Ramon Salazar Boss Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ramon Salazar Boss Guide: A Savage Metamorphosis of His Former Self

Resident Evil 4 Remake made a bloody splash with a swift cannonball that soaked countless horror fans with delight! Capcom over-delivered with the rework of this beloved classic and brought it successfully to the next generation with roaring applause.

All the characters got a complete overhaul, including the iconic deadly villains who push Leon S. Kennedy to his absolute limit while retaining their minacious charm.

Ramon Salazar is arguably the most unforgettable and presents an intimidating challenge when playing greater difficulties. His presence is eerie and impeccably crafted, with a great final battle contrasting sharply with his original sedentary state.

I am your trustworthy expert for Resident Evil 4, with profound knowledge of the remake and its subtleties when taking down brutal bosses.

The RE4 Remake is one of the most superior horror games ever released, and it’s my privilege to give you this Ramon Salazar Boss guide through the Salazar final boss that concludes the cherished castle section.

He’s a slippery demon with some cruel tricks up his demented sleeve, but consider me as your Luis Serra to help you eradicate him once and for all!

Let’s explore what it takes to send him back to Hell so you can progress without a sweat! In the words of the pint-sized fiend himself, “A most warm welcome to my castle. Such a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, Mr. Kennedy.”

Bottom Line Up Front

Defeating the pompous & cunning castellan Ramon Salazar requires you to perceive his attack patterns while navigating the spacious environment efficiently. You must prepare well before entering the area and anticipate his two phases, so they don’t catch you off guard.

The strategies used to defeat him include tossing golden eggs, using high-damage weapons, capitalizing on his weaknesses, picking up supplies, & using the terrain to your advantage. It’s difficult if you don’t have the proper knowledge, but knowing your enemy beforehand pays dividends in this case.

Ramon Salazar Overview

resident evil 4 remake ramon salazar boss

Ramon Salazar is the eighth Castellan of Valdelobos castle and is one of the main antagonists over a significant section of the game. He is cunning and sadistic in his character, resembling the torturous methods exacted on countless victims in the medieval period of history.

He was responsible for unearthing Las Plagas and lit the fuse that triggered an explosive epidemic for the nearby villagers and all those residing in his domain. This was especially disheartening, considering his ancestors went to great lengths to seal Las Plagas deep beneath the castle.

His misguided ideals portray a religious reverence with a psyche bent on world domination and blind allegiance to his master Lord Saddler. He is known for his short stature, eccentric personality, and shocking elderly appearance despite being only twenty years old.

This is due to the parasite corrupting what was once a regular appearance. Despite his aggressive efforts to subdue Leon and kidnap Ashley, he succumbs to Kennedy’s formidable skills after transforming into a grotesque & imposing final form.

Preparation Before the Fight

Before you fight Ramon Salazar, you must prepare your arsenal for this challenging battle. As expected, there is a save point and the Merchant right before you enter the fight, stranger.

You’re making a grave error before this fight if you haven’t purchased the body armor by now. Please buy it to make your life much easier on more grueling difficulties. If you already did, then tune it up with a necessary repair.

Salazar has many ranged attacks, and It’s likely some will hit you. This will absorb some of the damage that would otherwise reduce precious health. Purchase any resources he has available to craft ammo and first-aid sprays.

If you haven’t prepared a grenade, make one to earn the trophy by throwing it in his mouth. Focus on the heavy-duty ammo for the Assault rifle, shotgun, rifle, magnum, & perhaps some explosive bolts.

Now is the time to purchase the rocket launcher if you want to make quick work of him, and there’s a charm that reduces the cost. Still, you can and should beat him without it your first time, in my opinion.

Upgrading damage on the magnum is a good idea for taking the legitimate route. Heal up fully and consider attaching the green herb charm. Here are some of the weapons & resources I suggest using, and your execution will depend on your preferences.

  • Broken Butterfly (upgraded damage)
  • CQBR Assault Rifle 
  • Bolt action rifle 
  • Golden Eggs 
  • Shotgun (upgraded damage)
  • Rocket Launcher 
  • Green Herb Charm 
  • First Aid Sprays
  • Herbs
  • Leon & Rocket Launcher Charm

Phase One

ramon salazar boss resident evil 4 remake

Some may assert Ramon Salazar has a single phase, but he has a different approach once you damage him enough, which can be subtle. When the battle starts, it’s best to traverse the area and break any crates to pick up the resources and ammo.

This ensures you’ll have enough and can focus solely on beating him. From there, open your inventory and craft whatever you can while prioritizing powerful ammo, not the handgun.

To avoid his initial acid spray attacks, stay near the undamaged side of the undamaged column. These sprays consist of either a long stream or a spray blast that covers a wide radius. Keep doing damage between his attacks when he’s vulnerable, and stay near the column to avoid getting hit. Aim for the glaring yellow eye or Ramon’s body.

The glowing eye is a more lethal hit but trickier to nail. A helpful fact to remember is that flash grenades can interrupt his acid attack and give you valuable time to inflict more damage.

Phase Two

When you’ve taken a significant chunk of health from Salazar, he’ll start implementing a vertical acid spew that’s continuous and a nuisance. There is a platform beneath the undamaged column that will protect you from this unrelenting attack.

The pistol doesn’t do much but is suitable for chipping away at him between attacks. Ramon gets hyper-aggressive during this phase and becomes even quicker than before.

He will also drop some explosive pods you would be wise to avoid, so always watch your step during this fight. However, these can be shot to get more resources.

Keep shooting during the brief periods he’s vulnerable, and do your best to aim for the glowing eyeball with the magnum. This is a distinctly more prolonged fight, so exercise patience and be cautious while enjoying the thrill of this eye-popping battle!

Strategies For Defeating Salazar

Golden Eggs for a Cheese Salazar Omelet

It’s up for debate if this is a glitch, but I believe it’s the developer’s golden sense of humor shining through. Earlier in the village, you can collect two golden eggs. Oddly enough, they each can deal an astonishing 70% damage to Salazar.

You can use one of them to take over half his health, but then it stuns him for some critical seconds where you can open fire.

I recommend only throwing one if you choose this method, as it’s sufficiently hilarious. This is the best way to cheese Ramon and flip him on the skillet for a tasty breakfast. Resist using or selling one of the golden eggs until you reach the boss, which will pay off if you don’t want to deal with his shenanigans.

Purchase and Use the Rocket Launcher on His Weak Point

ramon salazar's attack patterns

Investing in the rocket launcher is the easiest way to defeat any boss in the Resident Evil 4 remake, just as in the original. Only this time will you pay a pretty peseta to acquire it. Use the Leon with rocket launcher charm to reduce the price by 20%.

Shooting his weak point with the rocket launcher will end the battle immediately, but your pockets will be much lighter. If you’re struggling and starting to look like Ramon himself, I suggest using this as a last resort.

If you have enough cash, then you earned the victory, simple as that. There is no shame in this method, but you should still strive to beat him another time.

Utilize Weapons with High Damage & Fire Rate

You want to kill Salazar quickly; the best way is to prioritize high-damage weapons. I suggest purchasing the assault rifle if your aim isn’t the best, and you can sell it later.

The broken butterfly magnum will make things more manageable, along with the semi-auto rifle to get some solid hits. Since you’re on the move avoiding his attacks, you might also consider upgrading your reload speed because it makes you quicker.

Shoot for Salazar’s Weak Points (Body & Eye)

Salazar’s weak points are the most critical targets when fighting him, and he knows that, so they won’t be exposed for long periods like in the original game. He’s much more cunning than he used to be and will fly around incessantly.

Take care not to shoot for too long and get only a few shots in, or you risk being damaged or eaten alive. The main problem is he’s frequently moving.

This is where automatic or semi-automatic weapons can trail him and get some necessary damage as he moves. His body is located in the mouth of the giant monster, and it’s exposed when he prepares his acid attack.

Doing enough damage to his body will make him fall to the ground so that you can perform a lethal melee knife attack directly to his eye and preserve ammo. Always take advantage of this core boss mechanic when the opportunity arises!

Use the Staircase to Your Advantage

The staircase next to the pillar is your hot spot for getting in damage, so pay attention to your surroundings and make your way there when it’s time to shoot. This is a significant advantage because it protects you from most attacks and also saves you from getting one-hit chomped.

This location can be found on the left side of the arena when you first start the boss battle, and I found it incredibly helpful after getting instantly killed in the middle of the stage. If you’re not accustomed to his attacks, it’s hard to predict, so remember the staircase, and you’ll be okay.

Pick Up Supplies from his Acid Pods & Crates

resident evil 4 remake ramon salazar boss

You will likely run low on resources when playing the more severe difficulties because Salazar absorbs damage like there’s no tomorrow. This is where the acid pods can come into play and give you that clutch clip you need to finish him off.

Shoot to get them out of your way so you don’t get damaged, and pick up all ammo drops. Maintain your distance before attacking, or they can harm you.

Ramon Salazar’s Attack Patterns

One-hit Kill Mouth Chomp

This boss wouldn’t be complete without his deadly instant kill attack, the mouth chomp. This is a highly punishing move designed for players who get too close for comfort.

Even if you’re near him, you have time to get out of the way when you see him preparing his mouthwatering jaws for a gourmet Leontrée. You want to avoid this attack at all costs, so keep your distance or pay the hefty price of starting over, no matter how much damage you’ve done.

Acid Spit Attack

Salazar has a severe case of acid reflux as he spits a dark substance at you horizontally or vertically at random. For the vertical attack, you should run to the side to avoid it. For the horizontal attack, crouch.

He also spews a shotgun-like blast of acid, covering a wider area. This is best avoided by taking cover and using the environment to hide.

Avoiding Acid Pods

It’s easy to get distracted by the flying horror and forget his acid pods. He excretes these black pods, which can explode and damage you within proximity. Mind your surroundings and shoot them safely while collecting ammo, gunpower, & even green herb drops.

Don’t give up mentally if you’re in the red regarding health because the drops can save your life and extend the battle!

Salazar Boss Achievements

resident evil 4 remake no thanks, bro achievement

No Thanks, Bro!

  • Grade: Silver
  • Player%: 61.16%

This trophy is unlocked after you beat Ramon Salazar your first time.

You Talk Too Much!

  • Grade: Bronze
  • Player%: 43.47%

This trophy is unlocked for tossing a grenade into Salazar’s mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Salazar Harder than the Original Resident Evil 4?

Answer: It’s clear that Salazar is no longer the stationary boss where you can predict his attacks and avoid most damage. The developers made him far more mobile and unpredictable. His weak points are also less obvious and more challenging to target. Overall, it’s a more exciting experience that pushes players to their limits.

Question: Should You Cheese Salazar with Golden Eggs? 

Answer: I wouldn’t do this during your first encounter with Ramon, but the decision is yours. The reason is that a lengthier battle where you defeat him with weapons is far more satisfying.

I think the cheese strategy is more of an easter egg from the developers to give you something comical in a New Game+. You also should sell one of the golden eggs to the Merchant to complete one of his requests.

Question: How Difficult is Ramon Salazar in Hardcore/Professional Mode?

Answer: He is remarkably tough on hardcore/professional modes with a lot of health and massive damage. He’s nothing to sniff at in normal mode, either. However, he can still be taken out quickly using a rocket launcher from the Merchant or the golden egg method.

Specific trophies require you to get through the game fast, and these will help you save a few minutes. Still, it’s worthwhile to do it legitimately if you aren’t pressed for time.

Conclusion: Ramon Salazar is Laborious, but Now You Have the Tools to Kill Him

Congratulations, you have defeated Ramon Salazar! At this point, I bet you’re ready to put the controller down and take a break, having conquered the long castle section. I couldn’t help but feel slightly sorry for the poor misguided puppet of Lord Saddler.

Of course, any shred of sympathy is diminished by his malefic actions throughout the game. After claiming the lives of countless victims, he finally got what was coming to him.

Salazar is a unique character with an intense final battle that pumps fear through your veins faster than Las Plagas. Thankfully, he’s dead now, enabling Leon to continue his search for Ashley. After his defeat, you will pick up Ramon’s lip rouge from his corpse.

This can be sold to the Merchant after the chapter ends for 24,000 pesetas. I have enjoyed helping you survive this significant Resident Evil 4 Remake boss fight. This guide is worth reviewing again, even if you’ve beaten him before and aspire to tackle Hardcore or Professional mode. That’s one less monster to worry about!

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