Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Locations When Everything Is Pillared – Joining a Crowded Server

You finally beat the queue and managed to log onto a server in Ark: Survival Ascended. Except everywhere you look has either pillars or foundations blocking new builds. What’s a new player to do?

Despite staying up late to be among the first to join a server, I was also amazed at how quickly players started pillaring land. I had to get creative and travel to locations deeper within the Island map. Here are some forgotten locations where you can build a base when everywhere else has pillars.

destructive foundations Ark: Survival Ascended

Bottom Line Up Front – Travel Deeper to Find Secret Locations

The areas that players tend to claim first are among the best. They’re easy to reach, have access to water, and are relatively safe. You may need to sacrifice some of the basics to find an area to claim as your own.

Take a quick look at the base locations that may still be available for you to claim, then grab them before they’re gone!

Best for High-Tier MaterialsBetween Volcano and Metal Mountain LocationCoordinates: 30, 55
Best for Water AccessCliff and Water LocationCoordinates: 42, 74
Best for Access to OceanCliffside LocationCoordinates: 43, 86
Best for High-Tier Dino TamesEdge of Ice River LocationCoordinates: 28, 30
Best for Large LandHilly Meadow LocationCoordinates: 49, 81
Best for Limited NeighborsIcy River LocationCoordinates: 13, 40
Best for Travel ConvenienceThe Redwoods LocationCoordinates: 52, 53
Best for BeginnersRaft BaseN/A

Claiming Land – Pillars, Pillars, Everywhere and Not a Spot to Claim

pillars Ark: Survival Ascended
Destructive foundations everywhere. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

A common problem in Ark: Survival Ascended is finding a base location. That’s because most players put down pillars or foundations to keep others from building in certain areas. That’s not wholly a bad thing, either.

Keeping space between massive bases can help load times when entering an area. Some players even pillar certain areas to prevent others from building on spawn points or resource areas.

However, some players take pillaring to the extreme. The worst manifestation is players who use foundations. While pillars won’t block spawns or resources from returning, foundations will. This can create a considerable problem when players need to collect resources or want to tame a particular dinosaur but can’t because a foundation is blocking the spawn point.

Some players pillar several meters outside of their base area. I’ve even seen a player claim an entire coastline. They’re not using the land or protecting spawn points or resources either.

This occurs most in new servers because it brings in new players looking for their slice of paradise. As servers grow older and people start to leave the game, the problem reduces.

So, what’s a new player to do when all the accessible spots to claim are gone?

New players have a few options, but you’ll likely need to give up something like easy water access or living in a more dangerous area if you want a large plot of land. Keep in mind that as Studio Wildcard releases new maps, more players will leave and relocate on those maps. So, finding a large area with access to water and other benefits is only a temporary problem.

Best Base Locations When Everywhere Is Pillared in Ark: Survival Ascended

Finding a base location that still needs to be pillared is difficult. You’ll need to travel deeper into the island instead of building along the coast. You may also need to work on crafting fur armor to settle in the frozen areas of the map.

The following locations satisfy some basic needs all players have in Ark: Survival Ascended. However, they’re not already built on for a reason. You may need to sacrifice something you want to have something else.

Take a look at the different base locations and see which one interests you the most.

1. Best for High-Tier Materials: Between the Volcano and Metal Mountain

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location between volcano and metal mountain
Between Volcano and Metal Mountain location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: 30, 55
  • Pros: Close to metal, obsidian, and crystal nodes.
  • Cons: Dangerous dinos spawn in the area.

There is a surprising amount of open land between the volcano and Metal Mountain. This area is also home to Rexes, Carchas, and the occasional Giga. So, it can be challenging to get started here. Even making your way here might take a lot of work.

volcano metal mountain map location  Ark: Survival Ascended
Map location between Volcano and Metal Mountain. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

However, if you can set up shop in this region, you have extraordinary benefits. You’re next to two areas rich in high-tier resources like obsidian, metal, and crystal. Taming a dangerous dino like a Rex or Carcha is also easier since you don’t have to travel far. If there’s a high level around, you’ll likely be the first to know about it.

I’d suggest taming a pteranodon as soon as possible and flying to this spot. Then pillar, make some traps, and tame a Rex. Even a low level will keep you safer while claiming your area.

Surviving here might be a struggle initially, but it can also help you upgrade faster.

2. Best for Water Access – Cliff and Water Area

cliff and water location Ark: Survival Ascended
Cliff and water location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: 42, 74
  • Pros: Access to water and plenty of resources, close to Green Obelisk.
  • Cons: Cliffs might make building difficult, close to swamp and swamp dinos.

You must travel deep into the island to reach this base location. The good news is that, aside from Raptors and a handful of other dangerous dinos, getting here should be easy. I suggest coming in from the ocean side. Flying here is the best option, however.

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location cliff and water map
Map location of cliff and water area. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

You’ll find it close to the Green Obelisk, which means taking your dinos to do boss fights won’t be as much of a hassle.

Another great benefit of this area is that it sits off a pool of water. You have water access. You’re also away from most dangers on the cliff overlooking the water. It’s easy to build some dino gates to keep dangers away.

Being on a cliff means the amount of land you have is a little small. You can spread out if the surrounding areas aren’t already claimed. There’s also a sloped meadow nearby that you can claim before anyone else.

This base location is primarily ideal for those who need access to water.

3. Best for Access to the Ocean – Cliffside Area

cliffside Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location
Cliffside location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: 43, 86
  • Pros: It’s not far from the ocean, has a spacious area for building, and lots of resources.
  • Cons: Close to a giga spawn.

Access to the ocean can be beneficial in Ark: Survival Ascended. It allows easy access to your raft, which you can use to sail around the island. It’s also ideal for building an enclosure for your water tames.

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location cliffside map
Map location of the cliffside area. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Finding ocean access is challenging since most players pillar the coastline. This area tends to be slow for players to build on because it’s close to a Giga spawn. You’re close to Giga Mountain so the occasional Giga might wander your way.

That shouldn’t keep you from building here, however. Giga aside, there aren’t too many other dangerous dinos. The area is also quite spacious and has a cliff that can offer protection with dino gates.

More importantly, it’s close to the ocean. You just need to pillar your way to the ocean to ensure you always have access to the shoreline.

Take a flying tame and claim this area while you can.

4. Best for High-Tier Dino Tames – Edge of Ice River

edge of ice river Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location
Edge of icy river location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: 28, 30
  • Pros: Plenty of high-tier dinos around, close to metal and obsidian nodes, water access.
  • Cons: Difficult for beginners, freezing temperatures.

Players who want a lot of space and access to water will likely need to head north. One area that’s just on the border of the frozen region is the icy river. It connects to the channel that cuts straight through the middle of the island.

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location edge of ice river
Map location of the edge of icy river area. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Because it’s right on the border of the frozen region, you will have your share of freezing temperatures. However, it also means that you will only be freezing some of the time since you’re not directly in the frozen region.

This location is also close to several mountains that contain metal, obsidian, and crystal. You won’t have to travel far to harvest high-tier materials. You’ll also be within range of Yutys and a possible visit from a Giga. That said, you’ll be able to build a trap and tame some of these dinos earlier than others since you won’t have to travel far to find them.

Since it sits on the river, you also have access to water. The river even connects to the ocean, so you can have ocean access, depending on where you’re building. With plenty of trees and other low-tier resources around, this base location has everything you need with a bit of danger included.

5. Best for Large Land – Hilly Meadow

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location hilly meadow
Hilly meadow location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: 49, 81
  • Pros: Tons of open land, few dangerous dinos, lots of resources.
  • Cons: Hills can make building difficult, close to swamp areas with swamp dino spawns.

Some areas have few players claiming them because they’re difficult to build on. This location is an example of that challenge. It’s a hilly meadow with large and open land, but everything sits on a slope. Building isn’t impossible, but it will take a bit more effort if you want to build flat bases.

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location hilly meadow map
Map location of hilly meadow area. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

This area has a few Raptors, too, but it’s pretty quiet regarding more dangerous dinosaurs. However, you are close to the swamp, so there’s always a chance that something might come your way. Building some dino gates can keep your area protected from wandering threats.

Having access to the swamp isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. It gives you water access, and you’re closer to Rhynio spawns. You may just be one of the first to tame one.

The area also has plenty of resources like wood, stone, and fiber. Traveling to a mountain for high-tier materials is relatively easy, too, with Giga Mountain not too far from the area.

You’ll want to travel fast to this beautiful spot before it’s taken, too.

6. Best for Limited Neighbors – Icy River

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location icy river
Icy river location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: 13, 40
  • Pros: Open area, high-tier dinos, few people build in the cold area, water access.
  • Cons: Freezing temperatures, dangerous, difficult for beginners.

Despite playing on Official servers, I don’t like my neighbors around me. If I can see their base, then it’s too close. You may want to head to the north if you’re like me. Only those looking for a challenge or who want some space tend to live up there. It’s tough surviving the freezing temperatures, so if you want to live up there alone, you need to prepare.

icy river map Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location
Map location of the icy river area. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

I’d tame a flyer, make a bunch of pillars, and then pillar this location. Fly back and forth from the frozen region to a warmer area to keep from dying. Once you have enough wool or pelt to make fur armor (or find some in Supply Drops), then you can start staying longer.

Because only a few people build in the frozen region, you have most of the area to yourself. This location has water and ocean access and is even close to a pearl spawn location. You’ll have your share of dangers like Yutys, Sabretooth tigers, and Argies, but that also means you have easy access to taming them.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about people building too close to you. You’re able to stretch out and enjoy all your land.

7. Best for Travel Convenience – The Redwoods

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location redwoods
The Redwoods location. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: 52, 53
  • Pros: Can set up large bases among the trees, have water access, and be close to high-tier resources.
  • Cons: Dangerous area, difficult for beginners, requires tree platforms.

The Redwoods are among the most challenging places to get to when you’re a beginner. It’s also one of the best places to live for convenient traveling. The Redwoods sit at the heart of the map. You’re always within reach of any location. You don’t have to worry about traveling halfway across the map because you’re already halfway there.

redwoods map location Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location
Map location of the Redwoods area. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The volcano and Metal Mountain are also just across the river from you. Doing metal runs will be much faster since you don’t have to travel quite far. There’s even a small mountain within the Redwoods region that has metal and crystal on it.

Getting to the Redwoods isn’t easy without a flier. Tame one, make some pillars, then put them down around one of the trees you want to build on. Then, gather what you can until you can craft a tree platform. This is what you’ll be building your base on.

If you can find an area before others have pillared, you can build a few platforms, link them with bridges, and have several bases throughout the Redwoods.

There are quite a few dangerous dinos that roam the forest floor. Thylas, Rexes, and Terror Birds are constantly hunting down prey. You also need to watch out for the Thylas perched on trees.

Avoid them all, get up in the air, and then you have a unique base location conveniently located to everything.

8. Best for Beginners – The Raft

Ark: Survival Ascended Best Base Location mobile raft
A mobile raft base. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Coordinates: Wherever you are!
  • Pros: A mobile base that no one can pillar, can build a medium-sized base on it, the perfect platform for taking over an area when it opens up.
  • Cons: Can only build a small base on it, open to attack from Leedsichthys.

If you arrive on a server late, there’s a good chance that even the locations listed above are already taken. While you can always try another server, you may like the other players on the current one. A final base location is a raft.

The wooden raft unlocks at level 16, so you don’t have to wait long to access it. You can build on the raft, too, and make a mobile base. Nothing can damage your raft if you travel close to the coastline.

Rafts are also great forward outposts. When players eventually tire of playing Ark and leave the game, you can be the first to stage yourself. As soon as their base decays, you can destroy it and claim it as your own. You can even build multiple rafts and have one for each need–taming, storage, and industry.

No one can pillar your raft, so you always have a safe place to log off.

The obvious caveat is that you can only hold a few dinos on a single raft. You could build a raft with a flat platform to store most of your dinos, but you’ll want to keep things efficient. You can also store dinos on a safe shoreline with a battle dino to protect them from threats.

Ultimately, the raft is an excellent choice if everywhere else is already claimed. It helps you get your foot in the door to claim an area once it’s free.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why do people pillar in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: People pillar in Ark: Survival Ascended to claim an area for their base, to protect resources, and to protect dino spawns.

Question: Can you report someone for pillaring in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: Yes, you can report someone for excessive pillaring in Ark: Survival Ascended.

Question: Should you use pillars or foundations to claim land in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: You should use pillars to claim land in Ark: Survival Ascended because pillars don’t block resources or dino spawns.

The Base Location of Your Dreams Is Out There

plateau base loc Ark: Survival Ascended

Getting started on a crowded server can be challenging. Some of the best base locations typically are already claimed. These base locations are more challenging to reach, so you might find them available. Otherwise, build a raft and start claiming when someone’s base is ready to decay.

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