Silent Hill P.T. Explained

Silent Hill P.T. Explained

Since the 1970s, Konami has been dishing out memorable gaming experiences spanning arcade cabinets and video game consoles. In 2014, it may have delivered one of its most unforgettable and most talked about experiences with a simple tech demo. P.T. was never meant to be a full-fledged title, instead serving as an interactive teaser for …

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Silent Hill vs Resident Evil

Silent Hill vs Resident Evil: A Battle Between Two Titans of Horror

Whether it be movies, manga, or comics, odds are you’ve come across Resident Evil or Silent Hill at least once in your life. While both pioneers of Survival-Horror come from Japanese-based studios, their basic approaches to horror and aesthetics couldn’t be further apart. You might be new to one or both of the series or a …

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best dayz game to play

Best DayZ Game to Play

The zombie apocalypse is no time to be playing games. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a game about the zombie apocalypse. And enjoy them I do as I love to sneak around the decaying world, picking off shamblers, walkers, runners, and crawlers while avoiding other survivors to ensure I see the next sunrise. …

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The Forest Caves Guide

The Forest Caves Guide

The Forest is an immersive survival horror game with which I’ve had a lot of fun over the years. My gaming group and I have played this game multiple times, honing my lumberjack skills and, more importantly, becoming an expert spelunker. I’ve explored every inch of the island. Above and below, I’ve drawn upon all my …

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Best PS4 Survival Games

Best PS4 Survival Games

It’s a jungle out there. But not a fun one where responsibilities don’t matter and you can build forts and laugh with friends. All of that’s reserved for gaming’s survival genre. These titles, spanning across all consoles and digital game stores, task players with one goal – to survive some sort of hazard, ranging from …

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games like dayz

Top Games Like DayZ

There are so many games on the market today with thousands and thousands of avid fans and dedicated players that sometimes it is hard to find a suitable game for you. That is why it’s so hard to move on from a game you truly enjoy and have sunk many hours into, even if it …

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best zombie survival games

Best Zombie Survival Games

The gaming industry has long held the survival genre close to its heart. Placing the player in copious, unique, and sometimes terrifying positions via game design has intrigued designers for decades. It should be of no surprise then to find this genre mixing so well with horror elements. These extreme scenarios combine amazingly well with …

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