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Sons of the Forest Golden Armor: Armor Fit For a King


sons of the forest vip bunker demo
Sons of the Forest: VIP Bunker Demon – image by Alex Maksymiw

There’s a New Demon Hunter In Town, and They’re Looking For Golden Armor

There are more threats than Cannibals and mutants on the island. In the depths of Site B lurks another ungodly foe.

Whether they are actually demons or not remains to be seen. However, we do know that these demonic-looking creatures can’t stand being near the golden-like mineral in which Site B has an abundance.

So it would only be logical to create a full suit of armor out of the shiny stuff. You can get your demon hunter hands on a full suit of Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest, and lucky for you, I’ve got just the guide for you to find it!

To survive Site B, you must acquire healing supplies, food, and water and maintain your energy by sleeping, but most importantly, keep yourself protected with armor.

There are a few different types of armor that you can obtain and craft; however, the Golden Armor is not like any other armor you can acquire in the game.

It’s integral to completing the story and alludes to some awfully exciting questions about interdimensional travel, a theme that the Sons of the Forest hints at and glaringly makes obvious by the end of the game.

So have I piqued your interest? Good! Let’s uncover the Golden Armor mystery of Sons of the Forest in this Sons of the Forest Golden Armor Guide.

sons of the forest cave painting of the cube and cultists
Sons of the Forest: Cave painting of the Cube and Cultists – image by Alex Maksymiw

Key Details Up-Front

I’ll cut to the chase. You’re here for one reason only the top secret location of the Golden Armor suit, so here are all the key details you need to know about finding the Golden Armor and what you will face in the Cultist Cave:

Before you run off guns blazing into the forest, you must first acquire the Rebreather and a couple of Air Tanks. The Cultist Cave requires three dives to acquire the Golden Armor and to escape the cave.

  • The Golden Armor is found in the Cultist Cave on the west side of the island by the second-largest lake on the island. The entrance can be found on the mountainside behind the lake. Just walk north from the southern river to the lake to get to the entrance.

Golden Armor protects you from Demon attacks rendering their attacks pretty much useless. It’s so overpowered that you will barely get a scratch when walking through the magma cave. However, the Golden Armor does not protect you from mutant or cannibal attacks.

The Demon Repellent Golden Ore

sons of the forest monk skeleton or cultist
Sons of the Forest_ Monk Skeleton or cultist – image by Alex Maksymiw

I absolutely love the direction Endnight Games have steered Sons of the Forest in. The golden cross would lead you to believe that the creatures dwelling within the caverns of Site B are demons; they do burn in the presence of the cross, after all.

However, it’s not exactly what is going on. We can presume from the skeletons of monks and bibles found in some of the caves of Site B that people have been coming to the island for hundreds of years.

When humanity encountered these horrible creatures, they assumed them to be demons from hell, and why wouldn’t they?

They must have observed these creatures ignite in flames when approaching the golden material and deposits found in the caves. So it would make sense for the monks to have created a holy cross out of the material to ward off the demons.

Then there’s the mysterious Sons of the Stars cult that spontaneously appeared on the island out of the blue, leaving employees of the Puffton Corporation confused.

From what I’ve gathered from researching and piecing together evidence found on the island, the cultists probably came to the island in time for the cube activation.

An event that takes place every eight moon cycles and is the culprit for everyone turning into grotesque mutants.

sons of the forest residential bunker puffton corporation email
Sons of the Forest_ Residential Bunker Puffton Corporation email – image by Alex Maksymiw

We can’t be sure where the cannibals came from, but we can guess that the tribes of flesh-eating humans are survivors of expeditions to the island.

Although primitive, cannibals aren’t dumb. They know the dangers of the island and the horrors within.

The most dominant tribe on the island wears golden masks, presumably from the same golden ore found on the island. They must know of its demon-repellent properties, but interestingly, other cannibals cower in fear at the sight of the mask.

sons of the forest gold mask and cannibals
Sons of the Forest: Gold Mask and Cannibals – image by Alex Maksymiw

Why You Need Golden Armor

Just like Master Chief needs his Mjolnir armor and the Doom Slayer needs his Praetor Suit, you will need the Golden Armor to fight off the hordes of demons lurking within the Cultist Cave.

This suit not only heavily reduces the damage taken by demons but also is required to open the gate in the final cave to reach Timmy and the cube to avoid being turned into a mutant!

Facing demons without this ornate but ominous armor is a death sentence; demons often fight in groups and are awfully fast as they scurry about on all fours.

Golden Armor is a permanent pickup. It cannot be dropped from your inventory, and it cannot be broken. This would make it one of the strongest armors in the game if it weren’t for it has no defense against cannibal and mutant attacks.

Why You Need The Gold Mask

Don’t mistake the Gold mask as being part of the Golden Armor set. The Gold Mask has no impact on demons, but it allows you to fool cannibals into thinking you’re one of their own.

So, in theory, you could wear the Gold Mask in tandem with Golden Armor to bypass its cannibal attack weakness.

Just don’t use it around mutants. They won’t care for your shiny, expensive mask, the cannibals, on the other hand, will bow down to you and see you as a god!

Bear in mind that equipping either the Red or Gold Mask will restrict you from using weapons, and you will need to pull the mask to your face when nearby cannibals, restricting both your vision and movement speed.

You may not like the sound of that. However, the Gold Mask can save your life if you’re low on supplies and healing items and you’re on a high day.

Where to Find Golden Armor

sons of the forest cultist cave entrance
Sons of the Forest: Cultist Cave Entrance – image by Alex Maksymiw

Suppose you’re returning to Sons of the Forest to see what new updates Endnight Games has implemented into the game since launch.

You’ll need to know that the developers have moved the Golden Armor to a new cave, so you will no longer find it in the Residential Bunker, where you get to see the iconic “GET DOWN SON!” Cutscene.

But we will be exploring this area for the guide, so it’s a good idea to pick up the Guest Keycard.

Endnight Games have moved the Golden Armor to the Cultist Cave, a cave that was previously accessible but had not been completed. The cave was added in Patch 1.0, and it has to be one of the longest caves, either The Forest or Sons of the Forest, to date.

The Cultist Cave Entrance

sons of the forest realm of beyond book
Sons of the Forest: Realm of Beyond Book – image by Alex Maksymiw

The Cultist Cave entrance is located on the island’s west side and at the bottom of the mountain on the east side of the island’s second-largest lake. You’ll know it’s right if you can see a wide river that travels south to the ocean.

Before entering the Cultist Cave, stock up on ammo and healing supplies and bring the Holy Cross found within the first chamber of the Rope Gun Cave. You’re going to need it to fight off the demons in the cave!

At the cave entrance, you will find two dead cultists along with the Realm of Beyond book, from what I’ve gathered from the Residential Bunker and from studying emails of employees from the Puffton Corporation.

The bodies dressed in space suits belong to the Sons of the Stars group. I assume they are people who have traveled to the interdimensional city that you see during the cube cutscene and are part of the cult that has visited the island.

sons of the forest magazine conspiracy
Sons of the Forest: Magazine conspiracy Timmy Leblanc and Gold Ore – image by Alex Maksymiw

Anyway, lore tangent over! The Rebreather is required to make it through and escape the Cultist Cave.

Unlike previous straightforward underwater paths found in other caves, the Cultists Cave has long puzzle-like underwater tunnels. So to ensure you don’t run out of air, I suggest you bring at least two Air Tanks.

Although you will find Air Tanks in the cave, there are lots of mutants, so you may not be able to pick them up if you’re rushing to escape. You may not spend an entire air tank, but you’re a goner if you get lost and run out of air!

sons of the forest cultist cave puffy infestation
Sons of the Forest: Cultist Cave Puffy infestation – image by Alex Maksymiw

Endless Tunnels and Caverns

Exploring the cave, you will soon discover that it’s a giant. Filled with just about every enemy in the game. However, the path in this cave is straightforward.

You don’t have to worry about making the wrong turn or walking into a dead end. You’ll know you’re progressing when you surface from the underwater tunnel and slide into the cave.

As you descend even further into the cave, you will come across golden structures and walls. This is good. It means you’re getting closer to the Golden Armor, but it also means that the cave is about to get ten times harder as demons are thrown into the mix.

It takes three strikes with the Holy Cross to kill a demon. However, just one strike will cause the demon to stagger back in fear.

As a result, I recommend that you just run as fast as you can through this area and spam the Holy Cross like a priest late for a sermon.

sons of the forest demon in the cultist cave
Sons of the Forest: Demon in the Cultist Cave – image by Alex Maksymiw

The Golden Armor Location

The next clue that you’re getting close to the Golden Armor is a gold floor structure flooded with water, fighting off any mutants and demons that get in your way.

Eventually, you will discover a body wearing the Golden Armor sitting on a gold metallic structure with other dead bodies, presumably praying or worshipping the figure.

At this point in the Cultist Cave, you are deep within the snowy mountain, but like the fellowship in the Mines of Moria, you will want to split fast! No, a Balrog is not on the way, but this area is infested with demons.

To escape, climb the rope by the gold pillars near the wall and right of the Golden Armor and gold structure.

sons of the forest cultist cave gold armor location
Sons of the Forest Cultist Cave Gold Armor Location – image by Alex Maksymiw

You’re not out of the woods yet, as you’ve got a series of ropes to climb and another Rebreather segment.

However, this time the underwater tunnel is a bit harder to navigate. I highly recommend increasing the game’s brightness for this bit if you’re worried you’ll get lost or running low on Air Tanks.

Surfacing from the underwater tunnel, you will be attacked by twins, baby mutants, and no end of puffies, and this is why the Cultist Cave is the most dangerous on the island!

Proceed to the next Rope, and eventually, you will encounter more golden wall and floor structures as you approach the final dive spot to escape the cave.

Once again, increase your brightness or experiment with the optional color gadgets in the options menu. I find that the Foraging color grading is great when paired with high brightness for caves, as its vibrancy makes the area light up.

Eventually, you will surface in a cave chamber with a skeleton sitting on an armchair, wearing a pair of Night Vision Goggles on his head, one of the best items in the game as the gadget allows you to see in the dark, which is perfect for exploring caves.

Remember that you will need to power the Night Vision Goggles with Batteries though.

sons of the forest night vision goggles location
Sons of the Forest: Night Vision Goggles Location – image by Alex Maksymiw

You’ve got the Golden Armor, but we’re not done with the guide yet; now it’s time to pick up the Gold Mask.

To get there, we’ve got to wrap around the mountain traveling south and east to the big lake on the island’s east side. So pray for a nearby Knight V Unicycle or sled down to the beach.

Where To Find The Golden Mask

sons of the forest vip bunker location
Sons of the Forest VIP Bunker Location – image by Alex Maksymiw
  • The Golden Mask is in the Residential Bunker, where the Timmy and Eric Leblanc cutscene is played. However, you will need the Guest Keycard to progress through this area.

The Residential Bunker is found across the big lake on the island’s east side. You can find the Residential Bunker entrance by walking along the east side path of the lake.

Alternatively, you can activate the red laptop inside the security room of the Food and Dining Bunker to reveal the Residential Bunker GPS location.

The Residential Bunker is very linear, making it easy to navigate. Before you can get the Gold Mask, you must trigger the Timmy and Eric Leblanc cutscene.

Once the glorious cutscene has finished, you must navigate through the bunker to level five. There are plenty of optional apartment rooms to enter to pick up loot, such as the Putter and Katana.

I recommend you explore these rooms thoroughly. You can learn a lot about the events that have occurred on the island. Like the cultists showing up out of the blue and then beginning to kill themselves on the island. However, it’s about to get a hell of a lot creepier.

The Devil Is In The Details

Sons of the Forest: Residential Bunker Gold Mask Location – image by Alex Maksymiw

Each floor and room is very narrow, and although mutants are spread across each floor, they can all be triggered simultaneously. This happened to me, so I used the narrow corridor to bottleneck all the mutants as they ran toward me.

Once you reach level five, walk down the last long corridor and enter the morgue on your left. There will be a demon in this room, so equip your cross. If you don’t have the cross, don’t worry.

Just run up to the body in the middle of the room, take the Gold Mask, and run out of there. You can exit the Residential Bunker by using the Guest Keycard on the locked door at the end of the corridor.

If you take a closer look at the bodies in the morgue, you will see a Sons of the Stars badge on the two bodies.

Moreover, there is a video you can playback in the corner, showing a horrifying clip of the cultists arriving on the island and presumably sacrificing themselves and being killed by the man in the silver jacket.

Even though there is lots of information, Endnight Games still has yet to reveal all story elements, but the devil is in the details. Literally, if you take a closer look at the props found in the bunkers, you uncover some unsettling visual clues.

sons of the forest residential bunker morgue cultists video
Sons of the Forest: Residential Bunker Morgue Cultists video – image by Alex Maksymiw

Step-By-Step Golden Armor Guide

To protect yourself from demon attacks, equip the Golden Armor from your inventory. A gold bar will appear on the outside of your health bar where armor usually appears.

While you have the Golden Armor, active demons will hardly damage you. The Golden Armor provides no insulation from the cold or keeps you dry. However, you can still change your outfit underneath the armor to adjust to your environment.

sons of the forest Equipping the Golden Armor
Sons of the Forest: Equipping the Golden Armor – image by Alex Maksymiw

Step-By-Step Gold Mask Guide

sons of the forest gold mask
Sons of the Forest: Gold Mask fooling a giant cannibal – image by Alex Maksymiw

Cannibals may worship you as a god while wearing the Gold Mask, but it does not mean you’re 100% safe.

Cannibals that see your face from either putting the mask down from your face or not wearing the mask early enough when approaching a camp will trigger the cannibals to attack you.

The cannibals will also be curious of you and study you while in this state they won’t attack you, but they will move about. The Gold Mask will not fool any cannibals that are behind you.

As a result, if you’re surrounded, your best option is to walk as fast as you can out of the area or camp. Quickly check behind you but return to face the cannibals in front of you to ensure you don’t aggro them.

Because the Gold Mask can be temperamental, I’ve had some odd experiences with it, and while it’s a great item to get out of trouble, I highly recommend that you do not linger in areas with cannibals or camps for too long.

Other Gold Mask-wearing cannibals will not attack you while you wear the Gold Mask; however, if you are to drop the mask for even a second, they will begin to attack you.

The biggest issue with the mask is the poor visibility and low movement speed. While you have the mask equipped and active, you can only walk and see out of the eye slits.

This makes it hard to see other cannibals around you, so it’s important that you look around as much as you can.

No weapons can be used while the Gold Mask is equipped. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are being raided and have Virginia close by with a shotgun and pistol.

There Are Still Many Questions Left to Be Answered

sons of the forest residential bunker
Sons of the Forest: Residential Bunker the Devil is in the details

So there we have it, the new location of the Golden Armor, what its purpose is, a sprinkle of Sons of the Forest lore to wet those horror taste buds, and, as a bonus, everything you need to know about the Gold Mask.

Endnight Games went all out with the sci-fi cosmic horror theme, and I have to admit Sons of the Forest has a unique wicked blend of Lovecraftian horror and survival elements to dish out a unique survival horror experience.

You can chalk it up to the terrifying monster designs and Golden Armor designs. You could put the Sons of the Forest Fingers mutant up against most enemies from Silent Hill or Resident Evil, and it would win a spot in the top creepy.

Moreover, Endnight Games have always excelled in aesthetics, whether thats The Forest or Sons of the Forest; they managed to deliver when contrasting the wild and natural surface of the island with the clean, clinical look of bunkers and facilities.

Every time I explore a new bunker, I get the tingles of excitement that I felt when Jack and the gang first opened the hatch in LOST.

Sons of the Forest Golden Armor: FAQs

Question: Is Golden Armor Better Than Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest?

Answer: Although Golden Armor will never break, it only protects you from Demons. As a result, any attacks from cannibals and mutants will go straight through! However, Tech Armor is awfully expensive to craft. You will need Batteries, Tech Mesh, Wire, Duct Tape, and Circuit Boards to craft just one piece of Tech Armor!

Or if you’re not at the stage of killing mutants yet, Bone Armor is vastly better than Hide Armor and is much easier to craft since there is an abundant supply of bones on the island.

You need four bones along with Rope and Duct Tape to craft Bone Armor; if you need armor fast, throw a cannibal on fire or set up some Bone Maker Traps around your base.

Question: Is Leaf Armor Worth it in Sons of the Forest?

Answer: Leaf Armor provides little protection from cannibal and mutant attacks. However, it does grant you a boost to stealth when crouching.

Stealth could be useful to hide from large groups of cannibals and patrols, but unfortunately, stealth is not implemented very well in the game.
Cannibals are not stupid. They will easily spot you even if you’re hiding in a bush, dressed as a bush. (Seems legit…)

No other armor type provides stealth, so Leaf Armor has a unique selling point; however, because of the awful stealth system in Sons of the Forest, you’re much better off wearing stronger armor when you’re inevitably found camping in a bush.

You can mix and match your armor to equip two or three pieces of Leaf Armor, Tech Armor, or Creepy Armor.

This may make a difference when you want to sneak past enemies; don’t count on Leaf Armor to keep you hidden. You’re much better off using the Red or Gold Mask to deceive the cannibals and sneak past them than Leaf Armor.

Question: How Do You Defeat the Demon Boss In Sons of the Forest?

Answer: The Demon boss was added in Patch 2.0 and can be found at the end of the magma cave accessed through the VIP Bunker, which can be located by traveling north from the estuary on the island’s east side.

To reach the Demon Boss and Gold Cube, you will need the VIP Keycard and Golden Armor to unlock the gate to the magma cave.

The Demon Boss is the same design as the regular demons, just much bigger.

You will find it at the very end of the cave before the narrow passage that leads to the Gold Cube. You will not be alone fighting the Demon Boss, as you will discover Timmy is already fighting it.

You can kill the Demon Boss with the Holy Cross. However, this will take a seriously long time, and the Demon Boss has a few extra attack variations, such as jumping onto the ceiling out of range before pouncing on you.

The shotgun and explosives like frag grenades and time bombs are comparatively more effective than the Cross.

If you’re low on resources and weapons, you can run right past the Demon Boss to trigger the cube cutscene, completely dodging the boss fight. You may want to consider this if you are being chased by several other demons.

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