Mark LoProto

Mark's favorite gaming genre, hands-down, is the survival horror genre. He loves games to make resources scarce, make the player feel fragile and vulnerable, and then turn the mayhem up to max and see how things go. Outside of survival gaming, Mark usually unwinds after a long gaming session by building LEGOS, or watching a movie.

Is DayZ Cross Platform?

Is DayZ Cross Platform?

What’s rule #52 for surviving in Zombieland? “Don’t be afraid to ask for help?” I’d say that’s a rule you should absolutely keep in mind when surviving the zombie-filled world of DayZ. Unfortunately, being available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC means that the people you may want to play with are trapped in their …

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the forest best mods

The Forest Best Mods

It only takes one moment for things to go horribly wrong. This is never more evident than in the opening segment of The Forest, Endnight Games’ horror-filled survival adventure. But as terrifying as a deadly plummet into the unknown is, the mysterious peninsula and titular forest hide far greater dangers. Luckily for players, the wonders …

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Best Dying Light Mods

Best Dying Light Mods

Techland’s Dying Light throws players into the middle of a zombie outbreak, equipped with little more than acrobatic skills and a little luck. It doesn’t take long for protagonist Kyle Crane to settle into the undead world, immersing himself in a seemingly hopeless fight for survival. It’s all fairly standard for a zombie-filled FPS. However, …

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