Ark: Survival Ascended Mammoth Guide – The Yutyrannus Killer

They’re big, loud, and hairy, and I’m not talking about your Uncle. It’s the Mammoth from Ark: Survival Ascended. While many players tame the Mammoth for its excellent resource collection, the creature also has several combat utilities that make it the perfect checkmate against a Yuty in battle.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Mammoth such a great tame and how to get one.

riding the mammoth Ark: Survival Ascended

Bottom Line Up Front – The Mammoth at a Glance

Mammoths spawn in dangerous areas, so you must act fast to tame one. Take a look at the table below to get the gist of what the Mammoth is all about.

Taming TypeTaming KibbleUtilityDamagesSpecial Abilities
KnockoutSuperior KibbleResource Collector

Transport Dino

Combat Dino




Intimidated Debuff: 25% outgoing Damage Reduction for 15 Seconds to target.


Ready for War Buff: Increases Stamina regeneration and grants immunity to a Yuty’s Fear roar.

The Mammoth – The Perfect Siege Tame

Ark: Survival Ascended Mammoth trunk
A Mammoth at work. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Mammoths may seem out of place amidst a land full of dinosaurs, but they hold their own. These hairy elephants-on-steroids reside in the snow biome on the Island map. Their abundance of hair makes regions with freezing temperatures ideal for them. That also means you must prepare for the cold to tame one for yourself.

Back in Ark: Survival Evolved, Mammoths were primarily good at collecting resources. Its trunk, tusks, and feet can collect resources like wood, thatch, and berries. But then, Mammoths received an overhaul and became a powerful ally in combat, too.

It gained a cry that allowed it to go toe-to-toe with Yutys. Considering that Mammoths and Yutys are constantly doing battle in the snow biome, this was a valuable buff for it to acquire. It allowed Mammoths to counter a Yuty’s Fear roar and give it, and its allies, a chance to take down the Yuty while avoiding the effects of the roar.

The devs also introduced a saddle that you could use on the Mammoth. It came with war drums that players could use to buff up allies in PVP or PVE combat situations. These changes have made the Mammoth one of the game’s most effective and versatile tames.

Whether you’re using the Mammoth for battle or to fill your vaults with resources, it’s a worthy tame.

Where to Find the Mammoth on the Island

Ark: Survival Ascended Mammoth in the wild
A Mammoth in its natural habitat. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

If the first thing you think about when you hear “Mammoth” is a frozen wasteland, then you know exactly where to find them on Ark: Survival Ascended. On the Island map, Mammoths spawn in the cold regions.

Ark: Survival Ascended Mammoth map location
Spawn locations for the Mammoth. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

They have a chance of spawning almost anywhere in the frozen region. They’re a common spawn, too, so you shouldn’t have to search too hard to find them. A go-to spot I always check when looking for mammoths is along the coastline to the far west in the snow biome. I always find them on the patches of ice fighting Direwolves, Argies, and Yutys.

You can also find them in the forests, usually in a small herd to survive tangling with dangerous creatures. Despite being large creatures, almost any aggressive creature will attack a Mammoth. You can typically hear them trumpeting and stomping around before spotting them. The fact that they’re in a herd also means it’s more likely that one is a high level.

Grab your fur and head north to find your ideal Mammoth.

How to Tame a Mammoth – Prepare to Commit Mass Slaughter

Ark: Survival Ascended Mammoth trapped
Mammoth in a trap. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Because Mammoths spawn in herds, you’ll need to kill to isolate the one you want. Get ready to bring some combat dinos or decent weapons because it’s time to tame a Mammoth in Ark: Survival Ascended. Follow these tips to make the process easier.

1. Kill Everything in the Area

You’ll have to do a lot of cleanup before taming a Mammoth. The first group to take out is the aggressive dinos and creatures. Unfortunately, being in the snow biome, there are plenty of them lurking. Daeodons, Direwolves, Yutys, Argies, and even a wandering Giga can sometimes interrupt taming.

They love attacking Mammoths, so you’ll need to spend some time taking them down to ensure nothing kills the Mammoth you’re after.

Once the threats are gone, it’s time to work on the herd. Sometimes a Mammoth might be on its own if the rest of its herd died, but in most cases, it will have two or three other Mammoths hanging around. These Mammoths will attack you if you shoot at or attack your target Mammoth. They’re a family unit, and they’ll protect each other.

I like to set myself up somewhere on a cliff, then shoot down at the Mammoth I don’t want to tame. When I have its attention, I’ll use an Argy to fly off and kite it away. This method can take a while, especially if your target Mammoth comes, too.

You can also use a high-level Argy to fight the Mammoths that you don’t want. They have high health, however, so this process can take a while, too.

A final method is to kite unwanted Mammoths off cliffs so they can’t reach you. However, the path-finding has improved in Ark: Survival Ascended, so you’ll want to wait a bit to see if the unwanted Mammoths can find their way back to you.

With the area clear of threats and unwanted Mammoths, you can start to prepare your trap.

2. Build a Drop Trap or Use Behemoth Gates to Trap the Mammoth

Two traps work well for taming Mammoths. The first is the drop trap. Because of their large size, it’s best to use a drop trap with 4 x 4 stone foundations. Mammoths can’t damage stone structures so the trap will hold it. Using 4 x 4 foundations also ensures that the Mammoth can drop into the trap instead of hovering on the ramp and glitching out of the trap.

You’ll want to use at least three-high single-doorway walls, too. You can likely get by with two, but if it comes into the trap fast, having three walls stacked on each other will be high enough to catch the Mammoth. Two-high walls might let it bounce off them and fall out of the trap instead.

If this sounds like too much work, then you can always build a Behemoth Gate trap. Line up four Behemoth Gateways with a gate on each end. Ensure that the gateways are close enough together that the Mammoth can’t walk through them.

With the trap ready, it’s time to knock out a Mammoth.

3. Knock Out the Mammoth and Tame with Superior Kibble

Mammoths become aggressive when you attack them. This behavior makes it extremely easy to kite a Mammoth into a trap. Wild Mammoths have large turn radiuses, and their AI path-finding mechanic can make them walk a bit goofy. The best solution for these problems is to try to kite the Mammoth down a straight line.

Run or use an Argy to lead it right into the trap. Once it’s trapped, it’s time to break out the long-neck rifle and start shooting it with tranquilizer darts. Shocking tranquilizer darts will be the most effective, but since that’s a late-game item, regular tranquilizer darts will do the job.

Headshots don’t matter for this particular creature, so you can shoot the Mammoth anywhere on its body.

Once it’s down, you’ll need to feed it Superior Kibble. You can also feed it crops or Mejoberries if you don’t care about taming effectiveness. However, if you want those extra levels, then Superior Kibble is what it wants. To make Superior Kibble, check out the recipe below:

  • Large Egg
  • 2 Citronal
  • 1 Prime Meat Jerky
  • 1 Sap
  • 2 Rare Mushroom
  • 5 Fiber
  • Water

Depending on its level, it will want a certain number of Kibble. Take a look at the list below to gain an idea of how much Kibble your Mammoth might need based on its level.

  • Level 5: 4 Kibble
  • Level 25: 8 Kibble
  • Level 50: 11 Kibble
  • Level 75: 15 Kibble
  • Level 100: 19 Kibble
  • Level 125: 23 Kibble
  • Level 150: 27 Kibble

You can also use a site like Dododex to know exactly how much Kibble you need.

What Is the Mammoth Good for in Ark: Survival Ascended?

war drum Ark: Survival Ascended Mammoth
Hitting the drums. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

At first glance, the Mammoth may seem like a bumbling, hairy, elephant. But if you’ve seen an elephant in a fight, you know how lethal they can be. The Mammoth takes that to the next level. From collecting resources to being an excellent siege weapon in combat, here are a few ways the Mammoth excels.

1. Resource Collector – Choose What Resources You Actually Want to Gather

Certain creatures in Ark have special gathering rates compared to others. A Doedicurus, for example, is exceptionally good at harvesting stone compared to others. The Mammoth is great at collecting wood, thatch, and berries. But it has one more feature, making it one of the ultimate resource collectors.

You can actually choose what resources you want the Mammoth to collect. In most other cases, the tame gathers everything within reach when you hit the attack button. Depending on your attack, the Mammoth will only collect wood, thatch and wood, or thatch, wood, and berries.

Its stomp attack, for example, collects wood solely. If you were to hit a tree with the Mammoth’s tusks, then you’d collect wood and thatch. If in an area with bushes, you’d collect wood, thatch, and berries.

The ability to purposefully collect wood and not other resources with its stomp attack makes the Mammoth extremely efficient. It even has a 75% wood weight reduction. This means that the wood you put in its inventory will reduce its total weight by 75%. That allows you to go to town and deforest whole areas before your Mammoth becomes encumbered.

The Mammoth is ready to work for you whether you need wood, thatch, or berries.

2. Dino Transport – Use the Mammoth’s Trunk to Carry and Throw Tames and Players

That trunk isn’t just for aesthetics. You can use it to carry small and some medium tames around. You’re even able to carry players around with it. This is a helpful ability because it makes dino transport easier.

When traveling through a dangerous area, you can pick a dino or friend up, then run off. The Mammoths are relatively slow, but they have some moves. You can also use the stomp attack to push creatures away, allowing you some time to escape.

At the very least, using the trunk lets you throw players and dinos into enemy bases. When it’s time to do battle, have your Mammoth pick up player after player and throw them over the walls of an enemy’s base. The Mammoth can also throw a player, or dino, to safety in a pinch.

It’s also just plain fun.

3. Tank – The Mammoth Might Be One of the Tankiest Tames on Ark

When comparing a Mammoth to a Rex, you might think that the Rex is the go-to choice for tanking. That’s understandable since Rexes have high health stats. But the Mammoth actually edges out the Rex as a tank with one crucial ability.

It’s able to eat Sweet Vegetable Cakes to regain health quickly. When a Mammoth drops below 85% of its total health, it will automatically eat any Sweet Vegetable Cake in its inventory. The cake heals the Mammoth for 10% of its health in over 30 seconds. You basically end up with 2,100 health points in 30 seconds. The Mammoth can continue to eat those cakes until it’s past that 85% threshold.

That ability makes it far easier to heal Mammoths than it does Rexes. They might not have as large of a health pool as a Rex, but they can regenerate their health much faster. They can stay in the fight and keep tanking enemies while your other dinos work on destroying your enemies.

4. Siege Engine – The Ultimate Buff against Yutys

Ark: Survival Ascended Mammoth vs yuty
The Mammoth is here to save the day.

During a fight on a PVP server, it’s not uncommon for someone to bring along a Yuty. The Yuty’s Fear roar can completely wreck the opposing side’s strategy. It causes an opponent’s tames to flee and drain their stamina. It also increases the amount of damage that those tames take.

For a long time, players just had to deal with enemy Yutys and take them out quickly. The Mammoth’s rework changed the game. It introduced two new abilities. The first is a Trunk Bellow or Cry. When the Mammoth releases this cry, it targets all wild and enemy creatures within a certain radius. Those targets have their damage output reduced by 25%. A Mammoth can repeatedly use this cry to nerf enemy targets, especially with other Mammoths on the team.

If a player mounts the war drums on the Mammoth’s back, an even more effective buff can occur. The player can give the Ready for War buff by correctly completing the rhythm game on the drums. All allied creatures in the radius receive a stamina regeneration boost when inflicted. Since everyone uses stamina to attack, everyone can attack more within a given stamina pool.

It also makes its allies immune to the Fear roar. Tames will no longer run off because they’re frightened. No longer will they face more damage intake while outputting less damage. The Mammoth is here to save the day. It neuters the Yuty and opens up the battlefield for new strategies.

Questions and Answers

Question: Do Mammoths eat berries in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: Yes, Mammoths eat berries in Ark: Survival Ascended. Fill a trough with berries to keep them fed.

Question: Is a Mammoth or Rex better at fighting in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: A Rex is better at fighting because it has a higher damage output than a Mammoth. However, a Mammoth is better at tanking because of its ability to regenerate health quickly with sweet vegetable cakes.

Question: Can a Quetzal carry a Mammoth in Ark: Survival Ascended?

Answer: Yes, a Quetzal can carry a Mammoth in Ark: Survival Ascended, making it easy to transport the tame where you need it.

Stomp Your Way to Victory

Whether you play on PVP or PVE, the Mammoth is among the most useful tames. It collects the resources you need for everyday crafts, can transport smaller dinos around the area, and effectively ends the Yuty’s reign of terror. At the very least, you and your tribe mates can have fun throwing each other around with its trunk. Just watch out for those cliffsides!

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