Ark Survival Ascended Taming Guide – Tame Smarter, Not Harder

You are nothing without your tames on Ark: Survival Ascended.

Tames protect you and can help gather resources and make it easier to tame other creatures in the future.

There are many different ways to tame creatures in Ark, but not all of those methods are efficient or effective.

Let’s take a look at how you can tame smarter in Ark: Survival Ascended.

taming the dino

Bottom Line Up Front – A Quick Dino Menu

The taming system in Ark has changed over the game’s history. To ensure you’re using the right taming food for the right creature, take a quick look at the table below.

KibbleIngredientsDinos Tamed By It
Basic1 Extra Small Dino Egg

1 Cooked Meat

10 Amarberry

5 Mejoberry

10 Tintoberry

5 Fiber









Simple1 Small Egg

1 Cooked Fish Meat

2 Rockcarrot

5 Mejoberry

5 Fiber





Giant Bee








Regular1 Medium Egg

1 Cooked Meat Jerky

2 Longrass

2 Savoroot

5 Fiber























Superior1 Large Egg

1 Prime Meat Jerky

2 Citronal

1 Sap

2 Rare Mushroom

5 Fiber
















Snow Owl


Woolly Rhino

Exceptional1 Extra Large Egg

1 Focal Chili

1 Rare Flower

10 Mejoberry

5 Fiber












Extraordinary1 Special Egg

1 Giant Bee Honey

1 Lazarus Chowder

10 Mejoberry

5 Fiber




Rock Elemental



Taming with Kibble – Save Yourself Time and Losses

kibble Ark Survival Ascended
All the kibble you need. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Most dinosaurs on Ark: Survival Ascended require kibble for taming. You can use other types of taming food like meat, mutton, mejoberries, etc., impacting the creature’s taming effectiveness. All dinosaurs have a preferred taming food, and feeding them anything else can make them unhappy.

You’ll still be able to tame them but get fewer levels out of them. Taming effectiveness determines how many levels add to the dino’s overall level post-taming. So, if it’s a level 150 and you’re taming it with its preferred food, you will add as many levels as the dino can receive. If you’re feeding it something besides its preferred food, you may only get a handful of levels that will add to 150.

You can end up with a 200+ level dino right after taming it with its preferred food.

To make kibble, you need an egg from a specific dinosaur. Here’s a quick breakdown of each kibble and the eggs used to craft them.

  • Basic Kibble Eggs: Dilo, Dodo, Featherlight, Kairuku, Lystro, Parasaur, Vulture
  • Simple Kibble Eggs: Archaeo, Compy, Dimorphodon, Gallimimus, Glowtail, Microraptor, Morellatops, Oviraptor, Pachy, Pego, Ptera, Raptor, Sinomacrops, Trike
  • Regular Kibble Eggs: Anky, Bary, Turtle, Carno, Dimetrodon, Diplo, Doedicurus, Ichthyornis, Iguanodon, Kapro, Kentro, Pachyrhino, Pelagornis, Sarco, Stego, Terror Bird, Thorny Dragon, Troodon, Velonasaur
  • Superior Kibble Eggs: Allosaurus, Argentavis, Mantis, Megalania, Megalosaurus, Moschops, Snow Owl, Spinosaurus, Tapejara, Titanboa, Tropeo
  • Exceptional Kibble Eggs: Basilosaurus, Brontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Karkinos, Managarmr, Mosasaurus, Quetzal, Rex, Spinosaurus, Therizinosaurus
  • Extraordinary Kibble Eggs: Griffin, Megalania, Rock Elemental, Thylacleo, Yutyrannus

Kibble has certain quality tiers. Basic is on the lower end and helps tame low-threat dinosaurs. Extraordinary kibble is the top-most kibble and can tame any dinosaur that uses kibble for taming without losing effectiveness. It’s why I usually go and tame a bunch of Yutys.

I can create a Yuty egg farm with them and have a steady supply of extraordinary kibble. I don’t have to worry about taming dinos, which I’ll never use solely for their eggs. If you only want to make one type of kibble, then I recommend taming Yutys to make extraordinary kibble.

Specialty Dino Taming – These Tames Are Picky Eaters

DinosaurTaming Method
BasiliskEats Rock Drake eggs you must manually put before it.
EquusEats Carrots and must ride it and stay mounted while it tames.
GachaEats anything but prefers 10 structures or more in a stack that you drop in front of it.
HyaenodonMust pet it without it detecting you.
LiopleurodonMust drop Giant Bee Honey in front of it.
PegomastixYou must put Berries in the right-most hotbar slot and let it steal them from you.
PhoenixMust use fire on it during a Heat Wave.
Roll RatMust toss Giant Bee Honey at it when it’s underground.
TitanboaMust drop Fertilized Eggs in front of it without it detecting you.
TroodonMust sacrifice a tamed dino to it.
Hesperonis/OtterMust kill a fish and drag its dead body to the creature and feed it.
FeroxEats Element that you feed to it.
BloodstalkerEats Blood Packs while grappling you.
MegachelonMust lure a school of fish to the turtle.
TropeognathusMust trap it with a Chain Bola, then feed it.
NoglinMust let it control your tamed creatures.
Tek StryderMust hack it with it Mutagel.
AstrodelphisMust be pet and fed Element.
ShadowmaneMust be fed Fish Bucket when it’s lying down.
VoidwyrmMust weaken it, then ride it and give it Mutagen.
AmargasaurusMust let it fight other aggressive creatures.
DinopithecusMust kill all others in its pack before taming the Alpha.
CarcharodontosaurusMust feed it corpses, then ride it until it’s fully tamed while killing more creatures.

Kibble taming is the easiest way to tame in Ark: Survival Ascended. Unfortunately, there are some creatures out there that don’t want kibble. You have to jump through a few hurdles to tame them.

dino taming Ark Survival Ascended

I group these other taming methods into the following categories:

  • Passive Hand-Feeding/Petting
  • Impregnation
  • Dino Sacrifice
  • Hatching and Raising

Let’s dive into each to show you some examples.

1. Passive Hand-Feeding or Petting

Knockout tames typically require kibble, but there is a large number of creatures that prefer passive taming. In this instance, you need to walk or sneak up to the creature and have its preferred taming good in the right-most slot of your hot bar. A prime example is a Lystro. By having its kibble or mejoberries in the right-most slot of your hot bar, you can interact with the Lystro when it’s hungry.

You basically follow it around and feed it.

Other creatures have a unique system of passive taming. The Hyena, for example, requires petting. You have to sneak up on it and give it pets without it noticing you. It’s a tricky tame but a unique challenge.

2. Impregnation

Things can sometimes get a little frisky in Ark: Survival Ascended. Particular creatures like the Reaper Queen need to impregnate your character for you to tame a Reaper King. The process is quite complex, but the gist is you need to bring her health down to 10% and then let her grab and impregnate you.

There will be a period in which you must kill creatures to help the baby growing inside you level up. After the time is over, you’ll give birth to a Reaper King–who will immediately try to kill you before you claim it.

It’s a strange, challenging, but fun way of taming creatures.

3. Dino Sacrifice

The cruelest taming method for some dinosaurs or creatures is sacrificing your own tame for them. The Troodon is one of the creatures that will eat a tame you sacrifice to it and become tamed in the process.

The Rhyniognatha also uses an element of dino sacrifice, although it’s more of an impregnation-taming method. After impregnating your dino, the baby will ultimately kill it after its birth.

Only some creatures are worth the sacrifice, so determining if you want to lose a tame to gain another that isn’t useful is worth it.

4. Hatching and Raising

Finally, there are dinos out there that have eggs in nests. Magmasaurs, Wyverns, Deinonychus, and Rock Drakes are some examples. You must travel to their nests, steal their eggs, then hatch and raise the baby. The good news is that Ark has made these creatures breedable over time.

You only need to steal eggs until you have a breeding pair. Then, you won’t need to steal into nests anymore except to find higher levels.

However, you’ll need to do some egg-stealing to tame these creatures.

Taming Pens – Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

Kibble is only one-half of the equation when taming dinos. You also need to be able to capture them in a safe environment. Not only does this allow you to knock them out safely, but it can also protect them from other wandering dinosaurs.

There are three main traps players tend to use to tame. There hasn’t been a lot of innovation when it comes to taming traps and pens, but that’s largely because the current designs work great. The traps include:

  • The Drop-Down Taming Pen
  • Dino Gate/Behemoth Gate Pen
  • Flyer Trap

Let’s take a look at how these traps work and how to make them.

1. Drop-Down Taming Pen – Great for Most Small and Medium Dinos

drop trap Ark Survival Ascended
A drop trap on a raft. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

A drop-down taming pen is one of the most popular traps you’ll see scattered around the server. This type of trap uses foundations, doorways, and ramps. Someone will bait the dino up the ramp and drop them into the trap.

Since they can’t climb out, they’re stuck in the trap. The player can then shoot through the doorways to tranquilize the dino.

You can also build this trap on a raft which allows you to transport your dino safely away while it’s sleeping and taming.

A typical drop-down trap uses the following structures:

  • 4-6 Foundations
  • 8-10 Single-Door Walls
  • 2-4 Ramps

While this works best for small and medium dinos, you can build higher walls to enclose larger ones. Depending on the dinosaur’s size, you may need to double or triple the walls.

2. Dino Gate/Behemoth Gate Trap – Great for Large Dinosaurs

gate trap Ark Survival Ascended
A gate trap waiting for its next tame. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Another popular trap is using a series of dino or behemoth gates in a line. The idea is to bait a dino through one door and get it within the gates. This can be a tricky trap to pull off since you also need to close the other door before the dinosaur escapes.

If done successfully, you have a dino trapped within the gates. You can shoot through the gaps in the gates to knock it out. The structures you’ll need for this trap include:

  • 4-6 Dino/Behemoth Gateways
  • 2 Dino/Behemoth Gates

This trap works for large dinosaurs and flying creatures, too. You can also trap medium dinos by moving the gates closer together.

3. Flying Tames Pen

fly trap Ark Survival Ascended
A trap for flying creatures. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Flying creatures can be challenging to tame, but some players make a trap that causes them to get stuck. Making the creature pass through the opening is the hardest part. You can use another flying tame to bait them through or do it on foot.

There are many fly traps, but one of the most popular is a simple trap that doesn’t require many parts. Here are the structures you’ll need:

  • 1 Foundation
  • 3 Double Door Walls
  • 1 Sloped Roof

This inexpensive trap keeps flying creatures in place while you knock them out for taming.

Questions and Answers

Question: How do you tame a dino on Ark: Survival Ascended when there’s lag?

Answer: You can tame a dino on Ark: Survival Ascended with a lot of lag by taming when fewer people are on the server. Using traps and bringing extra narcotics and kibble can also ensure you’re prepared for any problems that arise due to lag.

Question: How do you trap a dino on Ark: Survival Ascended when everything is pillared?

Answer: If you can’t put a trap down because the area is pillared, you should make a trap on a raft and get as close to the area as possible. Kite the desired tame to your boat and drop it in the trap for taming.

Question: Does force-feeding kibble tame dinos faster in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: No, force-feeding kibble to dinos will not tame them faster in Ark: Survival Ascended. It can even mess with their taming effectiveness.

Get the Stats You Deserve by Taming the Right Way

There are a lot of nuances to taming in Ark: Survival Ascended. Knowing which kibble each dino prefers is a hassle in itself. Using the proper kibble, traps, and patience, you can tame with 100% effectiveness and end up with a dinosaur with incredible stats. Now comes the real challenge–tracking down high-level dinos.

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