Ark: Survival Ascended Yutyrannus Guide – Boss Dino and Queen of All Kibble

He can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The Yutyrannus is a multi-faceted dinosaur in Ark: Survival Ascended that has incredible combat and utility purposes.

Taming these guys is challenging, and you may miss out on one of their most valuable uses–kibble farming.

Let’s examine the Yuty further and offer tips on how to tame it and bring it home.

yutyrannus Ark: Survival Ascended

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Bottom Line Up Front – The Yutyrannus at a Glance

Still not sold on the Yuty? Take a quick look at its abilities and uses in the table below to see just how useful it is for your tribe.

Taming TypeTaming KibbleEgg Drop TypeUtilitySpecial Attacks
KnockoutExtraordinarySpecial EggBoss Dino

Kibble Farmer

Courage Roar: Boosts attack damage of allied creatures by 25%. Reduces damage by 20%.

Fear Roar: Takes 50% more damage for enemy targets. Reduces damage to allied creatures by 30%.

The Yutyrannus – Strike Fear into the Hearts of Your Enemies

Ark: Survival Ascended yutyrannus
The glorious Yutyrannus. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

In Ark: Survival Ascended, the Yuty is an intelligent dinosaur that relies on allies to keep it safe. You’ll often find it roaming around the frozen wilds and fighting everything that comes too close. It rarely fights alone, however.

Wild Yutys can call upon nearby Carnotaurs to aid them. You could have as much as one to five Carnos keeping the Yuty safe. The Yuty buffs its friends, too. It has two abilities that help its allies fight harder while scaring off other dinos around it.

A tamed Yuty also has these abilities, which makes them useful in combat. They can also drop Special Eggs, a necessary ingredient for extraordinary kibble.

Identifiable by their hairy bodies and a loud roar, these large dinosaurs are popular among tribes that regularly fight boss dinos, other players, or have bases and dinos to protect.

Where to Find Yutyrannus on the Island

Ark: Survival Ascended yutyrannus habitat
A Yuty in its natural habitat. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

You’re not alone if you’re struggling to find Yutys on the map. They only spawn in one region on the island, and it’s not somewhere it’s easy to survive.

Yutys spawn in the frozen region of the Island map. You can find them on the coastline or wandering the edges between the snow biome and the jungle. While they’re sometimes within the mountainous region of the snow biome, they’re most commonly on the border.

Ark: Survival Ascended yutyrannus territory
The snow biome in which the Yuty makes it home. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The easiest way to detect a Yuty is by its roar. You’ll likely hear one before you see one. Seeing a group of Carnos nearby also indicates that there may be a Yuty nearby.

It’s not just the Yutys you’ll have to watch out for in the snow biome. Freezing temperatures can kill you just as fast as any Yuty. You’ll want to have some fur armor on hand to fight off the cold. Bringing a hatchet to harvest the resources needed to make a campfire is also a good idea.

How to Tame a Yutyrannus – Prepare for a Long Fight

Ark: Survival Ascended yutyrannus taming
A trapped Yuty. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

While taking down a Yuty is more challenging than a Giga or Rhynio, it has its moments. A bit of bad luck, a wrong move, and you’re dinner.

Follow these steps to properly knockout and tame a Yuty.

1. Prepare a Trap

drop trap Ark Survival Ascended
A drop trap on a raft. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

You can use several traps and methods to keep a Yuty subdued. I prefer either a drop trap or a gate trap. The drop trap is ideal if I can’t build a trap near the Yuty due to pillars. Since I have a raft, I usually make a mobile base that doubles as a drop trap.

After parking as close to the Yuty as you can, you can start working on removing any of its allies and then bait it into the trap.

Those who use gate traps will also want to put the trap a little ways away from the Yuty. The most important aspect is to ensure none of your dinos are nearby. The Yuty’s Fear roar might scare them off or get in the way of the taming process.

Because Yutys can damage any material below stone, you’ll want to use stone structures for the trap.

  • Side Tip: Bring a foundation and a bed and put that near the trap, too, so you can quickly respawn in the event of your death.

2.  Remove Yuty’s Allies

Trying to tame a Yuty with many Carnos around will be a nightmare. I’ve lost more than my share of tames when choosing to ignore them. It’s a far better strategy to remove the Carnos before you attempt to trap the Yuty.

The good news is that Carnos are highly aggressive. Just let them know you’re there, and they’ll come running for you. The tricky part is kiting them one by one without attracting the Yuty’s attention. One method is to stay far enough away not to attract their attention, then use a gun or crossbow to shoot one of the Carnos.

They’ll come after you, and you can lead them far enough away to kill them without attracting anyone’s attention. It’s a long process, especially if the Yuty has a lot of Carnos, but it’s the safest option.

It’s also worth killing any creatures in the area to prevent the Yuty from going after them. Even without its Carnos, the Yuty will attack Mammoths, Woolly Rhinos, and other high-health creatures. Without its Carnos to defend it, the Yuty won’t live long.

Removing the creatures in the area will also ensure the Yuty doesn’t become distracted. I’ve experienced so many moments when I’ve almost baited the Yuty to the trap only for a deer to run by and attract the Yuty’s attention instead.

With the area clear and just you and the Yuty left, it’s time to get it in the trap.

3. RUN

Baiting or kiting a dino is more effortless when on a tame. They run faster and can take a few hits from the creature you’re trying to tame without dying. Unfortunately, using another tame to kite the Yuty into the trap doesn’t always work.

That’s because of its Fear roar.

The Yuty affects creatures in specific ways. In most cases, it causes the creature to become scared and fly or run away. You have no control over the creature if you’re on the tame. It just runs all over the place. You find yourself vulnerable to attack because you can’t run or do anything until the effect wears off.

  • Side Tip: A few dinosaurs aren’t affected by the Yuty’s Fear roar. They include: Amargasaurus, Astrocetus, Brontosaurus, Deathworm, Giganotosaurus, Megachelon, Rex, Spino, Titanosaur, and Wyvern.

Larger creatures tend to be immune to the Fear roar, but you can’t easily kite creatures with them into a trap either.

The Fear roar can also cause other dinosaurs to become aggressive rather than afraid. Creatures like Allos, Kapros, Kentros, Mammoths, Paracers, Stegos, Theris, Thylas, and Trikes will start to fight anything around them. That’s why killing everything around the area is vital.

I prefer to bait Yutys on foot. It usually means I will die, so I’ll have a box or tame somewhere that holds onto my things. Then I run up to the Yuty, get its attention, and run back to the trap as fast as I can. A drop trap is the easiest one to survive since you can just run through the doors to safety. If you’re using the gate trap, then there’s a good chance you’ll die.

If you have at least another person, the gate trap works better. The second person can close the gate on the Yuty once it follows you inside. Even if you die, the second player should be able to close the gate in time.

It may take a few attempts, but you’ll be able to lead the Yuty into your trap eventually.

  • Side Tip: Pick up the bed and put it back down whenever you use it to reset the spawn cooldown.

4. Knock It Out and Tame It

taming a yuty Ark: Survival Ascended yutyrannus
Taming a Yuty. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

With the Yuty trapped, it’s time to knock it out. Darts are the best mid-tier method of knocking it unconscious. They’re typically not too difficult to put to sleep once they’re trapped. It also has high torpor, so once it’s knocked out, you shouldn’t have to feed it any narcotics or narcoberries to keep it asleep.

Once out, the Yuty requires extraordinary kibble for taming. You can also use meat to tame it, but it will be less effective. Extraordinary kibble’s recipe includes:

  • 1 Special Egg
  • 1 Giant Bee Honey
  • 1 Lazarus Chowder
  • 10 Mejoberries
  • 5 Fiber
  • Water

You can cook kibble in either the cooking pot or the industrial cooker.

The amount that the Yuty needs depends on its level. Here are some generalizations:

  • Level 5: 4 Kibble
  • Level 25: 6 Kibble
  • Level 50: 9 Kibble
  • Level 75: 11 Kibble
  • Level 100: 14 Kibble
  • Level 125: 17 Kibble
  • Level 150: 20 Kibble

The higher the level is, the more kibble it will want. The good news is that if it’s a female Yuty, she can drop eggs you can use to make extraordinary kibble.

Taming can take anywhere from 15 minutes to just over an hour. You’ll need to stick by the tame to ensure nothing comes over to nibble on it. Since most Yutys are in the snow biome, freezing temperatures are your biggest enemy now.

Make a few campfires if you can to stay warm. If you’re in a tribe, guard the Yuty in shifts to keep from freezing to death.

Once it wakes up, you have a new Yuty ready to join your arsenal.

What Is the Yuty Good for in Ark: Survival Ascended – a War Veteran and a Stay-At-Home Mom

yuty egg Ark: Survival Ascended
The first of many Yuty eggs. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The Yuty has two significant functions for tribes. The first is a combat dino. You can think of the Yuty as the general of your army. It buffs its allies and debuffs the enemies. There are two types of roars that the Yuty can do during a fight.

The Courage roar increases the damage of allied dinos by 25%. It also reduces the damage they take by 20%.

The Fear roar makes enemy creatures vulnerable to damage by 50%. It also makes them cause less damage by 30%.

In a boss battle, the Fear roar is one of the most important abilities you can use to help encourage your dinos in the fight. Mixing both roars can also be a great strategy, but if you only have enough focus for one, use the Fear roar.

Outside of combat, the Yuty is the Queen of Kibble. She drops Special Eggs, a required ingredient for making extraordinary kibble. This is the top-most type of kibble, which means it can tame any creature that eats kibble for taming. Even if the creature prefers something like superior kibble, you can feed it extraordinary kibble without losing taming effectiveness.

The other dinosaurs that drop Special Eggs either aren’t on the same map as you or only drop those eggs rarely. With a Yuty, you receive a steady supply of eggs you can use to make extraordinary kibble. Tame a few females, and you have a kibble farm.

The Yuty is always my go-to dino when I’m ready to start making kibble.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why does the Yuty make my tame run away in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: The Yuty has a Fear roar, which causes some dinos to run away in Ark: Survival Ascended. You can control your dino again once the effect wears off.

Question: Why should you bring a Yuty into a boss fight in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: The Yuty has both a Fear and Courage roar. This can buff your other dinos while also debuffing the boss. They’ll cause more damage against the boss, which increases the chances of surviving the fight.

Question: What do you need to tame a Yuty in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: You’ll need extraordinary kibble, darts with a longneck rifle (at least), and a trap to tame a Yuty in Ark: Survival Ascended. You can also bring Raw Mutton or Raw Prime Meat to tame the Yuty at the expense of taming effectiveness.

The Yutyrannus: Get a Dinosaur That Does Both

There’s little that a high-level Yuty can’t do. While they aren’t tanks, they can keep your tanks alive and hitting harder. They also make it possible to tame anything that wants kibble on the map. Taming them can be a struggle, but with all the Yuty offers, it’s well worth it.

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