Alex Maksymiw

Having learned the tricks of the trade regarding games journalism at Veryali Gaming, Alex is now a key member of the Ready Game Survive team, and loves nothing more than grabbing a controller and bracing himself for a devastatingly brutal battle for survival. Outside of traditional survivals, Alex loves immersive RPGs, has spent more time in Skyrim than he dare admit, and he also loves playing guitar.

The Forest Caves Guide

The Forest Caves Guide

The Forest is an immersive survival horror game with which I’ve had a lot of fun over the years. My gaming group and I have played this game multiple times, honing my lumberjack skills and, more importantly, becoming an expert spelunker. I’ve explored every inch of the island. Above and below, I’ve drawn upon all my …

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Dying Light Volatile Guide

Dying Light Volatile Guide: The Ferocious Chads of Viledor City

Somewhere down the line, people became obsessed with zombies, with countless zombie survival games released over the years. Zombies have become a cultural phenomenon. To this day, new zombie flicks are creeping up on us, from the big screen to television and video games. But wait, don’t roll your eyes at Dying Light; give it …

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