovering them is both a blessing and a curse. If you’re equipped with the right tame, weapons, or strategy, then you’ll likely spend time actively hunting these turkeys down and farming wishbones.

For the unequipped, accidentally hitting or biting into a Murder Turkey could kill you and your tame. They hit hard, cause much damage, and have an incredible damage intake reduction rate. Killing turkeys isn’t easy, but it doesn’t take much effort on their part to kill you.

So, why try to find these turkeys and kill them?

They drop wishbones. You can use these wishbones to craft rewards like skins, emotes, and special holiday items. For veteran players, laying claim to these skins and emotes shows that you and your dinos aren’t anything to sniff at. It proves you have some tough dinos capable of chewing up a Murder Turkey and spitting it back out.

Along with the Murder Turkeys (and yes, they’re actually called Murder Turkeys), the event includes colors and rate changes. Like most other holiday events, wild creatures throughout the map have a chance of having colorful bodies instead of their usual colors. If you’ve always wanted a bright red Argy, for example, then this event gives you that opportunity.

The rate changes also make leveling, harvesting, breeding, and taming easier. They’re boosted beyond the typical 1x, which means you can gather a lot of resources in a short amount of time. It also takes less time to breed, hatch, and raise dinos. With these elevated rates, you can get ahead on any plans for building, buying, or raising new tames.

Tips for Surviving and Fighting against Murder Turkeys in Ark: Survival Ascended

slaughter Ark: Survival Ascended Turkey
Like shooting ducks in a barrel. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

I’ve lost my fair share of tames going up against Murder Turkeys because I wasn’t prepared. They may look small and harmless, but their looks are deceiving.

Remember the following tips to ensure you can collect wishbones as safely as possible.

1. Damage Reduction – Murder Turkeys Significantly Reduce Incoming Damage

Because of their minor nature, it’s easy to think a few bites from a Rex can finish one off. That’s your first mistake. Murder Turkeys automatically reduce all melee attacks from dinos to 10%. Even if you have a Rex delivering 250% damage, it will only perform 10% damage to a Murder Turkey.

And that’s where they get you. Murder Turkeys lure you into a false sense of security. As soon you bite into one, the savagery is on. Because Murder Turkeys are passive until they’re attacked–and when they’re attacked, they’ll pursue you to the world’s end.

I may exaggerate, but they follow you for a long time. You have to leave render distance for a minute or two to keep the turkey from following after you. And that’s the other problem. They’re surprisingly fast for turkeys. If you’re on a slow tame, it has no problem keeping up with you. The turkey can keep up even if you’re on your own feet and running. It will also attack and cause others to attack you the whole time.

And that leads us to the second tip.

2. Wild Dino Alliances – Watch Out for Herbivores

After you attack a Murder Turkey, it will call out for help. Any herbivore in the area will come and attack you. Trikes, Brontos, Turtles, you name it, they’re coming for you. Not only do you have to deal with the high-damage attacks from a Murder Turkey, but you must also contend with all the other dinos in the area.

The best strategy to use here is to clear the area of any herbivores first. You can take them out one by one without worrying about the attacks from the turkey. Once they’re all gone, then you can engage the turkey and start fighting.

Without its allies to help, it makes the fight easier.

3. Ignore Basic Attacks – Use Status Conditions and Area of Effect Attacks

While Murder Turkeys reduce melee damage to 10%, it does have its weaknesses. Instead of using a Rex or Giga, it’s better to use a high-level Carno, Allo, or Thylacleo. All these creatures can deliver bleed damage. The actual bite from the creature won’t cause much damage, but the reduction doesn’t affect the bleed damage.

Out of all the creatures, I like to use the Thyla. It has an excellent bleed attack, but most importantly, it’s fast and can climb. If the fight isn’t going my way, I know I can run off with the Thyla and climb somewhere the turkey can’t reach me. This gives me enough time to escape or heal up the Thyla with some meat.

The Thyla can also run around the turkey and do a series of hit-and-runs. Bite, deliver the bleed, and run off before the turkey hits you. With this strategy, you’ll start taking down turkeys in no time.

4. No Tame? No Problem – Build a Trap and Use Weapons

Ark: Survival Ascended Turkey trap
A Murder Turkey trapped. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

While you can use your tames to try and kill turkeys, it’s actually a better idea just to use weapons and kill the turkeys yourself. You don’t endanger your dino in the process; if you die, you can always collect your items. Player weapons also don’t receive the damage reduction that the turkey does to dinos.

Because Murder Turkeys will kill you if you’re just going toe-to-toe with them, you’ll want to build a trap. A simple 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 stone trap will work perfectly. Then, build single-doorway walls around it. To ensure the turkey doesn’t walk through the doorway, build railings and put them at the bottom of the wall to bar the openings.

From there, you can either build a ramp and shoot down at the turkeys or build a raised platform outside the trap and shoot. Since the turkey will aggro on you when you attack, you can easily kite the turkey into the trap. Just be ready with a bed or some sleeping bags nearby to respawn. There’s a high chance it will kill you before you reach the trap or while you’re in there with it.

Once it’s in the trap, go to town. Shoot or blow up the turkey until it’s dead. Before it despawns, grab the wishbones, too, so you can start crafting the rewards.

What Do Wishbones Do in the Turkey Trial Event for Ark: Survival Ascended?

Ark: Survival Ascended Turkey event rewards
My wife displaying some of the Turkey Trial’s rewards. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Speaking of wishbones, you’ll want to collect a lot of them. The Turkey Trial is a scavenger hunt to find Murder Turkeys and kill them. They drop wishbones, which you use to craft the different rewards during the event.

But where can you find these rewards?

You’ll need to take your wishbones to your smithy. You’ll see an area labeled “Holiday,” where you’ll find all the rewards you can craft. It takes a certain number of wishbones to craft each one. The rarer the reward, the more wishbones you’ll need, so if you want something specifically, you’ll need to kill a few Murder Turkeys.

The rewards you can craft fall under these categories:

  • Skins
  • Emotes
  • Items
  • Chibis

Veteran players will recognize some of the skins from the past. However, Wildcard has introduced a few new skin items like Forest Crown skin, the Cooked Turkey Hat skin, and the Pumpkin Pie Hat skin. Place these skins on your clothes or armor to look more festive. I personally love the bathing suits and ugly sweaters.

There are a few new emotes, too. One of the most enjoyable is the Touchdown emote, which makes your character throw their arms into the air to signal that a touchdown has just occurred. I find using this emote very appropriate after killing a Murder Turkey. The arms look absolutely weird, though.

The items remain the same from years past. You can feed your dinos Thanksgiving Candy, to change the color of their skin or fur for a limited time. It acts like clout for the other players since you can show off just how good your tames look.

Perhaps the item that most players grind wishbones for is the chibis. These small pets don’t attack or do anything except follow you around. They’re miniaturized versions of creatures within Ark. They’re similar to Funkos in that they tend to have large heads and small bodies. In short, they’re adorable.

There are common chibis and rare chibis, with the rarer varieties requiring more wishbones. If you want an adorable chibi of your favorite dino or creature in Ark, it’s time to grind for wishbones.

turkey trial event Ark: Survival Ascended Turkey

Questions and Answers

Question: How do you activate the Turkey Trial Event in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: On Official servers, you don’t need to do anything to activate the Turkey Trial in Ark: Survival Ascended. If you’re on an unofficial server, then the server owner will need to add the mod to the mod collection of the server. The game will download the event and make it live.

Question: What is the point of the Murder Turkey in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: The Murder Turkey is the creature you’re hunting for the Turkey Trial. Kill the turkey to receive wishbones and craft rewards.

Question: How much health does a Murder Turkey have in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: A Murder Turkey has 2,000 health at level 1 and increases by 200 for each level from there. Since it also reduces dino melee damage to 10%, it can take a long time to chew through its health.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Hunt Down some Turkeys

The Turkey Trial event only lasts a few weeks before it disappears until next year. If you want chibis, Thanksgiving-inspired emotes and skins, or to prove your dinos are the best, you must test your mettle against the Murder Turkeys. Just don’t be too surprised if they end up murdering you first.

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